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  1. It's astonishing how many scores I get more with a 7900GS PCIE 256MB - 40507 scores. System: P5KPL/1600, 3,5 GB RAM DDR2-800 DualChannel, CPU Core2DUO E8500, driver NV 82.69, Win ME.
  2. Yesterday, after I had the first success with Youtube-dl on WinME with KernelEx update 8/9, I tried to stream youtube videos again. Something has changed here too. I got a warning message and then on the player bottom "Failed to render File". I'm not sure, whether it was a good choice to replace CryptStringToBinaryW by CryptMsgClose in source_filter.ax. It's kind of nonsense. The DependencyWalker shows a green resolved C import. GraphStudioNext has automatically built a working playback graph. But as I said, streaming still doesn't work. Today I'm back to KEX24 and want to see what is possible with the new approaches. Is this a special version "zip of LAV audio 58"?? Can I download it somewhere? Goodmaneuver@ Am I right assuming that you don't replace CryptStringToBinaryW.
  3. Thanks, I followed successfully your guidance to update the system certificates - System Certificates Updater (The easy way). I had a message "...missing export kernel32.dll: FindFirstVolumeW", but apparently the update was OK. And yes I downloaded a music file from Youtube on ME! I didn't create the config file and found the YT file in the windows folder merged into mkv (mp4/webm to mkv) format. It informed me about the possibility to keep mp4 and webm files (pass -k to keep).
  4. LockFileEx is still provided by kexbases of KEX 24, but something goes wrong. First I ran youtube-dl straight from python on command.com and got "Import Error: No module named site". Then on XP I tested some commands for correctness to rule out errors here. On XP I also had had the "Import Error: No module named site", if I ran it straight from python. But your "standalone" worked. Afterwards back to ME I tried it with the older KernelEx combination 9 and 8 (kexbasen 8), psapi and uxtheme - initially without DoItYourselfKernelEx. KEX 9 up to 11 were known to be very flawed. Indeed something changed: Now your "standalone" seem to work and the access to the Internet takes place. Unfortunately a new proplem occurs, that the Certificate verify fails - SSL:c:727.
  5. So far I also haven't gotten to grips with youtube-dl. It gives an error "AttributeError: Function LockFileEx not found" and crashes immediately. Could it be, that it runs for you due to you use an older KernelEX version? Maybe in this case I should test with older versions or I simply do something wrong...
  6. The path is ...Program Files\Opera\ui\standard_menu.ini.
  7. I've looked at Seamonkey again. I just use 2.24 and JS is enabled. I added the extensions jsbtn, a Javascript Toggler/a Status Bar JS on/off Button and PlainOldFavorites. POF seem to be compatible. Seamonkey must be added to the install.rdf file of PlainOldFavorites: <!--SeaMonkey --> <em:targetApplication> <Description> <em:id>{92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a}</em:id> <em:minVersion>1.0</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>*</em:maxVersion> </Description> </em:targetApplication> Too bad that the extension "Toolbar Buttons" isn't compatible with WinME. - Seamonkey crashes, if I try to clear the Private Data. - Some pages load very delayed as happened for me with Firefox. The trick to run the portable version on XP once doesn't work. On next start on Win ME Seamonkey crashes immediately. I've to delete "places.sqlite" in the Data/Profile folder! The file will be recreated. Seamonkey to test: Seamonkey 2.29.1 portable (search.json to Read-only => working Search Engine List) Seamonkey 2.24 portable Don't forget to set the Xul.dll to XPSP2.
  8. I started my last machine Asus P4V800D-X with AGP and installed 3DMark2001SE to compare. System: Win ME, Via PT880 Ultra, NV GF5900XT 128MB, 2GB DDR3200 Ram (Dual Channel), P4 Northwood 2600MHz - FSB 800, Socket 478, driver NV 82.16 - no panel "AGP Settings" under NV GF FX 5900XT properties, not sure about the Chipset driver - Viagartinf DriverVer=06/29/2006, Everest confirms current AGP Speed 8x and Fast-Write enabled. Benchmark score: 11253
  9. Did you set "AGP Mode" to 8x and did you enable "AGP Fast Write" in BIOS?
  10. I've a shortcut of regsvr32.exe in the Windows\SendTo folder.
  11. VLC 4.0 nightly needs more API`s: [IPHLPAPI.DLL] if_nametoindex= [KERNEL32.dll] IdnToAscii= InitializeConditionVariable= QueryUnbiasedInterruptTime= SetThreadErrorMode= SleepConditionVariableCS= WakeAllConditionVariable=
  12. Yes, I can run it from HDD. Space bar spaces - typing errors are impossible, because I use "SendTo".
  13. I can register and have registered all filters with 2K mode and I have them in Program directories. What spaces do you mean?
  14. I set the MediaPlayerClassic and MPC HC to Legacy Base Enhencements. 2k doesn't work. I've alll internal filters disabled and added the external LAV Filters. The Audio and Video files on HDD can be played.
  15. Following the instructions I can't stream so far. I've latest Core Updates 24, the filters(source_filter.ax, LAVAudio.ax, LAVSplitter.ax, LAVVideo.ax) set to 2k, regsvr32 set to default KEX enabled. I can't register these files, if KEX for regsvr32 is disabled. I already tried LAVFilters 0.74, 0.70 and 0.66. Then what am I doing wrong? I didn't get this error in Source_Filter.ax, if I downgrade 3DYD to "youtube_source_1.10.2", but this version apparently didn't work anymore on YT here (Failed to render).
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