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  1. 360EEv11 (EOL build 2251) has the following flag: The default setting is "Disabled", but, per your suggestion, have flipped it to "Enabled" (and restarted, ofc ), which is the state depicted in the screenshot... I have been running the browser like that for more than 12hr and I have to say I haven't witnessed, sadly, any noticeable decrease in RAM consumption... My session now comprises 17 pinned tabs, of which 13 are internal "chrome://*" URLs; I have 2 additional normal web tabs, a total of 19 tabs open; with #enable-site-per-process in its default disabled stage, I c
  2. Yes, from experience, version X of the uninstaller will uninstall ALL (NPAPI, PPAPI, AX) Flash versions <=X This one has a digital signature (SHA-2 only) of Dec 22nd 2020 ; to be honest, I'm quite reluctant to try it out; Adobe are known to be very insidious , so I fear they may have artificially blocked any Flash version from being installed after this tool has been run... But I'm just being paranoid, I suppose... As for version 34, I think in China (and probably in Enterprise distributions) Flash hasn't died with version
  3. For me, this has been rectified as of Jan 12th 2021, ca. 15:00 GMT Thanks to those involved ...
  4. While chrome://net-export/ is indeed a feature of Chromium 69 on which 360EEv11 builds, the Chinese makers of it have not unlocked it in their v11 fork However, that Chromium flag is available in 360EEv12 (Chromium 78 fork) and 360EEv13 (Chromium 86 fork) The bulk of the Chinese telemetry is being removed when the official chrome.dll file is treated with what is known as Patch_by_El_Sanchez, and this process is being done by the Russian RePackers prior to releasing their modified versions of 360EE... From what you have reported in your previous messages, you had what appears t
  5. ... Whatever I posted located inside %windir%\system32\macromed\Flash was from a fresh NPAPI install here, minus the FlashPlayerTrust dir, which was inherited from years of Flash usage... Update on my issues... I had to use the latest Flash Uninstaller (v32.0.0.468) as admin, followed by a system restart to have a clean slate wrt Flash... After system booted, I installed anew latest (v32.0.0.465) Flash NPAPI, and modified the newly created mms.cfg file, as per your instructions: SilentAutoUpdateEnable=0 AutoUpdateDisable=1 DisableAnalytics=1 EOLUninstallDisable=1 E
  6. Well, and this is indeed a surprise to me , the redirection I posted about no longer takes place now, the Flash "version check" webpage loads normally: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/about/ Thank you @Ben Markson for your kind assistance , but tried as I might I couldn't get your method to work in my Vista SP2 32-bit laptop, neither for "portable" Flash DLLs nor properly installed ones in "%windir%\system32\macromed\flash" This is how above directory looks like after installing latest Flash NPAPI: File mms.cfg reads: SilentAutoUpdateEnable=0 AutoUpdateD
  7. Oops ; ... I had only focused on the 2040 number (and assumed to mean the start of the year), while I did not consider the "just" adverb in your quote, which - now is clear to me that - it meant Enforced EOL date: 2021-01-12 => Patched EOL date: 2040-01-12 Second oops Accounting for local timezone differences, I can now compute that Thu Jan 12 2040 00:00:00 UTC = 2209939200000 ms since epoch ! Thanks again, best regards
  8. Apologies for being thick , but I visited https://currentmillis.com/ and on the right sidebar converter I input 2040 01 01 00 00 00 and that date is calculated to correspond to 2208981600000 (ms since epoch) If I input that figure in https://www.exploringbinary.com/floating-point-converter/ with only Raw Hexadecimal checked in output formats, it produces: 4280128c82380000 which would equate to 000038828C28128042 != 0000C02055148042 Where did I fail?
  9. @Ben Markson I tried to implement "your" method on portable Flash installations, like the one in 360EEv12; adjacent to original file pepflashplayer32_32_0_0_465.dll I manually created file mms.cfg with contents as below: EOLUninstallDisable=1 EnableAllowList=1 AllowListUrlPattern=file:* AllowListUrlPattern=https://www.kongregate.com/games/* restarted the browser and upon visiting the test URL: https://www.kongregate.com/games/fairypoet/wings-of-genesis Adobe Flash wasn't working Am I missing something? Can you advise further? Only ActiveX is installed system-wide, t
  10. https://www.kongregate.com/games/fairypoet/wings-of-genesis ... on the same 360EEv12 version, with PPAPI flash file pepflashplayer32_32_0_0_465.dll hex-patched according to instructions posted previously by @UCyborg :
  11. Unsurprisingly, today (2021/01/12): This is on 360EEv12 (build 1592) and latest PPAPI (
  12. 16:20 GMT: And gone are the flags, again... And so is the "Country" account settings section:
  13. I can only hypothesize, but there is a special account setting for that: <OT> Are you using some custom dark theme for MSFN? Or is it some extension? <OT/>
  14. ... Me too No need to, as you can achieve the same via account settings: BTW, do the IPS people not know how to spell English correctly? "wantt" ???
  15. The "status quo ante" was to always display the designated flag under a member's avatar; as you say, not all members are being totally honest about their actual location (but admins can surely check members' IPs to verify a flag's validity), so my mention of "privacy concerns" was within the context of me trying to figure out a reasoning behind the new configuration of displaying flags only when signed in...
  16. Is this "new" flags configuration due to privacy concerns?
  17. As I have very recently re-posted, Be that as it may, for probably the last time: 1. Latest version of Mypal is 28.17.0 2. There have been no locale string changes since much previous version 28.13.0, so LP for that older version should be compatible with the latest version of Mypal. 3. This is general advice and I lost count of how many times I've posted about it, but in Mozilla-type browsers, for the language pack to take effect, you have to a) visit about:config and search for pref general.useragent.locale The default value would normally be en-
  18. The latest release of @roytam1 's fork of FxESR 45 has been the one from last November: http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2020/11/weekly-browser-binaries-20201128.html ... so you can at least update your one-year-old installation to the latest one... BUT (sadly, there always seems to be a "but" lately ), if you, like me, prefer your browser to be localised, then v45.9.29 (buildID=20201008212525), package file name: firefox-45.9.29-20201010-7391af2bb-win32-sse.7z is the last one that supports the original FxESR 45.9.0 language packs: https://ftp.mozilla.org/p
  19. <semi-OT> Another IPS board I occasionally browse (but don't belong to as a registered member) is nsane.forums . That one has also undergone the forum software overhaul last autumn, but the IPS default theme has been kept as a custom choice; do note that what's currently available is an updated iteration of past IPS default, but if one enables the new version now, one can get a good glimpse of what the pre-update version looked like... @asdf2345 : Scroll down to the bottom banner, then choose via "Theme": @siria : I combined your "fixes" into the follo
  20. Update on this: Colour Picker custom selections are now stored in HTML5 cookies: The extension used is CookieKeeper
  21. <semiOT> The new forum layout caused real havoc to me... 1. The "primary" and "secondary" colour settings (in "Colour Picker") are no longer stored in cookies. My personal preference was Marble (not the forum default) for both, and then I would protect these cookies with a specialised cookie extension, so that everytime I logged-in, those custom colour settings of mine would stick... 2. The newly instituted "sibebar" unnecessarily takes up horizontal screen space and the new "Customizer" wizard only allows for displaying it on the right (default) or left side of
  22. In latest 360EEv12 (12.0.1592.0), when one opts to hide the extension's toolbar button, e.g. to unhide it afterwards one has to load either chrome://extensions/ or chrome://myextensions/ and then locate said extension, where a "Show button" button () should be present: Isn't this the case with 360EEv13 ? If not, then I guess this is a regression/bug of v13, which is still in a BETA testing phase... I have NEVER used the official Chinese installer on any version of 360EE, only the portable repacks... I think the redistribution from lrepacks does o
  23. As my dear Italian friend mentioned, only the ActiveX version of Flash (e.g. for IE) will be removed via Windows Update in Win > 7; Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) will, no doubt, be updated to a Flash-free version at that same time... NPAPI and PPAPI Flash versions manually installed by the user will have to be also uninstalled manually, but, if your OS is compatible, future browser updates (Mozilla Firefox and the numerous Chromium variants) will come with Flash supporting code completely removed... Of note is the fact that MCP browsers (Pale Moon, Basilisk) and forks will n
  24. Today, the official Adobe Flash Player "version check" page no longer shows up; it was still working yesterday, Jan 1st, 2021, successfully detecting the last release, v32.0.0.465 ... https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/about/ => https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html ... And it's the very first time they're revealing details about the time-bomb (included in versions > set to go off on 12/01/2021
  25. The first "problem" and the one that needs to be addressed by UXP issue #1675 is the embedded web player on rutube.ru not loading/displaying in UXP browsers (New Moon 28, Serpent 52, IceApe-uxp, BNavigator, etc.), whereas the rest of the rutube.ru site is being loaded/displayed correctly. The second problem (probably unrelated to the first one) with the rutube.ru site is that in NM27 it appears to load at first, but then it vanishes into thin air, leaving an empty tab; in deprecated Mypal 27.9.4 and in Arctic Fox 27.11 (both Tycho forks, much like NM27), the site in question does load (no
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