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  1. It might be that Chrome doesn’t allow for a user style sheet like Firefox or IE. In that case you’d probably have to install an addon such as stylus or stylish for that particular code to work. Not sure why you can’t right click the object and block it, normally that works well with uBlock. It also helps you to get the actual id that can be used to block it in a style sheet. Are you getting the small window in the lower right corner?
  2. Since I never use Chrome does it have a userContent.css or equivalent to block objects with? If so, you try some of these, it's what I use to keep most of youtube's popups and annoying messages at bay, including the one you're seeing: #channel-container{display:none !important;} #contentContainer{display:none !important;} #enhancer-for-youtube-toolbar{display:none !important;} #hats-container{display:none !important;} #live-chat-iframe.yt-uix-expander-body.live-chat-iframe{display:none !important;} #tabs-container{display:none !important;} .yt-alert{display:none !importan
  3. You don't want to give them any ideas. :--) This has to be UI designers on the payroll justifying their jobs since there's no rationale to keep messing with the UI when Mozilla knows how much their remaining user base hates it. For now we can probably revert most of the nonsensical change with userchrome.css but I'm waiting for that shoe to drop where they do away with that option completely. Even more reason to keep using roytam's basilisk and pale moon.
  4. Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results: Mozilla is working on another Firefox UI design refresh https://www.ghacks.net/2021/01/02/mozilla-is-working-on-a-firefox-design-refresh/
  5. That's never necessary, just ask google.
  6. It's not that bad for me either on the more modern computer but for older ones the previous layout was much faster and more responsive. It's still there but google is making it practically impossible to use it.
  7. 5.8 beta seems to be fine for me on Win7 but WACUP is better on Win10 because several broken winamp features on that OS are fixed and development has stopped.
  8. 3.0 is good on w2k then. I never got around to installing a newer kernelex in full, just extracted some of the files from it and replaced the older ones in system32 with them. Interestingly, all of the OSs to play around with and W2k remains the best ever. Blackwingcat's work has been greatly appreciated. Just to note, for those on Win7 or higher dro's WACUP player (a forked version of winamp) can also stream youtube videos but for now VLC remains the first choice.
  9. On W2k 2.2.6 is the highest, and that's only because of blackwingcat's kernelex. I have not tested his very latest kernelex version from March 2019 so it's possible 3.0 works, all anyone can do is try it. If 3.0 is good on XP I stand corrected, it was only tested on W2k and Win7 and 2.2.6 for me is better anyway. It's much preferred over the newer versions.
  10. A little off topic but for XP\2000 users another alternative to google’s slow and annoying video player rendering with their “new and improved” youtube layout is to stream with VLC player. You probably wouldn’t want to use it very time but when I’m watching a bunch of videos in a row it comes in handy as it's quick and streams flawlessly with no worries of ads. For those interested the last VLC version to work in the older operating systems is 2.2.6, which can still be downloaded off the internet, filepuma has it. And as if google’s constant changing and breaking of their sites isn’t
  11. If Ben Markson's solution works then having the last version shouldn't matter?? For me since I keep the flash dll in the basilisk\browser\plugins folder whitelisting will have no effect, it will only for the IE activex version so I'm going to download version 371 for basilisk, thanks for the link. And thanks for nothing Adobe. :--)
  12. Thanks for those links, I can bookmark them to test out later. Ruffle emulation is what I had read about and should install in these older FF versions. @Ben Markson That's good to know about the whilelisting, if it holds then I can reinstall back onto Win7, but will be keeping just in case. @InterLinked Not suprising, there are academic sites still using the old Shockwave player so flash will probably be around a while as well.
  13. Does anyone know of any sites that still use flash? I haven't been able to find any lately but there's probably still some around. For those it might be a good idea to consider keeping an older version for Basilisk since from what I've read Adobe put a time bomb on their last version set to explode Jan 1, 2021. I've got v32.0.0.453 just in case, although there is supposedly a flash emulator available somewhere that will hopefully install in these older FF versions.
  14. You might want to try looking into installing one of blackwingcat's newer, modified versions: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/571484.html On Windows 2000 I've got the 2010/6/19 Version 10.6a(AGP+HDMI) and webgl works. That may install for you but it might be a good idea to ask blackwingcat first: https://msfn.org/board/topic/149233-kernelex-for-win2000/?page=99
  15. That sounds good, I'll give it a try. Thanks to Sampei.Nihira for posting the link. Update: just installed it and now the github pages are coming in. Thanks again since I use that site quite a bit and don't have to rely on quantum. I haven't even bothered to infest my system with any chromium versions.
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