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My Browser Builds (Part 3)

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On 3/20/2022 at 5:37 PM, VistaLover said:
On 3/20/2022 at 4:24 PM, roytam1 said:

crazy amount of file rearrangement commit

1,885 changed files with 168,699 additions and 191,064 deletions. :angry:

Was that just to make things extremely painful for fork-maintainers

... And it turns out I was 100% correct in my suspicions... Moonchild himself admitted this, in the latest installment of the PM "drama" (i.e. after M.A.T's exit): 



... the truth is that this was primarily his plan and work, and driven by the desire to make the tree as opaque as possible to people who were still on UXP and did not have a commit history to draw from to follow location changes. Alongside that, a truncated repository with no history would complete his plan to obfuscate, primarily to thwart what he considered "enemies" in some kind of political conflict -- a concept I regularly told him to abandon and to stop waging war. I wasn't even aware that he had, apparently, put pretty much every project and fork that was not "us" on his infamous "wall of shame" while there were no good reasons to do so, and that just won't do, and is unacceptable.

TL;DR: "GRE" has been now dropped, official Pale Moon v29.4.5.1 has been released, there'll will be no more v30.x.x/GRE releases, v31.0.0/UXP will be released "in the fullness of time"... What a fine mess... :( :angry:

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21 hours ago, Tig77 said:

Thanks VistaLover for your suggestions! 
I haven't tried clearing the browser cache and cookies.

... You can always opt to clear just the cache, but retain the cookies...


21 hours ago, Tig77 said:

I really hate to delete all cookies. It's such a pain to sign in to every site

The main reason I suggested wiping cookies is that you yourself stated that "the problem sites load OK in a private window"; private windows, as you might know already, don't take existing cookies into account, new, "private", cookies are temporarily stored for that window and then auto-cleared when the window is exited... Are all the sites refusing to fully load ones you were already logged-in? If not, try a "problem site" which doesn't require you to have an existing account, selectively clear the cookies for that site and try to reload; if successfully loaded, then your predicament is definitely cookies-related...


21 hours ago, Tig77 said:

It's such a pain to sign in to every site especially with two factor authentication cookie setting, etc. just to re-set the cookies again

I don't own a mobile device myself (yes, you read that right ;) ), so 2FA is a no-go for me; I personally think of it as yet another Google/Apple ploy to buy one of their mobile devices; I haven't enabled 2FA on any account that demands it, I just use very strong passwords (> 20 characters long), which I change very often (at least once every 3 months, and that includes my e-mail password); no on-line account of mine has been hacked yet (fingers crossed)...
My two banks aren't happy, to say the least, but I still manage for the time being; on-line purchases/payments are limited to where absolutely necessary, pre-paid cards used most of the time...
And, of course, I'm no member of any of the youth-oriented, very popular, social media sites/portals, these are the ones mostly requiring a "smart" phone and 2FA; one notable exception is Discord - I had to join a private server there and Discord are constantly nagging me about 2FA and installing their mobile app on my "phone" (little do they know me...) ; but I'm obviously going off-track...

FWIW, accidents do happen, you should be always able to re-log, 2FA or not, to any of the sites you have created accounts for...

21 hours ago, Tig77 said:

as for creating a new/fresh St52 profile, I have so many tabs that I don't want to lose, I really don't want to try that

Like my friend @NotHereToPlayGames, I'll also advise strongly against tab-hoarding! This isn't the reason tabbed-browsing was created for, I never find myself having more that 20-25 opened tabs during a browsing session... An increased number of tabs slows down things considerably, especially in the case of UXP browsers like Serpent, which have been engineered/optimised by "upstream" as single-process applications...
You can create a bookmarks folder with all currently opened tabs, then each and everyone is just two clicks away - and bookmarks usually survive a browser-crash, not always the case with browser sessions :( ...

In any case, you can back-up your current dirty profile, as suggested, so you'll have a working copy of it to fallback to... Session (includes opened tabs) info is stored in profile "sessionstore-backups" directory and "sessionstore.js" file... Assuming you have opted for
When Serpent starts: Show my windows and tabs from last time

you should be good recovering your session; and sessions can and will become corrupted over time, especially with a large numbers of tabs, you have been warned!
Cookies OTOH are stored in the "cookies.sqlite" profile file; account credentials in "logins.json" (in conjunction with key3.db file).

21 hours ago, Tig77 said:

Are you having any problems with the v52.9.0 20220326 build of Serpent? 
I know you're on Vista 32 bit, so not the same 64 bit build as I'm using, just curious.

In fact, I'm never in any "rush" to update to the latest release of St52 (or any other app, for that matter) as soon as it's being released on a Saturday... I usually wait until the middle of the coming week, to see if any "issues" with it have presented themselves here in the forum, then I do update, having first created a backup of my dirty profile, just for good measure...
As you say, I can't test the 64-bit binary here, but the 32-bit one [Serpent 52.9.0 (2022-03-25) (32-bit)] has been running for the last four hours without any noticeable hiccups :P ; my browsing session was successfully restored after the upgrade from the previous (2022-02-25) St52 build, I remained logged-in to both of my GitHub and MSFN accounts; ImgUr (not logged-in user) gave me some slight issues during uploading the images in this post, perhaps it was something on their end - we'll see; in any case, I have no URL refusing to fully load here!

Some NSS library changes were included in these latest builds (as posted previously elsewhere in this thread), perhaps they affect the way (some) cookies are encrypted/stored/decrypted in your setup...
Unless some other member here comes forth with issues similar to yours, affecting latest St52-x64, we'll assume, for now, that the issue is limited to your end; you'll have to provide additional, detailed, info about your profile, such as extensions used, etc.
You've been given ample guidance on how to tackle this, as an additional test log-out from just one of the problematic sites (clearing its cookies), then try to log back in and see how that goes... Sometimes, instead of spending too much valuable time troubleshooting things at length, it's best to just dive-in and start fresh (... the "moto" at my local computer-repair shop :angry:: a re-format and OS re-install is what they always come up with :realmad: for anything I seek remedy for; fortunately, on-line communities such as this one exist... :) ). 

Best regards :P

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Just now, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Totally Cool !!!  I thought I was the only one!  I don't have a landline or a cell phone!  Haven't since 2001.

No cell "phone" here either.. though I think the term "mobile" is better since they are an insult to telephony.

On the other hand, I have about 10 phones of varying vintages within arm's reach, so I guess I still have a phone problem :(

In my defense, I do a lot of testing, and that's actually what I'm doing right now, speak of the devil...

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1 hour ago, VistaLover said:

I'll also advise strongly against tab-hoarding!

I ditto this.  Browser's were never meant to be used this way.  And neither was your own brain, as far as that goes.

An exceprt from https://www.howtogeek.com/773721/listen-you-dont-need-that-many-browser-tabs-open/


People tend to think that they’re “good” at multitasking if they’re able to perform multiple tasks at once. However, that isn’t taking into account a very important part of it — are they performing those tasks well?

Multitasking is a big reason why people keep so many tabs open, but it can have the opposite effect. Too many tabs can create information overload. The constant switching between tabs can lead to short attention spans. All of this trains your brain in a way that makes working efficiently more difficult in the future.

Studies have backed this up as well. Some studies have found that heavy multitasking can cause you to perform worse on cognitive tests. One study ran MRI scans on the brains of multitaskers and found they had less brain density in areas that controlled empathy and emotions. That’s, uh, not good.

Doing multiple tasks at once doesn’t make you more productive. You’re just splitting your attention and every time you switch tabs you lose concentration. Stick to one task at a time, complete the task, and then close the tabs and move on to the next thing. Your brain will thank you.

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1 hour ago, UCyborg said:

Different people compute differently.

I'm from a family of six kids.

We all have a saying (sarcastically, of course) we will all throw out randomly and it fits here, "If everybody in the world were exactly like me, there would be no problems."  :whistle:

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On 3/30/2022 at 5:32 PM, XPerceniol said:

I think I'll never let go of XP as its great for other things besides internet access. Other than that, I think we can always keep it for so long as it stop working totally. I quite enjoy my music recording programs and they are very old and obsolete.

For offline purposes WinXP will always be fine, there's no reason to stop it's use. The advantage of older systems is that you always have the power of decision what you want to do with them - even if connection to the Internet has been cut.

Just one prominent example: I keep a .mp3 collection (mostly ripped from CDs I own) to hear music while using the PC f.e. and I also copied some albums to my iPhones. So I'm independent of the availability of a streaming service or internet connection in general when I want to listen to some music I like.

A bad example: in 1997 we got our gas heating which is dependent on gas and electricity supply. If one of the two fails we can't heat up the water and our rooms. Unfortunately we knocked down all the tiled stoves in our house back then...

kind regards

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On 3/25/2022 at 7:50 PM, VistaLover said:

The Chinese have already upgraded their 360EE browser to v21.0 (Chromium 95 based), which has dropped altogether WinXP+Vista support and, to add insult to injury :realmad:, is being offered exclusively as a 64-bit binary... :angry: 
Sorry for sounding pessimistic, but that "ship" you're alluding to has already sunk :( ...

On 3/29/2022 at 6:07 PM, NotHereToPlayGames said:

The writing has been on the wall for roughly two years that XP isn't going to last "forever".

On 3/30/2022 at 5:32 PM, XPerceniol said:

I think I'll never let go of XP as its great for other things besides internet access. Other than that, I think we can always keep it for so long as it stop working totally. I quite enjoy my music recording programs and they are very old and obsolete.



We have been upgraded into the next level of mankind. We are Chrome 100.0. Every citizen will receive a free upgrade. You will become like us.



Upgrading is compulsory. If you refuse, then you will be deleted. Delete. Delete. DELETE.

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