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  1. I have a Sound Blaster Live! Value installed and lately I cannot get sound to function in Windows. DOS works fine for sound. Another strange item is whenever a sound is played the sound volume, treble, bass, etc. all gets reset to their default settings. Has this happened to anyone else, and can anyone try and shed some light on the issue? I have tried all I can think of without success.
  2. I have a webcam I hooked to my Windows 98 and I am looking for software that will let me view the webcam. Does anyone know of software I can use? The webcam is a Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX
  3. Having Linux access Windows 98 (for me) was a no brainer, but having WIndows 98 access linux is proving ot be a challenge. Can someone please assist me in this?
  4. I am a fan of the Opera web browser and would like to make a comment concerning the first post mentioning Opera. Please feel free to correct me if I am in error. 1) It shows ONGD = Ongoing Development. I believe this to be in error. (From my knowledge Opera stopped supporting Windows 98 starting with version 11. At least 'officially') 2) Last version of Opera 10.66 (The last version before version 11 is 10.63 not 10.66) On the system I don't have, nor plan to, install KernelEx to install a later version. I may if i get a better system for runnin 98SE
  5. It looks like the best processor for this particular system is a 'Pentium III 1.2 GHz CPU' I can get one for 15 Free Shipping (New) so I will snag it and see how it goes. Thank y'all for the responses. I am a BIG nut for 98 and will probably run it until my ashes are put away. People, as usual, like to make their remarks but they are useless.
  6. Great. I have an old HP Pavilion s7600e (Possibly s7600n) that I find quite slow runnin XP even though it came with XP. Do ya know if that would be 98 compatible? Where can I get the SATA patch?
  7. I have a Windows 98 computer (Would like to upgrade it though. More on that later). I upgraded the power supply from a 250W to a 400W. WOuld tht be too much? Here is my current setup: Shuttle MV25 motherboard with a 1Ghz Intel Celeron processor and 512MB of RAM (Max memory for this motherboard) The hard drive is 40GB and I have 2 DVD-ROM drives installed. Okay that mimght be much but I have my reasons (illogical maybe ) I upgraded the video card because the onboard wasn't up to par for runnin DirectX 9 games or anything needing accelerated graphics. The new video card is an nvidia GeForce FX 5200 PCI with 128MB of memory. Onboard sound was nice even has support (in BIOS even) for Legacy Sound Blaster support. I upgraded to a Sound Blaster Live because although I could use SB in DOS with the onboard I couldn't have MIDI sound workin. MIDI playback (for me) is a MUST. Another upgrade was a 5port USB 2.0 PCI card. There are only 2 USB ports (I assume USB 1.0) onboard and that for me was annoying. Here is another (possibly considered unecessary addition) The USB card has 4 USB on the outside and 1 internal. For the internal I put in a 128GB USB stick to have for extra room, backups and other stuff. It works flawlessly in both DOS and Windows 98. With all the upgrades I have done, is the 400W power supply good to have or overkill? Also the upgrades, good or bad? I am lookin for opinions. Around here it is difficult to find a Windows 98 compatible system and would like to have a more powerful system because although 98 runs great on my current system, the graphics (even with the great nvidia card installed) is still a bit sluggish. Can anyone recomend a motherboard I can buy that would be good for runnin Windows 98 on? I really have no cares for what people say about WIn 98 bein old/outdated/useless/etc. It will ALWAYS be my joy and as long as it is possible I will keep one around and use. Thank y'all in advance.
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