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  1. In Serpent (Basilisk): click the "hamburger" (Open menu icon); click "Customize" at the bottom, and drag the "Add-Ons" icon next to the home icon where you want it. Not sure if it can be done in NM, which uses a different UI; I'll leave that part of the question to others.
  2. To clarify, FF does support the general.useragent.override pref. But Basilisk, PM, and Roytam's builds of those also support prefs of the format general.useragent.override.www.amazon.com ... so you don't need an add-on to send a different user agent string to www.amazon.com than to everyone else. That's what VistaLover was referring to as SSUAOs.
  3. I've run into similar problems, and it's a PITA. It sounds like your emails (or at least some of them) were in two places: in the OE database on your XP machine, and also on the email server. If all your imported emails were duplicated, then I suppose you could just start over, not import them the second time, and just let them all download from the server. That's a particularly good approach if you're using IMAP, because it will only download the message headers; it won't download the body of an email unless you click on one to view it. Otherwise, the best thing would probably be to set OE not to retain emails on the server (Tools / Accounts / Properties / Advanced, then uncheck "Leave a copy of messages on server"). Then do a send/receive; be patient because it should send commands to the email server to delete everything, which will probably take a while. Then you can start over with Thunderbird, import everything, and they won't be on the server to download and duplicate everything. The drawback to this approach, of course, is that you won't have a copy of your emails on the server any more.
  4. Mathwiz

    How to Activate Windows XP Online in 2018

    Slightly OT, but if you own Windows 7 Pro, you can download & install "Windows XP Mode" and use it to run those old programs in Windows XP on a virtual machine. Anyhow, on your old PC you'll probably need the POSReady hack to get your https: support up to speed. That should help with downloads.
  5. This post is just to summarize what I learned from the very detailed and involved DRM discussion about 80 posts back, along with similar posts from other threads: The NPAPI version of Google's Widevine CDM plugin will run on Vista but not XP, so it's no help. Stephen Fox has a PPAPI version of Widevine that will run on XP, but you'll need Chrome, not FF or one of its variants, to run that. The Adobe Primetime CDM plugin will install and run on Basilisk 52 just as with FF 52 ESR (although you need to toggle media.ffvpx.enabled to false in about:config), but few providers of DRM-protected content will use it. (I suppose you could try anyway, by spoofing an older FF version with those sites.) One last possible fallback is Microsoft's Silverlight. But as with #2, you'd generally need to spoof an older FF version that didn't support Widevine, in order to get sites to try to use it. (With some sites, such as Amazon Prime, you also need to spoof Windows 7 in your user agent string.) Do I have that about right?
  6. Kinda sounds like a bot to me
  7. Mathwiz

    Windows cannot load the locally stored profile

    Thanks. Looks like it's basically bug fixes, so I went ahead and updated.
  8. I believe the high-CPU issue with Windows Update was resolved recently. However, I'm pretty sure the fix was a POSReady update....
  9. Mathwiz

    Windows cannot load the locally stored profile

    Version 1.6g is available from various download sites (MajorGeeks, CNet, etc.) but I can't find Since it's a beta version, does it provide any functionality that would make it worth trying to track it down and update over version 1.6g?
  10. It's probably a bigger deal for servers than for old client systems like 9x, ME, NT4, or 2000. In a typical home or small office environment, the only places I can imagine the packets coming from would be either a compromised router or a malware-infected PC on the network - and it seems to me the latter would be more interested in spreading itself to the other PCs than in merely shutting them down.
  11. Mathwiz

    reCAPTCHA Rendering Problem - Is it XP or Browsers?

    Could you describe the problem more precisely? If the problem is that you can't click "I am not a robot," this may help:
  12. What does British Airways have against Firefox 57?
  13. With Basilisk it's enough to set general.useragent.compatmode.firefox to false. WhatIsMyBrowser.com then detects Netscape Navigator 5, which it doesn't claim is out-of-date
  14. Mathwiz

    How to Activate Windows XP Online in 2018

    They did; actually there are two: This one adds TLS 1.2 support to the base OS: ... and this one adds it to IE8: ... so if you install XP, upgrade to IE8 and Windows Installer 4.5, then enable, download, and install POSReady '09 updates, you may be able to activate online again. But since activating by phone is automated and known to work, that's the easiest way by far.
  15. What goes wrong when you install Windows Installer 4.5? I bet if we can get that fixed, you'll be able to install most of the POSReady updates too. I hadn't heard of it causing problems for anyone, but there are so many machine configurations out there....