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    Considering the assumptions in my older posts quoted below remain mostly valid and that most new internet users do so on smartphones... The last time I've estimated the size of the full PC universe, as you can see in the quotation above, I came to 2 billion machines. Let's assume it didn't grow any, just for the sake of simplicity, and that means 5.66% of 2x109 = 113x106 machines or, in other words, there's still a minimum of about 100 million XP users today, not counting the true POSReady and related machines, which purportedly don't browse the web, so that they don't get counted by netmarketshare. So no, not at all, we're still very far from being the last half-a-score of XP users in the world!!! ... we should still have a desktop user universe of not more (probably somewhat less) than 2 billion users. Now: 3.19% x 2 x109 = 6.38 x107 & 2.51% x 2 x109 = 5.02 x107 ... to get to an estimate that minimizes our ignorance, let's take the geometric mean of those two values and we get 5.66 x107, which means there should still be some 50 million XP users today, which is not bad, considering we're 6 months away from POSReady 2009 EoS.
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    It installs after fooling the installer into thinking it's running on Windows 10. Installed programs seem to function without issues at first glance without any workarounds. No luck running the installer on Windows 7. It wants SetCoalescableTimer function (Windows 8 and up), which I could redirect to SetTimer, but then the exception is thrown in msxml6.dll and I don't know how to proceed further.
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    RIP Paul Allen. In your time, MS did rock!
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    It was only a matter of time before older Chromium versions are no longer supported by μBlock (last version which supports Chromium 49 is version 1.16.20). For this reason, you can download an older version from Github in the following link and run it in developer mode under Extensions. https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases
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    Awesome...thanks for the update. Will try the experimental when I get home today.
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    Finally, there is a new experimental version here: http://www.glass8.eu/beta
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    Maybe some are out of tune.
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    With the newest voice-recognition technology, they don't type anymore: they fart in Morse-code, instead! Now you know why it smells so bad!
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    Don't hold your breath: they're not even trying to give a damn...
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    I think programers working on 10 updates type with their toes not their fingers, it is always the same, they fix something but they break other thing(s), they all look as amateurs making their first programs. alacran
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    Bu does it mean it works until 10th December or until 12th of October? US middle-endian date style harms my brain :P
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    This is a very interesting and needed project for all 10 users, still on development, but so far: See the project on Github: https://github.com/DavidXanatos/wumgr/releases/ Build using .NET Framework 4.6.0 alacran
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    All my 5 PCs at home are running Win7x64 SP-1 updated up to December 2017, Browser is Firefox on all, but two of them also have Google Chrome, AV is Avast Free, and also have Malwarebytes Antimaware Free only to run on demand (just in case), not a single problem so far. Also all of them can dual boot Win10x64 Pro from another partition since I got and ID for them during free update, but nobody here use Win10, all they have an old 10 version. Only one PC has Win10 with a more recent version 1709 updated to December 2017, but updates dissabled, used mainly for running PEBakery to make some new WinPEs. I installed on this PC on a VHD (just to test) the 10x64 Pro 1809 (downlodaded last week with MCT) and I was able to see during second reboot a message saying something like Deleting or maybe Cleaning all old files on user profile, but since it was on a VHD I assume only files on that VHD were affected by this, I didn't loose any file on the HD Documents partition. So since thread title is UpdateWin 7 or Not? = I may say yes but only upto December 2017. Update to 10 = Better don't, it do not have any advantage over 7 and on the contrary it has all disandantages, it is Malware by definition, and ALL updates have a problem, especially the last one that can make you lose all your documents, you can never trust on MS anymore. Best Regards alacran
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    Hi, yes it works..thanks. Although it seems a little less fast than New Moon, Basilisk flows smoothly
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    Lately I tested MSFN again with Opera 12.02. No problems anymore, I can sign in etcetera in normal Author mode. Only limitation I have is that the link to www.msfn.org/board is not visible, but can be reached by clicking in the upper left of a post (apart from some empty symbols). Thanks to the MSFN staff if they made this possible Posted with Opera 12.02 & Windows 98SE with original KernelEx
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    +1. Let's let Roy concentrate solely on that, which is of paramount importance to both XP and Vista communities.
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    ... *and*... 5) Never forget to wear your own Velostat cap while browsing the web!
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    Do try the latest Basilisk, then. Basilisk/UXP is forked from FF esr 52.x.x and is being compiled for XP by @roytam1, in parallel to New Moon. But, IMO, Basilisk/UXP is the best alternative, in what regards overal compatibility... it's sort of like if FF esr 52.x.x were still being developed, and with XP-specific support in mind, on top of it.
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    There was a fix from MS for this: MicrosoftFixit50688.msi not easily available anymore, But I found it here.
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    With each new distribution of a major build, Windows 10 has needed serious re-tweaking. Some software - such as Aero Glass for Win 10 - doesn't work right at first and so the turning of the system into something actually worth using necessarily has to wait. So here we are, at the end of October 2016, and I can state that just in the past couple of days I have finally gotten the "Anniversary Update" - 14393.351 - into shape to where I consider it actually usable. What's that, 4 months after release? This is why it's better to have operating system releases only every few years. Well, I have to qualify that... I still have several beta bits of Aero Glass for Win 8+ running, and beta firewall software, but it's finally acceptable to use. Listed here are some of the things needed to achieve sufficient usability as a serious desktop system that's App-free and divorced from the cloud, yet all hangs together. These sound deceptively simple, but the devil is in the details. Tweaking to increase privacy and control of Windows Updates. Disabling of UAC. 3rd party software for Start menu, deny-by-default firewall, various maintenance tasks. Setup of features not enabled by default (e.g., System Restore, backup). Desktop usability enhancement (e.g., Aero Glass, replacement Aero 7 theme, various other small tweaks). Verification that needed applications still work. Removal of all but the Settings App, removal of OneDrive, disabling of settings sync, use of only a local account. Removal of many unnecessary scheduled jobs. Reconfiguration of browser, augmentation with custom blacklists. Things that even STILL make replacing Win 8.1 with it unacceptable for my use on actual hardware systems here at my business: ATI has ceased including features I need in their current display drivers (e.g., per channel calibration). I don't know whether a Catalyst driver suite from 2015 could work with the latest Win 10, but that's what I'm using on Win 8.1 now. Media playing features are reduced, though most of the media I'd like to play so far seems to play in Media Player. Even with all the tweaking, the Taskbar isn't quite as usable as with an older system, since themes can't change it. Microsoft disrupts compatibility and stability far too often, even with my exercising manual control over updates. I would need to set Windows Update to the CBB (Current Branch for Business) at the very least. I continue to re-evaluate Windows 10 to determine whether I can move "up" to the latest OS, in order to stay current, compatible, etc., but for now this one stays on a VM as a curiosity only. I had extra hope this time around, because with Win 8, upon the release of Win 8.1 a year later I thought it was good enough to move up to (and I'm glad I did). I keep wishing that Microsoft will ultimately release something that improves the state of the art in computing again, but alas all they really seem to be doing is hanging new apps on the old kernel and making things less and less efficient. I fear they've lost all the people who know how to do serious operating system work. Trouble is, it just won't be viable to continue to run an old version of Windows forever. -Noel
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    I agee completely! But the same was said 25 years ago by the constractures behind the drawing-boards, about computers. I was then, at the time, one of the fore-spokers for CAD, btw.
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    Those who think that young people will be able to do anything more useful with mobile tech - no matter how young / flexible they feel they are by comparison to someone who they believe is old and stiff - are deluded. I'm not old (yet). I'm wise. I have experience. I know my a** from a hole in the ground. It's not a matter of being young or old, flexible or inflexible. It's a matter of understanding what's actually useful in the real world. What it takes to create rather than just use. The root problem is that people who carry around mobile technology feel they're doing important things, when they don't really even have a handle on what's important. Or how hard you have to work to do something important. THAT is what's going to undo everything. Looked at another way: Someone working at the limits of their human abilities, when aided by a top notch collection of technology is always going to outdo someone working at the limits of their abilities and aided by necessarily limited because it's mobile technology. Limited in power. Limited by battery life. Limited by poorer connectivity. Limited by small size. What could you think of if you never, ever had to worry about battery management or never, ever lost a few hours (days) due to an ill-timed update? Or never had to wait for the information you requested to be painted on the screen. How well could you communicate if you didn't have to ask the person on the other end to repeat themselves so much? That crap just makes people weary. We don't need more weariness. The future would be better served by people who aren't slaves to their technology, but instead are its master. Nothing Microsoft or most others are doing right now seeks to make you more the master of your technology. I believe I'm pretty adept at applying technology. Hey, I'm using Windows 8.1 to advantage in a world where most others stopped on 7. Years ago I got good things from Vista where most stayed on XP. I haven't changed; I embrace new things and make the best of them by applying my considerable experience. You can see from the original post in this thread that I'm no stranger to figuring out Win 10. Every new release that's come out, I give "Apps", "The Win 10 Experience", "Cloud Integration", and the whole 9 yards a fresh new try, with an open mind. And, unfortunately, every time I have reached the same conclusion. It's not like I'm living in the past. It's like Windows 10 just isn't better. Even that - EVEN JUST BEING AS GOOD BUT NOT BETTER - I could live with, because there are advantages to keeping current. But Microsoft increasing the ongoing cost in time and weariness to make Windows just not be worse - by releasing new alpha quality software constantly, by adopting "our way or the highway" policies, by being so arrogant that they think they know what people need better than the people themselves... That ongoing cost is increasing, and it has become simply unacceptable. We need things to be better, and "better" is a long way from "almost as good if you work hard and tweak like crazy". -Noel
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    So do not wait for an answer developers, thanks to already understand itself. If you like to work on a Windows 10, and Windows 8.1 computer has an error occurs in the tweak.exe Added command line option ( /x ) which specifies the path to the pkgmgr.exe to properly remove the components. wim_tweak.en.NET3.5.zip wim_tweak.en.NET4.6.1.zip source codes and files on mega - https://mega.nz/#F!fAVnxDAL!sZ26163s2UuJ2E3ODDdSaw Так и не дождался ответа разработчиков, спасибо, уже сам разобрался. Если например работать с образом Windows 10, а на компьютере установлен Windows 8.1 то возникают ошибки в работе tweak.exe Добавлен ключ командной строки ( /x ) который указывает путь к "правильному" pkgmgr.exe для корректного удаления компонентов. Так же утилита полностью переведена на русский язык, включая исправленную и дополненную справку. wim_tweak.ru.NET3.5.zip wim_tweak.ru.NET4.6.1.zip исходники и файлы на mega - https://mega.nz/#F!fAVnxDAL!sZ26163s2UuJ2E3ODDdSaw
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    Have you ever wanted to pause a NT Command Script, without using the ping command, vbs or a third party utility? Here's my way of doing it! (see the bottom of this post for the attached file) This is an NT Command Script, (batch file), just place addelay.cmd somewhere in your path and call it from another script, like this: CALL ADDELAY [mins] [secs] Where [mins] is an integer representing the number of minutes you wish to delay for. and [secs] is an integer representing the number of seconds you wish to delay for. If you don't wish to have any minutes, your first parameter, [mins], should be 0 Examples: CALL ADDELAY 0 15 delays the running NT Command Script by 15 seconds CALL ADDELAY 1 7 delays the running NT Command Script by 1 minute and 7 seconds CALL ADDELAY 3 delays the running NT Command Script by 3 minutes CALL ADDELAY 0 72 delays the running NT Command Script by 72 seconds Additionally: CALL ADDELAY displays an error message and delays the running NT Command Script for five seconds CALL ADDELAY 0 displays an error message and delays the running NT Command Script for five seconds CALL ADDELAY 0 0 displays an error message and delays the running NT Command Script for five seconds This is not intended to be a precision timepiece, so please don't start complaining about it being slightly inaccurate. I know it is, but it does the job for which I intended it. I hope it is useful! addelay.cmd