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  1. Have you tried opening the page with Serpent 52.9? Isn't Serpent 52.9 the most feature rich among Roy's releases? I base that on html5test website results...
  2. I have experimented with cache in Serpent (52.9) a bit (mainly to compare with behaviour of K-Meleon) and found it's best to disable the Mozilla's experiment that went nowhere: browser.cache.frecency_experiment = -1 (that is its default value anyway for OFF_state). There are also some RAM-only options but I don't really need those: browser.cache.compression_level = 9 > this save memory compressing data to maximum browser.cache.disk.enable = false > this disable disk cache for http browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl = false > this disable disk cache also for https browser.cache.memory.enable = true > this enable memory cache only
  3. You may or may not remember when a few weeks back I posted about Youtube shorts not displaying properly, skipping to the next one or previous one (in my Serpent 52.9 on WinXP x86) - problem solved - I finally aligned my partitions (to 4k sectors) after so many years of neglect i suppose. Now they play well from one to the next with the same version of Serpent (2023-04-13).
  4. Hey all! Great new release! I wonder why in recent releases of Serpent 52.9 (on XPSP3) scrolling through youtube short videos is more likely than not broken (I use screen resolution of 1680x1050). When loading a short it plays and when wanting to go to the next one with down arrow the browser goes there but then quite quickly jumps back up to previous one. This is quite frustrating. I do use ublock origin with the browser. Thanks.
  5. A rather funny Serpent 52.9 crash just happened - I was watching youtube for some time and then HWunBoxed video RTX4070Ti against RX7900XT and the message about basilisk encountering error popped up. The video was still going for a while and then stopped and if I dragged the error window all over the screen (which I did) resulted it this lovely picture (attached). When I "click(ed) here" it said it has to do with mozglue.dll or something similar. BTW thank you for the new release, roytam1, starting from last week's each now is much more up to date and faster working than ever before. After a Serpent restart it works normally again.
  6. I hope all goes well for you, @roytam1. You have been a tremendous source of hope for our aging systems.
  7. Thank you - at first I was skeptical because of FF/42.0, but this really speeds the site up! Mighty fine.
  8. I would like to know if anything can be done about quite slow loading (initial delay) of Youtube in Serpent 52 on WinXP (x86)?
  9. Thank you for the latest build of Serpent. I wonder - could you make Zoom work with audio in Serpent? Would be very useful.
  10. I was reading Techpowerup review of nvidia flounders edition rtx 4080 and cannot play videos in the Serpent browser (52.9). It is not a big problem (there are tons of reviews on YT), however would like to know if this can/will be fixed.
  11. Mighty fine, mighty fine! Serpent 52.9 sits this one out... I chose Serpent as my replacement for Mozilla Fireferret 52.9 because it scored the highest on http://html5test.com and still does 481 out of 555, KMGoanna does 439 same as New Moon. Am I correct in such classification?
  12. Thank you for your replies; I checked the KMeleon (Roytam1's Goanna version) and it played the videos fine. I'll try spoofing...
  13. Is anyone experiencing youtube videos randomly not playing, just circling as if loading and nothing; I'm using the latest Serpent 2022-08-06?
  14. Sadly, same here with "Help"->"About Serpent": v52.9.0 (2022-07-06) (32-bit) posted saturday 07-09. Also same in a bit older version of Roytam1's K-Meleon (Goanna) and same with much older RT's New moon browser from 2022-04-01 (27.10.0, 32-bit) on XP SP3 x86. Blank/black page with all three. And of course same with Firefox 52.9.0 (XP-last).
  15. Mighty fine! Everything needed works in the latest build (20220706/9), turns out that problem saving files went away after I compared refreshed prefs.js and my profile's prefs.js and modified (mainly) the browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone to 4.8.5.

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