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  1. @32bitforever : I don't have a Google account myself, nor will I create one now just for the sake of experimenting with Google Meet in latest Serpent 52 ... There may be several reasons why it doesn't work for you, e.g. 1. User-agent-sniffing; GM servers might not like the UA sent by your copy of Serpent 52 2. GM webpage / APIs might need browser technologies (e.g. Web Components, ShadowDOM, etc.) that are not yet complete/implemented in St52 and are particular to Chromium forks ... 3. GM APIs might not like the (older) implementation of WebRTC present in latest Serpent 52 ; wh
  2. You may also consider substituting the XP-incompatible openssl 1.1.1.x files with XP-compatible ones, like I advised for SUMo previously in this thread: Not tested here (XP is unavailable) ... BTW, the latest openssl 1.1.1 official release now is at version 1.1.1k (file versions
  3. Thanks for the heads-up! If you (or anyone else) can't wait until the (patched) version 3.0.13 is officially released, VideoLan provide VLC 3 automated nightly builds, where, hopefully, the exploit has been patched already ; latest (as of this writing) 3.0.13-dev-win32 build can be downloaded from: https://artifacts.videolan.org/vlc-3.0/nightly-win32/20210417-0625/ binaries repo: https://artifacts.videolan.org/vlc-3.0/nightly-win32/ Best wishes
  4. The really interesting bits are to be found inside: https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/pull/9378 especially in comments by XP user @KOLANICH ... TL;DR : They didn't really have to drop XP, it was just that one of their devs (@mere-human) "forcefully" introduced code for a "modern" style File Open dialog, that relies on APIs found only on Vista+; the idea to have a fallback for XP was also dropped, as "too complicated"...
  5. ... FTR, I did warn about WebIDE having been kept "here" but removed by "upstream" : I'm sure Dutch speaking members here will appreciate your efforts! However, stay vigilant, more string changes on the way... https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/700f7804bdfe9f8d6dbb9b5dae825a297dd16a34#diff-a4c8afcf877e09836666f13acf9d862c30c2b029439418d1afd4fd63f61c1a9d
  6. Yes, but no common userscripts are shared between them... FWIW, I also have installed in that same St52 profile Stylem (a "legacy" userstyle manager, for styles that alter parts of the browser) and Stylus 1.14.23 (a WE userstyle manager) for styles that alter web pages - the latter also has support for the newer format of userstyle called UserCSS (offers configuration choices post-install); sadly, v1.14.23, the last compatible with St52, has become now quite old, several of the newer UserCSS styles won't install or previously installed versions won't update to the most current...
  7. I use the open source Violentmonkey extension (WE, currently at version 2.12.14) in latest Serpent 52.9.0, as well as in 360EE... VM being a WE, it can only affect web content, not browser looks (this is not possible in 360EE, of course, but I use Greasemonkey for Pale Moon in St52 to change several browser-GUI aspects...). https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/410687-google-shut-up https://greasyfork.org/el/scripts/412178-youtube-dismiss-sign-in (has some overlapping functionality with the previous one) https://greasyfork.org/el/scripts/375525-youtube-age-verification-bypass
  8. ... But it's coming from a Chinese vendor (so XP support isn't that much of a "surprise" there ... ); however, several members here have expressed their mistrust (some even aversion) for everything with a Chinese origin ; at the end of the day, would you yourself use such a solution? FTR, I don't have any personal issues myself using a Chinese (and/or Russian) product, that is, no additional issues compared to using just US/EU ones... Best regards
  9. ... I think they have been candid about the type of "continued support" in the May 17th 2018 article below: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/191650-malwarebytes-3-frequently-asked-questions/?tab=comments#comment-1243649 i.e. their "support" is limited, in practice, to just offering def updates, via a separate development track (they also make mention of "other maintenance upgrades", but only an actual (paid) user of the app can testify whether such "upgrades" ever took place... ) . Still, if you compare them to other vendors cited in this thread (who decided to cut-off
  10. If that is on Serpent 52.9.0, on latest build at least, javascript.options.jit_trustedprincipals is not an included pref by default ; I found a mention about it here : but that Bugzilla bug refers to a relatively recent Firefox version; further searches landed me on: https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js/issues/928 which states: new in 75beta but commented out by default //user_pref("javascript.options.jit_trustedprincipals", true); // [FF75+] [HIDDEN PREF] so, in all probability, it is not applicable to St52... If you're just picking up user.js files from the web, ple
  11. Another tip already mentioned previously in this thread is to launch 360EE with the cmdline argument: --process-per-site so that tabs under the same domain (e.g. all facebook.com tabs) are loaded by the same unique browser process; I tested this briefly in the past, but since I never get to having more than 25 open tabs and very few, if any, among them share the same domain, I did not witness a noticeable reduction in RAM consumption (tried on 360EEv12/v13) ... YMMV, of course...
  12. For the duration JustOff was the head of the official Pale Moon localisation project, he would maintain his own langpack (LP) GitHub repository, https://github.com/JustOff/pale-moon-localization/releases and his Pre-release LPs would target PM's unstable channel, with which NM28 has/had the closest affinity... Modifying the minVersion value inside the install.rdf file, to account for NM28's different versioning, would produce an installable and functioning langpack... This practice used to work up to a point in time (e.g. I know it worked till the end of May 2019, when NM28 w
  13. Well, AFAIK, @JustOff only supports official Pale Moon, official Basilisk and SeaMonkey 2.53.x; he doesn't support pre-Quantum Mozilla Firefox (v52-56), nor any other Fx52ESR-based fork... (snipped) Imagine the case your wish has been granted by @JustOff and his extension installs out-of-the-box in Serpent 52.9.0; (snipped) The extension would have no issue installing in a 2018 build of Serpent 52 (on Firefox ESR 52.x.x, too), but obviously the GitHub experience there would be substandard... Do you think @JustOff is willing to deal with such scenarios? (snipped) ... so,
  14. Twitter related upstream change targeting Pale Moon, applicable to New Moon 28, too: https://repo.palemoon.org/MoonchildProductions/Pale-Moon/commit/4f00b12
  15. Actually based on Chromium 69 - 360EEv12 is the one based on Chromium 78... Basilisk 55/Moebius was actually born by MCP as a fork of a snapshot of Mozilla Firefox 53.0a1 (yes, the Nightly channel); there's very little, if anything, backported from Firefox stable 54.0 or 55.0; in fact, MCP, right after forking, started removing features, so that Basilisk 55 was even inferior to release channel Firefox 53.0, feature-wise (especially in what concerns e10s and WebExtension APIs) ... MCP just gave it an appVersion=55.0.x for purely "sensationalism" reasons ... Today's Serpent 55, a
  16. ... A quick search found a few mentions (mostly in Chinese and Russian sites) of an interim release v1.7.21469.0 with the "version number", again, assumed to apply to the main potplayer.dll file ... That release, apparently, took place on Mar 25th 2021, and has already been superseded/replaced by (potplayer.dll) v1.7.21472.0 (that I downloaded directly from vendor: https://t1.daumcdn.net/potplayer/PotPlayer/Version/Latest/PotPlayerSetup.exe ); while searching, I did come across several PotPlayerSetup.exe releases with the same file version 1.7.21465, but with different vers
  17. ... Actually named PotPlayerXP.exe here: Too many inconsistencies with that latest release, if you ask me... 1. The installer has "File Version" 1.7.21465.0, but the main DLL (potplayer.dll) has "File Version" 1.7.21472.0 2. The "About" info shows application version (according to new naming convention) as being 210318 (i.e. Mar 18th 2021), this is the one VH also use, but the installer itself, PotPlayerSetup.exe, as well as the main DLL have been digitally signed on Apr 2nd 2021 : What a fine mess they've created, user confusion is inevitable...
  18. I recollect this as having been already discussed in this thread... Upon searching, I did locate a post from June 2019, by one of your compatriots: I have never experienced this under Vista SP2 32-bit, so, as hinted, it might be an issue specific to XP... I am convinced, through local testing, that PotPlayer uses system resources (TLS implementation/cipher suites/crypto libs/cert store) to establish HTTPS connections, since (recently) many web services abandoned TLS v1.0/1.1 and moved on to TLS v1.2+, this might be a manifestation of such an implementation... A similar issue I'
  19. Apologies , it was somewhat inconsiderate of me to wish you Happy Easter, while you are in mourning over your recent loss ... But, life must go on, as we say here: "The Dead among the Dead and the Living among the Living"; peace with you and your loved ones... Covid19-wise, it's the same SNAFU over here, too...
  20. Many thanks, indeed! palem's post there is, I think, highly representative/reflective of the major part of Moonchild browsers' userbase, and should also encompass users of Roytam1 forks here... The actual URI of the post (by M.A.T.) quoted is: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=211976&sid=0181647fb5c2204a1c681cd16e21004d#p211976 ... As far as I know, no-one here has already gone/will go nuts over it, all is needed is to keep a vigilant eye on UXP+PM issue trackers/UXP+PM master branches and selectively revert/omit what is deemed unneeded for our tree... Eve
  21. ... Modern Wakandan? Really Moonchild? https://freefontsdownload.net/free-modernwakandan-font-160865.htm Anyhow, blocking remote fonts in uBlock Origin "legacy" fixed it for me... Well. I was well on April 2nd (by 5 hours) in my timezone already, so that wasn't my first thought... In a devilish coincidence (or perhaps it was deliberate all along), the official PM forums were down for maintenance, because going there to look for answers was what I did first, before posting here... Now that their forums are back, all has been revealed: https://forum.palemoon.org/view
  22. In his latest Pale Moon extension-blocklist update, Moonchild, among other changes, moved to "severity 3" (hard/permanent block) the following two extensions: Giorgio Maone's (legacy) NoScript (id="{73a6fe31-595d-460b-a920-fcc0f8843232}") JustOff's Moon Tester Tool (id="moonttool@Off.JustOff") and added directly at "severity 3" level () JustOff's Classic Add-ons Archive (CAA) (id="ca-archive@Off.JustOff") Code below: https://repo.palemoon.org/MoonchildProductions/Pale-Moon/commit/1ca7c78 I don't know whether it's a typo (probably not...), but the commit's tit
  23. @Montana Slim : [App] Vendor=Hyperbola Name=Icedove-UXP Version=52.9.20210325 BuildID=20100101 ID={3aa07e56-beb0-47a0-b0cb-c735edd25419} RemotingName=Icedove-UXP [Gecko] MinVersion=4.8.0 MaxVersion=4.8.0 ... and [App] Vendor=OpenSource Name=MailNews RemotingName=mailnews Version=52.9.7754a1 BuildID=20210325050411 ID={3550f703-e582-4d05-9a08-453d09bdfdc6} [Gecko] MinVersion=4.8.0 MaxVersion=4.8.0
  24. In my previous post in this thread, I assumed you were trying to just connect to https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx (because that's the URL I have bookmarked for MUC), so that's why I posted the results of SSL Labs on hostname www.catalog.update.microsoft.com : It later became apparent (first via your IE8 screengrab ) that you wanted to access https://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx which is, as you stated, a different story, because it has a stricter (pun intended) HSTS (courtesy, again, of SSL Labs/Server on the "catalog.update.mi
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