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  1. Tracker for updates to prox-config-sidki_2019-01-26b1 - all .ptxt file name extensions and references reverted to .txt <link> Remove: Prefetch Tags 19.1.20 [sd] (d.0) --->>> <link> Remove: Prefetch Tags 19.03.27 [sd] (d.0) URL-Parser.txt -- updated 2009-07-04 sidki --->>> URL-Parser.txt -- updated 2019-03-24 JJoe added --->>> Content-Security-Policy: Remove nonce and hash 19.09.15 [jjoe] (d.0) (In) [add+] added --->>> <script> Remove: Integrity 19.09.15 (multi) [jjoe] (d.0) [add+] added --->>> <link> Remove: Integrity 19.09.15 (multi) [jjoe] (d.0) [add+] testing --->>> Content-Type: 3d Fix proxjs-full.js 19.03.22 [jjoe] (d.r) (In) [add+] --->>> no effect, superceded by URL-Parser.txt additions to Exceptions-U.txt --->>> no longer required, incorporated as filter # ProxHTTPSProxyMII $OHDR(Tagged:ProxHTTPSProxyMII FrontProxy/*)$SET(keyword=$GET(keyword)i_proxy:3.)(^) ~(^$TST(keyword=i_proxy:[03].))$OHDR(Tagged:ProxHTTPSProxyMII FrontProxy/*)$SET(keyword=$GET(keyword)i_proxy:3.)(^)
  2. Status Update - ProxHTTPSProxyMII does work and is easy to configure - it was only the "test" dialog that is misleading (I think it's only intended to test "remote" proxies, not the link between Proxomitron and ProxHTTPSProxyMII, unsure). At any rate, it does work and I can use the most-recent version. Apologies for any confusion. Next, there are two "nuances" that I'd like to correct before uploading an update (I've provided info on 'how' to CREATE what I am uploading, but I will provide the updates so others can use without reinventing the wheel). The first nuance is the default use of "information hovers". The Proxomitron config that I use displays these "information hovers" in the lower left corner of the web browser's viewing area - but they do not scroll with the viewing area, they are "fixed" at that corner. You can turn these off by turning off the pertinant "filter", but we'll save that for later. It's a matter of personal preference, but I prefer these "hovers" to be at the very bottom of the web page, out-of-sight and out-of-mind until I scroll all the way to the very bottom of the web page. As an example, below are those "hovers" for MSFN. Note that the "cookies" hover has a line through the text - that's because I took the screencap before I logged in. But this screencap also demonstrates another powerful usage of Proxomitron - you can ALLOW a cookie on a particular web site, but you can FILTER the CONTENTS of that cookie. Just like javascript, you can ALLOW javascript on a given web site, but if that javascript has 150 "functions" and you want to disable 75 of those "functions", YOU CAN. Again, Proxomitron can be as "simple" as we want it to be, or as "complex" as we want it to be - it really is extremely powerful. When you hover over the "cookies" information hover, a small dialog pops up and tells you exactly what information that cookie CONTAINS. I've seen websites over the years that will put your ZIP CODE in the cookie so I'll fool the web site and edit their cookie to put me in California on one day, Florida on the next. I also have web sites that I disable cookies for but I "fake" a cookie to LOG IN - yep, you can LOG IN to a web site without even allowing that web sites cookie. Again, Proxomitron can be as "simple" as we want it to be, or as "complex" as we want it to be - it really is extremely powerful. The next nuance is how the config file "injects" .css and .js. For the purposes here at MSFN, I'm not looking to use Proxomitron as the Swiss Army Knife that it is - once your toes are wet, you'll swim out to the deep end on your own when you see yourself as ready for the deep end. So I'm not looking to "replace" NoScript + uMatrix + Stylus (or similar extensions), but rather work "with" them. So the nuance is that local .css is inserted as its own http domain but local .js is inserted as https with the original web page as the host domain. In other words, if you disable javascript by default (which I do and recommend from every rooftop I can shout from), then you cannot allow Proxomitron's local .js in NoScript because NoScript is blocking the original host domain.
  3. Totally freaking amazing! I had this working FOUR DAYS AGO but I kept thinking that the "test" actually MEANT something when it said it "failed". Totally WOW! I've re-read several posts on the other forum and NONE of them mention that the "test" button DOES NOT WORK! At least not that I could find. I'm just glad that BOTH of my logs are now "scrolling". This wasn't hard at all. Just a d@mn "test" button that says "fail" when in reality it PASSES. I guess all I can do now is "laugh out loud". And nap because I've spent too much time on a "test" button that doesn't actually "test" anything
  4. That's kinda not my primary goal here. But have you tried this -- https://windscribe.com/download
  5. Hmm. The "m" has a "fallback feature" - when your remote proxy FAILS, it will fallback to a "direct connection" without warning ( https://proxomitron.info/files/index.html ). The Proxomitron community kind of went "up in arms" over that and the creator quickly released the "j" version. Lunch time so I'll revisit later.
  6. This is another of my Proxomitron "menus". The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination. This hidden menu opens when you hover over the top left corner and could easily contain Chromium links like chrome://flags or chrome://gpu or chrome://media-engagement or shortcuts to extension inner pages that normally take six mouse clicks to get to but now only take one.
  7. I'm having the same failures in XP x86 XP3. My fingers are crossed, @RainyShadow, I hope you are seeing something that I am overlooking.
  8. I've also only been testing in XP x64 - that shouldn't be relevant but mentioning it just in case. Will test in XP x86 SP3 shortly.
  9. Technically the browser is irrelevant, the Proxomitron "test Proxy" is failing and that only tests the link between Proxomitron and ProxHTPPSProxyMII. This is the link to the 360Chrome I am using -- https://www.dropbox.com/s/6z65t5yo08fr0ym/360ChromePortable_11.0.2031_rebuild_8_ungoogled.zip But since you will be wanting to install Proxy SwitchySharp from the Chrome Web Store, use this one instead -- https://www.dropbox.com/s/mes4wez1v34w9k4/360ChromePortable_11.0.2031_rebuild_8.zip And I've tried both ways but Proxy SwitchySharp should not be required as 360Chrome uses the Operating System's Internet Explorer proxy server settings. Another proxy setting for Chrome-based browsers is to use a startup command line switch >> --proxy-server="http=localhost:8080,https=localhost:8079" (I've also tried --proxy-server="http=,https=") Getting 360Chrome to use the correct proxy is a piece of cake -- but Proxomitron connecting to ProxHTTPSProxyMII is a d@mn NIGHTMARE. Also, I'm not interested (at the moment) in BFilter or CCProxy - I just want Proxomitron and ProxHTTPSProxyMII to talk to each other. Also, the actual Proxomitron header and web filters are irrelevant at this point, they do not effect the two talking to each other as far as the "test Proxy" dialog is concerned. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Hope that you have better luck than I have had.
  10. Yep! Very useful when debugging javascript What is your ProxHTTPSProxyMII's config.ini settings? I"M STILL NOT GETTING THIS D@MN THING TO CONNECT. SOOOO d@mn frustrating!
  11. I'm actually half way there and my MSFN looks great. Looks perfectly "normal" (albeit heavily modified by Stylus). You can see my Proxomitron config "menu" as evidence. LONG before ProxHTTPSProxy / ProxHTTPSProxyMII came along, us Proxomitron users were doing what we called half-ssl. I can get everything working using HALF SSL - but this is essentially HTTP EVERYWHERE and while that is perfectly fine "for me", I am assuming that the MSFN Crowd would prefer the more widespread (albeit meaningliess!) HTTPS EVERYWHERE. Yeah, after trying for FOUR DAYS, I'm sure you can see my frustration with ProxHTTPSProxyMII.
  12. I'm fairly positive I've tried that. I've tried a HUNDRED different scenarios over the last FOUR days. Much more d@mn confusing that it should have to be. Digging through your recent posts and will update. Fingers crossed
  13. Totally agree. I've used Proxomitron for 18 years and it really is awesome! But I used it in conjunction with GreenBrowser and Sleipnir and it fell to the wayside when the "modern web" forced me to short-lived Mypal/NM and I'm now on 360Chrome. I see a much longer life with 360Chrome so I'm highly interested in bringing Proxomitron back into the mix (outside of only Microsoft Excel Web Queries where I still use my previous Proxomitron configuration). It's always been "intimidating" and the sidki3003 configs only add to that confusion (but they are extremely powerful and I do use the sidki3003 configs). There were Proxomitron Forum members (Grypen, lnminente, Jakx, altosax, Alcyon, Kye-U, JJoe) that publicly released less confusing configs, but they never gained as much ground as sidki3003's configs.
  14. For a geeky person that loves tinkering with computers, I'm at my wits end here! I simply can NOT get ProxHTTPSProxyMII to link to Proxomitron. There seems to be very limited interest in it here at MSFN but I'm hoping SOMEBODY can direct me as to what I'm doing wrong. This is INSANE and setting up ProxHTTPSProxyMII should NOT require a 6yr doctorate degree! I can get the old ProxHTTPSProxy (no MII at the end), but it doesn't work as intended and I can only assume it is because it is a BETA version. Here's my setup screencaps. HELP, please.
  15. @RainyShadow - Please let me know if you can get this setup working in 360Chrome. Thanks in advance.
  16. Do you have a download link? I can't find this extension. Nevermind. That's a FIREFOX extension. This is an EASY chain in Firefox. It's only on Chromium-based that I need to use ProxHTTPSProxy without the MII.
  17. Ah, I didn't do anything with ParentServer so that may be my issue. Are you using the old Proxomitron or the "Reborn" Proxomitron - ie, does yours look like this?
  18. @RainyShadow - how did you assign all of your ports? Ignoring BFilter (at least for now), I'm not able to get these chain links to link -- ProxHTTPSProxyMII Front > Proxomitron > ProxHTTPSProxyMII Rear ProxHTTPSProxyMII (version 1.5) on the left, Proxomitron log window on the right - But same exact Proxomitron configuration using the older ProxHTTPSProxy (version 0.4b) (without the MII in the file name) is successful -
  19. That's the original author's default config from 2003. Nobody really uses that one anymore. However, I am having a higher success rate with the 2003 default config than I am with anything dated 2008 and newer. So the newer (and more complicated than needed when using in conjuction with NoScript, uMatrix, Stylus, etc) config files are going to be too bloated. So good call, reverting to the 2003 and adding to it as opposed to running something from 2008 and newer and stripping it down.
  20. I admit that I was a bit skeptic on BFilter at first (it has not been updated since 2008). All I kept seeing it block is Google adservers and analytics that I block with other methods. It did block 1x1 pixel ads on https://www.quora.com/Which-website-has-the-most-ads (that Proxomitron also blocks). Although the 1x1 pixel ads on quora were the ONLY blocks (outside of Googlisms) in its log after bouncing around and hunting for ads for over an hour - but it DID block "something" (with all of my other methods disabled), so I cannot discredit it. If you open your config file in a text editor, I'll be able to know what config you are using if you can show us what your "Blocklists" section looks like.
  21. Are you using the 2019-01-26b1 that JJoe submitted as an update to an older sidki3003 config? I'm starting to think that for "modern usage", I may build up a config completely from scratch. "Modern usage" doesn't really need it to be the Swiss Army Knife that it is (I don't intend to "replace" Stylus, NoScript, uMatrix, and Tampermonkey but rather use in conjunction with).
  22. I don't have a specific header-dependent redirect. I assumed that since www.google.com (and msfn.org) were being filtered that I didn't need the header-dependent redirect.
  23. I haven't been able to get consistent results as of yet I haven't been able to get ProxHTTPSProxyMII to link to Proxomitron. I can get the older ProxHTTPSProxy (no MII at the end), but not the newer ProxHTTPSProxyMII. So I'm not sure if my inconsistency has been due to MII versus non-MII. Everything will filter on www.google.com but as soon as I perform an actual search, 360Chrome seems to be making a parallel connection because the Proxomitron log shows traffic but the page is not being filtered.

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