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  1. I have to ask regarding this topic - is there any simple way to overcome the 23:18 video issue (video locks up after 23 minutes) in firefox 52.9.0 with hardware acceleration? I have tested many different graphics cards: HD5770, HD7850, GTX970, GTX770, GTX660, GTX780Ti, HD6950 and it only really (reliably) worked with HD7970 GHz ed. I guess firefox requires serious shader power to play long youtube videos reliably/without stalling... :-(
  2. I see. Well that is quite awkward. Even the erpman's site while it's very informative - contains by now broken links on M$'s site which only hosts article anymore an no hotfix/patch. Sigh. If I knew it will be so I'd download all I could years ago and make a big pack with a .bat file for installation but now it's all over it seems. Strange affection I have for this old oddity, that is NT4 must be because I tried it way back when it only came out on my old Cyrix 200+ non-MX and installed it on the second 420MB drive (one was Conner, the other I don't remember right now). One
  3. Thank you so much for the help, jaclaz. I'll check the links and see what I can find. The odd thing though is that I did search extensively on the web archive, but fund absolutely nothing or maybe 1 file. It's like they removed the files or didn't save them or I just didn't look on the right spots. All I found there was the whole names of the files so I could then search around and get them.
  4. It's been a long time, but I somehow decided to once again install nt4.0 and update it so I finally registered here on your fine forum so I can ask you this. Apart from this topic I was following hpcfactor's guide on updating the system and both list similar/same updates, however the updates are nowhere to be found anymore. I managed to find them on various university (ftp) servers up to Q839645; Q840315 and on is nowhere to be found. I was wondering could someone here help me get them?
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