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  1. @Roy, The UXP builds are both win64. I got a error message trying to open the 32.
  2. @siria, Has Mozilla announced that they're going along with this? I know that by Chrome 85 they should that have in place but haven't heard about any other browsers yet. Of course, most of them are like sheep that let google run the show and set the standards so probably it's a matter of time.
  3. So have I and it's hard to know if I'm the only one with the problem or if it's a bug. The plugin for google hangouts (npgoogletalk.dll) appears dead but is it with them or the browser? Edit: google hangouts may be for US/Canadian residents only so not really testable for anyone else.
  4. Using a full theme here too, hate to lose it. Cant' see why it couldn't be reversed like nearly every other change they've been making to reduce features.
  5. Somewhat of a minor issue (at least for me since I spend most of my time on Win7) but it looks like the Google Hangouts plugin is dead. Tried in UXP and Moebius. With the newer versions of Firefox 68+ "media.peerconnection.enabled" = true works well but this does nothing with UXP or Moebius, the call starts then immediately disconnects. Does "media.peerconnection.enabled" require updated apis to make functional in these older versions?
  6. Twitter has really got it out for Firefox, no matter the version. Now even mobile gives a stripped down version with no video options, only text/pictures when using any firefox version string. So for UXP I set regular twitter to IE11 and because of the distorted audio issue in XP installed a mobile search engine to easily go to that page using a Chrome string to watch videos. A bit of an annoyance but at least it can be done.
  7. The new UI is horrible. Thankfully uBlock makes it easy to remove the never ending sticky objects they love to put all over the site. The old UI was bad enough but the new one is even worse and more difficult to read.
  8. It helps to check these problems before posting. With Firefox 68+ it's doing the same thing, redirecting to mobile twitter if you use a user agent switcher and set it to a newer string, including the default. I usually keep that on IE11, windows 7 but since it uses WMF there's no audio distortion. So the glitch is with twitter and not UXP, except that for XP users the IE11, windows 7 string for regular twitter means distorted audio. Wish they could fix that.
  9. Each system is different and a lot depends on the processor, ram etc. At the moment I'm dealing with a bit of an older system and so a lot of experimenting goes on. In Windows 7, where most of my computing time is I've tried various settings and the built in OS codecs (media.wmf.enabled) appear better than ffvpx so that's what I go with. UXP's codec works good enough in XP though, much better than the Adobe plugin.
  10. Yes, read them and they don't even mention redirecting to mobile, or certainly provide a solution (they've all been tried). For me, this just started in the last few days, which tells me that unless some internal changes can be made, like fixing the distorted audio then UXP and twitter are on their last legs together. Not a problem, I'll just use a newer version and life goes on.
  11. You seem angry, not sure what your point is since the forum is about those of us who prefer the older but better versions of firefox. Actually I do use 68esr or the nightly, often side by side with UXP. They both have their advantages and on Windows 7 the UXP version plays videos even better and with less dropped frames and skipping the newer ones. But the quantum versions are better when it comes to javascript in my experience. So they all have their uses. Also I do get that the websites won't support older versions forever but Twitter is heavily trafficked so if it's possible to maintain it a little longer why not try?
  12. Anyone else having a problem with Twitter and UXP? It keeps redirecting me to the mobile twitter. I’ve got the user agent in about:config set to Firefox 72, Windows 10 but it makes no difference, any newer string including Chrome does the same thing. Only when it’s put back to “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko” does it go to regular twitter but then the videos are distorted. It’s getting frustrating and doesn’t do it in firefox 68esr or the nightly.
  13. It all depends on how you want to use the portable. If it's on a flash drive then downloading the portable package works good for that. If it's directly on the hard drive the basilisk.exe -Profile method is preferred. I use them both.
  14. Just a guess on my part but Pale Moon/UXP support will probably continue on Windows 7 for as long as Mozilla supports it and by the looks of it that's going to be a while. 68esr is good until next September and then 78esr for another year unless they break it in the next four nightly versions, highly unlikely. Windows 7 is still being supported by Microsoft if you pay (or install a hack and get the updates for free) for three more years so it's going to be another POS Ready situation.
  15. There's different ways of doing it and the -no-remote -Profile method is how I've done it with different thunderbird versions.. If you're using a portable on flash drive another way is to download a portable FF version then swap the App/firefox folder with a renamed basilisk. Works just as good and doesn't require a profile.ini either.
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