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  1. Looking around the page below (I use fileoptimizer every now and then), saw this thing: https://nikkhokkho.sourceforge.io/static.php?page=PatchPE Supposedly, " PatchPE is a patcher for PE executable headers, that could make them compatible with older versions of Windows. Additionaly it enables LAA (Large Address Aware) attribute to the EXE, so it can take advantage of allocating more than 2 GB. of physical memory. Recent linkers, use to add latest versions on the headers, so, you can find programs that are marked to work only on Windows 10, but once patched, they can work in Windows XP, or even 2000 or NT." Has anybody tried it?
  2. The phoning back to PM from mailnews stopped. Thanks!.
  3. Mailnews 2019-11-16 is contantly phoning palemoon: IP Server: I have it blocked in my firewall, but it fills my log of garbage. Just sayin
  4. EXTENSIONS: Somebody in the previous thread suggested using uacontrol- It works well, at least on sites I use, and makes it easier to change settings fast and easy. With the last versions of serpent52, the zotero addon zotero- ceases to work altogether. Up to October, I could still save media to the database, even if I could not see the entries. Now it wont start. In pm27 it still works, but doesn't show icons.
  5. Skype is now forcing version 8, which doesnt work in xp anymore. The only way around is webskype on browser (I use roytam1's New Moon basilisk52), adding to about:config a new string with: general.useragent.override.skype.com; Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.103 Safari/537.36 For more info (and browser alternatives) check http://www.skaip.org/skype-for-web-on-windows-xp-and-windows-vista
  6. To the first point, yeah. I would not use anything that is not open source these days, and then open source whose coders behave and write as such. I use xp because I own the mofo and do not care for the guarantee. For reasons that have to do with how I filter my traffic, as well, and for his transparency, I trust ryotan1's code -until proven otherwise, that is . As per the browsers in that list, the one I tried was Maxthon: portable is useless, installed it took over the firewall to adjust, I figure , the settings of the VM. I didn't care for that -and luckily no rootkit attached, I guess, I guess. The second point, yeah, too. I loved firefox when it didn't grow new versions by the 10s, and until it shut the doors on those who had collaborated for years with the project and were left out. Deja vu from the last years of netscape, sort of. Silly move from silicon valley wannabe mentality. As per the third point, the persistence of xp shows (blatantly) both that market power has not yet taken over the world -completely- and that abandoning xp is not technologically necessary. I watch all I want whenever I want, and do most office work in the environment I like and have tweaked to my needs over the years: xp. Also, check the tree of this forum: people are howling from windows 98! https://msfn.org/board/forum/8-windows-9xme I remember back then that I thought of remaining there. But xp was so much better, yet equally tweakable, that I moved on without updates other than the ones provided by this community -and related ones. I will keep using the dinghy till the end is nite, I reckon.
  7. Please do the same, in your forum, and stop useless rants and FUD in this one.
  8. Cheers VistaLover. I would not recommend using Maxthon in XP at all. First, it doesn't seem to allow running most DRM sites (netflix, etc). Second, it is not stable/usable on XP in portable mode. Third, and most importantly: DO NOT INSTALL IT! It messes with the firewall directly, and somehow manages to bypass programs controlling access to security settings in a non-transparent way. I have not tested it fully, but the add on "Flash and Videos" works fine on roytam1's serpent fork.
  9. Maybe it is not be that bad: there was a flash update this month, and I had it "ask to activate" in my social media profile, just because FB was feeding me flash files. After the update, no more phoning. It may be that after detecting the inactive outdated plugin, it called the ip. Or it may be that somebody was trying to probe my system, being that flash was outdated. In a particular case, I added general.useragent.override.facebook.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.9 to about:config, and now FB doesn't feed more flash -none that I could see, anyway- and sends me those videos in html5. So I have blocked flash altogether, no problem detected yet. I will see what happens with other sites. I also had flash in mailnews set to "ask to activate" and disabled it altogether. Thanks for the help, guys, and of course to you, roytam1.
  10. True that. I believe it is a classic flash related con/bug. I had it blocked - I noticed it by looking at logs of blocked TCP (6) and UDP entries in software I use to filter. Nothing breaks on my usual surfing by blocking this IP. As per the connection to digicert, the IP comes from verizon (https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/, but I understand it is managed by digicert, on behalf of symantec (https://websitesecurity.status.digicert.com/incidents/zgkhb3frmy29) and others, including MCI (https://www.threatminer.org/host.php?q= - for multiple appearances (the most interesting beginning from link 15 onwards, give or take a few) see https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=&bih=&q= I just want to know if it is me all alone. Anyone has seen that IP in logs?
  11. I am having an issue that I do not know if applies only to me. For some reason, Serpent [but not only Serpent] - especially plugin-container.exe - keeps phoning from different bogus 192.168.x.x:[multiple ports] to IP, an IP that may be associated to oscp digicert. Now, I do not allow oscp checking (right or wrong, I check validity of certificates through EFF), and through different means I filter http and tcp connections I am not comfortable with. Since at least some past "incidents", this bugger IP keeps appearing in my logs. Has anyone observed something similar to that? I understand this may not be related to Serpent (it also happens with mailnews), so this may not be the best thread -or forum- to put this forward. But I wanted to check here first. Thanks.
  12. The new versions of serpent and PM28 broke the archive interface of addon zotero The addon works, but it does not load the archives in the zotero database collection and subcollections (so it saves new items fine, but the collection and subcollections seem to be empty. It works well in the last version of PM27. And it did work on previous versions of PM28 and Serpent. Both allow to see and edit saved items in the zotero database collection and subcollections, even when entering with PM28 and Serpent (last version. I am trying the addon provider_for_google_calendar-4.4.2-sm+tb from the interlink addon page. I almost got it working, but since I filter bogon and big (technological) brothers' packets, I am still unable to sync with my big (technological) brother's calendar. A few more tweaks on filtering, I hope.
  13. Regarding netflix: Last builds of newmoon's fork of PM27 and PM28 are able to play netflix (with silverlight) when (otherwise vainilla) I change general.useragent.compatMode to 0. On first entry to the stream it says error -you then reload and watch. This will of course require to do the shift every time you watch netflix if you need firefox or gecko compatibility. For the last build of newmoon's fork for basilisk, it works by adding the strings general.useragent.override.netflix.com and general.useragent.override.netflximg.net with Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.9. As above, on first entry to the stream it says error -you then reload and watch. The entry general.useragent.compatMode does not exist in the vainilla version. But it doesn't seem to make a difference for netflix. One way to partially solve this is to add the overrides maintained in the forks for PM27-28, as in image below. EDIT2: The hack got detected last night - so over successive reports, it wouldn't work. The next solution is to add general.useragent.override.nflxo.net and general.useragent.override.nflxext.com, with the same Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.9. If this gets found out again, I will not publish the next hack. as of 21:00 ARG, it works. EDIT 3: last changes in https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win32-git-20190309-7e0d3b80f-xpmod.7z make it unnecessary add the items listed above. If you still get a 200 error, msg me. I hope it will soon be solved without human intervention, This is on my xp vm -heavily tweaked, so who knows.
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