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  1. Thanks! So basically the same as @VistaLover achieved with his uBO "hack". However, since my default search when using Google goes via "Advanced Search", I'm afraid this script will not be useful in my case... As I stated in my previous post, there page 2 and onward lead to search results for "null" (obviously not what I'm looking for).
  2. It was in Google Advanced Search. The link to the next page when searching for e.g. "Jack Russell" became: https://www.google.com/search?q=null&tbs=&lr=&start=10 Regular Google Search is indeed OK. Can you share what you modified, please?
  3. I have the new interface in Google Search in my VM with NM28 because of a custom UA: general.useragent.override.google.com ---> Mozilla/5.0 (%OS_SLICE% rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0
  4. It persists here on Pale Moon. But I also protect some cookies with the extension CookieKeeper from the Classic Add-ons Archive. caa:addon/cookiekeeper
  5. Or the English version of this page: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/468360-return-pagination-to-google. [Edit] Found another one: https://gist.github.com/sp00n/e8b91d2f47c471bc0627f7b31d659291 (scrapped that ; it's buggy on Pale Moon with Greasemonkey)
  6. Concerning Mediamarkt, that is also discussed at the official Pale moon forum: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=30114&p=241764.
  7. The content.dtd file was not the culprit here. I had to modify colors.dtd. (the translated strings are the same as in official Pale Moon) Now it's functional again. Feel free to add it to your alphabetical list of all posted extensions. The link is the same as in my previous post about the updated privacy.dtd.
  8. You can find an offline html TOTP Token Generator here. Download the zip, extract and click on 'index.html' in the folder 'public'. Paste in your secret key obtained from GitHub and voila. 🙂
  9. I will see what I can do tomorrow (my PC uptime is 16 hours atm...). It all sounds quite difficult. With the original English one; do you mean the one here?
  10. Indeed the same error here. What do I have to change?
  11. What issue was that? Then I can see if it occurs in the Dutch language pack as well.
  12. Thanks! Here is the updated Dutch one. (ping @gerwin)
  13. From now on I will provide yt-dlp built with Python 3.9. (see comment 1254119) [debug] Command-line config: ['-v', '--ignore-config'] [debug] Encodings: locale cp1252, fs utf-8, pref cp1252, out cp1252 (No VT), error cp1252 (No VT), screen cp1252 (No VT) [debug] yt-dlp version nightly@2023.10.23 [a40e0b37d] (win_x86_exe) [debug] Python 3.9.13 (CPython x86 32bit) - Windows-XP-5.1.2600-SP3 (OpenSSL 3.1.0-dev ) [debug] exe versions: ffmpeg N-111893-gbef151d-Reino (setts), ffprobe N-111893-gbef151d-Reino [debug] Optional libraries: Cryptodome-3.19.0, brotli-1.1.0, certifi-2023.07.22, mutagen-1.47.0, requests-2.31.0, sqlite3-3.37.2, urllib3-2.0.6, websockets-11.0.3 [debug] Proxy map: {} [debug] Request Handlers: urllib, requests [debug] Loaded 1890 extractors
  14. Yes, you can follow the developments here, with instructions. The Legacy uBlock Origin for e.g. the New Moon browser does not have the "Quick fixes" list, so you'll have add it yourself to "Custom". This is the address: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/master/filters/quick-fixes.txt Since YouTube changes code very often, be sure to update the filter regularly. [Edit] I'm not sure these rules are compatible with the Legacy uBO... I don't see them in the logger.

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