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  1. Explorer works just fine if you don't intentionally break it. End of discussion. DCFG1 is obsolete, use BASE instead. What definitions are you using in stubs.ini?
  2. Explorer.exe doesn't need kex, so set to disabled or Base at most. If extensions need kex, set them directly. Don't use 4.5.2 core.ini with any kex files for which an updated core.ini has been supplied. . = current folder .. = parent folder
  3. Critical Section additions came from Ley0k. It's been very good, but I'm reviewing all CS code now.
  4. Another Msimg32 to try is from KernelEx (Win9x). It doesn't use forwarding and has fewer dependencies. When upgrading Gdi32.dll / User32.dll, also upgrade with matching Gdi.exe / User.exe.
  5. img = temp; img.thumb = img.getAttribute("data-src") || img.getAttribute("data-image"); // add here if ( img.nodeType === 1 && img.getAttribute("thumb") ) { ... img.src = img.getAttribute("thumb");
  6. Thanks for the updated reports. Change the inherit= (and desc=) lines in Core.ini and reboot before using the modified modes.
  7. A batch file could extract to a temp folder then search there....
  8. Unless disabled (for speed), Explorer's built-in search also searches within zip files.
  9. The update checker thinks it's running on Win7. What mode did you run the installer in?
  10. For the monitor I recommend a 19" 5:4 1280x1024.
  11. NTOSKRNL.EXE is a system driver. User mode library PE tools won't work on it. Sorry, that's all I know.
  12. > resubmit the question you want to answer. Look for my post with the question marks in it.
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