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  1. CM_Get_DevNode_PropertyW is natively supported on Vista. What version of CfgMgr32.dll is installed?
  2. I meant the priority class, not the level. (Above post edited.) See SetPriorityClass().
  3. Is it possible to set the priority class to High or Realtime?
  4. Can you kill the process then restart it higher (or restart then raise)?
  5. To prevent appends, make the file read-only, or replace it with a folder of the same name.
  6. A file/disk shredder utility perhaps.
  7. K32GetPerformanceInfo is a "b2e" - it returns a BOOL, takes two parameters, and sets LastError upon failure. Try replacing it with BeginUpdateResourceA, another b2e.
  8. I've patched the two missing imports with appropriate failure substitutes and it now loads. Available soon.
  9. My simple uxtheme.dll: KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates
  10. And CTR prevents the skia-induced crash?
  11. content.azure.backend? What is CTR?
  12. DW on XPsp3 reports Kernel32.dll missing EnumCalendarInfoExEx and GetFinalPathNameByHandleW. EnumCalendarInfoA and ExW are also imported....
  13. Now on my Win98+Kex.25 laptop (primitive ftpd -> FF2). ImportPatcher.42 reports missing: [Kernel32.dll] EnumCalendarInfoExEx= GetThreadIOPendingFlag= Transferring to XP via thumb drive for analysis next.
  14. It's still stuck on my Android phone. (The ES File Explorer v4.2 ftp server that worked so well last year now crashes.)

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