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    I'm far from sure about that. He sure wants us out of his forum, but I'm quite OK with that. I'd not like having him here either. But I doubt he'd go the extra lenght of actually inserting code to actually prevent his browsers from running on either Vista or XP. He's taken out code intended to enable that, because he sees it as bloat, of course. But adding code to forestall XP/Vista use would be adding bloat, which contradicts his slim-and-mean optimized code philosophy, IMO. Now, if people, like @Dibya, keeps on nagging him, that might change...
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    ... Then get yourself educated! ... and there's no need to "scream" with bold capitals In fact, you should care who that person is: He's the "right hand", so to speak - no insult intended to left-handed people , of Moonchild himself, an integral part of Moonchild Productions, the dev team behind the UXP platform and all the applications built on it: Pale Moon 28 [New Moon 28.x.xa1], Basilisk 52 [Serpent 52.9.0] and Matt A. Tobin's most recent offerings, Interlink [Mail News] and Borealis Navigator [BorealisXP]... Matt A. Tobin contributes a lot of code to the UXP repo, all this code will end up virtually unchanged inside @roytam1's XP/Vista compatible forks... He's infamous for harbouring a strong aversion to Windows XP (and Windows Vista) and being generally extremely hostile to fans/users of these OSes; and make no mistake: he'll go the extra mile to make sure his code is NOT compatible with said OSes, making Roy's hard work even harder ... So yes, the subject of "Matt Tobin" is sort of relevant to this thread... It seems my previous detailed reply to you has fallen onto deaf ears (or shut eyes, to be precise...); Roytam's task is not to rewrite the Pale Moon code committed by the Moonchild Productions team to accommodate a specific user's personal needs, he has only reverted those bits of code that prevent it from compiling and successfully running on XP+Vista OSes, period... Had you bothered to check my link to UPX PR #874, you would have noticed that Matt A. Tobin had nothing to do with the "tab-audio-indicator" code that you're implying and you feel strongly vexed about; this PR was submitted by @FranklinDM, another dev in their team... We haven't yet witnessed in this thread other NM28 users complaining about the issue affecting your setup(s), so, as of now, it appears to be only manifesting itself on your systems; worse yet, you haven't produced a list of system specifics and detailed reproduction steps so as to facilitate troubleshooting of your issue... Moonchild code targets "recent" Oses (Win7+) and "recent" hardware (e.g. SSE2+ capable CPU), so if your system is under-resourced it would not run NM28 properly... In closing, if "rebuild NM28 without the new feature" is what you actually want, then, again, I have provided the links for that: 1. Clone the UXP repo 2. Revert PR #874 commits 3. Apply latest UXP patch by Roytam1 4. Provided you have a suitable building environment set up (Win7SP1+ 64-bit with 12+GB RAM, Visual Studio 2015+,etc. ), build from modified source; I am certain that @roytam1 would be willing to guide you through, that is if his spare time permits him to... So, no more moaning on your side, please...
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    Stop nagging. It won't make things any faster, but does annoy.
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    New build of post-deprecated basilisk/moebius for XP! * Notice: This repo will not be built on regular schedule, and changes are experimental as usual. ** Current moebius patch level should be on par with 52.8, but some security patches can not be applied/ported due to source milestone differences between versions. Test binary: Win32 http://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20181208-674c9f995-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win64-git-20181208-674c9f995-xpmod.7z repo: https://github.com/roytam1/basilisk55 Repo changes: - update NSS to rev 77ae602f995a with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (4805331b1) - update nss to hg rev f71285ab64af with vc2013 patch (25bb4329d) - import changes from UXP: - Port WebP decoder changes. (238b430ec) - Bug 1462355 - Part 1a. Make imgFrame animation parameters threadsafe. (807acf738) - Bug 1462355 - Part 1b. Update Decoder and SurfacePipe plumbing to use updated imgFrame methods. (622098073) - Bug 1462355 - Part 1c. Make individual image decoders to use updated Decoder/SurfacePipe methods. (3417e581c) - Fix pasta error (b9003c9c5) - Unrefactor mRawVeggies back to mVBuffMeat ;P (5b821064f) - Split out FrameTimeout into its own header file for re-use. (a51993521) - Fix blank pixel color for truncated GIFs (25f4c75d6) (c994f27de) - add Span.h from UXP, and port changes from UXP: - Update libnestegg from upstream (dad1c31db) - [webm] Store LastSeenFrame dimensions as an nsIntSize (ae3cdb4be) - [vpx] Store VPXDecoder codec as an enum (5a83ed9eb) - Add Span support to MediaRawData (2a00bf126) - Implement keyframe and framesize VPXDecoder helpers (55c6aa422) - Call VPXDecoder libvpx wrappers for WebM (3ec54eeac) - [webm] Treat demuxing errors differently than EOS (632b67483) - [webm] Don't reject seeks with EOS (81c39ba87) - Port the libvpx mozbuild generator to aom (07c17b6b9) - Import aom library (68569dee1) - Generate build description for libaom (a66e91651) - Add --enable-av1 configure switch (99ed16064) - Add AOMDecoder (9aea199da) - Add AOMDecoder to AgnosticDecoderModule (3e0443e4c) - Recognize AV1 in WebMDemuxer (ee2cb65e2) - Add missing includes to WebMDemuxer (e5545e10a) - Add aom to the list of thirdparty code (e8480f8a7) - [aom] Remove 32-bit Mac OS build config (08619db14) - [aom] Enable YASM (f45278950) - Make AOMDecoder actually build (26dc168e3) - Remove aom_codec_stream_info_t sz field references (1036d1fa0) - Add av1 to MediaSource.isTypeSupported (0cc51bc10) - Update aom to slightly newer commit ID (df9477dfa) - Fix typo (build bustage) (4b5e22956) - Add missing includes to FFmpegLibWrapper (dddc2aa9e) - [av1] Clean up duplicate filenames check (afda5e384) - [aom] Add x86-win32-gcc config (857b86f25) - Make aom_config.asm match upstream (ecdaf7930) - [aom] Filter out CONFIG_EXT_PARTITION_TYPES (4121d7571) - [aom] Remove unused option (77887af9c) - Update aom to commit id f5bdeac22930ff4c6b219be49c843db35970b918 (7369c7d7a) - Export aom_config.h (21598d1bd) - [aom] Fix stream info peeking (e394e2049) - [aom] Resample high bit depth frames (4653be960) - [aom] Don't resample 8-bit images (0c98b7165) - [aom] Fix win32 debug build (01eb57073) - Update aom to commit id e87fb2378f01103d5d6e477a4ef6892dc714e614 (ec910d814) - [av1] Fix build issues (464c3130f) - Fix aom compile errors with VS2015 (125aff11b) - Add Python cmake parser (39e842a83) - Add generate_sources_mozbuild.py (5c0c6c73a) - Update generate_sources_mozbuild.sh (b425400e9) - Add aom_version.h (c410f04e8) - Add support for SSE 4.2 to libaom moz.build (14805f6dd) - Update aom to v1.0.0 (bbcc64772) - Do not build aomstats unless examples are enabled (ab5b4462a) - [aom] Fixup moz.build (4f63fc3bd) - Updates to AOMDecoder for aom v1.0.0 (ee1300453) - Add missing : to libaom moz.build (9469bc196) - [aom] No longer necessary to run lint_config.sh anymore (a4d3c59dc) - Update libaom to rev b25610052a1398032320008d69b51d2da94f5928 (b8df135c9) - [aom] Only build stats code if examples are enabled (ba5a1ea60) - Update libaom vendor scripts to account for upstream changes (41fbdea45) - Update libaom to commit ID 1e227d41f0616de9548a673a83a21ef990b62591 (d2499ead9) - Put AV1 codec behind a pref (6ddf66542) - Fix canPlayType/isTypeSupported for AV1 content (e5b30fc95) - Downsample av1 images unconditionally (070c2cb24) - Use larger stack for media decoder threads (47a01617e) - Add support for AV1 in MP4 (29f718ef7) - Ensure we correctly parse the finalized codec string for av1 (23013dda6) - Revert "Add support for AV1 in MP4" (192199b03) - Add support to libstagefright for AV1 FourCCs (df59d06fd) - Add support to libstagefright for AV1 FourCCs (part 2) (4d8b7a376) - Add AV1 support to MP4Decoder. (56c26d867) (f6fa83111) - update libaom to rev 98dae942edd3032c89b0e8bae9b4d50398931405 (without moz.build and aom_ports/aom_once.h) (94be72a45) - import change from UXP: - Change embedded emoji font from EmojiOne to Twemoji. (b4e843aa3) (674c9f995)
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    It'll be utterly irrelevant. It already is utterly irrelevant. It'll remain there, since it's unremovable, but will be used less and less.
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    That is obviously a matter of opinion....and anyone working with fixing this crap on a daily basis would almost certainly consider Windows 7 as an upgrade If you are going to write a three word sentance for something most of us think is s**** then please have the decency to explain "why" Me thinks that a certain person only writes things to provoke....I could be wrong....but then I would like to be proved wrong... I am sorry that SkyySX isn't getting the replies expected....we already have threads like mine where we can write about Windows 10 being a pile of crap as much as we like because that is what the thread is about.... I apologise for adding my comments....just saw red.... bookie32
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    My exams are going on . I will install a raw XP on my laptop for testing. Any beta tester will be highly appreciated
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    New build of basilisk/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win32-git-20181208-09cf17339-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win64-git-20181208-09cf17339-xpmod.7z diff: https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/UXP-xp-gitdiff-20181110.7z PM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.3.0a1.win32-git-20181208-09cf17339-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.3.0a1.win64-git-20181208-09cf17339-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Limit the CSS string length for resolved variables to sane values. (f8e83e7e6) - Remove DirectShowReader Part 1: Conditional code (f68b57c0b) - Remove DirectShowReader Part 2: Build system (b867c50ee) - Remove DirectShowReader Part 3: Directories (f2723fc8b) - Remove DirectShowReader Part 4: Tests (caabbb2a0) - Clear HAVE_LINUX_PERF_EVENT_H defines in ffvpx config before setting them for lib use (1f8a1f3fd) - [PALEMOON] Complete making Sync optional at build time (e5e21699c) - [PALEMOON] Complete making Sync optional at build time - Part 2: Packaging (d3e5569ee) - Remove MediaTelemetryConstants (b78915e46) - Merge pull request #895 from trav90/code-cleanup (8d553fef6) - Merge pull request #896 from trav90/media-work (f7430355e) - Merge pull request #897 from trav90/telemetry-cleanup (b07aad353) - Stop feeding a Firefox compat mode to AMO. (93705a7d0) - Add an option to process favicons. (3411dd572) - Fix incorrect preference reference in feed reader. (09cf17339)
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    Naaah, more like Monty Python's Life of Brian: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079470/quotes/qt0471984 jaclaz
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    True enough. And because we, here at MSFN, had found out how to bypass it within the 1st hour after the blocked version was released, actually...
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    It's often hard to judge intent, but @VistaLover makes a good case. Those apps were forked from FF 52, which did target XP/Vista. I could see adding code that wasn't compatible with those OSes, like FFmpeg 4.0, and I could even see removing code that enabled compatibility with those OSes, without deliberate ill intent; the goal could be to add features, improve performance, address obscure bugs (like the 7-week browser session limit) or even reduce the size of the final product, and losing XP/Vista compatibility was just the cost of achieving those goals. But do those "revised compiler optimizations" really improve performance and/or reduce code size enough for anyone to notice? Or do they just break XP/Vista compatibility for the sake of breaking XP/Vista compatibility? Luckily, since these are all open source, it's possible to recompile with compiler settings targeting XP/Vista. Dealing with the other issues is harder and is probably the bulk of @roytam1's work. But the compiler settings probably speak to intent more clearly than the other changes.
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    It's quite clear to me. It means, if one annoys bigmuscle enough he may as well disappear, go use his talents in other endeavours, and let all the users of his program in the rain!
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    Holy Crap! VistaLover welcomed you and helped the best he could. Sometimes, long-winded explanations are necessary so that all of the details can be examined and known about. He wants to arm you with info. **** IMPORTANT **** As for all the rest of you that called me an anti-XP troll - Now do you see the difference? I never told anyone they were long-winded, insulted them, or told them TL:DR. Sure I disagreed, but I wasn't trying to poke bees nests. I've refrained from my anti-XP "discussions" (which isn't cause for celebration - since it hinders open communication), but maybe next time, you'll remember what I just said. I'm still upset (not in a sucky way) that I was thought of as a troll, since I've also helped others on occasion. No one should ever have tow a "company line" when it comes to an open forum. But the disagreeable behaviour above is the type of thing that really should set you all off.
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    Features: - Install Windows 2k/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8.x x86/x64 - Practically runs even on the most minimalistic WinPE - Choose able drive letter for the new Windows installation - Install Windows also if nlite/vlite has remove winnt32.exe/setup.exe - Integrate Drivers: normal PNP and Textmode Drivers also - patch uxtheme to allow unsigned Themes - Some tweaks - Support "Windows to Go" for Windows 7 and later installs - Supports WimBoot option for Windows 8.1 Update 1 - supports all current WIM files: WIM/SWM (XPRESS / LZX / XPRESS HUFFMAN = Wimboot compression) - supports unencrypted ESD files (LZMS compressed WIM) Not Supported: - No Windows embedded version (this includes WinFLP) - No Installation onto USB disk *New* only Windows 7 and later - No upgrades of existing installations As some may know the last version 1.5 had only Support for Win 2000/XP/2003. Fujianabc present an very easy approach to install Windows 7 NT 6.x fast installer basically it's simply applying the windows image from install.wim and generating the boot files. He also discovered that the drive letter of a Windows 7 image can be (opposed to Vista) easily changed. So I have added that way of installing to WinNTSetup. For the driver installation: Every driver added in NT6.x windows will be added to the driver store. So it's not recommended to add countless driver, but rather more really required ones. NT5.x massstorage driver integration is possible thanks to Mr dUSHA powerful MSSTMake.exe tool To the Unattend option: It's possible to use an unattend.xml to run the Setup unattended. But as the actual WinPE Setup Phase isn't effective in that way of install, all Winpe related settings inside the unattend.xml won't be applied. Ini config file It's possible to save all GUI-settings to a ini file: push Ctrl + S to save all settings to an ini. push Ctrl + L to load all settings from an ini. A WinNTSetup.ini file in the same dir as the app itself will be loaded automatically at startup. It also can be selected via command line: WinNTSetup.exe /cfg:"C:\mysettings.ini" more command line options To install Windows in a VHD file: - requires Windows 7 as OS and Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise or Server 2008 R2 as Source - create a partitioned VHD and assign a drive letter (push Ctrl + Shift + V to use build in diskpart wrapper for this) - select the VHD drive as installation drive (make sure you boot drive ist a active primary partition on a physical disk) If you get an Antivirus warning from your AV software, please report it to them as a false positive and let them check it. Current Version: 3.9.2 WinNTSetup3.rar
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    I told you that once, way back when... the most perfect (and difficult) way to do it is to locate kernel32, ntdll, hal and if necessary ntkrnl in-memory and hook 'em there. It has the great advantage the simply by removing the module responsible for doing that restores the system to a plain-vanilla state. This should be done early during boot, preferably at the end of the 1st phase or (more difficult still) at the beginning of the 2nd phase. To do so requires much more savy programming than I ever attained, but I'm positive it's possible to be done. If you follow Alex Ionescu's twitter, you're sure to find some people able to do that. He himself obvously is one of those, but I doubt he'd be much interested in that, now that he became world-famous. But his twitter is a good place to meet others of like ability, and make some interesting friends. Sorry I cannot myself be of more help.
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    as I need an AOM library testbed, yes there is new build coming soon.
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    When you are in the software development business, you know as well as I there are always those that just DO NOT follow directions for whatever reason, mostly because people choose not to READ and follow directions, all they want to do is download the file and run it and 99.9% of the time if the software does not perform for them it's only because of my previous statement, people do not follow directions. "If you look into past, you can see situations when I released private version to donators only and someone immediately publish it in different forum - not "by mistake", but intentionally to disrespect my work." You are preaching to the choir my friend but, all I can say is it is all part of software development, like I said in a previous post, if I had a nickel for every time someone took or republished something of mine, I would be rich. Being able to control Copyright on the web is virtually impossible and unless you are a mega software giant that has the time and resources to chase down copyright infringement you pretty much have to put up with it or change your licensing model to make it harder on those that try to redistribute your software, the only thing I can suggest is that instead of a donation key model change to a license key where everyone would get a unique activation number so that if that activation number gets shared then you can blacklist it and the software(s) with that number then becomes inoperable. I COMPLETELY understand that the development of Aeroglass is done on your free time and that MS is making it harder for you to develop it, which is why I don't complain about it and those that do just really do not understand what goes into something like Aeroglass and to keep it up to date, especially with a one man operation that also needs to keep his day job in order to pay the bills. What I don't understand though is how the actions of one person would delay the release of the software indefinitely? I know it gets to be a bit much listening to all the moaning and groaning, personally if it were me, I would just select a handful of testers, and let them test it before release instead of making it available to everyone, then you would not have to worry about things like what happened with nicely happening.
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    Micro$oft has made similar claims themselves, but all evidence I've seen to date is that it's a completely bogus claim: The differences between POSReady '09 and vanilla XP all appear to be purely cosmetic (startup screen, default wallpaper, etc.). There was never a reason for PM to support one but not the other. And there, they mixed up two things: XP "SP4" is just a convenient collection of all post-SP3 updates, hot fixes, etc. for "vanilla" XP. There's not even a registry key to test for SP4 and AFAIK it includes no POSReady '09 updates. None of this speaks to the question of whether anyone should stick with XP (or Vista) or move on to a "supported" OS like Win 7 (or, technically, POSReady '09, for a few more months at least). But it strikes me as odd that the PM team is so willing to (ab)use PM's popularity to try to dictate others' choices. We programmers are often a strange lot. Some of the most talented of us also seem to have some of the most difficult personalities.
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    DarkKnight: no, there is no such code. There is also no code in the software to identify the user, the software does not even interact with "me" in any way. There is only a small signature in debug versions which profile the file was downloaded from. As to the rules, it is not about MY rules. The rules are simply given by the copyright law which forbids any distribution without the permissions. And even though the user is explicitely informed about this fact on the website, he simply ignored the statement and distributed my software publicly.
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    @VistaLover Thank you for checking that. I've upgraded just now to 28.3 and it seems to work fine, don't know what was causing the crashes earlier, but it seems to be gone now.
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    Killing Windows Update on Windows 10 - a cheat sheet -- https://www.michaelhorowitz.com/KillingWindowsUpdate.php 'Nuff said!
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    On their website, they state that XP is supported, but when I downloaded it and tried to run it, I got the same message you got: Let's see who is to blame... Uhm... ADVAPI32.DLL which calls RegGetValueW. A function that retrieves the type and data for the specified registry value. LSTATUS RegGetValueW( HKEY hkey, LPCWSTR lpSubKey, LPCWSTR lpValue, DWORD dwFlags, LPDWORD pdwType, PVOID pvData, LPDWORD pcbData ); "hkey" is used to open registry keys, "lpSubKey" is the name of the registry key, "lpValue" is the name of the registry value, "dwFlags" is a flag to define the data type of the value (REG_DWORD, REG_BINARY, REG_QWORD ecc), "pdwType" is pointer to a variable that receives a code indicating the type of data stored in the specified value, "pvDat" is a pointer to a buffer that receives the value's data, "pcbData" is a pointer to a variable that specifies the size of the buffer pointed to by "pvData". According to MS documentation, the function is available on Windows Vista. And "abracadabra": mIRC 7.53 Windows XP: Link Cheers.
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    Adobe Flash Player 32 Final has been released today: (tested/working on Windows XP SP3 and XP x64 SP2) Internet Explorer ActiveX: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Mozilla Firefox NPAPI (also for Opera Presto/Google Chrome 44 and earlier): http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Google Chrome 45 through 49 PPAPI: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
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    Not at all. It's a sad day. Every time a technology that gives one a hardcopy of what one buys dies is a time some of our collective freedom is lost. You must understand one has a book or a CD/DVD with a .pdf, or with music, or whatever, one owns that... one has a text into kindle or a music in iTunes one got nothing, and it can be taken from one anytime with little or no explanation and no money back, because one had previously given them the right to do it, when buying that. Ever heard of the memory hole?