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    Yes. But I cut that off the pic and reloaded the sanitized one. Ain't that what mods are for?
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    it works , using version 1.2.0 here https://imgur.com/a/Ae2JRhg
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    OpenSSL v1.1.1d for XP is now available. Only a few minor fixes since v1.1.1c, so it may not be worth the trouble to rebuild Python's Cryptography module with it, but here it is anyway, just in case.
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    You are welcome to put something up. I just got the rloewelectronics.com domain that I'll put everything on as I sort it out. Reading your post, I think he had given me a copy of Borland's Turbo C compiler at some point. It does seem like he had some sort of custom handling of his includes.
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    Not the best photo quality but the auto parts shop in town is still running XP on one of their PCs.Though (out of picture) the PC is now resting in their counter instead of directly under the monitor as it previously was, the last time I posted about it. The picture is actually from about 2 months ago and I forgot to share it until now. They still are running XP now though!
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    Short answer: The drive will almost certainly work. However, NTFS file system performance won't be optimal unless your partition is "aligned" on a 4K boundary. XP's built-in disk management will try to align the partition on an old-style cylinder/track boundary, which almost certainly won't give you the best performance. But third-party software can align your partition on a 4K boundary. The standard these days is to align partitions on not just a 4K (8-sector) boundary, but a 1MiB (2048-sector) boundary! This seems wasteful, but 1 MiB is such a tiny fraction of a 2 TB drive you won't even notice. Linux's GPartEd will do the job, and you can download a boot image that you can burn to a bootable CD or DVD. If GPartEd isn't to your liking, the free version of EaseUS's Partition Master will also do it.
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    as they don't recommend people to enable hardware acceleration other than ticking the one in options dialog, your request may be ignored.
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    I've found that disabling most of the "gee whiz" new features tends to make Windows more pleasant to use. That being said, my Taskbar on my v1903 system now flickers when I type into the Open Shell search box. Sigh. My icons go to weird places intermittently about every month or so when I connect into a multi-monitor system from another multi-monitor system with the same monitor layout. Aero Glass just goes away after a week or two and that ugly flat stupid Windows look returns. Aero Glass has to be reinstalled. I presume it's being scrubbed out of the system by Microsoft in the name of "security". What hare-brain came up with the idea that stuff has to get worse and more irritating to use as time goes on? -Noel
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    Change is inevitable. Necessary. We have increasing needs for tech. Embracing change is not what this is about. Creating incompatibility to suit business goals is not right. Our parents were appalled at planned obsolescence. Now we're told to accept it. Embrace it. Our tech becomes obsolete even before it can wear out the batteries! Using Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the name of "security" as a way to herd people into doing what they would not do is deplorable! Yet for the most part we find ourselves powerless, because people who predicted this and warned against ceding control were marginalized. Ridiculed. Pushed aside. -Noel P.S., the latest incompatibility I've noticed: RDP from an older system into a Windows 10 v1903 system and your mouse jumps around when the cursor graphic is changed. It didn't do that remoting into v1809. The protocol has been good enough - indeed excellent - for decades. It doesn't have to change. Aero Glass just gets shut off and requires regular reinstalls, even though it works fine. Presumedly because some jerk inside Microsoft wants us NOT customizing our Windows look, because that goes against their current Marketing direction. Who the &%$& do they think they are? We could talk about the atrocities Apple is pushing on people... No more 32 bit programs. No more putting things where you want them on your disk. Can't reach your Documents area even though you've shared it? Oh, right, that's security. P.P.S., I'm typing this on a perfectly good Digital LK250 keyboard circa 1985. And there isn't a better one built today. Stuff doesn't HAVE to go bad just because it's tech.
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    Hello again ; I have never used the Android (mobile) version of Firefox, Quantum or pre-Quantum, so can't really tell if an import HTML bookmarks feature ever existed there; however, casual on-line searching dictates that the only way to import bookmarks from a desktop (Firefox) browser version is through Mozilla Sync. I guess you can still achieve what you want - if you limit your syncing to only a transfer of Serpent 52 bookmarks to mobile Firefox - if you use Firefox ESR 52.9.x on your Windows XP desktop as a sort of man-in-the-middle; you can still keep Serpent 52.9.0 as your daily browser, but only use Firefox ESR 52.9.x (with a simple default profile, without extensions) when you want to transfer bookmarks... Transferring Serpent 52's bookmarks to FirefoxESR 52 should be a trivial and straightforward process; I think both the HTML and JSON formats are supported (export to HTML file is the obvious route, but you can also create a bookmarks back-up file in JSON format, which can then be loaded/restored in FirefoxESR 52). Once you have successfully migrated your Serpent 52 bookmarks to FxESR 52, you can then use your Firefox Account credentials to log-in to Mozilla Sync, and then selectively sync the bookmarks present there with your Android Firefox version on your phone/tablet - should work! Of course, you are at the mercy of Mozilla, as I suspect at some time not far away they'll disconnect old & unsupported versions of the Firefox browser from their Sync servers... Greetings
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    It's an Olivetti CDU 1458MS/HA71 from 1993. It's a 13" monitor that apparently was high end back in the day: it features digital controls for adjusting the picture size and position, 19 memory states with 10 user programmable ones to store parameters for custom resolutions, it has a 0.27mm dot pitch and it's multiscan. I run it at 640x480 at 85Hz and looks marvelous. I can push it to 1280x1024 at 60Hz maximum as well. It also is MPR compliant. Another nice thing is that the monitor was entirely made in Italy, by Hantarex, which was known for its high quality CRT tubes back then. Here it is, running at 1280x1024. The only drawback is that it sometimes tends to whine, especially at 72 and 75Hz and whines so loud that it gives me headaches, which is why I keep it at 85Hz. I will buy another identical one because specs wise and picture quality wise, it is the perfect monitor for my needs.
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    We do respect the privacy, but pictures are generally taken of computer running in public places and accessible by everyone, like train stations, markets, local shops and so on... You know, as long as it's a public place (not some deeply hidden computer running in some secret part of a company storing valuable and secret information about whatever leaked by a dodgey employee) and there are no other people included in the picture with their face well visible, I don't think that there are any problems in posting them here.
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    Guys, please respect a bit the privacy of other people :-( Unauthorized photos in general are bad enough, but close-up mugs on the public web are a complete No-Go. And doesn't even make any sense at all when the subject are just "screen" shots. Cutting out parts of a photo with any simple, basic app, like IrfanView or even MS-paint, takes just a minute, and NO skills!
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    How popular is Tim Hortons over there? Here the inner part of the cup lids is now maple leaf-shaped! They never attempted this gimmicky patriotic stuff when the company was actually Canadian-owned. Anyway, I announced that the operators of my college's cafeteria were moving away from XP in May. Indeed when the current semester started the XP box appeared to be in a state of network boot failure, presumably. They fixed everything a few weeks ago and now the cashier ignores the Windows 10 POS machine in favour of the XP one!
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    I personally would -NOT- recommend using a "cloud storage" option, as, while they may be free(ish), it will make downloading a lot harder and slower for those on slow computers, as opposed to Good Old HTTP(s). And for me and @Mathwiz cloud storage options would bring forward a whole world of hurt for the browser downloader/installers we Maintain. @roytam1, have you considered getting a free (forever) subdomain from a service such as strangled.net? I used to use it before I bought the i430vx.net domain and I had no issues with it.
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    so you're using Serpent builds? for Serpent there is a glitch that is fixed. you may try redownloading.
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    Good Besides the eprom replacement, when re-mounting the PCB make sure, double sure and triple sure that contacts are clean (use an eraser and isopropyl alcohol if needed) and that you tighten the screws "firmly" (don't overdo it, but do not power up the thingy with the PCB not properly attached to the drive). jaclaz
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    Obviously I chose the way "learning by doing" - I was not yet familiar to linear executables and new executables... But thanks for pointing at the right direction. I was assuming that "PEChecksum" would have a look at offset 80h and check for "PE" before calculating a new checksum. Would it also make senseo to correct the checksum of NE and LE executables?
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    @roytam1 Maybe this can help. if not ask in sysopt.com forum. btw: i am europanorama there. https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-install-realtek-hd-audio-driver-failure/
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    @luweitest - HTML bookmarks don't need to always be imported; they can also be viewed and used directly as a local webpage. And if there is a plugin that can bookmark all links on a page, it should be able to "import" all bookmarks from the file.
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    Going (completely) Off-Topic, I just repaired a window handle. (though we are still talking of windows ) Looking at it, there were no pieces broken, there is a counterplate fixed with two M5x10 screws to an aluminum "body", simply the thread had worn off and the screws had no more grip on it. Looking at the thread on the body I saw that it was much deeper than the length of the screws, so I thought to try using a little longer screw, thinking to use a M5x15 , and went to the hardware store and bought 20 (twenty) M5x16 screws ( they had only these, slightly longer, ones) for the price of 0.60 Euro (VAT 22% included), i.e. 0.03 Euro each ( not so cheap per unit) . I got back and re-assembled the thingy with the new screws (that fitted perfectly) and the window handle works and is perfectly solid. Assuming that the hardware store price for a little quantity such as 20 for these screws is 3 or 4 times the cost to the window handles manufacturer (excluded VAT) the original cost must have been around 0.007 or 0.008 each or less and the difference between a M5x10 and a M5x16 probably in the 0.001 to 0.003 Euro. Evidently an engineer decided that in order to save 2*0.025=0.005 Euro in the manufacturing of a device that is sold for 12-15 Euro (to the window manufacturer) and which I paid actually more like 30 or 40 Euro (as part of the finished/installed window) he was allowed to introduce a defect/weak point. This defect costed to me besides the 0.06 Euro (I still have 18 spare screws, so I will be able to fix another 9 handles when they will break in the same manner), almost an hour of time and a trip with the car to the hardware store (think of the pollution this caused). But all in all it's fine. What really troubles me is thinking/knowing that the next engineer will notice that the recessed screw hole is too d@mn deep for the M5x10 screw and - in order to optimize manufacturing time (saving a few hundredths of second when drilling and threading the hole) - next batch will have less deep holes, so that the handle will not be repairable in this simple way anymore. jaclaz
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    This ThinkPad T60 is the machine I end up using most of the time, because I'm seldom at the place where my desktops are located. Chipset: Intel i945PM (ICH7) CPU: Intel Core Duo T2400 1.8 GHz RAM: 2 x 1 GB DDR2-667 GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 (64 MB internal, 192 MB shared RAM) SSD: Crucial CT120BX300 120 GB SATA-III (running at SATA-I due to controller limitations) Optical: HL-DT-ST GCC-4247N DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional The battery died a few weeks ago (planning on getting some more), but it works good for web browsing and productivity applications. In fact I use it for web browsing while doing more hardware intensive/9x stuff on my desktops! It is also not flimsy unlike my ultra-thin Kaby Lake win10 disaster with its failing hinges!
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    Some marketing goon said "thinner is better" and for some reason people listened. Now we have laptops, tablets, and phones that have gotten so thin you can hardly use them or even hold them. So thin a keyboard can't possibly be ergonomic. So thin you drop them (after which of course you have to buy a new one). And let's not forget that the keycaps can get snagged and pulled off requiring no less than the replacement of the entire device. Not long ago I got a heavy, thick Cat S61 phone with grippy rubber and raised edges that doesn't try to slip out of my hand or pocket every chance it gets, and if it DOES crash to the ground it survives. The battery lasts most of a week. Turns out it wasn't just a frivolous thought that extra thin, slippery devices are optimizing for something decidedly different from usability, and that when someone makes usability a design goal it actually CAN be achieved. And yeah, there are only USB-C ports on new MacBook Pros (not sure about other models). I have a nice little short female USB-A to male USB-C adapter cable that has saved my bacon a few times. As a society we're not only not learning from the past, but the folks who seek to sell us stuff over and over are actively changing things away from stuff that worked just fine. And here we are applauding and rewarding those who make such changes by buying even more crap from them. Kinda seems like we consumers ought to try to be smarter about what we throw our money at, eh? I think that would entail never listening to any Marketing info - something that's clearly impossible. -Noel Welcome, my son Welcome to the machine What did you dream? It's alright, we told you what to dream -Pink Floyd
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    Thank you for the suggestion VistaLover. I think it should work. Another thought: Not as on desktop I prefer to use Serpent 52, I can try various browsers on my Android 9 phone. Is there any other Android browser that is known to have import|export bookmarks feature? I also searched other sync addons, but nothing satisfactory. Raindrop.io has an old version that could install on Serpent 52, but it is a CPU hog and has bug in login forever. p.s. Importing feature for Firefox Android has been requested 7 years ago https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=837229
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    We all knew this day would come. M$ has really been working overtime this year, killing any old OS features they possibly can. Early in the year they went after XP with a vengeance; now they're doing the same to Win 7. But there's a silver lining: I've read good things about EPG123. The Schedules Direct guide is from Gracenote, which supplies guide data for Zap2It.com and used to supply guide data for WMC before M$ switched to Rovi (which later bought Tivo and took the Tivo name for the merged company). The software is free but (as you noted) the Schedules Direct subscription isn't. The subscription is only $25/year though; a lot less than Tivo (unless you get a Tivo with a "lifetime" subscription), and I've read that you get a 21-day guide for your money; a nice improvement over the 12-day (at best) M$-provided guide.
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    Of course @burd is the one to clarify things, but I've seen this orange colouring of the MSE tray icon (in my sister's Win7 x64 laptop) when a System (quick) Scan hasn't been performed for a certain while - in an otherwise fully updated MSE installation; manually initiating the scan and after its successful completion, the icon colour should return to green (barring any issues found) ... Not very surprising if that is just a remnant of a prior Dropbox installation, at a time when the OS was still supported; for a brief period after the end of official support, the following post by @WinClient5270 was relevant: but that hack soon ceased to work ; if you look closely at the screengrab posted by @burd: you'll notice the dropbox tray icon being grey, meaning the desktop client can't connect to the service... But then I could be way-off-base... Regards For reference: https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Installs-integrations/When-will-Vista-no-longer-be-supported-by-Dropbox/td-p/261493
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    I don't get any nags. On one computer the icon is always green and on the other the icon is always yellow. That's the extent of it. Honestly I forget they are even installed.
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    As strange as it might seem (but being on MSFN, I don't think I will be regarded as a nutjob), this is my main computer. It's the RDD, the Retro Daily Driver. It is my main computer, as well as being the development system for the UOC Patch. While it's old, it runs very fast thanks to two reasons: it's overclocked and it uses formerly high end parts. These are the specs: CPU: Intel Pentium !!!-S 1.4GHz overclocked to 1.5GHz (Tualatin core, Socket 370) M/B: QDI Advance 10T (VIA Apollo Pro 133T) RAM: 1.5GB PC133 SDRAM GPU: Gecube Radeon X1950 Pro Storage: 1x Western Digital Blue 500GB SSD, 1x Western Digital Velociraptor 300GB HDD Audio: Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Value CT4520 ISA LAN: 3Com 3C905C TX-M 10/100 OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3, modified to consume as little RAM as possible, the UI has been replaced by a Windows 3.x styled one with Stardock Windowblinds 5.1. I still need to do some other upgrades on the RDD. Mostly, I need to add another SSD, replace the CPU with a Tualatin SL6BY, which I've read that can overclock more than its predecessor, the SL5XL Tually. I also need to check out if I can get a Radeon HD3850 or an HD4670 to work reliably on my motherboard, or else I will get another X1950 Pro.
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    Alright, that's cool! I'll also make sure to include a link to rloewelectronics.com when you get that up.
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    That reminds me: the typo in 45 line55 probably makes that all following lines are ignored. Had the same prob in my own personal files, and noticed it only accidentally, probably much later. Then invented a little trick to make it visible on about:config if the file was damaged: pref on top of file: pref("aaa.CHECK.mysettings.COMPLETE", "*** BROKEN! *** CHECK! ***"); pref at end pref("aaa.CHECK.mysettings.COMPLETE", "OK"); :-)
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    Well after thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion, that (if desired by rloew's family) I have the resources to bring rloew's site back to life. I can update it to have current links to download his projects and stuff like that, as the web archive "sort by author" leaves a bit to be desired. I'll only do this if rloew's family is OK with it, it's only an invitation. But with that being said I'd be more than happy to do it if desired.
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    UPDATE! I have done some major reworks to the previous version, as I have found some bugs that for some reason I overlooked. I also have implemented some new entries in the UOC Enforcer. I have released the new version of the UOC Patch, N2H. Please test it, as I might do some changes in the meantime. The UOC Enforcer is now rquired in order to fully enjoy the optimizations introduced by the new version. So, do not forget to install both the UOC Patch and the Enforcer! An explanation on how to install the UOC Enforcer is written in the main post. Build number is N2H.
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    never thought that I need to quote this, but yeah again.
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    I have never trusted those "free" hosting services like freenom, infinity free. Like @i430VX said you should try strangled.net
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    If you're talking about my installer @3dreal, I don't really understand. The New Moon SSE option works just fine for me.
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    It's dawning on me only now what a great business model this actually is: Domain marketeers give out cheap or free domains, but obviously still own them all themselves too, and can still do whatever they want with them! So they can just wait a bit until one of those domains becomes popular and successful, then just take it away from the supposed 'owners' again, pretending some invented or peanut reason, with no chance to appeal - and now start earning money with it themselves! Either put up nasty stuff themselves, or redirect, or why not SELL the successful domain now for bigger money to any really FRAUD or malware spreaders! While the true domain owners are left wondering if they may have done anything wrong, and what exactly.... What an irony. The implications are absolutely horrible: Evil new owners of those domains can put up whatever they want on those former trustworthy domains, while clueless visitors still keep reading in old articles and posts and archived website versions that this site is a GOOD and trustworthy one! So they visit and trust and unknowingly download now dangerous stuff :-( With greedy new owners usually not putting up a big message telling visitors that the ownership has changed. And visitors being just lucky if it's as obvious as in this case - but who knows for how long yet. I suppose future new owners can just as well restore former original linked download paths, just with exchanged file contents - GRRR After all such fake or pretended identities (legal or not) happen all the time now with all sorts of former great products and names :-( See it all the time in RealLife that names and logos of once great, now long since dead traditional companies, are now (ab)used even legally to sell products from completely different countries and producers and qualities. And of course in the software world too. Just remembered for example how the successful Stylish addon was finally sold to someone else, who probably seemed trustworthy to the former creator, but shortly after the seller just sold it again to a spying company etc. Actually a popular strategy of those companies, just take over former good products and secretly turn the new versions into spying tools. And recently an article about LOTS of new Firefox addons with stolen identities: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/05/29/another-malware-wave-hit-the-mozilla-firefox-extensions-store/ I'm opting for giving up as soon as possible the 3rd domain of this sort! Before it becomes too popular too, and "try" to get a less endangered one. Sigh, until some day all currently trustworthy resellers may be sold too, as usual today :-(
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    @VistaLover You're obviously right, don't know why I even thought that. Back on topic, here's a list of October updates, along with the download links: KB4520009 - Security Only Update for Windows Server 2008 SP2 - 32-bit | 64-bit KB4520002 - Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Server 2008 SP2 - 32-bit | 64-bit KB4519974 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 9 - 32-bit | 64-bit KB4524105 - Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 4.5.2, 4.6 (and all other versions that unoficially work on Vista as well, up to 4.7.2) - MS Update Catalog Link
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    UPDATE! I have done some reworks on the UOC Patch, removing double entries and some other ones that were not applied by the patch. The default framerate has been increased to 240, as it makes scrolling smoother and the maximum amount of layers has been reduced to 6, which seems to be a good compromise between usability and performance. The fix for choppy scrolling with ATI cards has been implemented in the UOC Enforcer. Some of the entries that were formerly located in the core UOC Patch have been moved to the UOC Enforcer, that now is required in order to fully enjoy the optimizations introduced by the new version. So, do not forget to install both the UOC Patch and the Enforcer! An explanation on how to install the UOC Enforcer is written in the first post of this thread. Build number is N2G. The current version of the UOC Patch for Macintosh has been tested on an Intel based Mac Mini 1.1 running System 10.6.8 "Snow Leopard" and using Arctic Fox as a web browser, however it is currently untested on Power Macintosh computers. So, if you have a fast Power Macintosh system (can be either a Power Macintosh AIO G4/G5 or an iBook/ Powerbook G4), please test it and let me know how it runs with TenFourFox. G3 Macintoshes might apply, but I cannot assure how the Patch and the Enforcer would behave on such ancient setups (even though the latest version of the Patch + Enforcer has proven to work very well on a Celeron Mendocino system with 256MB of RAM, Windows 2000 + Extended Kernel and using the onboard Intel Extreme Graphics IGP of the i810 chipset.) None of the UOC Patch + Enforcer version have been tested on Firefox Quantum. Which is obvious, because if your system can run Firefox Quantum, it means you clearly don't need the UOC Patch and the Enforcer in order to make it run better. Plus, Quantum has many differences from the "classic" versions of Firefox and derivatives, and so, I won't support it. WARNING: In case you use @roytam1 K-Meleon Goanna as your main browser and you encounter rendering errors and artifacts when you scroll a webpage, open the UOC Enforcer (user.js, located in your K-Meleon Goanna profile folder) and set the following value "layers.enable-tiles" to False. As always, please update to the latest version, test the Patch and the Enforcer on as many old machines as possible, let me know the outcome. Happy RDDin'! EDIT: I have also removed the [Experimental] tag from the thread title, as the UOC Patch and the Enforcer have proven to be a solution to optimize Mozilla-based browsers for old machines. EDIT 2: I have added a little Paypal Donation button in the main post of this thread. Why? You will ask. "Looking4awayout is e-begging!!!111!!1!!!1!oneoneoneone" someone will say. Nope, I'm not e-begging, even though my financial situation is in dire straits. I've just put the donation button as a way for anyone to send me a little tip of appreciation for the efforts behind the development of the Patch, basically just a way to say thank you. Mind you, this doesn't mean that the UOC Patch will become a commercial product. Never! The Patch is and will be always free. It's just a way for someone to show some appreciation if they feel like. The button is there for anyone who wants to donate something, it's not yelling "DONATE ME" at people. Besides, I am happy to read about people who have improved the web performance of their old machines thanks to the Patch and the Enforcer. And I never thought it would have become so popular, back when I developed the first prototype of the patch for my Tualatin RDD. Which means, I must say a big "thank you" to everyone who downloads and uses the Patch and the Enforcer on their machine, and to MSFN for believing in me and my idea of breathing some life into obsolete hardware, which still works fine and does not deserve to be scrapped only because "it's old".
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    For Unattend the option right-click to open that file in notepad does NOT work anymore in 4.0 Beta 6/7/8
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    As time went on, especially with the advent of Web 2.0 (although the roots go back into the late 90s) things became "cookie cutter" in terms of design. Especially with the web, where webmasters no longer will host large portions of functionality on their own servers, and will thus rely on the speeds of other websites to load the scripts needed to show theirs. This was never recommended but you'd be hard pressed to find a website that doesn't do this. And then websites will use pre-made packages for things, which contain way more bloat than needed. I have javascript disabled by default on most of my browsers for general web use... do you know that there are websites that will not show any text or pictures if javascript is disabled? The pre-made packages is also a problem with web development. As pointed out in the article, a simple program may also include a driver for an Xbox 360 controller. A developer may find one thing and just stick it into their program, even if they only need 1% of the entire package. It wouldn't be an issue if this bloat was not being noticed. It is noticed because programs are behaving badly. And the general run-of-the-mill machine has not maintained the rapid climb of memory and cpu speeds. The low-end devices make up the majority of any given retail market, yet the programs are made to run best on high-end systems. Manufacturers are also making mistakes. Notebooks shipping with 5400RPM HDDs... and I can tell you that standards of BIOS/UEFI are not being followed by the companies responsible for that. Its all bad and has been an issue for quite a while now, and often it seems like I am just old man yells at cloud.
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    I now have KG76 working again. Pages render much faster than KG74, but scrolling lags and menu text is mainly garbage. Edit: KG74 can't post to MSFN.org (no submit button with or without JS), KG76 can (no JS). KG74 can edit a post and attach files (JS), KG76 can't. I continue to use SM 2.0.14 for most web browsing at home. This post was created and edited with KG76 (KM-Goanna-20180128).
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    Calibre 3.48 is the last version of e-book management software, that works on Vista.
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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.4.win32-git-20191005-924693bdb-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.4.win64-git-20191005-924693bdb-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-28.8.0a1.win32-git-20191005-924693bdb-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-28.8.0a1.win64-git-20191005-924693bdb-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Issue #1231 - Stop using ICC profiles on Linux. (7422dd4fe) - Merge pull request #1232 from adeshkp/disable-color-mgmt-linux (81db54a1c) - Added missing libwebp NEON files (870375faa) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dimag0g/UXP (70f2d4cce) - Issue #1233 - Part 1: Fix grid overflow and rendering issues by improving Layout CSS-Grid API (22851ce36) - Issue #1233 - Part 2: Update Reftests (f1adcd1ee) - Issue #1230 - Part 1: Fix Back-computing percentages for intrinsic sizing in Layout CSS-Grid (8ff295747) - Issue #1230 - Part 2: Align devtools to the changes in css-grid (b0ad7679b) - Issue #1230 - Part 3: Update Reftests (30d65c382) - Merge pull request #1237 from g4jc/css-work (206c149ad) - Merge pull request #1238 from dimag0g/master (7ea503ff8) - No issue - Update TZ data to 2019c (924693bdb)
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    New regular/weekly KM-Goanna release: https://o.rths.cf/kmeleon/KM76.2-Goanna-20191005.7z Changelog: In-tree changes: - updates from siria: - fix for the BROKEN FRAMES setting in F2>KMPREFS - Fix for broken Frames toggle in menu Tools > Privacy > Block Frames (204a075b) Out-of-tree changes: * update ES locale from http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?20,144672 * update RU locale from http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?20,144981,150059#msg-150059 A goanna3 source tree that has kmeleon adaption patch applied is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27/tree/kmeleon76
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    I am glad that he had found friends here. I never really knew the extent of all of his Win9x work. My current desktop can still boot into Win9x because of him, although, I haven't in a while. I would like to try to provide some closure for others so I'll give a timeline of what happened. You may or may not have known that my father had heart issues. He had a mild heart attack in his 40s. August 19th: Goes in for angiogram, gets fast tracked for triple bypass surgery. He left me a message midday about it and I called him that evening. We discussed the options they gave him and he seemed settled on the bypass surgery. August 21st: Has the surgery. Gets out of surgery, doctor tells me take he handled it well. August 24th: First time I was able to contact him on the phone after the surgery. He seemed well but certainly worn-down after the surgery. August 25th: Had a heart attack (cardiac event). Survived, but apparently it was not a good situation. I was able to talk to him that evening (I think, it could have been the next day). Got the impression that his diabetes and insulin resistance played a major role in the incident. August 28th: Last night I get to talk to him. I made plans to come down to see him on the 30th. August 29th: Situation escalates, possible infection/sepsis. August 30th-September 2nd: He is heavily sedated for the pain. But things seem stable. Not good, but stable. I return home and hope for the best. September 3-7th: Situation goes back and forth, fluid buildup leads to treatment for infection. Ultimately, the infection is treatable but the sepsis is not. September 9th: Palliative care nurse contacts me and I go back down that afternoon. Situation is getting worse. September 10th: Responsiveness to questions during sedation vacation is lost except to pain stimulus. September 11th: Taken off of life support. Passes at 1:28pm. I hope that helps. I think it has helped me to write it out. I forgot I had the message from him in my voicemail about going to the hospital. My own personal take on it is that complications from diabetes played a major role in his inability to recover but I am not a doctor and it's just my own mind trying to justify the situation.
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    I'm not a gamer, but Vista SP2 with Platform Update supports DX11. Cuphead reportedly requires Geforce 9600 GT or higher (which would rule out my system in any case).
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    I didn't realize that people would find out so soon about my father's passing. I wanted to express my appreciation of the impact he has had for many of you with all his work on Windows. I got to hear about it for years over meals and I never realized how many people found value in his patches. It is a busy time right now but I did want to clear the air regarding the patches. I would like them to continue to be distributed, for his work to be remembered and to be beneficial to others. So, please, freely distribute what you may have in terms of the work my dad did. When things are more settled, I will see what I can do regarding anything missing he might have had available and whatever relevant material there might be that someone could use to further pursue his work.
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    Well, it's been working for 19 years and it's still doing its job, why should they change it? XD
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