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  1. Can someone with this working try clearing their logs, then refreshing a webpage or adding it to Bookmarks? The new log entries might reveal what API sqlite is having trouble with when trying to update its database files.
  2. RaiseException=v4 RaiseException=>GetFileTime This is a debugging api so there might be others--use mode Windows XP Debug. I've added two RaiseException wrappers to Kexbases.26. The debug version currently displays the parameter values before passing on the call. The default version will ignore the call if it is "continuable", or call the debug version if not.
  3. Use my new Uxtheme. It is faster and lighter than all others. Now that it is complete, there should be no reason to use any other.
  4. uxtheme423.7z Now includes all 124 known functions from Microsoft, Wine, and ReactOS. With source code and Developer Studio 97 Project file.
  5. Ex functions almost always add another parameter, so dropping the Ex very rarely works. When selecting a replacement, the number of parameters must match (look for the first return instruction after the function entry address). The return value should also indicate an error.
  6. Should read "WDDM is..." (WDM is an unrelated driver model, not a display model at all.)
  7. KMDOD is a WDDM sample for Vista and later, not XP.
  8. Thanks. At some point, I'll add all Win7 Uxtheme functions as we are now well past XP.
  9. To support eighteen K32 functions in Kernel32, I've also added eleven new stubs to Psapi.
  10. I've added six new failure stubs to Uxtheme: BeginBufferedAnimation BufferedPaintClear DrawThemeTextEx EndBufferedAnimation GetBufferedPaintBits SetWindowThemeAttribute Any more requests?
  11. Named api needed after the colon. KernelEx\KnownDLLs can't be extended yet. Yes. Add dummy names.
  12. No and no. 18 is sufficient. Updates are optional for these previews.
  13. What special requirements are needed by "etsy"?
  14. DeviceInBox search result claims to be for DEV_08AE and Vista.
  15. Thanks. I'll try again from IE once I get one of my 9x/ME systems online again.

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