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  1. The last few versions of UXP 52 are having a real hard time with Twitter, it's freezing the whole browser for seconds or more to the point where it has to be rebooted. Usually it starts out good but when you're on it for a while and especially after scrolling down things starts slowing considerably. It may be less to do with the browser than Twitter changes, they're like google constantly making them and bogging their site down with more and more unnecessary scripts.
  2. Wow I didn't know that was going on. If they try to completely stop all the forks then their project, what's left of it will die out. Many of us have little use for their versions. They should work with the fork developers instead of being antagonistic but that's just me.
  3. Hi Roy, The upload date for boc-uxp says yesterday but the last one available was August, is it the end of the line for this project? Is fat man whining about this too? I tried hbl-uxp and it seems ok but it doesn't have yahoo by the looks of it so I'll probably stay with mailnews.
  4. Thank-you, that is at least a good enough workaround. Twitter must have made a recent change to their page because it's happening in v55 as well, even in the older versions.
  5. It's an insurrection, apocalypse and armageddon all rolled up into one, we're doomed. The only way to save ourselves is to stop to those Russian forks.
  6. No account but you can still get to Twitter pages through the search engine.
  7. They don't think too highly of Tobin :--). I had to laugh at some of his posts, he bullies constantly then someone said something nasty back and he acted like an innocent victim. There must be a psychological term for that. Whatever his skills in coding he would drag any organization down as a pr nightmare just as he's doing to pale moon.
  8. Anyone? This is happening with Twitter videos. I must be the only one who uses Twitter with 52 UXP :--). Hope the browser can still be updated based on the latest news but this break probably never will be fixed unless Roy can take a look at it.
  9. Is anyone having problems on Twitter with the volume slider and UXP 52 and 55? It seems to have just started but it will no longer pop up to adjust the volume. Still working in the newer firefox versions.
  10. It's not the end of uxp 52 and boc-uxp is it? I haven't had time to read through all of what's been going on lately yet but didn't see any updates today so just wondering.
  11. Hi Roy, the BOC/UXP link is coming up empty. I checked on the Index site and it doesn't look like it's been uploaded yet.
  12. The site itself is quicker and more responsive. Invidious seems to be an excellent alternative for older computers, it doesn't even require javascript to run videos and that by itself is a huge plus.
  13. Didn't even know about that site, it's a good front-end to youtube, thanks for the link. One thing I notice about it is that it caches videos to your temp folder in Local Settings while watching it, something youtube used to do. I've got firefox disk cache disabled and store cache in memory only so youtube videos don't store anything to disk. For those using Invidious it's probably more convenient to just manually download the longer videos and watch them locally since it's automatically downloading them anyway.
  14. Just ran the same video from a few days ago for the full hour but this time no buffering. Looks like it's finally fixed, nice job. Flash got a bad rap and probably rightly so with its constant security bugs but the HW acceleration in full screen was nice. It was far better than the Adobe primetime plugin in my experience.

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