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  1. I don't receive any new Kstub log entries. I also never succeeded in assigning an API. Nothing happens, if I try to make a new bookmark. There's no window "New Bookmark" or "Page Bookmarked". The window "Edit Bookmark" appears, if the bookmark exists. Old problem from 2011 - never really completely fixed. I don't know, whether the culprit is still in it: https://sourceforge.net/p/kernelex/feature-requests/7/
  2. Today I noticed, that all my file shares seem broken. I renewed the link (file share) of Firefox 31.8 (1st post). @ Kurt_Aust, you use Kext, so it can be, that an additional entry/definition in Kstub causes the error on exit. The simple replace of places.sqlite with one of Firefox on XP or 7 should work, too. Then you can use the existing History and Bookmarks, but you still can't add bookmarks and recently visited addresses still aren't saved.
  3. ... can't verify. On ME it looks the same to me as on XPSP3.
  4. The 32KB file is corrupt / created garbled on ME or 98 / KernelEx. History doesn't work properly - not solved: Recently visited addresses aren't saved.
  5. places.sqlite has a fixed size of 10.240KB regardless of the size of the history. I had run this portable version Firefox 31.8 from the first post on XP once to ensure, that the functions "restore previous session, recently closed tabs and recently closed window" work and the pages load as they should. Re-creating places.sqlite on 98 may break functionality again.
  6. You also can try RoyTam's portable-loader (o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-portable-loader.7z) instead of the one of sourceforge. Rename palemoon to firefox in the txt file.
  7. Hallo, it shouldn't happen with Firefox 31.8 from the first post. Try - rename the portable profile folder, start FirefoxPortable.exe and make the improvements step by step yourself. IceCat 38.8 crashes on exit. The replace of RaiseException solves this problem.
  8. IMO the entry RaiseException=v4 is OK for testing purposes. For testing only, because such entry may cause errors elsewhere, e.g. the first I found with v4 is MRU-Blaster hangs on close. As soon as we have the Kex update, RaiseException should then be removed from Kstub.ini at the latest.
  9. v4 works here, too. Note, that the Kstub.ini with RaiseException in core.ini must placed on the right to Kexbasen,Kexbases. It doesn't work, if it is on the left side.
  10. v4 seems to be the best for now. It even solves the crashes on browser checker sites, if WebRTC is enabled.
  11. Jumper, thanks for taking on the problem. I also can start Serpent with following Kstub entries without replacing RaiseException in xul or mozjs: [Kernel32.dll] RaiseException=v4 or RaiseException=>Kernel32.dll:GetLastError However, I haven't tested this method in depth to see, if it causes any problems. GetFileTime doesn't work for Serpent. What makes you think, that it's a good choice in this case of RaiseException? Supplement: RaiseException=>api-ms-win-core-errorhandling-l1-1-0.dll:GetLastError (Wine 5 APISetDLL) works, too, but you usually don't have wine 5 APISetDlls on your machine. The ReactOS file realisation also may work, but I haven't a good experience with ROS APISetDlls, because some have produced errors. API SetLastError produces an Error on Serpent close.
  12. A crash doesn't occur on MSFN, , whether with or without WebRTC here. Other than most, which ones don't work for you?
  13. Does the crash also occur on pages other than browser checkers? My impression is that only a few pages are affected. WebRTC has always been inconspicuous with Firefox until now and and has not led to such crashes, but of course there is no replaced RaiseException. The replace in xul also works with NewMoon 27, but not before version 27.10.0.win32-git-20230513. It runs with AzureContentBackend Cairo only, so a lot of icons are "very abstract" or unrecognizable and buttons have randomly coloured borders (compilation switch - skia disabled). There are PM Themes, like PMOpera 2.1.0 or Aeromoon 2.2.0, that at least improve the appearance. And note to be expected issues like browser window is not completely displayed (Remedy: Hardware acceleration "layers.acceleration.force-enabled -> true") or input in address bar doesn't work on second browser start anymore / Search Engine List is empty.
  14. Workaround: Set WebRTC for those pages to disabled or permanently switched off (media.peerconnection.enabled -> false). The extension QuickJava 2.1.2 is a nice helper here. You can disable WebRTC with one click only. NewMoon has no WebRTC implementation. The crash also doesn't occur with Javascript disabled.
  15. It is RaiseException in Xul. Affected Serpent 52/55. I tried to replace it, but Serpent still crashes on this page.

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