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  1. Try: "RLUSB Generic USB Mass Storage Driver for Windows 95. This Driver supports USB Floppy, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Drives in addition to Hard Drives and Keys." Also: "Windows 98 RTM has a flaw causing occasional corruption of IDE as well as USB Drives, when transferring data, so use of USB Drives in Windows 98 RTM is not recommended."
  2. Maybe run an ftp server on one and use an ftp client on the other to move files.
  3. Code Segment CS is executable and has one value. The Stack SS and Data DS/ES Segments are not and usually share a different value. Explorer is an exception where all four are different. See Faultlog.txt or any crash report for examples.
  4. No attachment needed, just the text of the last few lines before any final error handling. Also for the case when it terminates before the lead-in adverts.
  5. WaveLab 3.0.4f. Wise installer. You should update to .4g and reinstall on new OS.
  6. What are the last kex apilog entries for the errors?
  7. D3D 7 code path is available. Any way to select it?
  8. Change _getdrives import to be from CRTDLL.DLL.
  9. > The library has these strings within which are referenced to Msvcrt. Completely incorrect, thus invalidating subsequent analysis. Notepad is not an appropriate tool for interpreting PE files. _getdrives is the one and only import from Msvcrt. DependencyWalker correctly reports this. Kernelex users should be using Msvcrt 6.10.9848. Let Kernelex provide additional API support for best results.
  10. I don't have any Microsoft Internet games on my Windows XP system to examine. What are they and is this checkers program downloadable?
  11. Ring or touch-tone sounds? The internal speaker is mono and often just an atonal surface-mounted buzzer.
  12. Clean of any foreign objects, including inside all slots and sockets. Moths like crevasses. Plug in cooling fans.
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