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  1. May you link us to the working later firefox browsers? I tried a youtube tutorial to use Firefox 45 (No SSE2 Edition), but things don't seem to work for me. Firefox 31.8 ESR works wonderfully. But, flash player crashes. Also, I feel we are getting closer to running Slimboat on Windows 9x. Jumper's additions to KernelEx have gotten the browser closer to working, but it isn't quite there yet. The browser complains of DBGHELP.dll being too old. Placing in a newer file didn't prevent it from crashing. The browser does claim to generate a crash log, but I have not yet checked yet if it actually does. This could become the first Chromium browser to work on Windows 9x.
  2. Excuse me, is there an archive for fedor2's web browsers? I am looking to test them if possible.
  3. Hello MSFN, I am wondering if an AIO pack exists to install more languages, fonts and emojis onto a Windows 2000 system. I find it a bit annoying when I attempt to view foreign languages on Windows 2000 or modern social media like discord. If such a pack exists, please let me know. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I have tried the latest version of this web browser but get a few certificate errors on western sites. Furthermore, websites cannot stream because of this error. Is there a solution to this? The Chinese Mini Chrome browser doesn't suffer this issue.
  5. Thank you all! This is very helpful! During my attempts, I've tried putting many screen resolutions on, but doing so had only given me the unsupported video error. So far, the lowest resolution available (didn't allow 640 x 480, only the common one above that one) and another resolution worked...but I may need to check that again because booting the PC gave me another unsupported video signal error. The VGA works at all resolutions on a smaller Dell monitor of mine, but I am hoping to use this giant TV and not have to constantly switch them. The TV is very heavy... For the refresh rate of the monitor, I do not have any option to change it, I think.
  6. Hello, I recently picked up a free 2007 Toshiba 720p TV at a garage, and it's worked wonderfully with an intel core duo 2 PC to HDMI stream videos on Windows XP with a Chinese chromium 86 web browser. Now, I am having issues with its VGA port. I've been trying to use an old Pentium 4 PC I obtained a while back on it, but the thing is saying VGA isn't supported. Once Windows XP goes past the boot screen, the video is completely unsupported. The model of my television is 32HL67U, but I don't seem to find anything about it when I google. The PC works at minimum resolution (mode is 3:4), but does anyone know if there's a specific max resolution? Thank you!
  7. Whichever builds aren't from 2015-2017. Windows 10 literally broke almost a dozen times for me on the PC it was included on. When I used it on my Thinkpad R60 at one point, it broke one day with no way to repair itself. Didn't make a difference installing on a Dell Latitude e4310 compared to Windows 7, except java crashed for no reason using Windows 10. The later versions are far more stable (just like Windows Vista).
  8. It wasn't anything. PROBLEMCHYLD, I respect you well. You are a man of God and you've done a lot of community work for us all (protocol fix, Windows 98 Service Pack, and even modifying a driver for me). I appreciate your hard work. Nothing will change that.
  9. Hello. A little while back, a friendly samaritan (not naming him because he did not give me permission to give out his name) had compiled a AIO installer for KernelEx + Jumper's updates. Would anyone mind testing it? I am currently testing the software myself at the moment! https://drive.google.com/file/d/16wXXC5yL_dq_CWIJMfw-PaDWnTVEo09_/view?usp=sharing
  10. I use faststone screen capture 6.3. It's the last freeware version, and works on Windows 98 PCs too. Doesn't work on NT 4 though.
  11. Even if I cannot use Windows XP for modern activities (websites that require the newest browser), I'm definitely never getting rid of XP. It's a great OS and isn't overly bloated like Windows 10. So, I'll be sure XP stays on the older machines with Linux, and Windows 10 can stay on the hardware XP isn't compatible with. Not completely XP-related, but I'm annoyed how much Microsoft has bloated Office 365 and Visual Studio. Both have become stupidly slow for simple tasks on a i5 haswell PC from 2015.
  12. You should try providing the names of the drivers required (chipset name, sound driver model, ethernet or wireless card, etc.). Try providing hardware IDs of unknown devices as well. Google is your friend with those. Because Intel HD Graphics 4000 are Ivy Bridge, you might be able to install Windows XP completely in theory. But this varies with computer brands, I think. A I would recommend is snappy driver installer (SDI). It's a bit of a gamble, but it's helped me a lot when I experimented with Windows XP on a Haswell.
  13. It's sad to see legacy support dropped yet again for legacy hardware. Although I agree PC's older than 2005 are pretty slow, cutting them off will make it hard for those who can't afford new PCs...
  14. I found one that provides docx on Vanilla Windows 2000: LibreOffice 2000. The only reason I do not desire to install the extended kernel on one machine is because it's a very dated laptop that can only use up to 1gb of ram; super slow.
  15. During my searches, I've found a .docx word writer for Windows 2000. Is it possible to obtain one for Windows 9x? I prefer an application that can natively open the documents instead of require a manual conversion! I've also found an epub reader that works on Windows 2000. Too bad Windows 98's life support ended about 8 years before epub.
  16. We need to find the last working versions of digital art software: -Autodesk -MediBang Paint Pro
  17. There are multiple possible issues: 1) The ACPI might prevent you from properly installing Windows Vista on that machine. Perhaps Dell used a different ACPI version for that laptop, but an AIO Dell of mine from 2013 can't even install Windows 7 because of the ACPI stuff. On the win-raid forums, there are experimental Windows XP ACPI files, but I'm not sure whether they are compatible with Windows Vista; no one appears to have tried. 2) As mentioned on a top post, HAL Timer is probably the issue that causes Windows Vista to act funky on these newer boards. 3) Looking at the drivers, it's a hit-and-miss situation. Windows 7 is the minimum requirement, but I guess you could try it on Windows Vista. Be sure to update any possible dependent components like DirectX and other system updates. I would recommend using SDI's (Snappy Driver Installer) offline version. It's possible the Windows 7 drivers could work on Vista due to having a similar driver model.
  18. Oh, sure! Next time, just privately message me! Here you go!
  19. Hello MSFN, I've found a great deal on this PC model, and find that it would fit my needs perfectly to test demanding software on a Windows XP installation. However, I realized the chipset provided by Dell lacks a Windows XP driver. This model has a Q87 chipset and uses Intel HD 4600 Graphics. I've located the graphics here: But, I have yet to find any answers regarding whether the video drivers will work fine. I've previously tested HD 4600 Drivers for Windows XP from the snappy driver installer pack (on my AIO 2015 HP), BUT found numerous glitches. The PC would have momentary lag and PCSX2 games had numerous glitches: the polygons were often black, input lag, etc. Has anyone attempted to install Windows XP on this model? I have not had the best of luck on modern PC's in general.
  20. Hello MSFN, I was wondering if there is a workaround to copying files from newer Windows/MacOS/Linux machines that use characters unavailable on Windows 9x. For example, a file with specific symbols (like hearts?) and fonts unavailable on Windows 9x cannot be copied to the machine. Is there a workaround to fix this besides having to rename the file on a modern PC? I like to use my old 9x PC to backup a few files. Same issue occurs when using a virtual PC and attempting to copy a file with an "illegal" name to the Windows 95/98/ME machine. Thank you!
  21. I am using an Intel chipset. I've never had access to an AMD chipset. The laptop was also a Dell.
  22. BWC has a dual-core patch...perhaps test if that will fix the bug?
  23. Trust me, just because I can install Windows 9x on a laptop and setup things, and maybe find the proper softwares, my experience with understanding the architecture or even compiling software is very, very limited. xD Also, the site you linked me to confirms it's incompatible with Windows ME...
  24. Below is an experience of a physical installation only on 8xx chipsets: I've only experienced this on Windows 98, I think???? I've found Windows 98SE isn't as friend with newer hardware compared to Windows ME. Perhaps give ME a try as a last resort; my Dell laptop's explorer.exe keeps crashing with Windows 98SE, but works just fine with ME.

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