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  1. I got "blocked" from uploading further to their website. I tried to upload stuff and it either logged me off, or failed to upload every time. Simple as that. They must have flipped some switch to prevent me from doing anymore uploads. So I deleted it. Sorry! I never read their terms of service thingy, so yeah, my bad!
  2. STEP NUMBER 1: Download KernelEx from here: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/ Then download MPlayer from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mplayer-ww/files/MPlayer_Release/Revision%2035250/ STEP NUMBER 2 Install KernelEx then unzip MPlayer to a folder. Then right click on Mplayer program file and selection "properties". Under KernelEx tab, select "use specific compatibility mode" and choose WinXP from the selection list. That's it. Now run MPlayer.
  3. Disktective v4.0 - Disk-space recovery utility for Win95-XP Freeware Really good folder program that has bars, pie charts, and shows you a picture of what folders use the most space. Scroll down the page until you see "Disktec.zip" https://www.sac.sk/files.php?d=15&l=D Any updates?
  4. FoldersReport v1.21 https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/folrep.html The FoldersReport utility scans a drive or a base folder that you select, and displays essential information for each folder that it finds: The size of all files inside the folder, The real files size on the disk, number of files inside the folder, number of hidden files, number of compressed files, and number of subfolders. You can use this utility to easily find out which folders use the most space in your drive. You can scan the folders of your local drives, CD-ROM drives, and network resources on a remote computer. ^
  5. Thanks, Jaclaz! That website was a true inspiration :-) It takes me down memory lane. It has all the requirements of a 90's website: -Flashy star animated gifs (usually used as a background, thus making the website crash, un-scrollable, and generally hang the computer -"New" animated gifs.... I'm definitely going to incorporate those "new" flashing gifs on my webpage! Heck yeah! Anytime I post a new update, it's gonna have one of those NEW! gifs next to it :-) - the mailbox gif for email (everybody had that back then) - "Best viewed in Internet explorer" as if there was any
  6. @Wunderbar98 Hi, yes they are posted at the very bottom under "web browsers". There's 2 different browser areas on my site... one is for KEX browsers only, then further down the page is for "vanilla" browsers. I haven't uploaded anything to my website yet, got all the links DONE, but until I get on a faster computer connection it won't be finalized.... hopefully sometime this week!!! @ Siria Those are cool screenshots, thanks. I was looking at the SeaMonkey PrefBar, and that's pretty cool.... very much like K-Meleon. I'm gonna see if that works in Retrozilla. Thanks.
  7. Oh I was using AOL Press 2.0.... which ain't bad, except it's a Windows 3.1 program. It has a very intuitive interface, but it doesn't support long file names. I gave up and started using FrontPage Express 2.0 instead, which IS a windows 9x program. Much better now :-) It saved me a lot of time not having to rename stuff !!! @Mintchocaero, I intend to splash some annoying GIFs all over it... I just haven't gotten around to it yet :-)
  8. I'm planning to make a simple website that hosts Win9x and DOS downloads only. I made an old thread called the "updated mini list of sotware" and everything there is full of broken links... and honestly, there's no point in depending on some other website to host Win9x specific files. So I can't really "update" that thread in any meaningful way, although I'd like to! So instead, I'm hoping to use my old Geocities webpage and put a ton of Win9x programs on it. I have lots!! That way, I don't have to search google again for non-existing links. I'm Done with that. So I'm going to ask permissi
  9. @ Siria Hello! I'm using Firefox 3.6.28 Community Edition (TLS 1.2 support) as I type this. It works great too!!
  10. Hi @ Goodmaneuver "Having just a modem has no port blocking and leaves your computer vulnerable if any port can be opened." I use Tiny Personal Firewall with maximum security setting, and according to the Gibson Shields-Up Firewall test, all the ports appear closed. It just seemed like every website I visited with Opera required the certificates to be validated again and again, even after I already told it to ignore the certificate error, it would keep reminding me. Opera just seemed really buggy. I tried fresh installs too... but no luck. K-Meleon 1.7.0 simply works MUCH bett
  11. Update: I got Retrozilla working and was able to load wikipedia! yay! The version I downloaded was this: "retrozilla-suite-tls12-20200131.7z" I just have one question though, wonder if anybody knows how to change the user agent in Retrozilla to Firefox 3.6. Google search results look better when the user agent is changed to Firefox 3.6.... just saying. Well, I appreciate all the helpful replies in this thread. thanks everybody!
  12. Solange - "Bad Girls" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWlzaRS-nRo ^ Love this song!
  13. Bryan Ferry - "New Town" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s68XcZbkRZw This is a song where I would say the guitars actually "wail." Best song of 1987 in my opinion.
  14. https://www.sac.sk/files.php?d=1&l=F fp-316f.zip F-Prot v3.16f - AV Package for DOS -- it's a portable, on-demand scanner that doesn't require huge amounts of memory. type "f-prot /old" to start it
  15. Other suggestions: -If you have any .WAV (sound) files on your computer, convert them to MP3, then delete the original WAV -same as above, if you have any MPG files, convert them to MP4 (Eusing website that I mentioned above, has a video converter that works on win9x)
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