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    But... but... then, why reply to this thread if all you have to say is "never used 1.0 to 9x/ME"? This is, hands down, the most off-topic reply I've ever seen!
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    First build of basilisk/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk52-55.0.0a1.win32-git-20180220-d77729916-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk52-55.0.0a1.win64-git-20180220-d77729916-xpmod.7z diff: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/UXP_RestoreXP_20180221.7z source patch of ffvpx H264/HEVC/AAC/MP3 Addition: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/moebius-ffvpx-h264-aac-hevc-mp3-addition.7z My changes: * Added H264/HEVC/AAC/MP3 support in ffvpx * The following changesets are reverted: - Update exe manifest (drop Vista support) (756b27f58) - Adjust requirements (45f2fcd80) - Part 2 (d38f86569) - Stop shipping d3dcompiler_43.dll (b6c330e1c) - Prevent installing stand-alone installers on unsupported environments. (47b8c58d4) - Update executable manifests. (b55f0e7f0) - Remove unnecessary code in /widget. (a24398e42) - Remove no longer relevant ClearType prefs. (bc9ad467f) - Make the proper Windows APIs natively available to our tree. (85edb1c71) - Remove the use of GetProcAddress() for shell32 (c76689719) - Remove dead code in the Windows battery module. (e52c019ec) - Remove redundant Vista checks in toolkit/xre (2b01522cf) - Remove redundant Vista checks in dom/ipc (039f3e49c) - Remove useless version check from PDMFactory. (3d37f6181) - Remove always-false block from WMF. (ee70e3a36) - Remove always-false #if WINVER < 0x0600 (Windows Vista) checks in widget/windows. (66248cfbc) - Remove always-false #if WINVER < 0x0600 (Windows Vista) check in toolkit/win. (8f1c9fe4f) - Remove always-false #if WINVER < 0x0601 (Windows 7) checks in nsLookAndFeel.h. (2e0f80af4) - Remove always-false #if WINVER < 0x0601 (Windows 7) checks in nsWinGesture.h. (39578317e) - Use GetTickCount64 without a GetProcAddress check in Timestamp_windows.cpp. (a14048f0a) - Remove SEH try blocks from a11y code. (616475a0c) - Use thread_local calls on Win and Mac. (ce1bd4f24) - Remove StartupSpecialSystemDirectory() workaround. (01b1e411b) - Remove Windows shell integration checks for Windows Vista. (4f82d71df) - Remove XPCOM checks for Windows Vista and clean up unused header files. (13a9ea648) - Remove some gfx/thebes checks for Windows Vista+. (f297ef798) - Remove gfx/thebes checks for Windows 7+. (38ec1c796) - Remove some obsolete front-end code in Basilisk. (da8f20a3b) - Remove Windows XP specific code in netwerk. (40d8e355c) - Remove obsolete WinXPWifiScanner class. (a1bc6f33e) - Remove DLL blocklist checks for Windows XP. (20e533f6b) - Remove more Vista checks in dom/media (f1e863a49) - Remove more Vista checks in ipc code (a930db1c9) - Remove more obsolete checks in dom/media and ipc. (5d1eb0d3a) - Clean up Firefox specific considerations from WindowsVersion.h (9ecbf3331) - Fix build bustage: keep MF_WIN7_VERSION name (8826313be) - Remove Windows XP and Windows Vista theme components and resources. (fd9d8c20d) - Remove windows-xp and windows-vista from @media(-moz-os-version) (4c697043d) Tugging war begins, and my reverted changeset will become longer and longer in foreseeable future.
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    I have analyzed the buggy oleaut32.dll vs the latest stable version (5.1.2600.7248). The following functions are missing from the buggy file: Statistical analysis shows no other differences, consequently using the old oleaut32.dll seems to have no security impact whatsoever.
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    Last build of basilisk/moebius for XP! Test binary: Win32 http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk-55.0.0a1.win32-git-20180218-868d263f2-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/basilisk-55.0.0a1.win64-git-20180218-868d263f2-xpmod.7z diff: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/moebius_restoreXP_20180128.7z source patch of ffvpx H264/HEVC/AAC/MP3 Addition: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/moebius-ffvpx-h264-aac-hevc-mp3-addition.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Storage Inspector should trim port from hosts for cookies (85b92c6a1) - Fix "help cmd" and "cmd refresh" in the Developer Toolbar (18b4c50bd) - Don't display storage-sidebar after deleting all cookies (156157c05) - Properly pass postData into new tab (37a2da481) - Merge pull request #346 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_storage_cookies_port_1 (fc37a2cbc) - Merge pull request #348 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_toolbar_cmd_1 (16d922f9a) - Merge pull request #350 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_storage_noData_1 (13d79ee08) - Merge pull request #352 from janekptacijarabaci/devtools_network_openInNewTab_1 (16fa730b3) - Update readme for deprecation. (868d263f2)
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    New Build! 32bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180218-3cf6a70ed-xpmod.7z 32bit noSSE https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180218-3cf6a70ed-xpmod-ia32.7z 64bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win64-git-20180218-3cf6a70ed-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Tweak some more ellipses. (a55c51f39) - Address commit comments. (307fe019f) - Never shrink line heights as a result of minimumFontSize. (3ec6e75bd) - l10n: Split appMenu and menubar Restart entries for consistency. (3fb1113ac) - Use "getComplexValue" for new tab = home page. (45f933de8) - Match the start page URL for newtab with the default URL's scheme. (3cf6a70ed)
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    PEBakery Beta 3 Commands for wim file mainpulation are added as main feature. Most of the wim commands are powered by wimlib. Manual for new commands can be found here. You can download binary and source from github. Special thanks to PEBakery Team and wimlib. Changelog - [ADD] Commands for wim file - [ADD] Command LoopLetter - [ADD] Show url of WebLabel as tooltip - [ADD] Caption can be specified in Bevel - [ADD] NT6 Style FolderBrowserDialog - [ADD] Indicate build progress on taskbar - [FIX] Before execution of scripts run `script.project` - [FIX] Missing formats added to StrFormat,Date - [FIX] Drive letter support for StrFormat,Inc/Dec - [FIX] Escape characters interpreted case insensitive properly - [FIX] Escape character `##` works properly with `#c`, `#a`, `#r`
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    New Build! 32bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180224-e2794cd9a-xpmod.7z 32bit noSSE https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win32-git-20180224-e2794cd9a-xpmod-ia32.7z 64bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.8.0a1.win64-git-20180224-e2794cd9a-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Properly handle new tab selection dialog when instantApply is enabled (a933414a3) - Merge pull request #1617 from JustOff/PR_newtabUrl_instantApply (11cc18496) - Issue #1610 part 1: Add valgrind suppression for uninitialized memory access and leak in old fontconfig. (7f85e40d0) - Issue #1610 Part2: Supply a bundled emoji font on Windows. (410afd43a) - Issue #1610 Part 3: Bypass GDI table loading for embedded fonts. (1d10949de) - Update Emoji font to 0.2.2 (latest release) (4eb2191aa) - Update NSPR to 4.18 (9ce3bb3bd) - Update NSS to 3.35 (819938451) - Update build system for changed NSS (version/symbols) (e2794cd9a)
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    Thank you @harkaz for pointing out the differences and thank you all for reporting the bug. As a matter of fact, we tested the update with both Windows XP (Real Machines), WES09 and PosReady 2009 (Virtual Machines) and the bug is still there. With all the informations collected here, I contacted Microsoft to let them know about the issue. I'm confident they'll fix it and roll out a new update in the future. Cheers.
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    Thanks, but I'm already there. Thing is, I'm getting tired of RE-tweaking it, then having to watch carefully for all the ways Microsoft tries to untweak it (WaaS Medic, scheduled tasks, etc.). And lately my v1709 Win 10 VM just won't update any more. It just gets to near completion then reverts itself, without any clue about what's gone wrong. I restored my fresh install and even IT won't update either, not even from a .msu from the catalog. It shows that all viability of this OS being the basis for a serious computing environment is gone. At this point I'm just getting fatigued from paddling against Microsoft's formidable current of spew. When v1709 came out I fantasized about waiting until the waypoint formerly known as CBB, but I didn't and nothing good came of it. The magic is SO gone. That they've eliminated CBB entirely proves that they're no longer serious about Windows at all. For 1803 maybe I just won't make an updated VM at all, or maybe only if a customer reports a problem to me that requires I bring the latest version up. It was fun while it lasted. -Noel
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    I'm 110% with you cc333. Windows 10 is simply too much of a moving target, and Microsoft doing all kinds of things - like scheduling jobs that re-enable disabled services, that schedule other jobs, etc. - is just too intrusive. They want control, and they will apparently stop at nothing to get it. It's not that they're doing a bad job technically; Win 10 doesn't crash a whole lot. It's just that their policies are, well, wrong. Of all the things I've craved from my computer operating system, ceding control to someone else - someone who has demonstrated incompetence and indifference to my needs - has never entered my thoughts! Windows, you're breaking my heart! You're going down a path I cannot follow! -Noel
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    Thanks. I assumed it would work with the old oleaut32.dll, maybe I'll do the partial thing later if I get tired of waiting on MS to fix the problem. The way this one is affecting various software, it seems rather likely that "real" POSReady systems could get hindered by it (compared to the types of NTFS scenarios people have been seeing with the other patch), so I think maybe there's more hope for a fairly quick v2.
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    Yeppers I'm a happy boy on Windows 8. Almost a hidden secret when you think of it. I really think it's the BEST option between modern support and "Leave me alone Microsoft" thinking.
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    In other words, no news. jaclaz
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    Just for reference, in my case KB4074852 prevented the GUI portion of Comodo Firewall from loading with message COMODO Security Agent could not be started. Would you like to run the diagnostics tool to fix this error? The diagnostics didn't detect anything; had to uninstall KB4074852 to get it working again. The machine in question has a fairly old version of Comodo (7.0.317799.4142), I don't feel like upgrading it right now just to test if newer versions work or not.
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    Well, I guess this is a matter of taste, but for someone who strongly prefers the UI of Windows 7 and older (like myself), it's almost necessary to tweak things, like disabling/removing Metro (Classic Win32 is fine by me, and does 100% of what I want), adding translucency with Aero Glass, ClassicStartMenu (I have mine configured with the classic Windows 95-Vista menu, but it can do a Windows 7-styled one too), OldNewExplorer to get rid of the ribbon UI in Explorer, etc. But for some, it's totally fine out of the box, and that's OK. The fact that 8.1 *can* be is nice, because it feels like Windows 10 has caused nothing but problems for most people who try to use it for anything serious, and almost 100% of the time requires a bunch of fiddling with settings to be safe and useful to any meaningful extent (using the arcane Settings app, which I find totally ridiculous when the traditional Control Panel works just fine) (or maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, not sure). c
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    Well, I'll see what I can do... It might take some time; I'm new to allot of this stuff. I ran into an ACPI error constantly when trying to do a fresh install with my custom USB stick on the x99 System but, I had my previous semi-portable install backed up. (It already had hundreds of drivers, tweaks, and updates over the years to increase; compatibility, speed, security, privacy and to be more portable.) Since I own a legal Volume License of XP x64 Edition activation was no issue. So, I decided to try booting it and it did; without any errors! I will see about getting the links or hosting the drivers myself somehow. Like I said, it will take me some time. I'll update you as soon as I can. Feel free to follow me so you can get the links as soon as I share them.
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    New regular/weekly KM-Goanna release: https://o.rthost.cf/kmeleon/KM-Goanna-20180224.7z Changelog: Out-of-tree changes: * update Goanna3 to git rev 0a3830f16..e2794cd9a: - Tweak some more ellipses. (a55c51f39) - Address commit comments. (307fe019f) - Never shrink line heights as a result of minimumFontSize. (3ec6e75bd) - l10n: Split appMenu and menubar Restart entries for consistency. (3fb1113ac) - Use "getComplexValue" for new tab = home page. (45f933de8) - Match the start page URL for newtab with the default URL's scheme. (3cf6a70ed) - Properly handle new tab selection dialog when instantApply is enabled (a933414a3) - Merge pull request #1617 from JustOff/PR_newtabUrl_instantApply (11cc18496) - Issue #1610 part 1: Add valgrind suppression for uninitialized memory access and leak in old fontconfig. (7f85e40d0) - Issue #1610 Part2: Supply a bundled emoji font on Windows. (410afd43a) - Issue #1610 Part 3: Bypass GDI table loading for embedded fonts. (1d10949de) - Update Emoji font to 0.2.2 (latest release) (4eb2191aa) - Update NSPR to 4.18 (9ce3bb3bd) - Update NSS to 3.35 (819938451) - Update build system for changed NSS (version/symbols) (e2794cd9a) * Notice: the changelog above may not always applicable to XULRunner code which K-Meleon uses.
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    New build of basilisk/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 http://o.rthost.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win32-git-20180224-dc7ceccf8-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rthost.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win64-git-20180224-dc7ceccf8-xpmod.7z diff: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/UXP_RestoreXP_20180221.7z source patch of ffvpx H264/HEVC/AAC/MP3 Addition: http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/moebius-ffvpx-h264-aac-hevc-mp3-addition.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Fix socket transport status events (2625cde90) - Bug 1340164 - Fix socket transport status events (37ea3b7b8) - Bug 1343600 - Add TLS handshake Start/Stop events (d394b70aa) - Bug 1345240 - h2 stalls on failed early data hard reload (aaa70dac6) - Bug 1322373 - TLS 1.3 early-data for http/2 (bb9e15584) - Bug 1344890 - h2 tls 1.3 early data problem with https://echo.filippo.io/foo (651b0dd97) - Bug 1351392 - Fix transport status events for http2 and ftp (40388d5ac) - Bug 1350388 - Drag&drop some HTTPS links in the download icon displays wrongly download as failed (753df14c7) - Bug 1328955 - When a client tries TLS1.3 with EarlyData and a server falls back to tls1.2,we should reconnect using tls1.3 without EarlyData (8a9d0dfdb) - Bug 1344340 - "An unknown error has occurred (804b000c)" appears in the statusbar when loading some sites (5c6320cc4) - Style clean up (0fca15e1f) - Notifications - Run (Desktop) Notifications twice (and more) in a row does not work (d8598c1ed) - Crypto Services (utils) - Support for SHA224-512 (c023a51e6) - JS - URL - add toJSON support (2e1e954ea) - DevTools - Scratchpad - fix an old bug (Ctrl+Shift+R / Reload and Run) (a80b5f272) - JS - make window.pageYOffset/pageXOffset/scrollX/scrollY double (4fd939e8c) - Update UA construction. (ef9aeb6a0) - Replace display version in about box with build ID. (580ebc105) - Read Firefox UA compatmode from a pref instead of hard-coded. (12640bf26) - Pick up major+minor milestone version from GRE milestone file. (c9fc6f492) - Identify as Goanna + set Goanna platform version. (2e07719b3) - Provide UA Gecko and Firefox slices by default for web compatibility. (5f813f143) - Link about dialog version to general.useragent.appVersionIsBuildID. (49e8a36e1) - Update various texts and references. (8896ca5c0) - Strip HHMM from the about dialog displayed version. (bc0273b47) - Restore the dynamic release notes URL from pref (ee221138d) - Add site-specific overrides and remove the overruling global. (3458dde44) - Set BASILISK_VERSION override major.minor to 52.9 (6f96569b4) - Merge branch 'ported-moebius' (eaac06160) - Enable ALSA support by default on Linux. (b7274fd66) - CSP 2 - ignore (x-)frame-options if CSP with frame-ancestors directive exists (62d535967) - CSP: Upgrade SO navigational requests per spec. (a06ce3f03) - CSP: Ignore nonces on <img> per spec (b4dac5093) - CSP: Support IDNs in connect-src (cdcfbde10) - CSP: connect-src 'self' should always include https: and wss: schemes (896e23c20) - Propagate plugin permissions from top-level to XO iframes. (6bb68deb2) - Bug 1217907: [RTL] Wrong direction in about:preferences#general homepage (cff4a7d0b) - Merge branch 'ported-moebius' (7b7ea5c59) - Prevent issues and possible leaks with the bookmarks menu bar as a result of XBL re-binding. (f3f9b7b06) - Fix typo in f3f9b7b06e37f870463a5f2196457cca6b10d700 (caps) (7eb2c156b) - Update NSPR to 4.18 (8781f7455) - Update NSS to 3.35-RTM (f1a0f0a56) - Update build system files for NSS 3.35 (a910f57af) - Merge branch '_native_52ESR_http_events_1' into TLS-1.3 (b884cfd05) - Merge branch 'security_tls_1-3_1' into TLS-1.3 (71119b492) - Revert "Restore toolkit/obsolete" (be18578af) - Restore toolkit/obsolete files and reinstate them to toolkit/content (6f93b0055) - Activate TLS 1.3 by default. (788c588bf) - Merge branch 'TLS-1.3' (dc7ceccf8)
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    Makes sence since _IEnumConnections_RemoteNext_Proxy, and _IEnumConnectionPoints_RemoteNext_Proxy are missing.
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    Harkaz - haven't had that particular problem, but then I'm not sure I even have an NTFS-formatted flash drive. I will try this weekend to get the GIMageX if it's for free somewhere. ( I also have a Win 7 machine - is it already embedded?)
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    Why would MS release and update that literally does nothing more than break stuff? Passive aggressive attempt at forcing people to upgrade, maybe? c
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    @dencorso Thanks for the recommendation for SwiftSearch Den! My Internet Security program immediately blocked it as a suspicious file when I ran it, and I've had to whitelist it. I'm not sure why that would be, as I'm sure it's "clean". Yes, it's blisteringly fast, such a shame it will only search NTFS drives, as some of my drives are FAT32, including two of my three system drives and my main archive drive.
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    Hi! Programs don't generally do this themselves; installers do. Do you mean I should make an installer that does this? That seems unnecessary since it's just 1 executable. You can just put it in whatever folder you like and then create a shortcut yourself -- just right-click the file and go to Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut). Then you can drag the shortcut wherever you'd like.
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    It is worth noting (since so many developers quietly dropped support for Vista alongside XP) that while K-Lite Codec Pack has dropped support for Windows XP as of version 13.8.2 of the software, this change does not affect Windows Vista users. The latest 14.0.0 release of K-Lite Codec Pack installs and works just fine in Windows Vista, as well as Media Player Classic Home Cinema. K-Lite has been added to the list in (ONG) -> "Multimedia" section as a result.
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    I can see too, but yes, it's extremely annoying because not everyone wants to have to load an ad-ridden, slow as heck, unorganized javascript website that immediately tells you to subscribe to their newsletter and put your first born up as a sacrifice before continuing onto their site. What honestly happened to fair use? How many times do (most) people take images and claim them as their own and then make a profit over them? Just like service animals, it's thanks to those few that take 7 miles when given an inch and it ruins it for everyone else.
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    The Atom build went all the way up to v26.5. The non-Atom build stopped supporting XP sometime earlier(forgot which version) and became compatible only with NT6 and above. I use the win7 v26.5 build with some patching done to the binaries to work in XP.
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    Rapport has never been the best designed piece of software in my (and many others) experience! Problems like this are not uncommon. Try using the uninstall utility. The direct link to ask for it is here. You will need to have the link to download it sent to your e-mail address. In my experience that usually succeeds in removing it when normal methods fail. Thanks again for those download links, much appreciated!
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    MS18-02-2K8_INTL: https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-66122
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    Well, I for one, will keep v.2017.8.14.0, regardless. I consider it useful, been using EQNEDT32 since my Word 2 for Windows times. One of the most valuable forms of human freedom is the freedom to act against what one's paranoia might cause one to consider one's own self-interest. Nothing is safe, anyway.
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    Congratulations Dave! You're now the OP of a new thread. I think I gave it a passable title, but you may change it at will, by editing the 1st post, as you know. I'm not positive I've caught all the pertinent posts, so please do revise both this an the parent thread for posts out of place. Is it fully solved now? Hope so. If not, then do try v. 3.5.1609.100... and read this, too: it's what makes me think all of those v. 3.5.1804.* may not work right. Of course, it's just my 2¢.
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    It still identify itself as "55", but it is 52ESR based.
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    @JodyT Post into this thread and a super can change the name for you https://msfn.org/board/topic/71610-you-want-to-change-your-username/
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    Yes, many of us are patiently waiting. I had to downgrade/restore my Windows 10 system to v1703 in order to keep using Aero Glass. Is there any additional testing information you need from us? The latest experimental build (1290) solved all of the screen refresh/glitch issues I was experiencing...
  38. 1 point
    Hello. Dear bigmuscle, I would like to know about the new version of aero glass? Could you tell me please when will update build of Aero Glass with improving indexation? I ask this question because I can't use my Windows 10 without your program =) However I have big troubles with MS Office 2016, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft C++ and other programs. When I type text I have bugs with real-time updating on my screen. It is the bug of indexation. If I uninstall Aero Glass from my PC than problem will be solved. I did it for being sure that it is Aero Glass affect to those problems with the invisible text. Unfortunately, I don't want to use Windows 10 without AERO GLASS, but I can't use a lot of programs because this bug creates impossible conditions for use.
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    Validation occurs Error number: 0x80072F19 when updating Windows today WindowsUpdate.log Misc WARNING: DownloadFileInternal failed for https://www.update.microsoft.com/v11/3/legacy/windowsupdate/selfupdate/wuident.cab: error 0x80072f19 WUWeb FATAL: CheckIfClientUpdateNeeded failed: error 0x80072f19 Both methods can be used successfully overcome Redirect http:// to https:// or Enable Enable SSL 2.0 Note: If not successful, update to IE8 and Windows Update Agent 3.0
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    It's being looked at. Were it easy, it'd be fixed, already. BTW: lurking around *is* my business.
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    For your information, this error occurs under Internet Explorer 8, traceable after a reinstallation of Windows XP. Installed is the Windows Update Agent v7.6 (Info). Furthermore, I create my own update rollups (which it certainly is not), as a little note. Maybe even a user has to deal with this problem, then at least there is a solution. @mixit Have also made a test with the Comodo Firewall, with the original update KB4074852 it comes to your described error message, with the manipulated KB4074852 it works.
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    Seems to be a general problem after the recent downtime: Also, since then I've been constantly getting the "please disable ad blockers" message (and don't see any ads), even though I'm not blocking anything on MSFN (tested with different browsers).
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    Info on the edge, who carries out WU or MU over the Internet Explorer is currently tormented with the Error number: 0x80072F19. To circumvent this problem WU or MU should be called via https! https://update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate https://update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate
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    Actually I'm kind of immune for now from the patches in general, since I don't use an AV package and thus nothing has written the QualityCompat value. That's not going to change. But this does mark my exit entirely from the update train, so I see some logic in what you're saying. Part of me feels like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders, though. I believe the chances of my needing patches to stabilize anything are near zero (the system runs for months without problems) and owing to the more or less atypical defenses I have put up around my systems I doubt malware will ever get close enough to probe for weaknesses. Having been on 8.1 for a long time, dropping back to 8.0 would feel, well, a little weird. That being said I do from time to time crave the file system performance that was lost in 8.1 vs. 8.0. And yeah, I already don't see any evidence of Metro at all. Thanks, though, for your "think outside the box" advice. :-) -Noel
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    For experimental users I have modified KB4056615 and KB4074852. For KB4056615, the original NTFS.sys (The version was changed from 5.1.2600.5512 to 5.1.2600.7392) file was implemented, as well for KB4074852 the file oleaut32.dll (The version was changed from 5.1.2600.7248 to 5.1.2600.7424) and KB4018556-v2.CAT (name adapted to KB4018556-v2x.CAT) copied from KB4018556-v2. Available for the Windows language version ENU, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, NLD, PTB, PTG, CSY, DAN, ELL, FIN, HUN, NOR, PLK, RUS and SVE. AU, WU and MU are no longer offered after the installation of the modified updates KB4056615 and KB4074852. Before installation, the two original must be uninstalled before! If interested, send me a PM.
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    8.1, if appropriately tweaked, isn't too bad, and is surprisingly similar to 7, but more up to date, so that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 10, on the other hand, *can* be tweaked to become somewhat sane, but because of this Windows as a service thing, most of the tweaks won't stick, and MS is constantly changing things so current tweaks stop working. As a result, it's a waste of time to even try at this point, unless one likes to spend most of their time tinkering, rather than doing any actual work. c
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    As the problem is only in the oleaut32.dll file of KB4074852 and not in the whole update (Kernel32.dll, ntdll.dll, Ole32.dll, Rpcss.dll, Updspapi.dll) this is what I have done to fix it. I do not know if it will be a good procedure but it works: - Search in C:\WINDOWS for all oleaut32.dll files - Copy oleaut32.dll 5.1.2600.7248 550KB to C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache - Rename to C:\WINDOWS\system32\oleaut32zzzzz.dll 5.1.2600.7424 534KB - Wait a while for the system to automatically copy it to C:\WINDOWS\system32 - Restart (It may give some errors while shutting down the first time) Malwarebytes work, Find target work... --------------------------------------------------- I add that the list of cpu affected by Meltdown / Spectre is increasing and is already in version 7: https://www.techarp.com/guides/complete-meltdown-spectre-cpu-list/ The Core 2 Duo already appear.
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    A big hello to admins/mods I am trying to post the following content by starting a new topic in https://msfn.org/board/forum/23-site-amp-forum-issues/ but despite numerous attempts over the last 30mins, this has proved futile All I get after I hit Submit is an error code! ---------------------------------- Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1364 ---------------------------------- So am posting it here (as it's somewhat relevant), hopefully one of the mods can transfer it where it's best suited... ************************************* I am usually a poster in the Windows XP/Vista subforums; today, Fri Feb 16th 2018, the forums had been inaccessible from my location for several hours; now, thankfully, are back, but... ... Something has changed in the cipher suites supported by the msfn.org host; a test on the SSL Labs site indicates that TLS 1.2 is now mandatory and the only available choice, plus only four specific suites are supported: Host: msfn.org Cipher Suites TLS 1.2 (server has no preference) TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 (0xc027) FS 128 TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384 (0xc028) FS 256 TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 (0xc02f) FS 128 TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 (0xc030) FS 256 I have enabled TLS 1.2 on my Vista laptop (as the original author of this) and could, till yesterday, access the site/forums with IE9, but this is no longer possible ; IE9 (with TLS 1.2 enabled) supports the following suites: IE9 on Vista SP2 with post EOL WS2008SP2 updates Cipher Suites (in order of preference) TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (0x2f) WEAK 128 TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0x35) WEAK 256 TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0x5) INSECURE 128 TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA (0xa) WEAK 112 TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (0xc009) FS 128 TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0xc00a) FS 256 TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (0xc013) FS 128 TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0xc014) FS 256 TLS_DHE_DSS_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (0x32) 128 TLS_DHE_DSS_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0x38) 256 TLS_DHE_DSS_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA (0x13) WEAK 112 TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 (0x4) INSECURE 128 ... as you can see, there's now no common suite between it and msfn.org ; the same is true for some slightly older Firefox version I sometimes use (that worked OK till yesterday, too...). Posting this using Firefox 52 ESR on Vista, which connects via TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 (0xc02f). Was that configuration change a planned/imperative one put in place by the host owner(s), or perhaps one implemented by some third party such as Cloudflare? Is there some room/consideration for restoring IE9 support (without compromising security and/or forward secrecy)? Thanks in advance for any insight regarding this matter... And huge thanks for this magnificent place, too *************************************
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    Notice: moebius repo has been marked as deprecated. Last build from this repo will be built after lunar new year holidays. New builds from UXP repo (a.k.a. "Basilisk52") will be available later. (Notice: there is no ffvpx in 52ESR forked builds, and ffmpeg support will be added by custom modifications in current stage, like Goanna3 way for now)
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    yes all are very vulnerable,also i wouldnt recommend using any of these,maybe only google chrome since its smooth and works but its still heavily vulnerable since its quite old now,also im not quite sure what you mean by "casual use" i use it for everything possible and i expect it to work the same as 52esr and yes dx9ex is being used and not dx11