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  1. Home users like myself will probably consider it if the price is reasonable. If Microsoft expects everyone to pay $300.00 per year they can forget it, especially since the security updates are going out anyway until January 2032 with IoT enterprise versions so it's not like it's a major expense for them.
  2. That's good to know. It's still possible to get updates for Windows 7, at least until October of next year for those with embedded versions so my guess is Win 10 will have support for many years yet.
  3. It is, going out in January and they're already sending out their pester messages to "upgrade". When I get around to it I'll be setting up my gmail account with Thunderbird.
  4. Getting no crashes with either version now, they both seem to be opening and working good.
  5. Same here. If you still have last weeks versions copy in nss3.dll from each into today's versions. That seems to stop the crash until Roy can fix it.
  6. For 52.0 and 55.0 I'm using this string: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0 Unfortunately the new format is very buggy with these browsers and just logging in to the site slows them down to a crawl. I may end up going back to the bare format to keep it usable.
  7. FWIW it looks like Microsoft did away with the previous usable Hotmail format so now the default string in 52.0 and 55.0 will take you to the bare minimum format similar to gmail's. Changing the string in about:config to Firefox's most recent will render their newer buggy version so that's the choice.
  8. No problem. 52esr is really out of date now but still useful for some sites.
  9. As with hotmail can be used with thunderbird too. I've got a lot of older accounts set up with hotmail and it's too much work to transfer them to yahoo or gmail. The problem is the hotmail site doesn't always filter properly so I'm forced to go to the site on occasion. I don't dare subscribe to the spam folder given the 50+ more a day I get. Microsoft has always been so reliable...
  10. Thanks, been very busy lately. 1500+ events and that was two years ago, probably even more now. The problem for me is that it can be an addicting site at times, especially if I'm surfing an interesting topic. Hotmail even with brief use will slow things down considerably so I'm not sure what the problem is there. The easiest solution is to create another profile and go into that for those sites or if you've got enough ram use e10s, that seems to resolve the issue.
  11. More and more sites are requiring this, even Walmart just recently started forcing it and it's a real pain. Banks I could see maybe for the extra security but for the rest of them it just seems like overkill.
  12. Same thing happens when using Twitter or hotmail, the ui slows down and eventually becomes unusable. Interestingly, firefox 52esr does not have this problem so it's likely a code update in pale moon/uxp. Guess it's a tradeoff to modernizing the browser and making it more accessible.
  13. Ogg, webm and WMF disabled to make sure it was using the mp4 codecs and same result as 45.0. The video is there but the audio is distorted.
  14. Ah yes, the float32 issue. I recall that problem child from the VLC player days. Sometimes it would work and sometimes not and when it didn't it had the same distortion sound.
  15. Thanks for confirming and I agree it is an ugly sound.

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