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  1. For smooth motion, shutter speed must match frame rate. This provides the right amount of motion blur. Hollywood movies shot this way at 24 fps looked very good. Shutter speeds of 1/60 yield great stop-action freeze-frames, but look jerky at 30fps or lower and can cause eye strain (and even pain). It all depends on the amount of motion in the screen.
  2. Analog NTSC is 60 interlaced fields creating 30 frames per.second. PAL is 50/25. Digital TV theoretically supports higher frame rates, but in practice only broadcast the traditional analog rates.
  3. [Moz]sqlite.dll only version checks for Windows 2.x, not 9x. Hexing that one byte from 2 to 5 should cause it to use the fallback method when compatibility is set to XP. I'm also working on more robust versions of LockFileEx and UnlockFileEx that support both shared and exclusive locks. Full emulation is not possible, but sufficient emulation might be.
  4. Select Monitor Scaling and Exit to DOS. This should retain the setting. Then use a DOS Vesa 3 app to set the mode and refresh rate. If it still doesn't work, the problem is definitely the video card not correctly supporting Vesa 3 on the DVI port. What DOS app are you using for your tests? BTW, both are 16:9 so there should be no black side bars. If the preview is like what you get, then it is correctly previewing incorrect behavior.
  5. VBE 3.0 added refresh rate support.
  6. Select Monitor Scaling, shut down Windows, then cold boot with an EBD to DOS. BTW, preview for 4) isn't correct.
  7. Profile pages are public. This is SEO back linking that steals server resources with zero intention of contributing or even participating in the forum.
  8. If it runs in 98/se/me with Kex set to nt4, that limits where we need to look.
  9. Besides, "it's not a bug, it's a feature."
  10. No, it's not. The poll is completely unrelated to the title and top post and should be removed or moved to a separate thread.
  11. Could it be as simple as the monitor is set to stretch the DVI input to fill the screen? I'd check the monitor controls.
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