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  1. jumper

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\KnownDLLs] "API-MS-Win-Core-String-L1-1-0"="Kernel32.dll"
  2. Thanks for the confirmations, @Nomen and @Ath73. Looks like a bad build of Kernelex.dll slipped into the package. Try reverting that file to v.17. I'll update the package ASAP.
  3. Thanks for the report, @MiKl. I'm looking into it. There have been 17 downloads--Is anyone else getting this error? ("Like" @MiKl's post if you are and don't want to post text.)
  4. jumper

    Any way to access Windows Update v4?

    The only updates for Windows 98se since 2011 are unofficial, so use USP2 or USP3 instead.
  5. > Chrome there can't be much done about You might be able to block the update server's domain name in hosts.
  6. KernelEx core update 4.5.2016.18 (beta) - KexBeta.18.7z 206.93 KB VKrnlEx.vxd - System driver KernelEx.dll - Core logic Kexbases.dll - API extensions (Shared) Kexbasen.dll - API extensions (Non-shared) KexCOM.dll - COM extensions Sheet.dll - Property Sheet Handler ApiLog.exe - Debugging console ApiHook.dll - Debugging support Verify.exe - Verify installation is working. Core.ini - Settings for KernelEx.dll LZDLL.reg - Registry support for six missing (98/SE) DLL's LZDLL_ME.reg - Registry support for four missing (ME) DLL's API-MS-Win.reg - Registry support for Win7 API sets 1) Exit Windows or reboot to DOS. 2) Copy all files except KernelEx.dll to existing KernelEx folder. (Kexstubs users: edit Core.ini [BASE] contents= line here.) 3) Reboot to Windows. 4) Run Verify.exe 5) (Optional) Add registry entries as needed. More updates are already nearing completion: Ktree, Kexports; SList, SRW, PowerRequest. Specific API requests welcome.
  7. You're doing it backwards. Install 98se first, then PART. (If this doesn't work, then PART is the "stupid" one.)
  8. jumper

    Error 0cx000007b On Game Launch

    Please report the contents of your PATH environment string.
  9. jumper

    Error 0cx000007b On Game Launch

    I advise against manual treatment of the symptoms before we have the problem fully diagnosed. I currently suspect Skype added its "phone" directory to the global environment PATH instead of using "App Paths" in the registry. I'm not sure how to view the PATH in Win7, but you can try opening a DOS box and entering path. Looking at Capture2 again, there are also six missing CORE/SHCORE/APPMODEL files that might be needed for delay-loading. Perhaps a Win7 service pack is also required?
  10. jumper

    Error 0cx000007b On Game Launch

    If you installed the app before the x64 runtimes, the installer must have searched for and (incorrectly) found the x86 runtimes. If so, uninstall then reinstall the app. Find all locations of both the x86 and x64 runtimes. Search the Registry (especially KnownDlls, App Paths, and PATH) and the app's data files for references to any of those locations. Load the app into Depends and go to the Option->Module Search Order dialog. Experiment and report findings.
  11. jumper

    Error 0cx000007b On Game Launch

    From Capture2.jpg, your Steam app is 64-bit and the only copy of the CRT runtimes it can find are the 32-bit files installed with Skype. While updating those files with 64-bit versions should fix the problem for all 64-bit apps, that would break Skype and other 32-bit apps. > 9) Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Installing the 64-bit version should fix the problem without breaking Skype. Otherwise you will need to uninstall the 32-bit version of Skype and install a 64-bit version.
  12. jumper

    ThinkPad Can't Connect to School Interent

    Over the weekend I acquired a D-Link Cloud Router 1100 (Wireless N300 Router). According to the product table on the back of the box, it is single-band 2.4GHz. Higher models are simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz + 5Ghz. So N (and AC) can be 2.4 and/or 5 GHz B and G are 2.4 Ghz only A is 5 GHz only
  13. These updates are not yet ready for use by most users. They are not compatible with USP3, SE2ME, or UPXed files. Updating a previous KernelEx 4.5.x installation with just the new DLLs misses the registry and Core.ini changes that go with them. I am currently testing nine new files. (I am having no problems with .db files in any of many browsers.) Please do not create any more packages until I post these new files. This should be in the next few days. Then we can coordinate a full installation for limited (MSFN.org) release. I already have more API improvements for the following update. If I can also resolve the aforementioned compatibility issues, I'd like us to have a Release Candidate by the end of September and a Final for general distribution the first week of October. Until then, remember that currently this is not an open beta for just anyone to access and try. These update files are only for testing by registered members of MSFN.org who are interesting in helping me improve KernelEx. As previously discussed, no file attachments from this thread should be redistributed in any form on outside servers.
  14. jumper

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    QT / Mplayer: SMPlayer UMPlayer 0.95
  15. jumper

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    They are the most recent (2016?) Realtek drivers for Win9x, so might hold the key to developing a solution. Compare them to their Win2k 81xx PCI counterparts to see what modifications need to be made to the Win2k 8188 USB drivers.