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  1. Off the top of my mind I can think of Blender and Java which have yet to be added. Blender has vista listed on their system requirements, and Java support for Vista is ongoing (though it will probably end shortly after EOL). Unfortunately I won't be able to help much with testing since my only Vista machine is currently out of commission.
  2. I'm surprised that ClamWin hasn't been added to this list yet. I guess I'll be doing the burden then . The latest version is 0.99.1 http://www.clamwin.com/
  3. Also, I would like to know what other members think about Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Kit, and has anyone who uses the product, ever tripped it.
  4. Hello Noel, Thank you for linking your domains compiler, and sharing the lists you use. The lists I mainly use can be found in the Ublock Orgin Repository under Third Party Filters, Malware Domains. I also use lists from here as well http://iplists.firehol.org/ Proxy I use: http://www.squid-cache.org/ To those who do not want to maintain their own servers, or use the HOSTS as a blacklist, Ublock Orgin is a wonderful extension that not only blocks ads, but also blocks malware. Link to Ublock Orgin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/seamonkey/addon/ublock-origin/?src=ss Popup Blocker I use: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/popup-blocker-ultimate/ SeaMonkey Addon Converter: http://addonconverter.fotokraina.com/
  5. Couldn't one, instead of using the hosts file as a blacklist, use a proxy like Squid to accomplish the same thing. Using a proxy would prevent system degradation that could be caused by inflating the hosts file, and speed up web browsing by freeing up bandwidth (Squid is a caching Proxy).
  6. TrueOS (formally PC-BSD) is a BSD OS based on FreeBSD (it essentially is Free BSD). TrueOS is currently trying to reinvent itself, and considering it is a Beta OS, there are bound to be issues. https://www.trueos.org/2016/09/01/pc-bsd-evolves-into-trueos/
  7. To give an update of the User share for XP and other OSes Here they are as of September of 2016. (at least according to netmarketshare ) While I find that these statistics should be taken with a pinch of salt, there are some points of interest. Netshare from August to September of 2016 Windows 10: decreased 22.99% to 22.53% Windows 8.1: decreased 7.92% to 7.83% Windows 8: decreased 1.82% to 1.78% Windows 7: increased 47.25% to 48.25% Windows XP: decreased 9.36% to 9.11% Windows 2000: decrease ~0.01% to ~0.01% (source) Windows NT: increase 0.12% to 0.23% [interestingly reached a yearly high of 0.73% of OS market share during May(16)]
  8. Regarding Firefox 52 it is currently categorized under the nightly builds, and one can download 52.0a1 from this site. https://nightly.mozilla.org/
  9. To think that you guys would predict Microsoft Edge is unbelievable
  10. A hack to rival the Apple ingenious Wave technology that was introduced in iOS 8 .
  11. After two days of windows 8.1, the infamous Win 10 upgrade prompt finally shows its ugly head. :ph34r:

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      Just one more day, till it is all over. :D

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      Dang! I guess I missed my "free upgrade". What a shame.:cool:

  12. Hello dencorso That is good news, and I will immediately implement the workaround on my XP laptop. The funny thing is that I specifically checked each page to see if a solution was posted, before I made my post. Somehow I didn't see the smiley train.
  13. Firefox has addressed this, and stated that their are no plans to incorporate this. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=541286 You can try to use the VLC Web Pluggin, however I did not have success with it. Possible fix in the distant future. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1057646
  14. Considering that one of the current requirements for packing Crayola crayons (at least locally) is the ability to competently use a windows 2000 and/or NT (4) computer, imo makes the XP obsolete question on a business level silly. (No I do not pack crayons fyi)
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