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  1. Thinking back to the earlier discussion about memory footprint, perhaps all packed files should be repacked using compression that will be faster and lighter to unpack at runtime.
  2. What is "Binaural Beats"? There was a tech question about it several years ago here on MSFN that went unanswered because no one understood what was being asked.
  3. Okay, mystery solved. I was hoping a compatible Ole32.dll update had been found. Clicking on "Pl" in DW sorts by missing API. Are any others missing? "Fail to load", not "crash". A program must first load and then start running before it can crash.
  4. For each of you: 32- or 64-bit Notepad++ and what version of Ole32.dll?
  5. See GetVersion in Core.ini and Ktree (and version.c) for a multi-definition usage example. The contents= line in DCFG1 without a qualifying .names section does make it special, and a problem. DCFG1 will be gone by the end of this month, so you need to figure out now which line(s) in BASE.names give SPDF problems: Create [DCFG1.names] and copy into it from [BASE.names] in binary search fashion (add half the remaining lines until there is an issue, then remove half the last adds until it resolves). Reboot each time, five times max per issue. Then rename DCFG1 to a custom profile name (or do this first!) and report here the results so I can improve KernelEx so that we don't need as many custom profiles.
  6. Only API names are case-sensitive. Multiple definitions are allowed and can be accessed individually in Core.ini by different profiles. Test Kexstubs.dll and clones with Ktree v10 or higher. Load by dropping the dll onto the open window; reload after updating definitions by pressing <F6><F5>.
  7. Javascript error. They need to update Edge or maybe other system web components.
  8. Invalid configuration. Post-v4.5.2 updates are not yet ready for end users.
  9. What are your results when you follow the instructions in the video?
  10. I use a 32MB ramdisk for software builds and temp files. A 4MB growable swapfile is added when needed. I've also had some success putting the swapfile on a flashdrive.
  11. Yes, same thing: implicit imports. Use ImportPatcher. I tested again on 98 and Me yesterday before posting. It works (as documented) if you follow my instructions correctly. Both implicit and explicit module loads add ".dll" as needed if there is no dot in the filename. Only if the extension is something other than ".dll" or there are multiple dots in the filename must the extension be included. I don't know if later versions of DW will be useful, but I'm hoping to find one with a mechanism that can be leveraged into supporting KernelEx.
  12. Please focus on the present. The present is .25 and I know what is coming in .26 and beyond. When stripping the suffix, remember to also strip the dot (replace the dot with \0). Then DW_2.2.6000 (last for 9x) handles the import correctly and the module loads/runs. @Everyone - BTW, what is the highest version of Dependency Walker that will run with help from KernelEx?
  13. When import patching, shorten names by removing the optional .dll suffix. When redirecting whole DLLs, use Kernelex\KnownDLLs. When redirecting only some APIs, use Kexstubs. Also use System\...\KnownDLLs only if the DLL does not exist and only redirect to LZ32.DLL.
  14. If you temporarily disable auto-adjust clock for DST, do all browsers show the same time?

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