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  1. It seems that VLC 3.0.16 was released about a month ago. I have no idea when they will end support for version 3, which still supports XP and Vista.
  2. If that concerns you, there is a workaround that you could try: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176686-server-2008-updates-on-windows-vista/?do=findComment&comment=1197007
  3. Dolphin 5.0 is said to have been the last version to support vanilla Vista x64, but let us know what happens if you try a higher version.
  4. You may have learned that from a video posted in 2020. I was quoting something the developer wrote in February 2021 that winvispixp is also aware of. Good luck!
  5. Should be 88.0.1 as win32 posted Feb 27 (at another forum), “NTEXT is deprecated in favour of NTDLL, so no modification of the Firefox executable is necessary.” Firefox 89 has unsolved font rendering issues that win32 has acknowledged.
  6. WinClient5270 has been inactive for many months, but he started working on the original post back in May 2016. In previous years I used to check that link to see if it still worked, which is the most surprising part. Perhaps he got it from a webpage such as this one, where the x86 link still works but the x64 link has been 404 for years.
  7. Windows 7 is not supported by Blender anymore, and Requirements further specify “Haswell architecture and newer” which is inhospitable to Vista. Previous versions might be worth a try.
  8. Good question. I haven’t investigated this in well over a year, but was once able to figure it out after looking at VistaLover’s screenshot in this post. Polymer v2 also has fewer thumbnails per line, probably with mobile users in mind.
  9. There is no need for that: Chromium 57 does not support Vista either, but Yandex 17.4.1 is a Chromium 57 fork that supports both XP and Vista, i.e. a backport like 360. Anyway, I hope that ArcticFoxie will not be dismissive about any YouTube issues that might be reported here.
  10. I’m sure it works fine with YouTube’s Polymer v1, but if you changed your user agent in order to be served Polymer v2, I believe it would be most unsatisfactory. As I stated above, “Whenever Google deprecates Polymer v1” (which they obviously haven’t done yet), Chromium 49-based and Firefox 52-based browsers (including UXP browsers) will not be able to display YouTube’s homepage. I first learned about this in VistaLover’s February 26, 2020 post (near the bottom of it) and subsequent discussion in that now-dormant thread. I was sufficiently concerned that I actually tried Yandex 17.4.1 on Vista (reluctantly, since it is Russian), and confirmed that this Chromium 57 backport is served Polymer v2 by default. I assume that the same is true for 360 and other Chinese backports (except “Advanced Chrome,” which is known to not work so well with YouTube).
  11. Pardon my intrusion, but YouTube is one of the most popular websites, and their Polymer v2 layout is incompatible with Chromium 49-based and Firefox 52-based browsers. Whenever Google deprecates Polymer v1, YouTube users running XP or vanilla Vista are going to want a good browser for YouTube. If not Extreme Explorer 360 or one of the other Chinese backports, that only leaves Yandex 17.4.1. IF I ever use the browser being discussed in this thread, it would only be my “different browser for YouTube” because 99.9% of websites work fine in Firefox 52-based browsers.
  12. No surprise that the game works on Windows 7 because system requirements say that it should, but do not mention Vista. If that is the same NVIDIA driver version that you were using on Vista, then it is puzzling that the error you posted yesterday said “no appropriate graphics hardware acceleration is available.” If you find a solution, I’m sure you will let us know.
  13. I’m not a gamer, but the driver for the 8600 GT may not support hardware acceleration (although an older driver might).
  14. Thanks for the information @MrMADRYAN! So this thread’s original post is correct about MSE 4.10 functioning normally on 2008 SP2. Of course for Vista, the problem is not installation but rather the April 2017 time bomb that was included in all versions after 4.4. Were it not for that, I’m sure that definitions could be installed with the necessary SHA-2 support. Microsoft has said that definitions will be updated until 2023.
  15. Nothing shocking about that. The last Windows Server that was available in 32 bit was 2008 SP2. In the last six years I’ve never once encountered a Windows 10 32-bit system, or for that matter a Windows 8.1 32-bit system. Is there really still demand for that?
  16. Thanks for that. KB4041778 was also on burd’s list, but @VistaLover may find it puzzling that you were not given the somewhat earlier KB4040973. KB4532932 was simply the final January 2020 (EOL for Server 2008) update, which has probably been superseded by ESU updates. Edit: And yes, having Office installed definitely slowed down the initial check for Microsoft updates on Vista, but did not prevent eventual completion.
  17. The mad scientists at Microsoft must be aware that Cobalt has been a component of doomsday devices in such classics as On the Beach, Dr. Strangelove, Goldfinger and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
  18. Was Microsoft update selected rather than Windows only, and was .NET 4.6.0 manually installed first? (It wouldn’t deliver updates for 4.6.1 because that version did not officially support 2008 SP2 or Vista.)
  19. Office 2010 was supported for six months longer than expected, but the miracle reportedly ended after April of this year. @Dave-H monitored that situation in a thread in the Windows XP forum: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177946-beware-of-office-2010-updates/?do=findComment&comment=1199509
  20. There has obviously been some sort of drama at Eclipse, so perhaps win32 will return to MSFN, or at least let us know where the future of the extended kernel now lies.
  21. I can confirm that flags are visible now, so perhaps something good came out of MSFN’s 5-day outage.
  22. Does Windows Update now seem to search endlessly for more updates? If so, then this is an old familiar issue that has existed since Windows 10 was released nearly six years ago (and I never thought the timing was just a coincidence). It sounds like you prefer written explanations, and I last wrote about how to solve this on April 29. My Vista x86 was already updated before M$ cut off Windows updates for Vista and earlier last year, but I did take the time to watch the video that i430VX first mentioned February 28 and it does mention the need to manually install the four well-known updates to get Windows Update working for Vista SP2. It is not necessary to manually install IE9 - but if you have already done so, then it is advisable (but not essential) to install a relatively recent update for it to simplify the search for the approximately 200 remaining Windows updates, which might still take a few hours even with all the recommended patches installed. On the other hand, if Windows Update is throwing an error code such as 0x80072EFE in short order, then you would be wasting your time to attempt anything mentioned above.
  23. Thanks for pointing that out. It sounds like final definitions were on May 19: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/164751/end-of-support-life-for-endpoint-protect.html
  24. It sounds like Logitech isn’t very good at ending support for old Windows versions!? Is installation of 2021.5 blocked on Windows 7? (Maybe they just forgot about Vista?) Keep an eye out for any issues with that version. People will want to know the last usable version and you seem to be MSFN’s leading authority on G HUB.

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