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  1. Thank you roytam1 for another good release. That site is shown properly in Serpent 52.9 (on XP x86).
  2. Thank you for your effort! Basilisk52-g4.8.win32-git-20220402-f94c0da-uxp-21d56c9c9-xpmod works very well (on XP x86).
  3. Here too, WinXP x86, build 20220226 of Serpent 52.9 works splendidly.
  4. I use @roytam1's Serpent browser (52.9.0) in my XP (x86) and it is a great experience. Everything works, only 20220326 version is somehow borked - HD light is on and pages load really slowly, so I reverted back to 20220226 version and is problem free again.
  5. Is https://www.vsynctester.com/ of any importance? I tested it with Serpent 52.9.0 and sometimes it's even green but in KMeleon it's a mess. :-)
  6. I wonder could it be done on XP that Serpent or all these browsers would know the amount of RAM a graphics card has (now listed as "Unknown" under "Troubleshooting Information" subject "GPU #1")? Perhaps it could read it from DXdiag where for my GTX980_4GB it says 4095MB (and not 4096), so it fits XP's 32-bitnessnessness. I thought the browser might act differently - perhaps even use more graphics RAM for videos and all kinds of images dancing on the screen instead of system RAM (we're limited to only 4095MB also), I mean these days browsers are heavily GPU-accelerated.
  7. I must ask - does the 52.9.1 ESR contain the "cubeb" fix? I would guess no. Indeed it is; I use Serpent/UXP as an upgrade to that fireferret (with youtube videos playback broken). Never looked back since. Plus Serpent/UXP scores better on html5test than FF 52 ESR while NewMoon does not if that's of any importance.
  8. @nicolaasjan : A little late but still - I transferred my fireferret (52.9) profile to the Serpent/UXP browser and that's why had all my YT stuff already agreed upon and working with ublock/Legacy now.
  9. UXP/Serpent usage report - I've been using it for the past week and all Youtube videos work flawlessly now. Party on! The Youtube site as bloated as it is now is somewhat slow-ish still, but I just might search for an upgrade mobo+cpu+ram option from my Q9550. Interestingly on my HD7970 the site is quicker/normal to display; might still be some issue with GeForce (GTX 680, 770, 780, 970 and 980 tested) and layers_acceleration although I did change drivers back to normal version ( instead of 10.14... Perhaps there could be something done there or is it an architectural issue?
  10. Just to answer - I experience a ~16s freeze but I don't want to lower quality because of that, so 4GB of RAM doesn't help really. As @mixit said it's an audio bug in the library... I have 4GB of RAM and a GTX 980 video card with SBAudigy2 and this should be enough for all my audio and video needs up to 1080p60fps (though I use 1680x1050 screen) and it works and now this fix - wow - something to look for in the next Serpent build. Mighty fine. Hallelujah!!! Now this is resolved! I'm very thankful for your time in fixing and testing and providing a fix, @mixit, for our favorite browser and of course @roytam1 for implementing it in all XP browsers! WOOHOO! SuperSweet! Shaderlicious and such.
  11. Thank you roytam1 for your work on these browsers. I use Serpent/UXP on WinXP and was wondering if there is any solution to 23:18 problem on Youtube (video does continue but the pauses are quite annoying). I also observed similar pause (where video didn't continue) on Rumble at 25:12 or so. I use ublock_legacy (latest) in Serpent/UXP and these extensions.
  12. Same could be said for windows os 6.x (10 too as it was 6.4 not long ago). GUI fixing until it's broken (10) and made unusable. The problem is there is no alternative; ReactOS is still way off despite the latest activity and if there weren't roytam's Serpent browser, us XP veterans would have nothing.
  13. Why don't you use the last XP driver from nVidia (NOT iCafe version), the XP 368.81 driver? It is rock solid, I've used it with GTX 970, 660, 680, 780Ti, Quadro K6000 and now with GTX 980 (of course with added ID's in the nvdispi.inf for Maxwell chips and put under section18 as 750Ti).
  14. I have to ask regarding this topic - is there any simple way to overcome the 23:18 video issue (video locks up after 23 minutes) in firefox 52.9.0 with hardware acceleration? I have tested many different graphics cards: HD5770, HD7850, GTX970, GTX770, GTX660, GTX780Ti, HD6950 and it only really (reliably) worked with HD7970 GHz ed. I guess firefox requires serious shader power to play long youtube videos reliably/without stalling... :-(
  15. I see. Well that is quite awkward. Even the erpman's site while it's very informative - contains by now broken links on M$'s site which only hosts article anymore an no hotfix/patch. Sigh. If I knew it will be so I'd download all I could years ago and make a big pack with a .bat file for installation but now it's all over it seems. Strange affection I have for this old oddity, that is NT4 must be because I tried it way back when it only came out on my old Cyrix 200+ non-MX and installed it on the second 420MB drive (one was Conner, the other I don't remember right now). One would almost think there'd be a pack of all these patches and fixes at least in zip form made by someone, but nope. I guess when people saw as I did slipstream is no-go, interest withered away... Ces't la vie.
  16. Thank you so much for the help, jaclaz. I'll check the links and see what I can find. The odd thing though is that I did search extensively on the web archive, but fund absolutely nothing or maybe 1 file. It's like they removed the files or didn't save them or I just didn't look on the right spots. All I found there was the whole names of the files so I could then search around and get them.
  17. It's been a long time, but I somehow decided to once again install nt4.0 and update it so I finally registered here on your fine forum so I can ask you this. Apart from this topic I was following hpcfactor's guide on updating the system and both list similar/same updates, however the updates are nowhere to be found anymore. I managed to find them on various university (ftp) servers up to Q839645; Q840315 and on is nowhere to be found. I was wondering could someone here help me get them?

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