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  1. Y2mate works well. Thanks. Other (webm): Audio streaming mp4, mp3, Audio: I've two possibilities open with e.g. VLC or saving
  2. Problem kexbases17 and KM74: On first internet access of the browser Key3.db will not be created is apparently fixed with Kexbeta18.
  3. schwups

    Youtube on Windows 98/ME

    So far, we have no workaround for Youtube. There is one (https://msfn.org/board/topic/177485-backporting-newer-browsers-to-win9x-with-kernelex/?do=findComment&comment=1154915) of diamant, it is inconvenient but working. Commodore's finding has given me basically nothing useful, see some posts later. The procedure had worked only for his test video and not for others. FF9/10 and Opera 11/12 aren't vp8_only_browsers. Now FF 43 is required to see youtube videos. By the way, you would be the first to make FF12 run stable on 98.
  4. Did you already write a changelog? What does "Override settings of individual modules" mean? Is Ktree9 still full compatible to version18? I miss many api's and some dll's.
  5. Which Tool or plugin did you use to change this value?
  6. schwups

    Some my experience + nVidia drivers conflict

    You need the 48bit Patch (ME48BLBA.EXE) for the HDD. And read: https://msfn.org/board/topic/174096-nvidia-video-driver-shutdown-fix/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/97140-nvidia-drivers-8269/ and see: https://msfn.org/board/topic/95815-important-stickified-pinned-959898-seme-topics/
  7. I increased the max version in the install file and afterwards the installation of HyperBK ran smoothly. Thanks. Supplement: On my XP Youtube doesn't work up to FF42.0 anymore.
  8. The same applies to roytam's KM74. Youtube doesn't work. The booklet workaround is Ok, but it takes to much time. For some reason I can't install HyperBK (0.5.3 - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hyperbk/) on FF9.0.1. Maybe I have a wrong setting or I've forgotten a trick. Firefox reports it isn't compatible.
  9. schwups

    NVidia Video Driver Shutdown Fix

  10. @diamant: I already testet it in June (see my post of 12 June). Downgrade the Kexbases.dll to version 16. We'll see, if you get the same result.
  11. Yes, now youtube works in KM74 (Win ME). There isn't the right-click menu of the player with the possibility to save like in FF9.0.1.
  12. Yes, I also can run KM 74G usable on two computers. On my other two KM is slow, freezes after a short time or on some pages like this board. I don't know the reason yet. The profile files are created since KernelEX Kexbases.dll update 16, also Key3.db, here. The creation of Key3.db fails after update to Kexbases 17. I hope jumper find the culprit and solve the problem. KM worked with the db files of FF 9.0.1, 10.0.12 and 17.ESR, too. The Auxiliary DLL Updates, psapi and uxtheme seem to have no effect in this case. One more problem is that KM crashes when bookmarking: Runtime error - KM caused an error in MSVCR80... after browser restart the bookmark works. Also (some) KM settings on lower button of duckduckgo startpage don't work or stick.
  13. schwups

    Windows ME Cumulative Update

    3.02: The dialog box to unplug or eject hardware opens and works.
  14. schwups

    YouTube WORKING! With Opera 12.02

    Ironman69 runs the HTML5 Player inside Opera. The HTML5 Player must run, without registry keys or tweaks! Maybe he simply set the KernelEX mode to 98SE.
  15. schwups

    Win9x WebTV Stream

    Yes, I selected different countries and all. The new list will not load, too. It doesn't matter, if KernelEx is enabled or disabled. I selected Spain and Italy, because there are only these countries in this list.