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  1. The CB version I'm using is, it works perfectly from Serpent versions 45.0 to 55.0. Haven't even looked to see if there are any newer CB versions beyond that.
  2. The 52.0 and 55.0 browsers are running so much better now, far less issues with sticking and performance loss. Sadly, more and more sites are becoming incompatible with them, figured that was inevitable given their age. Not sure what happened with this one, it was working not long ago but if you click the "Pay your bill" link it just spins forever: These are long threads so apologize if it has already been discussed: https://www.spectrum.com/
  3. Is this what was causing performance issues with certain sites? I've been using Serpent 52 all day yesterday and today and it's worked wonderfully with no UI slow downs or sticking. Granted it's not as fast as the newer versions but given it is older technology it still works well enough with the recent updates, at least in my experience. The hardware specs can sometimes make all the difference.
  4. 52.0 and 55.0 are working excellent for me as well. Sites like twitter and hotmail would tend to bog the browser down but those issues appear to have been fixed. Well done Moonchild and Roy.
  5. @roytam1 Using today's UXP 52 and the performance seems to have greatly improved, even after long periods of usage. Don't know if this is coming from Moonchild's side or yours but thought I'd let you know.
  6. @roytam1 Hi Roy, really appreciate all the work you do keeping these browsers going. The blank page problem is fixed, thanks for that. There appears to be some performance-related change in today's release similar to 52.0 after visiting certain sites. It doesn't seem as bad but it is slowing over time. Maybe it's the ResizeObserver API? Just guessing but will keep using it and let you know.
  7. @roytam1 Been using today's 55.0 and it keeps getting better and better. The github polyfill is coming in now, nice job. The perfomance is still excellent, currently on Win10 and will try XP tomorrow The only bug I'm running into is some javascript pages are still coming up blank, is there anything that can be done? In 45.0 and 52.0 they work fine: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/local/louisiana/new-orleans-obituaries
  8. @roytam1 The 2022-Apr-02 Serpent 55.0 version won't allow the creation of a new tab. I tried it with a new profile with the same result.
  9. Tried it and not working here either, would love to see that get fixed. Been using it on XP and without question despite a few bugs it's the best pre-Quantum version I've experienced. Works great on Win7 and 10 as well. There must be a reason Moonchild abandoned 55.0 for an earlier one but glad he did since it would probably have ended up with the same performance issues that PM and 52 have.
  10. Regarding the new version 55.0: in that weather site posted it will come in if noscript 5.1.9 options/embeddings "Forbid WebGL" is unchecked. That setting is for untrusted sites only but even when weather.com is made trusted it still fails to load. There appears to be a new interaction problem with noscript since the previous version didn't have this, at least with WebGL. https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/96f2f84af9a5f5d452eb0574d4e4d8a840c71b05e22264ebdc0056433a642c84 Except for the rendering of blank sites here and there 55.0 continues to have overall good performance.
  11. Hi Roy, Looks like you did a lot of work with 55.0, nice job. The good news is I've been using it for a while and it doesn't seem to have lost performance. I'm able to use it on Twitter and other troublesome sites with 52.0 without issues so far. There are some sites where I'm running into javascript not functioning properly. For example these pages are coming up blank when you click on one of the popular cities links. Works normally in 52.0. Maybe just a pref setting? https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/local The radar on this weather site won't come in or let me do a search on the top box. Not sure if it's noscript-related but the previous 55.0 wasn't a problem: https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/96f2f84af9a5f5d452eb0574d4e4d8a840c71b05e22264ebdc0056433a642c84
  12. Maybe roytam or someone like-minded could take an interest. It would probably entail some work and time but would keep these older versions going a little longer. That is until google forces something else "new" on everyone that requires only the most modern and up to date. IOW google chrome.
  13. It's too bad they can't port over recent firefox web components but they're probably missing APIs to do that. More and more sites will start going with it making these older browsers unusable eventually. There's also newer technologies coming around that require more resources and make the browser slower.
  14. That most likely explains it. Currently I'm only running into problems with 4 or 5 sites, including github that don't render properly with 55 so for those I use the "Open with" extension to open 52. I expect over time that number will increase.
  15. Does anyone know what sites this pref actually works on? It's a no go for github or gitlab. What's unfortunate is that the polyfill extension used to bring github in but not anymore. I should probably try to file an issue with JustOff and see if he might consider looking at it. Although 55 is behind 52 for me it's still overall better in performance.
  16. Just tested PM 30 and nothing much has changed. If you use twitter for a while or go to a hotmail account it causes performance issues and that's just the ones I know of. The scrolling on all sites and tabs starts to stick until the browser eventually becomes unresponsive and you're forced to reboot. This was with a fresh install and no addons. Interesting that roytam's 45 and 55 versions don't do this so for XP I'll continue relying on these. Until they take it seriously their browser will have limited usage since millions of people visit these sites.
  17. You could try locking the pref, although I don't know if it will prevent blacklisting. Change that pref to default (assuming it's 1 or whatever it is) then close the browser. You would need to create two files: config-prefs.js config.js In the config prefs.js file copy this in and place it in the basilisk\defaults\pref folder pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0); pref("general.config.filename", "config.js"); In the config.js copy this in and place it in the basilisk root folder: // lockPref("gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d9", 1);
  18. That pref doesn't exist in my setup so it probably only shows if it's blacklisted?? For me it didn't make much difference changing those settings, the slowdown in performance wasn't affected. It might help others though.
  19. Trying both those settings: " layers.acceleration.force" and "layers.prefer-d3d9" to true. Also changed "layers.low-precision-buffer" to true. Hopefully that makes a difference.
  20. @VistaLover There must be something going on with my profile. I just setup a new test profile and it is coming in so I'll have to go through each addon and disable them one at a time. Edit: it was a very simple solution, uBlock was to blame so I just whitelisted github.
  21. How do you know if it's blocked? I've tried experimenting with different settings since some sites like Twitter have a real hard time with 52.0. Does changing "layers.prefer-d3d9" to true have any effect?
  22. JustOff is trying to keep up with github changes, he's just released another new polyfill version but I still can't get it to work anymore in 52.0. If anyone wants to try this site and see if it comes in let me know: https://github.com/3dyd/LAVFiltersXP
  23. It was a 1996 used IBM business model bought directly from them that I only paid $75.00 for 20 years ago when IE6 was still functional. I can't imagine what anyone would want with that today other than as an antique. Never even considered the idea but now wish I had, you might be right.
  24. OSs like 2000 hang around because they tend to work right out of the box. Not only that they install on much older hardware. I had W2k loaded years ago on a Pentium 133 with only 145mbs ram. Today you could barely render the simplest websites with that if you could even find a workable browser. Just for fun I fired it up recently and managed to get Firefox 31esr to load some sites before finally throwing it away in the dumpster. Millions of people around the world still rely on older hardware; maybe not quite as bad but not necessarily modern by current standards either so we'll be seeing third party support for w2k and even 98se for years to come yet.

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