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  1. Did a little google search and discovered something called "Wine" that supposedly runs win32 programs on Linux... hmm. What they should do, is somehow bundle Chicaco95 and Wine together, so you never need to do ANYTHING linux related. Just make a ready-to-go Windows 95 clone that runs straight out of the box, with Wine included.
  2. Can it run actual Win9x programs? How about DOS programs? If they made a Linux that looked like that, plus ran Win32 software, I'd be all over that. But it's probably just for looks only, right?
  3. I hate how I need to hover my mouse pointer over the scrolling bar in order to make it appear! At first I couldn't figure out how to scroll the page. And half the time, the arrow and page down keys don't work. I thought they mastered that in Windows 3.1, but I guess I was mistaken... It's never too late to regress! It's a non-productive interface to say the least. And the original poster's point about it being designed for a phone screen I think is right, why else is everything so shrunken and tiny, but for to save space on the screen. I remember using the internet on the school computer in, say, 1992 or 1993, with Windows 3.1 -- back then only school had the internet. It was more fu n, more productive, and better designed. Everything now is crappier. The actual machine doesn't "feel" any faster doing mundane tasks. The Windows 3.1 File Manager was superior to whatever half-baked junk is on here now. The only difference between now and then, is the ability to view videos and other high speed graphic related things. Otherwise, just taking care of NORMAL stuff like email, editing a picture, email, wasn't that much worse than now. Even Microsoft Word 6.0 was better than any word processor nowadays. Windows 10 sucks, and so does most of the internet now. Search engines were better back then, because you actually used them. Now, what's the point?
  4. I predict that people will stop using the internet for social media in another 10 years. Look at Meta, that thing just crashed, and Mark Zuckerberg just lost billions. More people will come to realize it's just a cesspool for attention seeking narcissists. More people will start buying books. Something that lasts forever and only required sunlight to read. No "Kindle", no electricity. Just eyeballs in your head. I think it will actually be more pleasurable and less stressful for people to gradually just opt out from computers in general. It was like a fad that had it's time. Physical activity will make a comeback, being a hunched over muscle-less noodle who spends all day on a computer, will automatically weed out the non-breeders who can't find a wife or girlfriend, and the people who have kids will instruct their children in more productive and rewarding activities than killing time with a "device." In simple terms, people will return to what used to be known as civilized humanity.
  5. I got "blocked" from uploading further to their website. I tried to upload stuff and it either logged me off, or failed to upload every time. Simple as that. They must have flipped some switch to prevent me from doing anymore uploads. So I deleted it. Sorry! I never read their terms of service thingy, so yeah, my bad!
  6. STEP NUMBER 1: Download KernelEx from here: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/ Then download MPlayer from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mplayer-ww/files/MPlayer_Release/Revision%2035250/ STEP NUMBER 2 Install KernelEx then unzip MPlayer to a folder. Then right click on Mplayer program file and selection "properties". Under KernelEx tab, select "use specific compatibility mode" and choose WinXP from the selection list. That's it. Now run MPlayer.
  7. Disktective v4.0 - Disk-space recovery utility for Win95-XP Freeware Really good folder program that has bars, pie charts, and shows you a picture of what folders use the most space. Scroll down the page until you see "Disktec.zip" https://www.sac.sk/files.php?d=15&l=D Any updates?
  8. FoldersReport v1.21 https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/folrep.html The FoldersReport utility scans a drive or a base folder that you select, and displays essential information for each folder that it finds: The size of all files inside the folder, The real files size on the disk, number of files inside the folder, number of hidden files, number of compressed files, and number of subfolders. You can use this utility to easily find out which folders use the most space in your drive. You can scan the folders of your local drives, CD-ROM drives, and network resources on a remote computer. ^ I tried it on my computer, works good.
  9. Thanks, Jaclaz! That website was a true inspiration :-) It takes me down memory lane. It has all the requirements of a 90's website: -Flashy star animated gifs (usually used as a background, thus making the website crash, un-scrollable, and generally hang the computer -"New" animated gifs.... I'm definitely going to incorporate those "new" flashing gifs on my webpage! Heck yeah! Anytime I post a new update, it's gonna have one of those NEW! gifs next to it :-) - the mailbox gif for email (everybody had that back then) - "Best viewed in Internet explorer" as if there was any other browser back then?!?!? I don't think I ever came across a page that really made a difference what browser you used... a terrible page was a terrible page, didn't matter what browser you used. - the site counter, telling you how many visitors have dropped by.... like it was some sort of contest.... hey, look at me, 5 people viewed my website!! -Under Construction.... every 90s website was always under construction, I guess people just lay to say that. And have some neat looking gif or banner or something:-) -the horrible frames that are disproportionate.... check! Vintage 90s right there.
  10. @Wunderbar98 Hi, yes they are posted at the very bottom under "web browsers". There's 2 different browser areas on my site... one is for KEX browsers only, then further down the page is for "vanilla" browsers. I haven't uploaded anything to my website yet, got all the links DONE, but until I get on a faster computer connection it won't be finalized.... hopefully sometime this week!!! @ Siria Those are cool screenshots, thanks. I was looking at the SeaMonkey PrefBar, and that's pretty cool.... very much like K-Meleon. I'm gonna see if that works in Retrozilla. Thanks.
  11. Oh I was using AOL Press 2.0.... which ain't bad, except it's a Windows 3.1 program. It has a very intuitive interface, but it doesn't support long file names. I gave up and started using FrontPage Express 2.0 instead, which IS a windows 9x program. Much better now :-) It saved me a lot of time not having to rename stuff !!! @Mintchocaero, I intend to splash some annoying GIFs all over it... I just haven't gotten around to it yet :-)
  12. I'm planning to make a simple website that hosts Win9x and DOS downloads only. I made an old thread called the "updated mini list of sotware" and everything there is full of broken links... and honestly, there's no point in depending on some other website to host Win9x specific files. So I can't really "update" that thread in any meaningful way, although I'd like to! So instead, I'm hoping to use my old Geocities webpage and put a ton of Win9x programs on it. I have lots!! That way, I don't have to search google again for non-existing links. I'm Done with that. So I'm going to ask permission here to some people, if I can put a copy of their program(s) on my webpage. Furthermore, I have 520 MB worth of archived freeware (original install files) on my hard disk and on CD backup, and I'd like to post it online... along with my short description. So with that said, I have a few questions: (1) Do the creators of Retrozilla, Retrozilla Community Edition, Firefox Community Edition, Netscape 9 NSS Update, and the other browsers care if I host their programs on my website? I will also make a link to your official page, and back to MSFN forum. (2) If so, do they mind if I rename the file so it's DOS format, aka 8 characters? The program I'm using to build the website only supports DOS filename format, sorry! My bad, I know, but I can't help it at this point. Therefore, I need to shorten something like "RetroZillasuite_tls12_20200021.7z" to say, "retro9x.zip" That's another thing, I'd like to convert the packages (without modifying inside anything of course) to zip format as well. And, of course, I'd appreciate any feedback on further programs to add to the list. What I have posted so far, is just a start. I'm open to adding whatever anybody suggests. As long as it's within limits (freeware ONLY, nothing too big).... which brings me to my last issue.... geocites and their bandwidth limitations!?!? I can't upload any programs at the moment, but when I'm ready to it should be easy. I can't do it on dial-up obviously, so it'll have to wait for a little while when I can borrow a fast computer. Anyway, I have a FREE membership at Geocities, and I don't plan on upgrading anytime. So I'm wondering if somebody can check the Geocities Free Account limits, and tell me if they think it's feasible for hosting half a gig of downloads! Anyways..... if it actually works, I think it'll be pretty cool. Then I can add to my website and never have to deal with stupid broken links again. Here's my website (under construction) http://www.geocities.ws/gcd/index.htm Here's the Geocities description page saying what the limits are.... http://www.geocities.ws/ Lastly, any and all feedback is welcome.
  13. @ Siria Hello! I'm using Firefox 3.6.28 Community Edition (TLS 1.2 support) as I type this. It works great too!!
  14. Hi @ Goodmaneuver "Having just a modem has no port blocking and leaves your computer vulnerable if any port can be opened." I use Tiny Personal Firewall with maximum security setting, and according to the Gibson Shields-Up Firewall test, all the ports appear closed. It just seemed like every website I visited with Opera required the certificates to be validated again and again, even after I already told it to ignore the certificate error, it would keep reminding me. Opera just seemed really buggy. I tried fresh installs too... but no luck. K-Meleon 1.7.0 simply works MUCH better on my system than Opera. And now I'm also able to use Netscape 9 with TLS 1.2 support so I'm pretty happy about reading Wikipedia again! Retrozilla (also with TLS 1.2) is working great as well. I got some free time, so I'm gonna try a few more of the browsers you guys listed here! PS I didn't get the K-Meleon 1.5.4 TLS 1.2 package to work, it said some files were missing.
  15. Update: I got Retrozilla working and was able to load wikipedia! yay! The version I downloaded was this: "retrozilla-suite-tls12-20200131.7z" I just have one question though, wonder if anybody knows how to change the user agent in Retrozilla to Firefox 3.6. Google search results look better when the user agent is changed to Firefox 3.6.... just saying. Well, I appreciate all the helpful replies in this thread. thanks everybody!

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