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  1. Try you luck here! Type in your model, or better the device ID. https://driverscollection.com/
  2. I read several years ago, there were plans to make a 32bit kernel extension, it's not happening, right?
  3. I've been meaning to ask, does supermium support custom themes?
  4. Change Log "All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file: Upgraded the bundled Qt version to 6.6.1, based on Chromium..." https://qutebrowser.org/doc/changelog.html
  5. You'd need a non-fake phone number with the ability to receive their confirmation SMS. The number mustn't be in their spammers database.
  6. Iron 99 is not an option for Windows 2000, Windows Millenium, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows 95, Windows 3.1.
  7. The flag in 360Explorer is there. but turning it off doesn't prevent the HDD from spinning up. Addition, googled for about half an hour, no such oddity in the official 115 found.
  8. For example. With this very software already pre-installed. By Matthew Humphries https://www.pcmag.com/news/russian-search-engine-yandex-launches-own-android-phone
  9. This software is a commercial product. Most importantly, it's even sold preinstalled on some Android phones, at least I know about such cases in Eastern EU. Most of the mentioned VPN services are paid, including Browsec that has a paid version.
  10. Sorry, I posted the wrong link. This is the right one. https://business.gov.nl/running-your-business/products-and-services/product-safety-and-packaging/eu-countries-general-product-requirements/#art:origin-marking
  11. I just noticed all mentions of the country that produces this electronics related application product were censored/edited out. However, in European Union we have mandatory "Made-in" labelling for such products. "Origin marking is also mandatory if an indication or image on the product brings to mind a different country from the country of origin." - which is a clear case here since Yandex uses an international team of developers, manufacturers and distributors. And it uses English language that is different to the language of their country. "The origin marking must refer to the country in which the product is 'wholly obtained' or the country in which the product has undergone 'its last substantial processing'." https://business.gov.nl/running-your-business/products-and-services/product-safety-and-packaging/eu-countries-general-product-requirements/#art:origin-marking
  12. I'm the pillar of politeness. What you wrote is a lie and an insult, I never attacked you. If you still want to imply this, link to the post, and since there will be none, you need to apologise for your offensive behaviour and personal attacks. And keep my name out of conversations I didn't even take part.
  13. Complete or incomplete, it doesn't distort what you said. You've never used Kaspersky yourself, you stay on the safe side, you won't use it, hence you have no moral obligation to do it, yet you obsessively promote it on MSFN. The insane intensity and the style clearly point out to the commercial roots of your promotions.
  14. Putting doubts in the fact @yoltboy01runs Opera on 8.1?

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