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  1. No, unless you create your own List Box Control. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/bb761319
  2. It won't work because number of words that need to be listed in "List Box" control exceed the maximum number of items allowed for 9x systems... If you reduce size of "BT-main_01.txt" file (to 32KB i think) it will work.
  3. ^Goodmaneuver which post? Can you link it please? I see now, but disabling Kex on Usp10.dll do not help. I installed 98se to another VM but without SP and there it works.
  4. @jumper I found that ServicePack for WIN98SE corrupts the Uniscribe, and that's why my browser can not display text.
  5. ^^^Destro, this is on modern computer in virtual machine for testing purpose, I would not even dare to try it on PIII hardware. I have a collection of 9x dedicated machines and a collection of 9x compatible graphics cards, some of these machines are strong enough to do all the things you mentioned. ^^siria It is Kex 20 and it is set to "Alias for Base enhancements (old)", if i set compatibility to win2k it just show blank page and cannot load any page. No crashes at all, but can not display text. ^jumper, I think this is some sort of configuration issue because the same thing happens to Aurora 7.0 and Firefox 10 if they are set to "Alias for Base enhancements (old)", if is set to any other mode it crashes during startup. But on another VM where i have installed Win98Fe + SP 2.5.8 + Kex 20 both Aurora 7.0 and Firefox 10 work correctly if it is set to "Windows 2000 SP4 (Multi-Threaded)", if other mode is set it can not display text. On that installation KM 74 can not be started at all, it crashes during startup. K-MELEON caused an invalid page fault in module KEXBASES.DLL at 015f:bfa4b9c9. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=015f EIP=bfa4b9c9 EFLGS=00010216 EBX=00000000 SS=0167 ESP=008cdb24 EBP=008ce050 ECX=80007878 DS=0167 ESI=044fa3a0 FS=0f0f EDX=80004f68 ES=0167 EDI=7d00fe86 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 0f b7 00 3d 5c 5c 00 00 74 1e 8b 45 08 0f be 40 Stack dump: 000016d7 014f2737 12a70000 014f2737 3d76ab94 000416f7 10e90000 00000903 ab9416d7 db563da6 0000008c 00470000 04700470 00000000 00000000 00000000 KM_ApiLog.7z
  6. I tried the k-meleon KM74-g22 browser, but... I can not see the text.
  7. If there exist some free I/O ranges it should not be so hard to resolve conflicts. Like this ¬ Or through registry ¬ But be careful!
  8. OMG! This is WRONG! First. It has nothing with Monitor "driver" and second Monitor "driver" is not really a driver! Also it has nothing with cable types - that's just speculations on various tech forums - i other words : it's a myth! Resolutions list is added by Video Card Driver and driver uses this list from its .inf file. And if needed resolution is not listed there you can not use that resolution! Only way to use unsupported resolution is to modify the .inf file from video card driver. End of story. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2054
  9. No, you need to completely uninstall and remove all files and settings from previous Catalyst installation. I think some version of "DriverCleaner" can be used for this task. For Registry entries look there http://toastytech.com/guis/miscb.html
  10. If you are going to use the Catalyst v6.2 do this: 1. Open the "C9_30314.INF" in your text editor. 2. Go to "[RV350_AddReg]" section and replace it with this: [RV350_AddReg] HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",GCOOPTION_DigitalCrtInfo,1, A3,38,61,C1,A3,38,61,B1 HKR,"INFO\INFO\VXD",DynamicClockBypass,0x10001,1 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",GCORULE_FracFbDivSupport,1,00,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",GCOOPTION_MaxTmdsPllOutFreq,1, 50,c3,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\atidxhal",PrimaryTiling,,"1" HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",GCORULE_FlickerWA,1, 01,00,00,00 HKR,"MODES\8\640,480",,,"60,72,75,85,90,100,120,160,200" HKR,"MODES\8\800,600",,,"56,60,70,72,75,85,90,100,120,160,200" HKR,"MODES\8\848,480",,,"60,88" HKR,"MODES\8\1024,768",,,"60,70,72,75,85,90,100,120,150,160,200" HKR,"MODES\8\1152,864",,,"60,70,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,768",,,"56,60,75,85" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,960",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100,120,160,200" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,1024",,,"60,70,75,85,90,100,120,160" HKR,"MODES\8\1440,900",,,"60,70,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\8\1600,1200",,,"60,70,75,85" HKR,"MODES\8\1792,1344",,,"60,75,85,90" HKR,"MODES\8\1800,1440",,,"60,70,90" HKR,"MODES\8\1856,1392",,,"60,75,90" HKR,"MODES\8\1920,1080",,,"60,75,100" HKR,"MODES\8\1920,1200",,,"60,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\8\1920,1440",,,"60,75,85" HKR,"MODES\8\2048,1536",,,"60,66,70,75" HKR,"MODES\16\640,480" HKR,"MODES\16\800,600" HKR,"MODES\16\848,480" HKR,"MODES\16\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\16\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\16\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\16\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\16\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\16\1800,1440" HKR,"MODES\16\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\16\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\16\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\16\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\16\2048,1536" HKR,"MODES\32\640,480" HKR,"MODES\32\800,600" HKR,"MODES\32\848,480" HKR,"MODES\32\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\32\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\32\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\32\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\32\1800,1440" HKR,"MODES\32\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\32\2048,1536" HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALNonStandardModesBCD1,1,07,20,04,80,00,00,00,60,07,20,04,80,00,00,00,75,07,20,04,80,00,00,00,85,07,20,05,76,00,00,00,00,08,48,04,80,00,00,00,60,08,48,04,80,00,00,00,75,08,48,04,80,00,00,00,85,12,80,07,20,00,00,00,60 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALNonStandardModesBCD2,1,12,80,07,20,00,00,00,75,12,80,07,20,00,00,00,85,12,80,07,68,00,00,00,60,12,80,07,68,00,00,00,75,12,80,07,68,00,00,00,85,13,60,07,68,00,00,00,60,13,60,07,68,00,00,00,75,13,60,07,68,00,00,00,85 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALNonStandardModesBCD3,1,13,60,10,24,00,00,00,60,13,60,10,24,00,00,00,75,13,60,10,24,00,00,00,85,14,40,09,00,00,00,00,60,14,40,09,00,00,00,00,75,14,40,09,00,00,00,00,85,16,80,10,50,00,00,00,60,16,80,10,50,00,00,00,75 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALNonStandardModesBCD4,1,16,80,10,50,00,00,00,85,16,80,10,50,00,00,01,00,19,20,10,80,00,00,00,30,19,20,10,80,00,00,00,85,12,80,09,60,00,00,00,00,16,00,12,00,00,00,00,70,17,92,13,44,00,00,00,00,18,00,14,40,00,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALNonStandardModesBCD5,1,18,56,13,92,00,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALRULE_ADDNATIVEMODESTOMODETABLE,1,00,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\VxD",EnableDDC,0x10001,1 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",IDCRegOptionDontUseOSMonitorInfo,1,01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALRULE_NOCRTANDDFPONSAMECONTROLLER,1,01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",GCORULE_IntTMDSReduceBlankTiming,1,01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",HDTVRULE_HDTVGDOENABLE,1, 01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",HDTVRULE_HDTVSIGNALFORMAT,1, 01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",GCORULE_ENABLERMXFILTER,1,01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALRULE_RESTRICT2ACTIVEDISPLAYS,1,00,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\VXD",DisableAGPWrite,0x10001,1 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",UseCentredCVTiming,1,01,00,00,00 HKR,"INFO\INFO\DAL",DALRULE_ONEDISPLAYBOOTDEFAULT,1,01,00,00,00 3. Reinstall it.
  11. When you install Kex v4.5.2016.17 using my installer have same effect as installing v4.5.2015.9 and then upgrading to v4.5.2016.17. Maybe your browsers have issues with 4.5.2015.9 files. I will create installer based on v4.5.2 soon.
  12. Start win9x installation with Setup.exe /is /p i Then use Xeno86's VCache Fix - https://msfn.org/board/topic/105373-vcache-fix-attempt/ And limit file cache - http://www.thpc.info/ram/vcache.html ...
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Unauthorized-Windows-Developers-Exploring-Foundations/dp/1568841698 https://www.amazon.ca/Windows-95-System-Programming-Secrets/dp/1568843186 https://www.amazon.com/Windows-Undocumented-Formats-Working-Inside/dp/0879304375 https://www.amazon.com/Visual-Basic-Windows-Insider-Hard/dp/0471064831 https://www.amazon.com/Writing-Windows-VxDs-Device-Drivers/dp/0879304383 https://www.amazon.com/Visual-Bible-Richard-C-Leinecker/dp/0764532286 http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9781565921702.do
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