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  1. jumper

    ThinkPad Can't Connect to School Interent

    Over the weekend I acquired a D-Link Cloud Router 1100 (Wireless N300 Router). According to the product table on the back of the box, it is single-band 2.4GHz. Higher models are simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz + 5Ghz. So N (and AC) can be 2.4 and/or 5 GHz B and G are 2.4 Ghz only A is 5 GHz only
  2. These updates are not yet ready for use by most users. They are not compatible with USP3, SE2ME, or UPXed files. Updating a previous KernelEx 4.5.x installation with just the new DLLs misses the registry and Core.ini changes that go with them. I am currently testing nine new files. (I am having no problems with .db files in any of many browsers.) Please do not create any more packages until I post these new files. This should be in the next few days. Then we can coordinate a full installation for limited (MSFN.org) release. I already have more API improvements for the following update. If I can also resolve the aforementioned compatibility issues, I'd like us to have a Release Candidate by the end of September and a Final for general distribution the first week of October. Until then, remember that currently this is not an open beta for just anyone to access and try. These update files are only for testing by registered members of MSFN.org who are interesting in helping me improve KernelEx. As previously discussed, no file attachments from this thread should be redistributed in any form on outside servers.
  3. jumper

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    QT / Mplayer: SMPlayer UMPlayer 0.95
  4. jumper

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    They are the most recent (2016?) Realtek drivers for Win9x, so might hold the key to developing a solution. Compare them to their Win2k 81xx PCI counterparts to see what modifications need to be made to the Win2k 8188 USB drivers.
  5. jumper

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    Realtek RTL81xx Network Drivers 0001-Driver_98ME_5707_1120.zip www.realtek.com.tw download.org.vn
  6. @diamant: K-Meleon bookmarks are implemented as a plugin, so quite modular. Try using bookmarks.dll from an earlier version of KM. @siria: Try reverting each of the KernelEx .17 kexbase* DLLs to .16 (one at a time).
  7. There is no crypto.dll in XP or ReactOS. The Cert functions are handled in crypt32.dll. Tests with ReactOS files should include schannel.dll, mbedtls.dll, crypt32.dll, and advapi32_vista.dll (for crypt32.dll).
  8. jumper

    Transfer Files from an android phone?

    Full discussion and limited solution for MTP/PTP on Win98/ME here: Portable devices via MTP driver in Windows 98 and here: Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE (comment 967232)
  9. > old content disappears, and... Check each browser's Error Console. I think it's a site scripting bug. I recommend scripting be disabled to read, enabled to post. You can also try switching themes.
  10. Perhaps the 2010 install updates mapi32.dll to a version that doesn't work with 2003. If so, place a copy of the old mapi32.dll in a .local folder with the Outllook 2003 executable: <path>\<Outlook2003>.exe <path>\<Outlook2003>.exe.local\mapi32.dll
  11. I've seen the INTERRUPTED problem often in FF2 over the last few years. A site will work for several minutes as long as I keep accessing it; but once I stop to read the contents for several minutes, the next access is INTERRUPTED. If a persistant connection goes idle, the server might time it out and break the connection. If this is done in a new way the browser doesn't recognize, the browser might just report INTERRUPTED instead of reestablishing the connection and trying again. In addition to a time-out limit, perhaps some servers are now setting maximum time or transaction limits on "persistant" connections. Restarting the browser is guaranteed to break and reestablish all connections. Closing all windows and tabs to a site and browsing elsewhere for a while might also work. A menu option to manually break all connections would be nice. I suggest we look at connection settings such as: * network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server = 2 (1?) * network.http.pipelining = false * network.http.keep-alive.timeout = 300 (60 to lower expectations?) * network.http.version = 1.1 (1.0?) From https://www.quora.com/How-is-HTTP-keep-alive-different-from-connection-timeout The extra Keep-Alive header can inform the client how long the server is willing to keep the connection open (timeout=N value) and how many requests you can do over the same connection (max=M) before the server will force a close of the connection.
  12. jumper

    How to completely remove Internet Explorer

    > Where does the data come from the initial Internet Explorer 6? There was no previous version installed: "this XP version came with IE and OE removed" Checking my XP/IE8 (upgraded from IE7) system, I see that the files in Windows\IE8 are IE7 files to be restored if IE8 is uninstalled. It also contains the folder Spuninst containing the IE8 version of Spuninst.exe as previously noted. If this folder is missing, extracting Spuninst.exe and Updspapi.dll to any temp folder might allow for the removal of registry entries (and possibly the removal of more files if their location is stored in the registry). That said, I recommend the reinstallation of IE8 followed by its normal uninstallation. Or restore a system backup point from before the initial IE8 install. Then IE6 and/or Outlook Express should install.
  13. jumper

    How to completely remove Internet Explorer

    Spuninst.exe can be extracted from the IE8 package with 7zip. Or reinstall IE8.
  14. jumper

    Question about TCP/IPv4

    Yes, it's IPv4. That property panel in my full install of XP+SP3 also shows: This connection uses the following items: ... [ ] Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  15. If the compatibilty mode for vlc.exe is set to default, it usually inherits from Outlook. If you have Outlook set to Disable Kex, also set the Advanced Option: "Don't use these settings in child processes". (Vlc.exe should also be set to the required mode instead of left using the default.)