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  1. Thanks! Just tested it and it works for the most part. Only glitch I saw, is the Web Developer submenu... Looks like this: But instead should look like this:
  2. Blocked here by default (Pale Moon 29.1.1; Linux)...: And in New Moon (28.10.3a1; XP) as well:
  3. I used the Dutch language pack, but I'm afraid the above method is a bit to complicated for me... Doesn't matter to much though, because I can understand English quite well.
  4. I see... Strange things happening there indeed. I mentioned the CookieKeeper add-on in that thread and even got a (not rude) answer from M.A.T.... But I'm not affected by the blacklist at all:
  5. @VistaLover To work around that stupid extension blocking: Turn it off completely in Preferences ---> Security [Edit} By the way, the Wayback Archive saved this strange Pale Moon page: https://web.archive.org/web/20210401105659/http://www.palemoon.org/
  6. Just tried it in a Windows 7 VM snapshot with the 32bit NL version, and about:support looks complete here. [Edit] That was the official installer. Will try with the portable one. Wait a moment. [Edit2] Looks normal again.
  7. No problems here. I apply the Security Only Quality Updates and Cumulative Security Updates for Internet Explorer 9. http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2021-03+server+2008 For Vista x64 you have to apply a workaround to install the Internet Explorer updates: - start cmd as administrator - change location to the folder that contain msu file, example cd /d C:\updates - copy/paste and execute these commands (preferably one by one) mkdir .\tmp expand.exe -f:*Windows*.cab *kb5000800-x64*.msu . >nul expand.exe -f:* *kb5000800-x64*.cab .\tmp &
  8. But that one requires you to manually combine the video and audio streams with ffmpeg, which yt-dlp does automagically... B.t.w., if you need ffmpeg for Windows XP/Vista, you can use the one from here, made by a compatriot of mine.
  9. I use yt-dlp (fork of youtube-dl), which supports downloading from more than 1000 supported sites and from a lot of unsupported sites with the generic extractor. I integrated it in the browser context menu with the help of the "Open With" extension (can be obtained via CAA). Very convenient!
  10. (Offtopic) What's the SFN userscript? Is it for downloading video's?
  11. Dropbox links still work, but only after you modify them like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjkrwoupc5vr4sx/screenshot_test.png?dl=0 Has to be changed to: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zjkrwoupc5vr4sx/screenshot_test.png Has to be clicked on however; doesn't display. And then do "insert image from URL".
  12. You can download these codecs separately as well and put them in the New Moon program folder. From the FAQ:
  13. If you're blocking third party sh*t by default in uBO or uMatrix/NoScript, does this list give you more protection?
  14. You mean specifically for YouTube? I use YouTube Lazy Load . Work well here. [Edit] I see: Warning! Only old YouTube design is supported at the moment. I have protected the "PREF" cookie (which also stores the autoplay toggle) from deletion when the browser closes, with the help of the CookieKeeper extension. (from the classic Add-Ons Archive; caa:addon/cookiekeeper)
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