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  1. That would just cause the captcha to be presented every time, since Google would suspect you were a bot. It wouldn't explain why the captcha doesn't come up at all in XP but comes up fine in Win 7.
  2. It's worth trying, I suppose. If by some chance it works, it'll give @roytam1 something to look at.
  3. You have to add it yourself; you can give it a try but I don't think it will help. It used to be needed for NM 27 but @roytam1 changed the default in newer NM 27 builds so it's no longer needed; I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that "true" is already the default for NM 28, Basilisk, etc. so it's not needed there either.
  4. I see the site refuses to load with an adblocker on, so I won't test; but based on the above, have you tried spoofing W7 in your user agent? E.g., Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0 (replace both '52.0's with the FF version you want to spoof)
  5. Mathwiz

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    KB4461579 was re-issued today. Not sure what was changed
  6. I agree there should be a fix for volsnap.sys to ignore shadow copies from later versions. But I guess there's not. Since you do want to write to the USB drive from XP, but don't use system restore on XP, it sounds to me like the best solution @w2k4eva had was this: On W7, it appears you'd use the command "vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On = C: (assuming C: is your W7 system drive) /For = D: (assuming D: is your USB drive) /maxsize = 3GB (or whatever)". Which, if I understood the article correctly, would place the shadow copies of D: on your C: drive. Then there's nothing left on D: for XP to mess up.
  7. @Dave-H, keep in mind there are two things going on with a typical email client: Sending and receiving the emails themselves. This is done by connecting to your email service using protocols like SMTP (sending email), POP3 or IMAP (receiving). Displaying the received emails. Since many emails are HTML this is done much like a Web browser. For example, images are often fetched from a Web server via HTTP. STunnel helps with #1 if your email client can't connect to your email service. Since most folks only have one email service, you just set up a non-secured connection to localhost. STunnel looks like a non-secured email service to your client, and like a secure email client to your service. (If you have more than one email service you can add connections on other ports, as long as your email client lets you specify the ports to connect to.) But it sounds like your problem is related to #2. That's a harder problem because images and like content can come from pretty much anywhere on the Web. The best solution is probably ProxHTTPSProxyMII, which you have, but your email client needs to be configured to use it. I'm not sure how to do that with Eudora - some clients share the Internet connection settings with IE8, but other clients have their own setup. I'd bet someone around here knows how to configure Eudora though.
  8. This was a problem for a long time.... ... but was finally corrected in June with cumulative IE8 update KB4316682: The latest cumulative IE8 update was KB4366536 and it should also include the fix. Maybe that got removed somehow, or was never installed for some reason? If that update doesn't show up in Add/Remove Programs under Windows Internet Explorer 8 - Software Updates, try downloading it from the Catalog and installing it. Then see if the Office 2007 updates are found in a reasonable time.
  9. Micro$oft has made similar claims themselves, but all evidence I've seen to date is that it's a completely bogus claim: The differences between POSReady '09 and vanilla XP all appear to be purely cosmetic (startup screen, default wallpaper, etc.). There was never a reason for PM to support one but not the other. And there, they mixed up two things: XP "SP4" is just a convenient collection of all post-SP3 updates, hot fixes, etc. for "vanilla" XP. There's not even a registry key to test for SP4 and AFAIK it includes no POSReady '09 updates. None of this speaks to the question of whether anyone should stick with XP (or Vista) or move on to a "supported" OS like Win 7 (or, technically, POSReady '09, for a few more months at least). But it strikes me as odd that the PM team is so willing to (ab)use PM's popularity to try to dictate others' choices. We programmers are often a strange lot. Some of the most talented of us also seem to have some of the most difficult personalities.
  10. It's often hard to judge intent, but @VistaLover makes a good case. Those apps were forked from FF 52, which did target XP/Vista. I could see adding code that wasn't compatible with those OSes, like FFmpeg 4.0, and I could even see removing code that enabled compatibility with those OSes, without deliberate ill intent; the goal could be to add features, improve performance, address obscure bugs (like the 7-week browser session limit) or even reduce the size of the final product, and losing XP/Vista compatibility was just the cost of achieving those goals. But do those "revised compiler optimizations" really improve performance and/or reduce code size enough for anyone to notice? Or do they just break XP/Vista compatibility for the sake of breaking XP/Vista compatibility? Luckily, since these are all open source, it's possible to recompile with compiler settings targeting XP/Vista. Dealing with the other issues is harder and is probably the bulk of @roytam1's work. But the compiler settings probably speak to intent more clearly than the other changes.
  11. Mathwiz

    Beware Office 2010 Updates!

    New update available today: KB4461579: Blackwingcat, at least, will find it useful.
  12. From the second link: Obviously 1 doesn't apply, but the others could be used by Windows XP.
  13. OK; so, I installed the update and added the registry key & DWORD value specified on the info page. But IE8 already used TLS 1.1 & 1.2 before the update. So what software uses WinHttp.dll? OE6? Windows Live Mail perhaps?
  14. And that's why I chose to make the leap to Basilisk, even on Win 7. Much smoother/simpler upgrade path.
  15. "Quantum" sounds so fast too (even though the term has nothing to do with speed). So much for marketing