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  1. I think the addon only calls the client. But as I said, I could only test on firefox. What is the addon (extension) you are using?
  2. I coudln't install it on Seerpent 52, only in old firefox 52 esr. In this last case it requires installing the client, which is the one tha controls audio and video.
  3. Yup. It was as simple as that. Thanks @VistaLover
  4. Yeah, it is my settings, which are quite convoluted. I will have to find out (other than httpseverywhere) what is causing this -which is indeed forcing https connections when they are not available, even in pristine (vanilla, @VistaLover) profiles. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Hi. I am having issues with some pages not loading at all ("Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at...") in Baslisk 52 vainilla, even though they load seamlessly in k-meleon and other borwsers. The pages are: http://kmext.sourceforge.net/ (I cannot open this one even in firefox 52 esr) www.malsmith.net/yori/ (opens in firefox 52 ESR) There may be others that I assumed dead, but are alive and well in k-meleon. Can you replicate this? Thanks!
  6. For basilisk (at least) ruffle is able to run flash files -in places such as old movies repos. It doesn't run on kmeleon :(, but probably does in PM. The desktop app doesn't seem to work in xp, but flash files can be playe in almost all traditional players (vlc, smplayer, MPC 1.7...) https://ruffle.rs/#releases
  7. I have been playing with K-meleon. It is such an improvement on speed... for those pages where it work :P... which are most
  8. Such a diffrent file structure... I have a functional (extracted) version 8.0 copied on top of installed 7.x, The files in this distribution are so different, that I am afraid to use out of virtual until confirmed working. Watching. Thanks!
  9. I have not tried it, and I do not know if it would require the instalation of a desktop client, but the firefox addon can be installed in Basilisk 52 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cisco-webex-extension/
  10. He, I meant latest. 7.3.3. Filehippo and similar list it as XP compatible. But the offline versions I have found do not run on XP. The online version does run, but I do not want to blindly install google software because it installs other things (like googleupdate). And I dislike the spyware character that I assume those things may have. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know where to find the full "offline" installer or portable last version of googleearth pro? I do not want to use an online installer (an installer that downloads from google). Thanks!
  12. I just realized it is possible to use zoom (as in videoconference) in XP. You can donwload the installer at https://zoom.us/download, which is Client v. 5.6.3 for newer windows, 5.0.2 for XP. It is not portable [creates a c:\users\yourname\appdata], but you can extract ZoomInstallerXP.exe, and then unzip the folder "ZoomFull.cab". You can then move the contents of the "bin" subfolder (inside the extracted ZoomFull folder), to a directory of your choice, and adapt the reg file below with your path. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inte
  13. Quite true. Silicon Valley wannabe complex, they suffer. It happened to Netscape too, for those who can remember or care to read about it.
  14. Options/Test path before synchronize? I misread your question: you may want to test realtime synch (top right tick-box) with preview synch (second top left tick-box. In my opinion, t is the fastest, simplest yet complete sync software in XP.
  15. Of course, this shouldn't prevent other independent threads, but it may help and encourage roytam1 (and those more closely supporting his work) to continue doing what is being done, which is very good and -for those who depend on old good XP- vital. PS: Clearly, this comment would then belong to RT1 Mail Client and Other s***, lol
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