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Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

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On 10/7/2015 at 5:18 AM, schwups said:

The automatic and manual vps update of Avast! 4 Home 4.8.1368 fail on ME since 4th October. Message: Not enough storage to process this command. It still works on XP. Avast had worked in the background without any problems on one machine here so far except that it delayed the startup. The VPS def file had enlarged up to 200MB in recent years.

Avast 4.8 is updating fine on my PC. (Windows ME unofficial service pack)

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Thanks for this new build! It seems to be working fine, and has fixed a couple of irritating interface quirks that the older version (9.22beta) had.

The file provided (above) is a self-extracting executable. I unzipped it to a temporary location and copied the files over my previously-installed 7zip folder (v9.22beta). One DLL file would not copy in Windows, so i had to copy that in real DOS.

- Doug B.

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I am a fan of the Opera web browser and would like to make a comment concerning the first post mentioning Opera.  Please feel free to correct me if I am in error.

1) It shows ONGD = Ongoing Development.  I believe this to be in error. (From my knowledge Opera stopped supporting Windows 98 starting with version 11.  At least 'officially')

2) Last version of Opera 10.66 (The last version before version 11 is 10.63 not 10.66)

On the system I don't have, nor plan to, install KernelEx to install a later version.  I may if i get a better system for runnin 98SE

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Any video capture app should work. Just enable Preview mode, windowed or full-screen. Vidcap32 is my favorite.

vidcap (16-bit)

And more in my download collection (may not all natively support 98se):

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Is there a list like this for Windows 95?

I'd like to know, because information on that version seems a bit scattered relative to 98/98SE/ME (I'm running it on an old Dell Latitude CPi).


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