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  1. Unofficial Windows 98 Second Edition Service Pack 3.x: http://www.htasoft.com/u98sesp/ Discussion list: https://www.techtalk.cc/viewtopic.php?f=1047&t=65 Current version is 3.64. It's a real whopper of a download though.... - Doug B.
  2. > It seems only in recent years did computers turn into on-all-the-time machines and probably 99% of people only use their computer to go on the web. Depending on your definition of "recent", i very-much agree. Microsoft and IBM built their PC empires on business software/hardware long before the current/modern internet was even a gleam in it's mommy's and daddy's eyes! > That doesn't mean that there cannot exist computers that do not use web browsers as their dominant program. Heck I even have computers (Windows 7) that are segregated so that they cannot get to the internet. Me too! I have a computer (XP) with a dedicated multi-track music-recording setup that i won't let anywhere *near* the internet. And i have another system (98SE+DOS) that, although it does have an internet connection, could live very happily and busily doing home work and work work all by itself. - Doug B.
  3. > Just out of curiosity, are you guys using 98SE for functional work, or just toying around to see what's still possible? Functional work! My main home system is Win98SE, pimped up with all sorts of good stuff (mainly IE6SP1, DX9, U98SESP3, 98SE2ME, KernelEx, and then IEradicator-ing IE6). That system (including it's DOS 7.1 that i most-often boot up to) is what i do about 95% of my computing work on... including work work. I also have an XP system that i had been using maybe 5% of the time for what i can't do with 9x, but more often lately i've been using a lightweight Linux distro (Q4OS) that emulates the 'classic desktop'. We do have some newish Windows systems at work, but i only use them when i can't avoid it -- i try to do most of my work work at home. The 9x browser is Pale Moon 3.6.32, the XP has a later version of that, and for the Q4OS some newish Firefox. But using the 9x PM browser *is* starting to become a little frustrating, due to "Connection Reset" failures when trying to connect to a gradually-increasing number of sites. - Doug B.
  4. > Quote >> IrfanView and many PlugIns ported to Unicode! >> The INI file will be converted to Unicode if you call the "Properties" dialog > That's why plugins and INI file don't work anymore. Yup, but i have UNICOWS.dll installed (required for KernelEx). While i realize that UNICOWS is a limited fix as far as Win9x unicode is concerned, it does allow some programs to function well enough to be usable. Just not IrfanView anymore. Hey, i tried.... > From version 2 to 4 over the years I have seen very little difference. Agreed, at least as far as general appearance and interface is concerned. Under the hood is a different story -- check the changelog. IV is my default image viewer (fast and capable), so i'd hoped to keep it up-to-date... just in case. Oh well....
  5. K-Meleon failed to initialize. Please reinstall. K-MELEON caused an invalid page fault in module at 0000:00000000. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=019f EIP=00000000 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=00471ba8 SS=01a7 ESP=00f6fd74 EBP=00f6fdd8 ECX=00000000 DS=01a7 ESI=00000000 FS=20b7 EDX=00000000 ES=01a7 EDI=00471a90 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 00 00 00 00 65 04 70 00 16 00 66 06 65 04 70 00 Stack dump: 00429095 00471a90 00471a90 ffffffff 00471a90 00471a90 00000000 bfa57553 00000000 00000000 00400000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0045af2c
  6. > even the 4.50 works with KernelEx without problems. I've found that not to be true, at least on my system. There are display glitches in some of the response boxes on the toolbar, and it doesn't seem to be able to read (or save?) the .INI file -- i can't make any changes in Preferences stick. Can you test if this is also true on your system? I've gone back to v4.44, the last that supported Win9x -- everything works ok on that ver. > I love graphic viewer Irfanview. Me too, so discontinued support for 9x is disappointing. - Doug B.
  7. > there are tools like deCHK. DeCHK recognises about 50 file extensions. There is also a freeware/cardware command-line utility, TrID, written and maintained by Marco Pontello. It's a file-identification program that uses a continuingly-updated database of file signatures (over 9,000 at last count!), and the executable has an optional switch that automagically re-names (or adds) file extensions. Here's its web page: http://mark0.net/soft-trid-e.html Here's the program's help screen: TrID File Identifier v2.24, 2016-Apr-04, Marco Pontello Usage: TRID filespec [-ae|-ce][-d:file][-ns][-n:nn][-@][-v][-w] filespec Files to identify/analyze. -ae Add guessed extension to filename. -ce Change filename extension. -d:file Use the specified defs package. -ns Disable unique strings check. -n:nn Number of matches to show (default: 5). -@ Read file list from stdin. -v Verbose mode - display def name, author, etc. -w Wait for a keypress before exiting. TrID is a utility designed to identify file types from their binary signatures. While there are similar utilities with hard-coded rules, TriID has no such rules. Instead, it is extensible and can be trained to recognize new formats in a fast and automatic way. TrID uses a database of definitions which describe recurring patterns for supported file types. You can help creating new definitions! Just run the TrIDScan module against a number of files of a given type. The program will do the rest. - Doug B.
  8. > Not all (un)official patches are available for Polish > version of ME currently. I could transplant ME files > myself, but what about newer files than on the CD? Hope i'm not misunderstanding you, but i'm feeling a bit of a need to clarify what 98SE2ME is and is not: It's *not* an incremental/on-going updater -- it's a one-time updater. It takes the ME disc and copies over certain files (over 700 actually!) that are ME equivalents/updates of 98SE files. But some ME files do not work correctly in 98SE -- MDGx has tested for compatibility, and the program only copies the ME files that work ok in 98SE. If you want to further update the files with newer versions, you can of course do that manually. But that's not the purview of 98SE2ME. It only uses files on the original ME disc. So again, if you have a ME disc in your own language (and of course, a 98SE installation in your own language), it would seem to be not-too-difficult a task to translate 98SE2ME, using the translation guide and source code provided on the 98SE2ME site. Not to forget ProblemChyld's gracious offer of help in the previous post. > I do not really like MDGx's writing style about > anything, extremely convoluted! Yeh, i agree that MDGx's writing style can be kind of disconcertingly verbose. :) Still, we miss his contributions around these parts. > Yes, I agree with DougB > 98SE2ME + U98SESP3 are an ultimate combination. And i agree with ProblemChyld! :) However, i additionally use KernelEx and a few other updates not included in U98SESP3. (For example, the "experimental" VC++ 9 runtime files for 9x.) - Doug B.
  9. > 98SE2ME would be great, if it supported other languages of 98SE, not just English. If i recall correctly, MDGx provides the 98SE2ME source code as well as a translation guide -- see the page i gave links to in a previous post. Since the 98SE2ME source is just installer code (98SE2ME doesn't provide the actual ME files that are used for updating -- they come from your own ME disk), translating doesn't (potentially) seem like a difficult job. So if you have a ME disc in your language (which i'm assuming you do), you're all set! > Windows ME was the last real Operating System that you didn't RENT. Totally in agreement! The main reason i've never seriously moved beyond Win9x. (Tho i have flirted a tinybit with XP... after removing the reg requirement.) - Doug B.
  10. I've found ME to be a mixed bag compared to 98SE. So i second the recommendation for 98SE2ME: http://www.mdgx.com/9s2m/ It installs updated ME components of 98SE, but not the godawful ME "improvements" that slowed it down and otherwise made it cumbersome to use. DOS remains fully functional. In addition, i think ME looked better visually; you can add the ME icon/colors theme to 98SE using a U98SESP3 option: http://www.htasoft.com/u98sesp/ I have legit copies of 98SE as well as ME. Over the years, i've tried both (clean installs), but only use 98SE now (mostly on P4/865 systems). After installing 98SE2ME, i notice an immediate improvement in speed, especially in bootup. - Doug B.
  11. You might want to try one of these tools that clean up after driver uninstalls -- official uninstallers sometimes leave remnants that might potentially foul up installation of newer/older drivers or other-manufacturer's drivers. * Driver Cleaner PE (freeware), last v1.5 b14: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/driver_cleaner_professional.html * Nasty File Remover (freeware), last v0.7.2: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/nasty_file_remover.html Be sure to read usage documentation before you run them, and as always, ymmv. - Doug B.
  12. > I can testify, that msfn.org login also doesnt work on older > browsers for Windows 9x even with KernelEx. Hmmm... with Pale Moon v3.6.32 (a Firefox fork), i'm replying right now after having signed in. (Running under "pimped up" 98SE with KernelEx, of course.) But as usual, after each forum update, it does lose some functionality. In particular, after the update last month, i can no longer see the individual headers (thin, colored rectangles with the name of poster and date) for posts. And i can sign in... but not sign out. Maybe i should start a similar thread for Firefox / Pale Moon? - Doug B.
  13. DougB


    @tErmY: Thanks for the link. Got it!
  14. DougB


    I'm curious about 9x vulnerability too. And... does anyone have a link to the .exe-file patch for XP? (I do use an XP system occasionally.) - Doug B.
  15. Fido-X asked above: > One question: when you installed Unoficial Service Pack 3 for Win 98 SE, did you lose the ability to read "help" files? No, help files display fine on my system. But... two things i do that might make a difference: 1) The first thing i do after a *clean* install of 98SE is install Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1, even tho i won't be using IE. I believe it contains some updated .DLLs that deal with help files (and other things). (Later on, i remove IE with IEradicator, but it wisely doesn't touch most needed system DLLs.) 2) Then on this relatively-clean system, i install the "Main Updates" from Unofficial Service Pack. (And when later versions of USP are released, i've never had trouble updating.) Note that the USP Main Updates need to be installed separately -- by themselves. (Of course, other USP options can be installed later on.) Also be careful *NOT* to install the "IE Core Files" option if you have not removed IE (with 98Lite or IEradicator). Dunno if this info might help, but it might be worth a try. - Doug B.
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