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  1. > is there anyone still using rp? Yeh, me too -- it makes my Win98SE so much more visually attractive and fun to use! I've never had a single issue in over 10 years of using it. (If i remember correctly, you need to install RP *after* KernelEx though -- each was developed by friends of one another, and they worked together to insure compatability.) Don't forget that there are also a couple of "theme packs" available that extend available choices -- i particularly enjoy the "icon pack". Plus, you can easily modify (some of) the available color schemes to make even-more alternatives. - Doug B.
  2. Just to add another example to the discussion.... Last summer, i had *two* IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre i915 computers (circa 2005) go "belly up"... within *two* weeks of each other! Both exhibited similar symptoms: initially random shutdowns/reboots during usage, then same combined with long bootups / occasional booting lockups, then wouldn't boot at all (no BIOS messages). The company has long been known for their reliability, and i've always liked their desktops. (The mainboards were not Intel -- they were in-house.) Opening them up, one m/b had a bunch of *slightly*-top-bulging electrolytic capacitors around the CPU; on the other m/b they looked normal. Both power supplies tested ok. I suppose i'll try to re-cap 'em eventually... when i get some time and motivation. - Doug B.
  3. PCM (the "M" stands for "Magazine") had a free 9x utility called "DisplaySet" that would allow one to set all settable system colors, set font and size of all available categories, and import/export schemes. It was basically a GUI that modified appearance settings in the Registry and updated the screen immediately as you played around with it. Unfortunately, i don't know where to get it nowadays, but the latest was v1.1 if i remember correctly. Like all of their utilities, source code was included, as well as an in-depth discussion of its inner workings in the accompanying ReadMe file. - Doug B.
  4. Thanks for the update! This has been a useful and informative project, especially for those new to (or not that familiar with) DOS. (Also just as a helpful memory jogger... for, you know, *those* moments....) It's actually more-thorough documentation than the description "help utility" might suggest. I'm wondering if there might be more interest in this if you post/move it to our DOS forum: https://msfn.org/board/topic/122965-dos-programs/ - Doug B.
  5. > it causes my CRT monitor to mode switch with every fullscreen toggle I don't know if this will fix the issue, but there is this setting in the MPlayer config file: # Change to a different videomode when going fullscreen: vm=yes Of course, lines that begin with # are comments. So comment out the "vm" line, and see if that helps. - Doug B.
  6. RamonUn - Thanks so much for this -- it's really terrific to have someone keeping software alive for Win9x! Especially something as useful as a media player. Various MPlayers have been my no-frills right-click "Send-To" targets for as long as i can remember. So it's great to have an up-to-date build! Much appreciated.... - Doug B.
  7. > I have tried RP7 in combination with 98SE2ME but with no luck sadly. What is the issue in more-specific terms? I have been using RP7 and 98SE2ME together for many years with no apparent problems. I always install U98SESP3, 98SE2ME, KernelEx, and RP7, in that order. IIRC, in my experience, RP7 does not install correctly without KernelEx. Also, i do not have a shimgvw.dll anywhere on my system. - Doug B.
  8. Back in the 'old days' (that is, early-mid 2000s), nVidia (and other) drivers had the reputation of not un-installing completely. Special driver 'cleaners' were developed to address this deficiency. Two freeware ones that i am aware of were: - "Nasty File Remover" by Rudy Alex Kohn, final v0.7.2, 2003. (It also works on ATI, Matrox, Creative, and S3 drivers -- remember those names?) I don't know if it would work on those company's newer drivers, nor do i have a link handy, but you can probably find it with a search. - "Driver Cleaner PE" (Professional Edition) by Ruud Ketelaars, final v1.5, 2006. (It also works on the above drivers and more.) Same considerations as previous prog. If i remember correctly, their advice was to uninstall the old drivers using add/remove, reboot into safe mode, use cleaner, empty recycle bin, reboot, and load the new drivers. But read their help! For what it's worth.... Doug B.
  9. > clamwin, which doesn't seem to any good Out of curiosity, what do you find not "any good" in ClamWin? It's freeware (not sure if open-source), updated regularly (daily, actually), i have been using it for years, and have never had a problem with it. The package is relatively small (as these things go), and it claims protection from 7,658,820 viruses (today's update). I believe v0.99.1 is the last that works on native Win9x, but if i'm mistaken, someone please let me know. Not that an anti-virus application is all that crucial to 9x anymore, but i just like to be safe anyway. - Doug B.
  10. You might try deleting the "META-INF" folder from the .XPI archive (do it on a copy of the file for safety's sake). This has worked for me with Firefox 3 plugins, but i can't say if Retrozilla will install it.
  11. Glad to hear you've solved the issue. The Adaptec ASPI Layer v4.71.2.0 driver is also included as part of U98SESP3x, installable as a separate option. My CD/DVD burner of choice is cdrtfe ("CD Record Tools Frontend"), current version 1.5.8, 2018-Jan-01: https://cdrtfe.sourceforge.io/cdrtfe/index_en.html The "Frontend" is a convenient but powerful GUI for cdrtools ("CD Record Tools"), a suite of command-line binaries ported from Linux (included). The Frontend is simple to use, but also has numerous advanced options if that's the need. I've been using it for years with never a problem. Be sure to download the native-Win9x version -- it does not require KernelEx. - Doug B.
  12. Way back in 'ancient' times (cannot remember the date), i downloaded the following list from the Intel website. Intel was recommending the following general installation order: IN WHAT ORDER DO I INSTALL MY DRIVERS? To build a new computer or reinstall your operating system, Intel recommends installing the drivers and software in the following order: 1) Windows operating-system service packs or patches available from Microsoft (for example, Service Pack 3 for Windows XP). 2) Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility. 3) Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or later. 4) Video or graphics driver (for example, Intel HD Graphics Driver). 5) Intel Application Accelerator or Intel Matrix Storage Manager. 6) Sound or audio drivers. 7) LAN or network drivers. Note that item #5 above would only be relevant to certain Intel chipsets. Yes, include IE 6.0 SP1 (even though you wouldn't want to use IE) as part of item #1, since IE SP1 updates a number of system files. Then, after i install all my main apps/drivers, i eradicate IE with IEradicator (from the makers of 98-Lite). I would consider U98SESP3x and 98SE2ME musts. (U98SESP3 contains an updated DirectX 9.) I would also definitely install Revolutions Pack 9.7 -- it reportedly offers greater system stability in addition to way-cool enhancements to the 9x desktop. If i remember correctly, it needs to be installed after KernelEx. In order to reduce potential interrupt issues, we generally recommend installing 98SE with the following switches: setup /p i Keep in mind that a critical question to ask is: What will be the ages of the various hardwares? Much newer stuff no longer has Win9x support (drivers). Have fun, good luck! - Doug B.
  13. @RLoew: Thanks for the recent update of your site with the additional downloads. Much appreciated! @LoneCrusader: I'm not able to access the RLoew archive that was on your website. FF gives the following message: "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to lonecrusader.x10host.com. If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details. What can you do about it? The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem." - DougB
  14. Completely in agreement, bphlpt! I'm actually one of the ones who uses his 98SE ("pimped up" with all those un-official extensions) as his primary O/S... even for work (meaning i do stuff for work at home -- at work, we have some new-ish version of Windows that i only use when i can't avoid it). So anybody who can help keep Win9x/DOS working... and thriving... for any purpose has my thumbs up! - Doug B.
  15. I haven't posted to this topic yet, but since Tommy's heartfelt post above, let me do so now. I've also been shocked and saddened at Rudolph Lowe's passing. I never interacted with him directly or bought any of his patches, but i greatly enjoyed -- and benefited from -- his posts here, and found him to be an extraordinarily-gifted, knowledgeable, and helpful individual. We will miss him, his insightfulness, and his willingness to share. I'm also happy to see that his work will continue to be made available by his family -- a deep thank you for this. The archives of his software on the web will be a shining star to his memory and work. And i, too, appreciate hearing R. Loew's story from his family. My condolences to them in this period of healing. Nevertheless, his loss will remain an enduring one in our small community here, just as his reputation will be enduring. Rest in peace, Rudolph R. - Doug B.

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