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  1. Is it good this browser? It says it works from 98 and above
  2. https://www.groovypost.com/howto/disable-telemetry-on-windows-11/
  3. Somewhere i read nlite works for 11 also. I don't know if it's true
  4. Here is a tool https://christitus.com/windows-tool/
  5. in the comments they say entreprise use the same telemetry. Also they say about using a strict firewall like SimpleWall, using a DNS sinkhole like PiHole and an app like O&O ShutUp 10++
  6. I use minibrowser and i am very happy from it. Dc browser and 360 are my alternatives
  7. Thank you very much. I will use it for windows 8+. I hope you will update it for windows 11 someday
  8. here is the MP specification HAL Installation Disk. It can be used in NT3.1, NT3.5 and maybe NT3.51 https://www.mediafire.com/file/1wmagbhkrlvnutf/MPS11.zip
  9. Οk i found the solution https://jeffpar.github.io/kbarchive/kb/123/Q123732/ https://ftp.zx.net.nz/pub/archive/ftp.microsoft.com/MISC/KB/en-us/139/733.HTM
  10. It is support multiproccessor. When i change it to one CPU it give me this this is from setup
  11. here it is. the rest in my signature
  12. I setup it and after the first reboot it give me this error. Any advise?
  13. The latest processors (etc i9 13900) supports 128 gb of ram.
  14. https://github.com/tenox7/wrp https://github.com/ttalvitie/browservice what is the best?

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