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Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008


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19 hours ago, legacyfan said:

...I guess  version 5.64.7577 of cleaner is the way to go

I preferred much older versions of Ccleaner from before Avast/AVG took over Piriform in 2017. Version 5.64 had annoying nagware. Ccleaner’s end of support was discussed in a Windows XP thread March 2020. Of course there are other similar products (there’s a list on page 1, and shelby just mentioned another one on page 74 of this rapidly-growing thread which is not about software that requires the extended kernel to work).

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Hmmm .... might downgrade then, as I'm using v5.41.6446


I also have on hand CCleaner 

Do you guys feel I should downgrade and recomend a portable version?

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9 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

I stopped upgrading mine at v4.17.4808.

Me too.

Scratch to have good taste...

- but don't forget Wise Disk Cleaner v7.99.570 I've.

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added Wise
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5 minutes ago, XPerceniol said:

I wasn't too keen on installing it but it was legit so I did the install. 

As you long as you don't install any additional bloatware the installer offers (toolbars, software, etc.), you should be fine. Anyway, you're welcome.

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On 1/23/2023 at 6:15 AM, FantasyAcquiesce said:

Has anyone tried Maxthon 6 or 7?

Yes, but none of them work. The installer for both versions upon opening, give "The procedure entry point K32QueryWorkingSetEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." error. Portable versions for both versions give the same error upon opening.

Dependency Walker shows this:


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