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    Upstream support forum thread: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=25435 Workaround, that will restore ~ 95% of GitHub's lost functionality: Install github-wc-polyfill-1.0.3.xpi from: https://github.com/JustOff/github-wc-polyfill/releases/tag/1.0.3 All credit goes to (upstream) Ukrainian developer @JustOff ; however, that extension was created with official Pale Moon in mind, hence its install.rdf file has: <em:minVersion>28.14.0</em:minVersion> Should install as is on Mypal 28.14.x (if that's what you want it for ), but to install on latest New Moon 28, one has to edit that line to read: <em:minVersion>28.10.2a1</em:minVersion> The add-on itself has been probably inspired by the WebExtension add-on Polly, that was created for Waterfox Classic users to mitigate GitHub's breakage on Oct 14th 2020... Polly targets a Firefox 56 fork, which has a lot more WebExtension APIs than either Serpent 52.9.0 or Centaury; as a result, Polly will install on Serpent/Centaury, but won't work as designed... Additionally, Waterfox Classic users can (mostly) fix GitHub by toggling dom.webcomponents.enabled to true but, while the same pref does exist in UXP browsers, Web Components support in UXP is extremely unripe/at a very early stage... FYI, github-wc-polyfill extension embeds a base64encoded copy of https://unpkg.com/browse/@webcomponents/webcomponentsjs@2.4.4/webcomponents-bundle.js https://github.com/webcomponents/polyfills/tree/master/packages/webcomponentsjs#using-webcomponents-bundlejs ======================================= Some background: Before the Microsoft buyout () , GitHub would support the latest version of major browsers like Google Chrome, IE/old Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, and care would be taken to not break the current ESR version of Firefox; additionally, "legacy" browsers like Pale Moon, Basilisk, Waterfox (Fx56-based) were "whitelisted" and treated in a special manner so as to remain compatible, but still on a best-effort basis... It well appears that now the "old" team of GitHub developers, the ones sympathetic to "legacy" browsers, have been set aside by the new management, which is hardly any surprise as Microsoft have colluded with evil Google, the net effect being that currently GitHub only caters to the four iterations of Chromium that dominate the browser market (Google's Chromium=Chrome, Microsoft's Chromium=[New] MS Edge, Apple's Chromium=Safari and Mozilla's Chromium-wannabe=Firefox [Quantum] ) ...
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    Hello Windows XP gaming community. I have what i believe are good news for you, if you are into emulation. I'm a developer and i've recently modified the latest version of the popular PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator to make it run again under the Windows XP operating system, since they removed that compatibility by 2016. The development to my modified version of PCSX2 started in May 2020, just when the latest stable official release was made public (v1.6.0), confirming it wasn't indeed compatible with XP. I wanted to do something about it, so i started peeking the code and considering the options i had. Well, after months of testing and patience, i got the latest v1.6.0 stable release from May 2020 running perfectly fine under XP. This project is called "PCSX2 XP" and is been made available from my website: http://neonfloppy.sytes.net/projects/pcsx2-xp/ and there is also a github repository: https://github.com/blueclouds8666/pcsx2_XP You may also join to my discord server, where you can find about my other projects and chat with other xp fans: https://discord.gg/KXKXcs4 I will be answering any questions you have regarding my project down below. I hope you all find this useful. Thanks for your attention.
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    Guys, I have good news : A solution has been found to make XP and server 2003 compatible with SHA-2 updates! Special thanks to daniel_k and abbodi1406 on Mydigitalife for the work :https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-update-for-2000-xp-2003-and-vista-is-die-august-2020.82143/page-5 Some registry hacks and patched wuaugen.dll and voilà! A 7zip file created by abbodi contains all necessary files : http://dl.free.fr/fN2aPTeTs
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    Semi-OT: Home-movement is finished(of course most of packed boxes are not released in this moment, and many of them may not be released during this ~2 months period) and server is relocated to new location. lets hope next build will be on time.
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    That might work too. When I do it with notepad I'm getting the same corrupt problem where it won't install.
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    Good Old Youtube also does a brilliant job of re-instating the non-polymer youtube interface (which is more lenient towards computer resources, especially applicable on older hardware/OSes), but, as it is an id-less Web Extension not supported on Serpent 55/52, it doesn't install out-of-the-box ; but if you modify its manifest.json file to include a gecko-id, then it will install (and work) OK! { "name": "Good Old YouTube", "manifest_version": 2, "version": "", "description": "Switch back to classic YouTube interface!", "icons": { "96": "images/logo.svg" }, "background": { "scripts": [ "shared.js", "options/default-options.js", "logger.js", "reconstruct.js", "background.js" ] }, "content_scripts": [ { "matches": [ "https://www.youtube.com/*" ], "css": [ "styles/hide-alert.css" ], "js": [ "shared.js", "content-script.js" ], "run_at": "document_start" } ], "options_ui": { "page": "options/options.html" }, "permissions": [ "https://www.youtube.com/*", "storage", "webRequest", "webRequestBlocking" ], "applications": { "gecko": { "id": "{482060de-6804-4020-a1b9-16dc012a3c93}" } } } (The id string is identical to the one generated when the extension is installed in FirefoxESR 52.9.x)
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    OK, using Stardock Curtains, I got a pretty nice basic dark win10 test theme together as I think. It has translucent window frames (you have to use "Old New Explorer" -> "enable glass on navigation bar") and the Nav bar on the left is a bit lighter in color, like the win control panel windows. Tested it on Windows 10 2004 19041.488. If you want to try it on your own, here are the theme files: Curtains_10_Dark_Aero_Test.7z Install Stardock Curtains (I used the 30 day trial) Extract the archive to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\Curtains Run Curtains and select "Win10 Dark Aero Test"
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    When you set Notepad++ as default program to open .json-files, you can directly open and edit them from within the .xpi, save and the .xpi will be updated. [Edit] In my XP Virtual Machine I use an older version of Notepad++ (7.5.1), since newer versions don't support XP any more... npp.7.5.1.Installer.zip
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    You might try Notepad++...
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    Thank you for the kind words about my father. Rudy has two sons. Jason loew is his blood son and we have the same mothers and I am Tony Sotomayor. Rudy was my step dad. I miss him so much.And Im glad to see how he impressed his fellow programmers on this thread and how much they respect his work. I knew as a child Rudy was very intelligent and a gifted programmer. If anyone would like to download a picture of Rudy when he was in his last year in College at University of Oklahoma 1970(Sooner 1970). I have a pic of him that was taken of him at the Engineers Club Engineers week party pic. Maybe someone can put it on this thread or something? He was young fresh leaving college and healthy. Picture is how I like to remember him. You can email me direct for that pic or anything else you want to know about my dad at jasongeo2@aol.com
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    Try this for manifest.json if you're still having trouble, it works for me:
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    Latest version of G-O-YT, 1.15.2, installs and functions perfectly fine in St52 as long as the correct modification to its manifest.json file has been performed, which is probably where you messed-up... @vikmin : Since Serpent 52 does not observe extension-signing, you can also do away fully with the META-INF directory... Those not confident modifying source code files, may switch to Old Youtube, which was updated to v2.1.1 (I prefer myself the G-O-YT one because it's more failproof than O-YT ). NB: Serpent 52 does NOT currently search AMO for WE updates, so you must yourself do so (e.g. bookmarking both extensions' "versions" pages on AMO and visiting periodically...). Do keep in mind both extensions are just "hacks", they may break at any time, when Google completely obliterate the classic GUI's files from YT servers...
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    Related upstream support forum thread: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=24993&p=197006 The website admins basically write code targeting very recent Javascript engines and/or Chrome-specific web technologies (e.g. ShadowDOM, part of Google Web Components); latest New Moon 28 should function correctly with WBM's timeline bar ; as for getting this to work under NM27, I can only guess it'd be an extremely difficult task, if at all achievable... Best greetings
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    Still working fine here, although it can take a couple of attempts to load. For those it's not working for, did you replace wuaueng.dll in the dllcache folder as well as in system32? If you don't, Windows File Protection will just put the old version straight back again!
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    Can confirm the 64-bit builds work on Vista SP2. No idea about Windows XP/Server 2003 x64, but here's a sigh of relief as I was expecting it to break (due to the use of VS2019). On a side note, eMule's website strongly reminds me of ZSNES's...
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    You can set it in your unattend.xml: <settings pass="specialize"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <RegisteredOwner>Owner</RegisteredOwner> <RegisteredOrganization>Organization</RegisteredOrganization> </component> </settings> Or edit them after setup with Regedit in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
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    eMule_v0.60a-community was released on Oct10, 2020. Does it work on XP? They say it's now being compiled with VS 2019... so I doubt it. Anyway, I do know for sure eMule_v0.51d-community does work OK with XP SP3. Later edit: It does work on XP, after all!
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    October 2020 Updates released on 10/13 KB4580382 monthly rollup (MS support article 4580382) KB4580353 security-only update (MS support article 4580353) no new Servicing Stack update was released - KB4566426 is still the latest SSU
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    https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/err#English The third definition is the most fitting in this case, instead of going ahead and fulfilling the first definition by falsely claiming that this was the Milky Way's best source for Vista enhancements.
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    WinNTSetup 4.2.4 - Driverstore WOF exclude added to WimBootReCompress.ini - added MergeIDE tweak - added ini option NoFileSystemChecks For the MergeIDE tweak see Tools\MergeIDE_9200.ini and edit it to you needs.
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    I was literally discussing Dolphin 5.0 with someone a few days ago on vanilla Vista SP2 x64 - in fact I bought a Radeon HD 6350 (512MB) GPU to pair with my Sandy Bridge i5-2400k just for Dolphin, haha. @win32, the image in the OP seems to be broken, by the way. Is this just on my end?
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    @nicolaasjan, That makes it easier than extracting it. You can also directly edit the file with 7-zip within the .xpi and without extraction (it'll open notepad) but sometimes that works and sometimes not as far as corrupting the addon. Better to go with with a program like Notepad++ that's more reliable.
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    The way I do it is to export manifest.json with 7-zip, open it with Microsoft Word then copy the updated code in and import it back into the .xpi addon.
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    Remote Utilities https://www.remoteutilities.com/ XP is officialy supported and they have a free licence up to 10 remote computers. Read the documentation. Once installed, you don't need to use their servers. I use this software since 2011 and I have a lot of licences (there was no free licence in 2011).
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    The Firefox add-on is of a type called Web Extension (Mozilla's attempt to ape Chromium extension format; search for more info...); Pale Moon, of which New Moon 27/28 is an unofficial fork, has never supported Web Extensions (by choice of its developers), thus 'Good Old Youtube' can't be installed in New Moon... Try Serpent 52.9.0 (the ia32 build should run on non-SSE2 CPUs, if you fall into that category) ... Sadly, at this very moment, Roytam1's binary repository is DOWN, so you may have to kindly ask for that among members here...
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    I do not think that uninstalling with an uninstaller would be that necessary. Once you have installed the driver place the extracted files in a different directory to trick the operating system. Then when you want to change drivers install a standard graphics driver first then reboot then update driver to what driver you want by selecting 'specify the location of the driver advanced' like you will need to do to install the standard driver then select 'display a list of all drivers' then select the driver you want. Because the OS does not know where the installation files are you have to specify and you should be prompted to overwrite the file versions or not in which case you do. It can be a fair few clicks to install but at least you know that it is installed correctly. Perhaps the shifting of the directory is unnecessary either but have the inf in that directory as well as the INF directory as the inf file will be asked for first after it is found in the INF folder and it has to be the right one. Have you tied unofficial drivers 82.69 as an all-rounder I have had no issues with it and have used Ti 4200.
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    I mean, I'm interested enough to notice that you made a spelling mistake in the emulator's name in your post, right there. XD I'll have a look at some point, but it's also worth noting (if you want to put these here) that the latest development builds of FCEUX work (tested the x64 version on both NT 5.2 and 6.0), as does the latest stable of Snes9x (1.60 if I'm not mistaken) which is a nice breath of fresh air. I have a real PS2 anyway so there's no legal implication to using the BIOS providing I use the one from my model (SCPH-50003), as I don't actually know how to dump it despite it being FMCB'd - I think something like that would require extra hardware-mods to dump properly. For more unified options in regards to console emulation, RetroArch broke compatibility some time ago without anyone noticing it (in fact I was the very person who pointed out their website info was inaccurate as well as the fact that using the MSVC2010 builds meant not having advantages like DX11), but I'd recommend Mednafen over RetroArch anyday given it actually makes some form of sense to the user and isn't a bloated mess.
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    How does one write a simple extension for NM27? It has to modify requests to YT by adding pbj=1 to the address and the following two headers: X-YouTube-Client-Name: 1 X-YouTube-Client-Version: 1.20200731.02.01 I tried looking in existing extensions to modify one, but just couldn't wrap my head around all that JS... Doing these manually i was able to load the classic layout. [edit] These numbers are from the Good old youtube extension, Old youtube has the number 1.20200806.01.01 instead
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    Like the layout of ya forum it looks great im here coz i love Os's and what you can do to them lol Im into all sorts of thigs in I.T im Male 27 yo From London UK !! thanks for having me and i hope i can get some good info and feedback from this forum All the best !!!
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    Hello! I'm new to here. I'm from Russia. I wanted to join this website because I need some advice's on using on OS'es. Glad to be here!
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    FF45 doesn't work without Kext! I've revised my ini file and removed redundant entries. Not all entries are required to run FF45: ~~~ Definitions ~~~ [ADVAPI32.dll] CredProfileLoaded=z1e [GDI32.DLL] D3DKMTCreateDCFromMemory= D3DKMTDestroyDCFromMemory= [LZ32.DLL] DnsValidateName_W= WinHttpReadData= WinHttpReceiveResponse= [ntdll.dll] _alloca_probe= NlsMbCodePageTag= NlsMbOemCodePageTag= NtImpersonateAnonymousToken= NtUnloadKeyEx=z1e RtlCopyLuid= RtlDeleteElementGenericTable= RtlDoesFileExists_U= RtlEnumerateGenericTable= RtlGetElementGenericTable= RtlGetFullPathName_U= RtlInitializeGenericTable= RtlInsertElementGenericTable= RtlIpv6AddressToStringA= RtlIpv6StringToAddressA= RtlIpv6StringToAddressW= RtlIsDosDeviceName_U= RtlIsGenericTableEmpty= RtlLengthSecurityDescriptor= RtlMakeSelfRelativeSD= RtlNtPathNameToDosPathName= RtlQueryTimeZoneInformation= RtlSelfRelativeToAbsoluteSD= RtlStringFromGUID= RtlUnicodeToOemN= RtlUpcaseUnicodeStringToOemString= [RPCRT4.dll] NdrAsyncServerCall= [SETUPAPI.dll] CM_Connect_MachineW= CM_Disconnect_Machine= CM_Locate_DevNode_ExW=
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    I found online installer only first until checked wayback machine and found this to full offline installer https://web.archive.org/web/20190502052352/http://cdn.download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/1000/standalone/cispremium_only_installer.exe that been using to load comodo on all of my xp/vista machines just in case comodo deletes files from servers breaking online installer
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    Instead of making a long list of software that supports Windows 7, I'm making a list of software that doesn't work with Windows 7. There are four categories, the first is: Windows 10+ only, the second is: Windows 8+ only, the third is: Requires modification to work on Windows 7, and the fourth is: Unofficially works on Windows 7. There's likely plenty more software that isn't listed here, so let me know if any Windows 8+ only software gets any mods that lets it work on 7, or any new 8+ or only officially supports 8+ software comes out. Windows 10+ only: Games: Death Stranding (DirectX 12 only, missing a few APIs, and has an OS block) Forza Horizon 4 (UWP) Horizon Zero Dawn (Same as Death Stranding, but has no OS block, or at least a older patch doesn't) Microsoft Flight Simulator Sea of Thieves (Matchmaking backend comes from Microsoft Store) Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Other: Microsoft Office 2019 (Unofficially works on 8.x) Windows 8+ only: Game clients: EA Desktop Beta (Requires a 8.x dll, also, the installer has a block that blocks anything under 8.1, and application verifier does not work) Requires modification to work on Windows 7: Games: Mafia: Definitive Edition (Requires DXVK to run. More info here) Mafia II: Definitive Edition (Requires xinput1_3.dll from C:\Windows\System32 to be copied into the same folder as the game .exe and renamed xinput1_4.dll) Need For Speed Heat (Requires modifying the Origin launcher) Postal 4: No Regerts (Unreal Engine bug. It requires a fix that the developers of the game posted) Star Wars™: Squadrons (Same fix as Postal 4) System Shock Remastered (Same fix as Postal 4) Other: VMware Workstation 16 (Requires a custom installer and replacing vmware-vmx.exe) Unofficially works on Windows 7: Game clients: GOG Galaxy Games: Anthem Battlefield 4 (Says it requires Windows 8 on Steam, likely a mistake as Battlefield 3, 1, and V all officially support Windows 7. Though Windows 8.x is known to perform better than 7 in game, so that might be why) Boneworks Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection Crusader Kings III Death end re;Quest 2 Destroy All Humans! (Minimum OS is listed as 10, but in additional notes, it says it supports Windows 7 and 8.1. These guys forgot what minimum requirements mean) Detroit: Become Human (Is a Vulkan game, but Windows 10?. People say it actually works better on 7 than on 10) Disintegration (Was patched to fix issues with Windows 7, but minimum requirements still say Windows 10) Fall Guys Madden NFL 21 Persona 4 Golden Phantasy Star Online 2 (According to Steam, it's DirectX 9.0c, but Windows 10+?) ReCore: Definitive Edition Rust (Game that used to support Windows XP, DirectX 9, DirectX 11, OpenGL, and Vulkan in early access, but now "requires" Windows 8.1 and only supports DirectX 11 and 12) State of Decay 2 Trials of Mana Other: Audacity Filezilla PCSX2 (As long as you use DirectSound or PortAudio, it works)
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    I went through Task Scheduler and disabled stuff that's firing on regular basis and their description didn't strike me as something that would be needed for things I expect to work to work and installed some useful software for tweaking/extending usability: Open-Shell (good old start menu, more configurable than any MS implementation and the package comes with certain tweaks for Explorer/Internet Explorer) SecureUxTheme (to be able to load unofficial themes) Aero Glass (adds transparency with blur to window frames, also more configurable than Windows 7 implementation, currently doesn't work with latest Win10 iterations) QTTabBar (tabs for Explorer with some extras) OldNewExplorer (shell extension with certain tweaks for Explorer) Link Shell Extension (displays NTFS hard links, symbolic links, directory junctions... in Explorer with overlaid icons and adds commands to work with them to context menus) 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (tweak application for taskbar) T-Clock Redux (customizable taskbar clock with extras) Regarding services, I only disabled Connected User Experiences and Telemetry and AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC) services. I initially left the latter enabled, but it crapped out after some time when the system wasn't rebooted for weeks (endless grinding on the disk, more specifically the page file). I modified policies regarding auto-updates, turned off lock screen, re-enabled showing of crash dialog if application crashes, disabled blurring of logon screen background, OneDrive and Windows Defender. There were also some tweaks in registry there and there, I remember enabling the LastActiveClick and messing with keys at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers. Even though the limit of shell icon overlays is supposed to be 15 (relevant blog post by Raymond Chen) and I have 13 of those, the ones put there by Link Shell Extension just didn't work until I renamed them in a way that they appear first alphabetically, so they have the priority. MS actually put seven entries for OneDrive there and renamed them by adding space in the name, so they had the priority. I was unable to get Open-Shell's Classic Explorer component to display the share icon for shared files, I corrected %windir%\system32\images.dll,164 to %windir%\systemresources\imageres.dll.mun,164 in Classic Explorer settings on File pane tab (most icons were relocated since version Win10 1903), appropriately renamed ShareOverlay registry key in the previously mentioned ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers key, but it just won't budge. On my laptop, I also added Windows 7's Manage Wireless Networks to Control Panel. I also add the following DLLs (these deal with older games): Modified (picture guide - OllyDbg needed) d3d8.dll from Win10 1803 (Build 17134) - they removed classic fullscreen mode from D3D8 in newer versions and the optimized fullscreen mode was only ever implemented in D3D9+ - the modified DLL is reportedly still functional on Win10 2004 - so you get back the performance, but without additional perks of optimized fullscreen mode. Some DLLs from WinXP SP3: d3drm.dll - Direct3D Retained Mode DLL - some games and demos use it, not included since Vista. dmscript.dll - because DirectMusic scripting functionality is apparently bugged since Vista. dx7vb.dll - DirectX 7 runtime for Visual Basic applications (should be registered with regsvr32) dx8vb.dll - DirectX 8 runtime for Visual Basic applications (should be registered with regsvr32) dxmasf.dll - Windows Media Source Filter, should be registered with regsvr32, original file is a stub, has dependencies: drmclien.dll - DRM Client DLL strmdll.dll - Windows Media Services Streamer Dll - this DLL won't run out-of-the-box since Windows 10 1809 because they removed support for IOCTL_TCP_QUERY_INFORMATION_EX and the DLL doesn't handle it gracefully. There's a patched version available on VOGONS, there could be issues if some application out there that uses the DLL in certain way makes said feature a requirement. However, older DLL from older DirectX package, (probably best to take the other 2 as well) doesn't have this dependency. I don't remember which DirectX package has the newest version that doesn't have said dependency. So that more or less sums it up. I ended up on Win10 mostly because there's always something that doesn't work right regardless of what OS I use. The biggest improvement for me was memory management. I found older versions to be very aggressive when it came to paging out to disk. I would run something that consumes a bit more of memory, say 800 MB or more, then things would get swapped out and when I finished, disk would start grinding because lots of data has to be loaded back in memory, the running application would take a while to close and the whole computer to "snap out of it". Audio playing in the background is easily interrupted on Win7 by something going exclusive fullscreen, switching away from that fullscreen application, resolution switches are slower, more screen flashing in general with such transitions. Win10 is snappier in these scenarios, though it looks like Win10 specific GPU drivers are needed for the biggest effect in reducing screen flashes. So it is possible for second screen to not flash when something changes on the first. I also noticed an oddity on Win7 that happens with enabled HRTF in Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software (Surround checkbox) that would result in Windows' navigation start sound (it's disabled by default) to be inaudible for some reason. Not an issue on Win10. Console windows also behave better, finally they can be normally resized. In Win7, a bizarre bug appeared that causes 8x12 raster font to just disappear from available options if user isn't in session #1 (it increases each time you logon since boot) and system locale is set to Slovenian (possibly other languages as well). That's also fixed. My experiences above with Win7 apply to Win8.x as well. Clipboard history and scrolling inactive windows options, which technically just sends mouse wheel events to window under mouse cursor, not window with keyboard focus, are also good additions. At least something for which 3rd party application isn't a must anymore. It took some tinkering, lots of things could still be improved, it definitely makes least sense UI wise out-of-the-box of all Windows releases, but so far, it works well enough that I don't have the itch to switch the OS. Currently on version 1909.
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    i just wanna to everyone hello msfn forum! i hope we all get along :D Ps. I hate Windows 10
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    Waterfox Classic is Firefox 56 but improved in terms of addon compatibility, webpage compatibility, and more.
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    Even though I have donated to BM, Windows doesn't need transparency to look good. It has its own transparency built in in different places, and that looks just great. I use several third-party themes I have found on virtual customs site, and they suit me just fine. I am an insider, and test each brand new build released each Wednesday, so I really can't just sit around and use an outdated version of Windows just to hold on to the transparency.
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    It's just a benchmark. Which showed that with a considerable number of network filters performance is always OK. But performance is better with fewer filters. This advantage is especially noticeable in older PCs and OS. Moreover, Manifest v3 with fixed rules at 150000 requires us to resize the lists we use. Especially if we prefer to use the same lists (like me) both in New Moon installed in W.XP and in other OS and Chrome-based browsers.
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    No, PicoTorrent is not yet listed in the original post under BitTorrent/P2P Clients. In the same category, eMule should still have ONG support, since October 2020 v0.60a reportedly works on XP. It looks like 64-bit builds are a new feature for eMule, so someone running Vista x64 may want to try it.
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    Thing is you shouldn't need to use external tools to make an OS simply bearable to use, that should be reserved for additional tweaks and cool stuff. I think that's what most peoples' gripe with Windows 10 lies in too, the fact it requires 3rd party tools in order to improve performance tl the point it won't thrash the page file constantly on systems with less than 8GB RAM for instance (which believe me are not as uncommon as the internet wants you to believe).
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    Has PicoTorrent been mentioned in this thread? The most recent stable, native x64 build works on Windows Vista SP2. It's also got a portable version, so it's worth a nod towards. Requires the VC++ 2015-2019 redistributable to be installed.
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    yeah, that's the thing. I'm not aware of a script that will apply the post-UR1 updates all the way to April 2013 to an existing Windows 2000 install. You could cheat with IE6 SP1 + KB951748 + KB2817183 though like I have in the past. And KB919521 is this. I don't think they ever made an update package for it, though HFSLIP applies it along with enablebiglba: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\HAL] "14140000FFFFFFFF"=dword:00000010
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    Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10 in the next 12 months? No, if anything, I might either downgrade to Vista or upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R1. If new games don't support 7/8, guess I'll have to have a 10 PC I remote into to play games. Might try to make some sort of VNC that only uses or something. Are you paying for extended support? No, I actually usually don't update my system fully anyways, most of my installs are about 4 years out of date update wise. What is the main reason you haven't upgraded? Telemetry, bloat, instability, bad design, UWP, and more. Note: Server 2008 R2 is basically Windows 7 Edit: I've realized that wouldn't work, I'd need to use the network IP of the computer, but that's easy to grab.
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    I'm posting this in the XP forum, since I think more people here may be interested to try this. As many of you may know, Chrome 49.0.2623.112 was supposed to be the last official version to support XP and Vista. Well, as it turns out, you can upgrade your 49.0.2623.112 to 50.0.2661.102, at least on Vista, very easily. People in this forum may want to try this out on XP too. I figured this out by accident, mucking around with different Chrome versions on my Vista SP2 32-bit. I started with the very next version after 49 and worked up from there. I discovered all 50.x versions still work on Vista. At 51 the browser still runs, but the rendering engine produces only a blank page. How to do this? The installer refuses to install anything above 49 on Vista/XP, but you can still extract the installer contents with 7zip. So, download 50.0.2661.102 from Filepuma (link below), and then use 7zip to extract everything into a folder somewhere. You will be left with a package named Chrome.7z. Extract this too. In there you will find Chrome.exe. Do not run it, or it will load your current Chrome profile. Instead create a shortcut and edit the target to something like this, which will make 50 use a private profile and not touch any other current profile you are using: chrome.exe --user-data-dir=C:\SomeFolder\Where\You\Want\The\Profile What't the advantage of 50.0.2661.102 vs 49.0.2623.112? You have to test it out yourself, but so far I have noticed for example that Youtube Creator Studio now works, whereas on Chrome 49 it's a total mess. So there seems to be some HTML engine improvements on 50 vs 49, at least. The JS engine is also a newer version compared to 49, so there are upgrades there too. If you want to try out another versions, you can find all the old ones here: https://www.filepuma.com/download/google_chrome_32bit_-40/versions/ Direct link to 50.0.2661.102 (32-bit): https://www.filepuma.com/download/google_chrome_32bit_50.0.2661.102-11514/
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    FWIW, I got all the XP-X64 EXE files and double-checked that no more updates just after/around MS clobbered support. Done in a HyperVM (whatever) on one my other PC's (Srv2k8R2). Maybe an upload to Web Archive is in order?
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    Yes, I would appreciate it too so it will be released when it is ready. Current status is that it does not work correctly yet. On the other side, I doubt that someone needs to upgrade to new builds immediately when it is released, especially when some needed software is not compatible with it.
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    Just using 360EE for a weeks, this is what I observed in comparison to maxthon running XP 360EE 12.x == Maxthon 5.3.x -> this chrome engine is unstable on heavy html5 sites, crashing alot 360EE 11.x == Maxthon 5.2.x -> rock solid engine, but unlike above this version make XP wait forever on "repair" wifi connection (@disconnect step) unless I kill the browser processes first (felt like it getting in the way) maxthon pros: has good multilanguage support cons: no TLS 1.3 (use windows networking), very limited configuration (has its own flags e.g mx://), has non-chrome addons/ui 360EE pros: TLS 1.3 support, a true chrome clone all around. cons: basically chinese only in the chrome-dominated internet, it's great to have modern chrome (if you have PAE and big RAM) not a dwindling down browser just like XP marketshare. nb: Opera 12 FTW!
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    Man... I wish I've read this first than trying myself... https://github.com/tumagonx/xompie/ What about using wine source code there a lot can be transplanted.
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