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  1. still ungoogled in supermium x64 crashes
  2. supermium 124 x64 ungoogled crashes
  3. enable ungoogled supermium mode in shortcut creates the bug with the youtube and gmail. x64 version
  4. youtube does not load with the new version and cannot login to gmail
  5. But they cooperate https://github.com/win32ss/supermium/commit/beafac6c78bf7cdc2005c2d0f0cfa0e10a25e48f
  6. btw the same guy works and supermium also
  7. Panda free antivirus online installer. It downloads the necessary archives and when it try to install the program before the end it says the program cannot be installed. Vista x64 OS
  8. i have this problem also https://github.com/win32ss/supermium/issues/347
  9. the procedure entry point Κ32EnumProcessess could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll
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