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  1. You may have to consider that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". MSFN has been hit HARD with cryptocurrency spam BS. It is entirely possible (though admins would need to chime in to verify) that what you call a "bug" is NOT a bug but the best method available to keep the BS spam off of MSFN. I would rather have a spam-free MSFN and "hinder" a few rule-following Russian users then revert to a non-hindering setup plagued with cryptocurrency BS.
  2. GDIChromium does not work on XP. I use it in my Win10 installs. It is available here, it is only the "ungoogling" of it that I probably cannot "share" -- https://github.com/GTANAdam/GDIChromium/releases
  3. I use GDIChromium for the most part. I've "ungoogled" it but I suspect it would be a violation of "terms of agreement" if I posted as a download. I actually think we "violated" terms of agreement with 360Chrome - but "upstream" never 'found us'.
  4. No real need to worry about it, if you ask me. It would be one thing if we were talking a 30 Mbps difference when one is 10 and the other is 40. But 230 versus 260, hardly anything to lose sleep over. I certainly hope you're not comparing XP to Win10 and expecting identical speed test results.
  5. Ouch, the font-family for current FPS gives me a headache. Is that a 50 or a 60? Couldn't find the .css to change the font.
  6. This is one of my biggest "pet peeves" - videos with no video but these STUPID "white fuzz lines" trying to mock analog camera equipment from the twenties ???
  7. But wouldn't that apply to most of the Firefox Forks here at MSFN? I thought that Serpent 52 was "better" then Serpent 55?
  8. The vital key is this line -- "After following the mitigation guide, this software is Not Spyware." Which is technically the case for ALL WEB BROWSERS. Us here at MSFN "know better", but for the most part a web browser user simply uses "default settings" (for the most part).
  9. Run it 10 times in 360Chrome. Then run it 10 times in Firefox. They average identical speeds for me.
  10. Just played only 1,000 frames of each. ZERO dropped frames. Not my music style so unable to play 2hrs 52min and 3hr 24min just to see how many frames drop.
  11. I would not classify this as decisive. It could be something as simple as "Installer Version A" looks for an update (via internet) and decides for itself to NOT install "Version A" but fetches "Version B" instead. DISABLE your internet connection before doing ANY install. Good Rule of Thumb because MOST installers "phone home" in some sort of way.
  12. "You're killin' me, Smalls." I've showed you screencaps of the provided link installing without an internet connection. THAT seems "pretty decisive" to me - yet we're FOUR DAYS in?
  13. Hmm. I haven't tried that and can't from here at work. You can use header filters "inside" of a web page filter, only if the header is "true" is the web page filter applied.
  14. That's out of context and not exactly what I said. I "appreciate" the weekly updates even if I don't update every week. I do download every week, update in a VirtualBox, and decide for myself if the host OS also requires the update.
  15. If you're seeking "best performing", then you will NOT want to update each ane every week just because a "new" release is release each and every week. I personally find that the 2018 versions of roytam's offerings are way WAY faster then anything new! BUT then you run into compatibility issues on the "modern web". This is NOT Google's fault! They do NOT come up with javascript functions, they just do better at "compliance" to web standards !!! !!! !!! These days, if you really really "must" use 'these browsers', then you also MUST come to the understanding that they will NOT be able to do "everything" on the internet. So you will become like most of us here - a DOZEN web browsers installed on your computer - one for this, one for that, another for those, still another for these.
  16. Requires Win7 x64. Sends data to x.ss2.us and packages.axiacoin.com. "Axia Member Center" seems a bit untrustworthy, though I have no real "proof". Not a fan of built-in VPN's (too many folks "abuse" them!) Based on Chromium v107.
  17. Offline JRE. Just installed in a VirtualBox XP with internet disabled. Would take me a few days to dig up my old ME. This should be what you are looking for.
  18. Try here -- http://www.oldversion.com/windows/java-platform-5-update-22
  19. Agreed. I suspect it has to do more with "ad revenue". (ps, the narcissism reply was NOT directed at you specifically or I would have quoted you directly... just saying MSFN likes to "always" think developers are "out to get them"... moving on...) I'm not quite sure how the "ad revenue" works. But the web sites that you have written (it's been several years since I have), I suspect they don't use third-party "resources"? I've often wondered why my BANKING web site (if I allowed it to!) pings FACEBOOK. Then there's the obvious googleanalytics ping (again, if I allowed it to). Then there's the countless dozen of "cdn" web sites that are also attempted connections (that my banking web sites work even without). Another common one of late is "techlab-cdn".
  20. NONE of the extensions tried so far actually work to make YouTube play inside VirtualBox without the HORRIBLE choppiness. I do find it hillarious that the test video is the exact video used in the screencap of this extension -- https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/play-with-mpv/hahklcmnfgffdlchjigehabfbiigleji?hl=en
  21. WinRedecuerEX100 -- https://www.winreducer.net/ex-series.html Your only TRULY EFFECTIVE method is to remove all of the unneeded apps and telemetry BEFORE even installing to your hard drive!

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