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  1. Mirror of FF 45ESR and New Moon 26.5 / 27 / 28 updated! -> https://soggi.org/misc/tools.htm You're welcome! I don't install every version, so I didn't recognize that there was a problem. This also happened to other software in the past. I.e. the WinSCP installer doesn't work anymore under WinXP...you have to use the portable version. kind regards soggi
  2. Beside the FF 45ESR and New Moon 26.5 / 27 / 28 versions on my website, I also have some others on my HDD: basilisk52-g4.6.win32-git-20201003-ef27fbe-uxp-15acac52b-xpmod.7z basilisk52-g4.6.win32-git-20201003-ef27fbe-uxp-15acac52b-xpmod-ia32.7z basilisk55-win32-git-20200919-a4291d5cc-xpmod.7z basilisk55-win64-git-20200919-a4291d5cc-xpmod.7z bnavigator.win32-20201003-355db4de-uxp-15acac52b-xpmod.7z iceape.win32-20201003-id-eed0566-ia-41157bf-uxp-15acac52b-xpmod.7z icedove.win32-20201003-id-eed0566-uxp-15acac52b-xpmod.7z KM76.3.1-Goanna-20201003.7z mailnews.win32-20201003-355db4de-uxp-15acac52b-xpmod.7z retrozilla-suite-tls12-20200131.7z ...if needed. Let's wait, what roytam1 says to my offer. That's wrong! The latest version still supports Windows XP, I run Notepad++ 7.9 myself without a problem on it. kind regards soggi
  3. @roytam1: If you need help (uploading possibility) in the meanwhile, let me know...I could create an account for that. This is what I can do to say "Thanks for your browser builds!". So you would have the time to do the search for an appropriate provider. kind regards soggi
  4. It wasn't me who asked, it was @x_orange90_x. I myself am pleased with NM27 (except the missing Wayback Machine time line bar, the missing language pack is bearable). Actually I also have eight addons installed, but only need six of them (Adblock Latitude, Cache Status, Html Validator, NoScript, Vacuum Places Improved, Versions (wfx_versions)) - the other two (DownThemAll!, User Agent Switcher) aren't very important. Maybe I should add some cookie manager and maybe I should add some add-ons to my page, as the archive for old add-ons vanished sometime ago. @VistaLover: Thanks for the info - it was also my thought, that this is caused by modern JS and stuff. Hopefully there is a way...else I have to change to NM28. BTW: roytam1's server seems to be down again!? kind regards soggi
  5. Hardcore! And nice! I would like to have two monitors...maybe one day. I like the good old 4:3 ones and have a NEC MultiSync LCD 2180UX...with a second one would likely use the pivot function to work on my website project and for just reading. But I run NM27 with hundreds of tabs...searching for old BIOSes, drivers, game patches and manuals requires this. Thanks, but I won't do that. I'm OK with the latest NM27, apart from the missing language pack and even more the not loading/working time line bar when using the Wayback Machine, the latter is quite annoying - maybe @roytam1can do something concerning this. Sorry, but...LOL!? Actually I'm using a IBM/Lenovo T60 with Intel Core 2 Duo T5600, Intel GMA 950, 1 GiB RAM and a relatively slow Toshiba MK8034GSX HDD. When I have used too many tabs of the hundreds opened ones or used a few (or sometimes just one) for PHP/JS bloated websites (keyword: WordPress, I hate it...), often I have to close and restart NM27 for "normal" use. Nah...if it's kind of usable, I prefer to take the latest build. A working German language pack would be nice to have, but I'm OK with English. When it comes to OS, it's OK for me to take an older one (because I like pre WinVista much more), but a browser is more critical...and therefor I also use NoScript and Adblock Latitude to have a minimum of extra security - through my searches for my website I have to visit many, many different websites and some of them are at least questionable/dubious. kind regards soggi
  6. With "alot of tabs" I mean dozens to hundreds. ;-) In this case NM27 was much more responsive than NM28 on a A64 3000+ / 1 GiB. With just five tabs, you're right! kind regards soggi
  7. I think the fastest compromise on this Hardware is New Moon 27, especially if you run alot of tabs. If you have problems with downloading from roytam1's space, the New Moon Builds are mirrored on my page -> https://soggi.org/misc/tools.htm. kind regards soggi
  8. Updated the mirror of Firefox ESR 45 and New Moon 26.5 / 27 / 28 (other builds may follow in the future) -> https://soggi.org/misc/tools.htm * * please don't link directly to a file/download as hotlinking is not allowed and older hotlinks won't work anyway (404), because only the latest build is available for download. I also do, but obviously not as carefully as you...didn't notice the recurrence. kind regards soggi
  9. Thanks, roytam1! I started mirroring Firefox 45ESR and New Moon 26.5 / 27 / 28 in the tools section of my website (https://soggi.org/misc/tools.htm), other builds may follow in the future. Hopefully the description is correct, let me know if not. kind regards soggi
  10. @roytam1, let me know if you need a mirror - there's enough space for each latest build on my webspace (but not for all builds ever released). I also can spend an explicit page / small article for your builds on my website (soggi.org) ... just let me know. kind regards soggi
  11. AdBlock Latitude 5.0.8, as mentioned by @Sampei.Nihira, and NoScript 5.1.9. Both are working fine with the latest release of NM27. kind regards soggi
  12. Hi @all! First, big thanks @roytam1 for all these builds! Personally, I'm using NM27 (because it's a way faster than NM28 on single core machines with many [over hundred] tabs) since Pale Moon support for WinXP was deprecated. My website (soggi.org) links to this thread in the misc/tools/browsers section, because I recommend using NM27/28 on WinXP. I just have been a reader here for several years (not just on the "New Moon" topic; much longer). Will there be the possibility to have working language packs in the future again? I'm OK with English, but German would be fine, especially for my relatives. I would keep the solar system topic (planet/satellite/planetoid/asteroid) and maybe would call it Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Io, Callisto/Kallisto, Triton, Ceres, Juno, Vesta...something like that. But "Sweet Sweet Gwendoline" would also be OK. kind regards soggi
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