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  1. Apparently, Firefox (a build from 7 months ago, as seen in this video's post date) works on Windows Vista when spoofed as Windows 7: Anyone got a clue which version this is and a program to ensure spoofing of Windows Vista's version? Vista version build 6002 was used.
  2. Do these drivers support 3D acceleration by chance?
  3. Hello MSFN, I recently ordered 2 different IDE to USB adapters, and I am wondering if anyone has any luck with these. I got a powdered inateck brand and a generic adapter. At first, it seemed the hard drives would show up but it began to stop. The inateck one only read the IDE drive after a while if it was forced into a certain position with the hard drive physically. I should also mention the 2 IDE hard drives tested with the devices have somewhat crooked pins. I'm not sure if that alone is the culprit because I tested another non-crooked drive on the devices without success. Is this just plain bad luck on my part or has anyone else been having bad luck with these adapters?
  4. Hello MSFN, I have a laptop, an Acer Nitro 5. This laptop came with a GTX 1050 but stablediffusion does not find a compatible GPU with the program. I find this quite irritating because almost 1000 USD was spent to obtain this device a few years back. If there are any known workarounds or suggestions, please discuss! Thank you!
  5. Yes. I am hoping to make my old Windows ME laptop useful Applications like PhotoMix are what I am searching for.
  6. Nothing in particular. I am just hoping to put digital art in a presentable matter
  7. Hello, To this very day, I am frustrated with what little freeware and open source options exist for simply inputting multiple images and putting them in a nice arrange and/or background. Collages software has existed for decades now and I am just hoping to find one for use on etsy. I am hoping for anything. Thank you for your time.
  8. The title says it all. Do any good ones for low-end PCs exist out there? My Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 PCs aren't going to die for a very long time and could use some repurposing.
  9. Is there a program I can use to force rename or delete files that are too long on Windows XP? It's a bit annoying I have to bypass the waste bin to force delete.
  10. Yes, there is a version of Microsoft Anna for Windows XP but I'm pretty sure it does not restore TTS on stripped-down installations.
  11. Hello, My Windows XP computers are incapable of using TTS with components removed. I tried to install SAPI5 but it did not restore the ability to use TTS. I really need text-to-speech for purposes of reading documents and files aloud. How can I restore TTS to modded Windows XP? It would be a plus if I could also do this on modded Windows Vista and later.
  12. It seems balabolka for WIndows XP has dropped support with the latest version from April 13, 2023. InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll...
  13. Minecraft Java does not appear to install on my Windows 8.1 computer?
  14. I got a copy of the 111 builds, but never got a chance to grab the 112 build before it was removed.
  15. Has anyone tried this app on Windows Vista? Vista holds the needed framework: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/downloads/ Does ClipStudio paint happen to work by chance? It would be nice if I could get that working on Vista along with the M10K 2018 driver. Vista in general loves to run a lot of Windows 7+ software and drivers.
  16. Hmmm, I thought I saw a post containing a backported Chromium 111 for Windows Vista/7/8.1 here? I've been searching the forum but cannot find it. Were my eyes playing with me?
  17. A mention that perhaps paying attention to SlimJet, Midori, and Qupzilla might be a good idea. The third party vendors may or may not backport the later chrome editions.
  18. Hello Royam1, I was informed of this open source version of Chromium still compatible with Windows XP/Vista and I thought it may interest you. https://github.com/weolar/miniblink49 This launched on my Windows Vista computer but crashed when I had it go onto websites like MSFN and Youtube.
  19. Has anyone tried Maxthon 6 or 7? Their site said Windows 7 or later only. I do not have a Vista machine on me at the moment.
  20. Realistically, we're just going to have to do the following: Stick with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 on low-end hardware If Chromium or modern web browsers become unusable, simply dual-boot a Linux distro like ZorinOS (I personally use Mint Linux) Purchase an SSD on a higher-end PC and install Windows 10/11 Strip-down Windows 10 and customize it If you gotta, replace its system shell and explorer with a third party one. The majority of Windows 10's built-in components (image viewer, media player, etc.) are bloated and inefficient. Windows 10 LTSC IoT versions will actually be supported until 2032 at minimum (according to wikipedia), so I think there's a bit of relief for all of us At this point, I personally prefer 10 over 11. Windows 10 at least does not get rid of the Windows UX we love it for. I smell a potential lawsuit towards Microsoft for abandoning Windows 10. They've literally made computers from the past 15 years unusable and are adding onto electronic waste. Even our archaic Windows 98 computers can still be made useful in 2023 if given a right Linux OS.
  21. Not the most high-end but the Dell Latitude e6430 is pretty adequate. Comes with an Intel Core i5-3320 and the ram is upgradable. Also powerful enough to run Windows 10 at okay speeds with an SSD, which is a bonus.
  22. For a modern office suite, I personally use OnlyOffice as a free solution. There's active development for even Windows XP. In the meantime, it would be a good idea if we listed any existing Chromium-based browser developers that want to continue supporting Windows 7 and 8.1. Some third party vendors did so with XP for a tiny bit (not including Chinese vendors) and a little longer with Vista.
  23. My apologies. I did not realize coolreader3 dropped support for XP...
  24. I know it's Windows 8.1, but it looks like Visual Studio 2022 works on Windows 8.1 unofficially. Gives me a warning that the OS isn't officially supported, but works anyway ^o^ Now, I won't be forced to use that malware Windows 10 just to get school classes done.

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