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  1. Cheers @AstroSkipper. Thanks for creating this thread. Smplayer devs have started building their last version with qt5.6, which works fine in XP, at least in my set up. Better than ever, actually, although still with issues playing composite (DVD like, multiple) files. https://www.smplayer.info/en/download-windows https://github.com/smplayer-dev/smplayer/releases/download/v24.5.0/smplayer-24.5.0-win32-qt5.6-unsigned.exe
  2. Hi @Berno_sour, quite interested, really. I have tried the latest smplayer and not only does work in XP as is, but does (on conditions I have not quite yet figure out/explored in detail) play DVD content sequentially, as it is supposed and MPC-HC does (although not always, gotta keep experimenting and most of my dvds I have transformed into mp4, but not all). I would welcome more info on your workflow smplayer-smtube. Thank you.
  3. Yup, now stands as ||*.svg^$script,document,important in ublock, when using Tor, can't remember why the set up -I think to remember back in the day some potential hacking being done through svg.
  4. Those settings used to work, on a tight, secured browser (I'm writting from mypal 68, with settings for social media) used to break sites as linkedin. I will give it a try with sp53 (which I still run very constrained) to see if I was using other settings, as well.
  5. gfx.font_rendering.opentype_svg.enabled - false svg.disabled;false false (sometimes default in many of ort browsers) svg.context-properties.content.enabled;false (sometime default in many of our browsers) svg.new-getBBox.enabled;false false(sometimes default in many of out browsers) Can also play with cache size for svg, but I've found it unnecessary.
  6. It's gotta be something with my nlited setup. I have v5 full, so I'm ok. I just wanted to try any different functionality. Cheers!
  7. And to think I've been disabling SVG for decades now. Have I missed much, I wonder.
  8. Autorun LWMenu https://www.portablefreeware.com/index.php?id=2887, see discussion on usage at https://www.portablefreeware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20583 WinpernPac'''s X-Launcher updated *have not tried it yet) https://www.portablefreeware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=107107#p107107
  9. Yeah, if I were to start afresh (I won't), these counters do nothing (I can see) on performance. Maybe the opposite. I would then disable and would re-enable some required for my apps, including office for find and replace, excel is some complex formulas, etc, as I find issues. But I'm on non-vanilla XP, and closing some of those counters generates issues.
  10. There are a number of ways in which those counters are entwined with the work of core apps of an all including OS (office suite, internet explorer and media player, games, you name it). Also on checking registry tweaks, booting arrangements, overclocking and such. So I concur with @jaclaz in not closing them all. I will instead go counter by counter and see what affects the behavior of a still effective OS, for desktop, (but increasingly no for internet, expert office suite, and python reliant applications). The surplus fun some of us get just for the heck of it. Hell! I own it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRfoIyx8KfU
  11. Neat program. I disabled all but perfos and perfproc (required by process lasso, etc, which anyway turns them on by itself, btw), and waiting to see if something fails before reenabing perfdisk and perfnet. Thanks!
  12. Hi there. I still get the same error than when extracting the setup previously provided in this thread: "You need to install AOMEI Partition Assistant on the computer to run.If you want to run the program without installation, it is recommended to create a Portable Version, then you can run the Portable AOMEI Partition Assistant on other computers without installation." Short of someone being able to create a portable version, I wonder if the issue is in AmAnacfg.ini, with contents that (in my system) are not being created on install (probably due to the program stopping after the above error).. usercfg=C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\AomeiBR\usercfg.ini Cache=C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\AOMEIPA\PA_OF.dat Address=https://a.aomeisoftware.com/api/v1/soft/collect Thanks!
  13. "But ... then, why?" Wow. Funny how you learn new stuff all the time. 10 years ago I would have disabled them all and see what happened. But not without before researching here or elsewhere: what are the likely consequences of doing so? I never look at performance counters, and never have had an error saying "you're way down in performance in X", probably due to my stripping XP of useless tricks, functions and spyware/attack surface. So, I wonder and seek illustration on what do I lose by disabling those counters, anyway. I imagine I'll loose the performance tab info in the app "system explorer"? some functionality in "process lasso" and other process monitor tools? Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Have upd open, relax all common sense restrictions, and your momma will be able to hack you. A ridiculous video (couldn't stand more than 5 seconds of it, to be true, so maybe there is something to it I haven.t found in over 20 years of XP use). I tremble at the thought.
  15. Yeah. But your last official release is good on my set up. One issue, though: linkedin now spits a lot of "undefined" tags where the text of posts used to stand. Cheers!
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