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  1. Yes that’s true, my comment was meant for the whole MC team since I know some of them are following this thread. Fortunately Roy sometimes reverts changes so if they do get re-blocked I can ask nicely. --). As I've stated many times before, these latest versions of UXP are what Firefox 52 should have and could have been if the developers took the time to listen to users.
  2. Was that link to an older version of basilisk? Might explain the crashes I was having last night. Redownloaded today and so far it seems fine but it's only been a few hours. Since this is Windows 7 it could be related to this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1606138#c25
  3. Having problems tonight with Serpent/UXP on Windows 7, so far within an hour it's crashed four times. The offending file has either been ntdll.dll or xul.dll. Reverting back to last week's build and the crashes stopped.
  4. Whatever you do, please don't re-block ATI radeon drivers. I'm even getting good acceleration in an old W2k box, something I never saw with any version of firefox or flash player. Not sure what mozilla's criteria was for blocking drivers, all it took it seems was one or two crashes from random users. layers.acceleration.force-enabled never did anything either.
  5. This is kind of hard to figure out at times but firefox quantum video rendering in Windows 7 works so well since hardware acceleration is enabled but in XP that setting did nothing. For some reason I thought I’d try again with UXP 52 and mp4 videos play almost as good as Win 7, even twitter. For youtube I’ve disabled ogg and webm to force avc1 mp4a only and playback is so much better. There is definitely gpu accelerated video decoding since the card flashes blue when it’s working properly. Don’t know what if anything changed with the browser since these ATI Radeon legacy video drivers stopped updating in 2013 but Mozilla 52esr never gave me this performance using the adobe plugin so good job by everybody who’s involved with the project.
  6. Agree, it looks like JustOff is going to be very proactive in keeping the legacy version alive.
  7. Thanks to Just Off and other contributors who are keeping the legacy software alive. Raymond Hill has already stated that legacy UBO will get no new features, only bug fixes and filter updates but at least it's not dead.
  8. Good news for UBO users: gorhill has updated the legacy version to Glad to see since I actually prefer this to the newer ones.
  9. Do you have either Custom Buttons or keyconfig installed? If you can't get the kill sticky addon working those are good options. I've got them both and the code will remove sticky and fixed objects. What's especially good about keyconfig is that I assigned it to number 2 so it's real easy to remove all the objects and javascript doesn't even have to be on like they do with some of the addons.
  10. This is after making the change with the Hex Editor? I'm still doing it this way since I've got an older ole32.dll version of blackwingcat's kernelex and it 's always worked. It might be related to USP 5.1 with Unofficial Update Rollup, I've never installed that so it's impossible for me to know. Installing a kernelex might conflict with that, not sure. Your best bet would be to go to the win 2000 thread and see if blackwingcat can help you directly: https://msfn.org/board/topic/149233-kernelex-for-win2000/page/84/
  11. A newer KernelEx from blackwingcat fixes that error but if you'd rather not update that then you can fix it manually. Open a Hex Editor, I use HxD. Locate and open xul.dll then type in "CoGetInterceptor" in search and replace it with this string: OleGetIconOfFile Right under that you should see: "CoGetInterceptorFromTypeInfo". Replace it with this string and save: StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes It should now open in Win 2000.
  12. On a sad note mozillazine is shutting down. The owner kerz posted last September it was the end so it could be anytime unless they can work out some way of keeping it going. That used to be the go to site for everything Firefox but it's become a casualty of Quantum. After v57 the traffic went to a fraction of what it was.
  13. Anyone know why the built-in ffvpx can't take advantage of graphics hardware decoding? Would it require some kind of major architectural changes in the browser or is it just not possible?
  14. In Windows 7 decoding works good for me with media.wmf.enabled to true but in Windows XP, where I sometimes go to use older software CPU decoding doesn't cut it on certain sites like Twitter. But I just finally learned a little trick to force lower resolution by adding a mobile tag in the url, for example, https://twitter.com/FireTheFoxxo/status/1196668801489739777 to this: https://mobile.twitter.com/FireTheFoxxo/status/1196668801489739777 Twitter videos are now at least bearable in XP without having to download them. Unless I'm missing it it's apparently beyond the capability of the "Twitter team" to provide resolution options on their player the way youtube and others do. Edit: you can also force mobile twitter by changing the UA to an older browser like Firefox 3.0 but if you're like me and have the UA set in about:config then adding the mobile tag to watch videos is another option.
  15. Yes on occasion with UXP, with the most recent being Fox Video. https://video.foxnews.com/playlist/featured-latest-news/ The problem for me is when the user agent is IE11 but changing it for that specific site resolves it. With Twitter I set it to the latest firefox ua and with Fox Video specifically I had to set static.foxnews.com.
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