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  1. VLC 3.0.12 crashes on start, because of "InitializeConditionVariable". And I didn't find useful stubs for the Condition Variables, so I deactivatet InitializeConditionVariable in the Kexstubs.ini .
  2. I didn't test that with KernelEx update 16. 16 was the first Kex version, that had allowed FF24+ to run. The profile will created very faulty. There are significant improvements since update 18. Don't use an old profile of an older version like PaleMoon 3, 9 or 11. You can rename it for this purpose. The profile should be fresh. Version 25.4.1 could be a bit tricky to run, so test with 25.3.2 first.
  3. What is CBAKK.INI? Update Kext to 823 (Kstub823.dll) for FF42+
  4. Don't install any strange files! Yes! From Topic KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17) links on my post May 16, 2020 https://msfn.org/board/topic/181424-firefox-24-for-me-and-98/page/6/#elControls_1181947 - mouse-right-click not working ???? see, if it goes away after update - new tabs don't work properly read first post - Issues on ME/98SE => set "browser.newtabpage.enabled" to false - no javascript enable/disable checkbox under "Tools->Options" in Firefox later versions don't have this button anymore. Install an extension like QuickJava or disab
  5. Hallo diamant, try to update KernelEX to 24. I don't recommend to use update 16 and definitely not 17. The profile can be buggy! You don't need Kstub for Firefox 31. See first post. You can download the improved versions in the my first post. The url bar will work (search.json is set to read only).
  6. tyukok, which PaleMoon Goanna versions are you referring to? I can't run any PM Goanna version on ME so far! I can run PM 25 - 25.4.1. It is a Gecko 24 engine. And I have no particular JS problems with these versions.
  7. No, the setting prevents runtime errors when adding bookmarks or changing toolbar settings. JS freezing problems on many machines are still unsolved here. But I cannot reproduce the problem on any of my machines. Yes, sometimes it can be that the browser freezes on a website, but then usually also on XP. Recently I suspected it might have to do with certain firewalls. I'm running Fritz!DSL Protect (Router Fritz!Box).
  8. Yes have vanished! At least required FF44 or KM76.3.1-Goanna-20201121.
  9. Did you try other user agents?
  10. You said, "And personally can only test old Firefox-forks, era FF3.5+24, not Opera, not Chrome etc." era FF 3.5 + 24 => Then you have KernelEx installed.?? I can download my 7z file (screenshots) e.g. with Opera 11.64 or PaleMoon 3.6.32 or FF3.6.28. And what about the browser era FF24? Blank Page: Opera 10.63 > css problem, KM1.5.4 TLS1.2, Retrozilla TLS1.2
  11. Here are some screenshots of KM76.3.1, FF35.0.1 (think there is no difference to 31.8esr) and KM74Goanna (Skin dbTango). The editor works with JS enabled from FF44 onwards.
  12. FF31 and 35 (KernelEx24) - JS enabled: - MSFN looks pretty good - no DARKGRAY background, by and large, objects are where they should be, (js) partially not working now - Functionless, long and narrow editor field - big grey like buttons I have installed Awesomefont 4.7 (https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome) for the icons.
  13. I'm on Opera 12 to test. I've JS disabled to get an editor field. There is no control panel and even no possibility to add an attachment. It's the same on K-Meleon74 Goanna with the help of KernelEx. I have to run at least FF31esr. I just see the three dots with the edit control/button and it even works. And via edit I have the possibility to add an attachment. I changed the browser and now I'm on Retrozilla. I also have to disable JS. There is no control panel, but I have a Browse... button to add an attachment. My conclusion JS disabled is more of a makeshift. "Sign out" isn't possible o
  14. Thanks for the explanation. I just meant here that Kexstubs (stubs or Kstub823) isn't in the "contents" lines of your test Core.ini, so FF 24 and higher will not run.
  15. Now, I'd merged your Knowndlls reg file, Goodmaneuver, so I have two registry versions. Then I can start ME via scanreg \restore with your "knowndlls"- reg version for testing at any time, too. First tests brought nothing new last night. Also early MyPal 28.0.1 didn't run in the background and I got "couldn't load XPCOM" again. DW missing the old win95 file RLOCAL32.DLL due to RADMIN32.DLL I don't have. I suppose that has nothing to do with the actual problem "couldn't load XPCOM". I don't have the following files either: CLFS.SYS, TQUERY.DLL, LOGONSRV.DLL, MaxAPI.dll, NLS.DLL, SDB
  16. Yes, that's the problem. "Fix => Block javascript and reload page. Big editor at bottom appears." Input is possible, but completely without the control panel.
  17. Thanks, I tested with KM74Goanna. So far - very good!. The edit/report Control/buttons are available. In Detail: userContent.css: body.ipsApp {background-image: none !important; } body.ipsApp {background-color: #AADD44 !important; } body.ipsApp[data-pagecontroller="profile"] {background-color: yellowgreen !important; } body.ipsApp[data-pagecontroller="profile"] div[data-controller="core.front.profile.body"]{display: block !important;} /* postings list */ body.ipsApp[data-pagecontroller="profile"] section.ipsColumn{display: block !important;width: 800px !important;
  18. Thanks siria, these prefs work. Tested with Firefox47.
  19. Sorry, I still haven't tested it. --- For completeness: PaleMoon versions 25.1 - 25.4.1 are not affected by the running plugin container after close. 25.4.1 is the newest I can currently run. These versions based on Gecko 24esr and yes they don't have the icon glitches, which come with Gecko28 (FF28) and slightly shifted or coloured edges, which occured around Gecko42. Extensions: PlainOldFavorites is compatible and QuickJava 2.0.5 has limited compatibility according to my first impression. Currently discussed squares instead of icons in Firefox: https://msfn.org/board/topic
  20. I have set gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled" to false and the icons are visible and recognisable now. And anyway "browser.display.use_document_fonts" to 0. The like/upvote button on KM76 remains grey
  21. Yes, PM 24.7.2 runs here, too. The profile should be fresh and not mixed with other versions. I noticed that the plugin container continues to run in the background after PM close. You are one step further. I tried 28.0.1, but I get "couldn't load XPCOM" on start.
  22. Yes, the deletion of the cache worked. The button is visible now. Firefox 45.9.31
  23. After all I can enable Hardware Acceleration (GPU Accelerated Windows 1/1 Direct3D 9 (OMTC)) on KM76.3. But for the moment, I don't see any advantage over "Basic" for this browser on ME. - layers.acceleration.force-enabled true - layers.prefer-d3d9 true I get a black browser window, if I do this on KM74Goanna. Somewhat funny tests with PaleMoon27/MyPal27 (unknown Error on start): Basically I can start and run this program, but with K-meleon.exe of the same platform version. I get a very simple KMeleon GUI (tab bar - url bar). So the problem seem to be correlated to the
  24. It's bad for our community. The other theme worked much better with older browsers we use like Opera 10/11/12. Will it be possible to sign in or to write without KernelEX here in the future? At some point not anymore.
  25. ME for daily use, web browsing, testing (KernelEx), writing, eMail, listen to music, edit photos, ... . Motherboards are MSI G41M4-F MS7592, Asus P5KPL1600, Asus P4V800D-X, MSI MS7058 and others (Intel and Via chipsets). Mostly with dual boot ME/XP. I often tried Linux - OpenSuse and others, but the GPU fan always annoyed me with highest speed of 100%. So I kept coming back to ME.
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