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  1. The single thread performance is important to us, and it is better on intel, even 3-4 generations older ones.
  2. Allmost all software of that kind put some signature on the drive, so if you want your drive to be completely clean you need to write your own software or to hire someone to write it for you...
  3. This is old, i work on the project started long ago, a user friendly tool for PE editing.
  4. It is somewere in my archive but i don't know where exactly beacause my archive is ~100TB and is not well organised so i can not find it right now, but if you need something specific to do just say it, maybe i can help or someone else...
  5. it's 4.10.2222 it was there even after a restart, but now after the IE update it's gone, it was probably the icon cache problem.
  6. win95 on HP Vectra p2 400MHz. 98fe on {PIII 600MHz, Abit BH6, 768MB ram, Quadro FX 2000, SB Live}, {Intel C2Duo E7600 ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA, 2GB Ram,7900GTX, SB Live} 98se on {Intel C2Duo E7600 ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2, 2GB Ram,7900GTX, SB Audigy2 ZS}.
  7. Well, there is an official drivers which works excellent, no need for R.Loew drivers except if your plan is to use hdd/ssd drives greater than 127GB. I have an ssd drives (120GB) in my 9x configurations, some of them attached to SIL3512 years before Rloew's drivers become open source. The freeze issue occurs if there is some PATA hard drive is attached to on-board IDE connector...
  8. The file name for the Sil3512 driver is "SWD-003x12-00W-1361.zip". I have one of these adapters (2-port version). https://www.addonics.com/products/ADSA2.php
  9. This was about 9x non-WDM drivers. There are several versions of the WDM. First partial implementation was included in Win95 OSR2.1. WDM versions: Windows 98: 1.0 Windows Me: 1.05 Windows 2000: 1.10 Drivers for WDM v1.1 are usually incompatible with older versions because older WDM have no support for many features, like using MMX or SSE instructions or Hardware Acceleration (except for Sound in Win98SE)...
  10. http://www.cwdixon.com/support/win98_support/device_drivers.htm
  11. 7950GT is faster then 7800GTX. 7900GTO is faster then 7950GT. 7900GTX is faster then 7900GTO. -------------------------------------------- 7950 GX2 is a 2 x 7950GT but only one half is working in win98, so basically this is 1 7950GT with 50MHz lower core clock speed. 7950 GX2 is a good card but i think there is no benefits from GX2 cards for 9x users, but if you allready have one you won't have to puchase other card.
  12. The patch can be started in windows. Going into dos mode is not needed. For fresh WinMe installation just limit memory pages in C:\Windows\system.ini and system can start without patch. [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=40000 you can edit your system.ini from your WindowsMe boot disk using (CD letter):\tools\oldmsdos\qbasic.exe Of course that's only if you have a cd drive, othewise you need to make a bootable usb...

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