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  1. > What happens when all web browsers for an OS no longer display webpages? Either we won't know it happened because nobody will be able to post about it, or we will know it happened because someone found a workaround. We will adapt. > What happens when all supported web browsers for a Windows OS no longer display certain webpages and changing the UA string fails? I visit my local library and use another OS. > Can that computer never access those webpages? Displaying and accessing are two different things, so it depends on many factors. > What if they can't display any webpages. Would that computer never be allowed to connect to the Internet again, ... Find an ISP that supports IP4 (most still do) and this will never happen. > ...which would probably make the computer useless and force it to be retired. Too many good comebacks here, so I'll leave this for others. :) > Do the Windows 98 and ME diehards have these problems with much older IE6 or older browsers? I don't know of any IE6 diehards. I'm still on IE5.0 and even use it online occasionally, but usually use Mozilla-based browsers on Win98se+kex. > Will they ever face a problem in the future where their ancient systems can no longer use the Internet because all webpages no longer display? No. There will always be some sites that don't require superfluous formatting and "security". > Do you guys have a plan or workaround in place? Keep adapting.
  2. Another easy test is to enable the BIOS memory check at boot (disable fast boot) and see if the memory check runs smoothly. An Emergency Boot Disk can also be used to do some basic hardware tests. +1 for including a 3.5" Floppy Drive!
  3. I now have KG76 working again. Pages render much faster than KG74, but scrolling lags and menu text is mainly garbage. Edit: KG74 can't post to MSFN.org (no submit button with or without JS), KG76 can (no JS). KG74 can edit a post and attach files (JS), KG76 can't. I continue to use SM 2.0.14 for most web browsing at home. This post was created and edited with KG76 (KM-Goanna-20180128).
  4. SHUNIMPL.dll could be patched to not fail on load if ( !FindAtomW(L"FailObsoleteShellAPIs") ).
  5. Oops, my suggestion was for the OP who is long gone. The system I am using right now (and for the last 16 years) eats CR2032's and loses BIOS setting changes unless I leave it plugged in 24/7.
  6. What you did (enable virtual modes only) if different from what I asked. If you do not follow my instructions, I cannot help you. Please do exactly what I asked and report the results. > I believe laptop will probably display a higher resolution if I hooked up a VGA cable to a monitor. Only if the monitor driver loaded for it (such as Super VGA 1600x1200) reports higher resolution capability.
  7. > ...taking out the cmos battery to get the computer running. Try this again. If the computer is again revived, do not unplug the computer the next time you turn it off. Leave any surge protector or power strip it is plugged into powered on. The battery also needs to be replaced.
  8. In Display Properties, tell us what the current monitor is set to and then set it to Super Vga 1600x1200. After a restart, you should now be able to set the resolution up to the maximum the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 can drive. The screen hardware might resize it to fit the LCD panel, or the driver or hardware might virtualize the mode and allow you to pan the panel viewport around the virtual screen/desktop (using the mouse or arrow keys?).
  9. 512MB is probably too big for a P2B board. The 440BX can't handle 256mbit sdram, so stick to 128MByte single-sided or 256MByte dual-sided. Make sure you're not over-clocking during setup or more than your AGP video card can handle reliably.
  10. The content in the post above is lifted from https://encycolorpedia.com/00a2ed.
  11. Take a screen capture and load it in IrfanView. Click and hold on the color of interest and read the RGB values in the title bar.
  12. Until the latest version of Win10 (1809?), the Clipboard History could only be accessed by 3rd-party utilities. Now it can be accessed with hotkeys (Windows+V). If you disable the hotkeys, you are back to needing a 3rd-party utility. Some programs have a "Paste Special" item in the Edit menu below the regular "Paste Ctrl+V" item. It can be accessed with the keyboard or mouse. Microsoft should also have updated the Clipboard Viewer to be able to select the active item from the history, but I don't know if they have yet.
  13. Archived localization begins with: ftp://ftp.rarlab.com/rar/wrar393nl.exe Non localized version 3.93: ftp://ftp.rarlab.com/rar/wrar393.exe Non localized version 3.8: ftp://ftp.rarlab.com/rar/wrar380.exe Perhaps someone can compare the language resources of the first two and apply the differences to the third to create an unofficial wrar380nl.exe. V 3.80 is also the last for Win98, but WinME might run up through 4.01. Perhaps v3.93 or later can be hexed to run on Win9x. Edit: v3.93 seems to be working well in Win98se without any help from KernelEx. DW had no complaints, not even a warning. It still needs to be tested in Win95.
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