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  1. It was a 1996 used IBM business model bought directly from them that I only paid $75.00 for 20 years ago when IE6 was still functional. I can't imagine what anyone would want with that today other than as an antique. Never even considered the idea but now wish I had, you might be right.
  2. OSs like 2000 hang around because they tend to work right out of the box. Not only that they install on much older hardware. I had W2k loaded years ago on a Pentium 133 with only 145mbs ram. Today you could barely render the simplest websites with that if you could even find a workable browser. Just for fun I fired it up recently and managed to get Firefox 31esr to load some sites before finally throwing it away in the dumpster. Millions of people around the world still rely on older hardware; maybe not quite as bad but not necessarily modern by current standards either so we'll be seeing third party support for w2k and even 98se for years to come yet.
  3. This error I can confirm in both 52 and 55. Working fine in newer FF versions.
  4. Thanks for that link, it works perfectly. I already had those two files created to lock in media.hardware-video-decoding.failed to false so it was real easy. Wish I knew about that hack earlier after spending several hours testing different addons to finally get one that worked. :--)
  5. That's a good question, I wonder if anyone out there has applied any of these recent security patches to FF 52.9.1? Really all it needs to make it as almost as useful as UXP is to add in security.tls.version.max - 4 and restore general.useragent.override. I was able to get an addon for that but the built-in option is so much easier. Also, replacing FF 52.9.1's mozavcodec.dll, mozavutil.dll, and mozglue.dll with those from 52UXP and it can use the ffvpx mp4 codec and without the need for Adobe's plugin. The good part is it doesn't have the browser performance issues that will never get fixed in PM/UXP.
  6. It's definitely on their end. I downloaded the latest 32-bit official Pale Moon running on Windows 10 and it's behaving exactly the same as 52 UXP. The trick is to get on a Twitter page and scroll down a while, the farther you go the worse it gets. Keyboard scrolling on other tabs begins to stick then eventually the whole browser freezes and you have to kill in Task Manager. Another way is to go to an outlook.live.com account and it happens even quicker. No such loss in browser performance with 45.0, 55.0, or FF 52.9.0. I'll try to file a bug but with Tobin it's doubtful they'll even bother with it.
  7. Interesting test but I can only go by my own experience. I can browse heavy sites like Twitter all day with 55 and the browser never slows down, sticks when scrolling or freezes the UI as it does in 52. It's possible that it's actually some UXP features that are causing that in 52 and porting them to 55 will carry over the same problems. Hope not because then I'd have to stay on an older version. One way to find out is to run a Firefox 52ESR profile to see how it performs then I'll know if it's UXP features or the browser itself. Update: FWIW I've been running a copied 52UXP profile using Firefox 52.9.0 and have been surfing Twitter and other sites like Hotmail that I'm having problems with in 52UXP with no loss of browser performance. There's something specific to UXP as well as New Moon 27 and 28 that are experiencing similar problems. Roy should I file a bug with the Pale Moon team?
  8. It's mainly about performance. 55 renders javascript better, it handles sites like Twitter better and is just faster in my experience. It is also a later version that can install certain useful addons that 52 can't such as the container tab add-on. @NotHereToPlayGames It is and can render most sites that 55 can't. That's why we want to get UXP features ported to it so it's equal to 52.
  9. These days I avoid updating monthly, usually it's about every 3 or 4 months so maybe that's why it takes so long to patch. I rarely use Windows 10 anyway and from what I can tell Win11 is even worse. I actually have more pleasure working in XP with older software, you could do more and it was easier. For example, the Nero version is perfect for encoding DVD to MP4 and it doesn't install in Win7+.
  10. Those were the days. Windows 98SE took even less, usually around 30 minutes. Now just installing a Windows 10 cumulative patch takes at least that long. Yesterday when installing December's patch I was able to get some coffee and lunch and do other chores and when returning the installation bar was still only a quarter way. It makes me wonder exactly what Microsoft is doing to this computer.
  11. Github was working fine but gitlab never did. Now github is dead too and I even tried reinstalling older versions to no effect so something was done to 55 itself to break it. Didn't even know about this addon, glad you posted it. I've got about five sites so far that need to go into 52 and this opens them up nicely. For the longest time I had the "open with IE" addon installed but the last time it was used was in the stone age. This addon I can actually make use of. With multi-process it does work to resolve the problems with 52 sticking when trying to scroll other sites in other tabs after using certain sites like Twitter or Hotmail and it reduces the browser sluggishness. Unfortunately memory use is through the roof. After 5 minutes on Twitter the tab is consuming 1gb+ of memory. Clearing it in about:memory does little. Maybe there's an addon that can do something to help with that. Agree, 55 is so much better in so many ways. If the Pale Moon Team really wanted to get more users they'd forget everything else and focus on this version. In fact, reading that change thread one or two posters suggested that but there was no reply.
  12. It's an addon to render Google's PIA web components, at least for two sites, github and gitlab. Firefox 63 and newer have it built in but it's unlikely to be ported to these older versions so addons will have to be written on a site by site basis by the looks of it. https://github.com/JustOff/github-wc-polyfill
  13. That would be nice if you could. The 55 version works really well and most sites still render properly but a few like Google email no longer do. It will probably get worse over time since these are old browsers. For some reason JustOff's polyfill addon stopped working recently too.
  14. Not saying it's anything that you did, most likely it came from a change from the PM team since it just started recently and 55 and 45 still work great on these sites. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to pin down the exact week that it began and let you know.
  15. The same thing is happening here with 52, even with a new profile and no addons. It only started in the last month or so. The browser begins sticking and slowing down after using certain websites like Twitter or Hotmail. Tried 28 New Moon with similar results. Interestingly, 55 basilisk still works like a charm so I find myself using that more often now.
  16. This might sound silly to some but my way of getting around the frustration of these OSs is to multiple boot. I've got W2k, XP, Win7, Win10 and alternate between them depending on what I want to do. I'm thinking of installing a Linux version as well. Most of the time however it's still Win 7, I see it as a workable bridge between the useful XP and the newer, more intrusive and less customizable OSs that Microsoft has been spitting out.
  17. Its more like roytam's basilisk version. He kept a lot of the features in that they removed and so it remains useful. I've tried Pale Moon but it's missing features like the drop down search that I prefer. @UCyborg True but it has other non-Australis features in it like the ability to make css changes on the fly without the need to re-boot. It's possible there's substitutes I can search around for.
  18. Didn't see this posted anywhere but a story from ghacks claims there are planned changes next year to Pale Moon. Looks like they're going back to allowing firefox addons, that's the good move. The bad news is it could be the end of basilisk. Guess it hasn't been decided yet: https://www.ghacks.net/2021/12/17/pale-moon-project-announces-change-of-direction/ One feature with Pale Moon is the home page lacks the drop down search engines. I'd miss that since I use it constantly in the newer and older firefox versions. Maybe there's an addon that could substitute for it. Also, it doesn't appear that Classic Theme Restorer works in Pale Moon versions, even when using JustOff's tester-tool.
  19. Anybody else notice with today's v45.0 that the youtube video page is shaking back and forth from the right side? I went back to the Nov 13th version and that's working good. Update: After re-downloading 45.0 the glitch is no longer there so I don't know if Roy fixed it or not but the video playback on youtube is very good for such an old browser.
  20. Have to wish Feodor2 good luck. He's talking about rust on XP, it is impressive and hopefully it doesn't upset anyone. :--)
  21. The last few versions of UXP 52 are having a real hard time with Twitter, it's freezing the whole browser for seconds or more to the point where it has to be rebooted. Usually it starts out good but when you're on it for a while and especially after scrolling down things starts slowing considerably. It may be less to do with the browser than Twitter changes, they're like google constantly making them and bogging their site down with more and more unnecessary scripts.
  22. Wow I didn't know that was going on. If they try to completely stop all the forks then their project, what's left of it will die out. Many of us have little use for their versions. They should work with the fork developers instead of being antagonistic but that's just me.
  23. Hi Roy, The upload date for boc-uxp says yesterday but the last one available was August, is it the end of the line for this project? Is fat man whining about this too? I tried hbl-uxp and it seems ok but it doesn't have yahoo by the looks of it so I'll probably stay with mailnews.
  24. Thank-you, that is at least a good enough workaround. Twitter must have made a recent change to their page because it's happening in v55 as well, even in the older versions.

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