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  1. Maybe the new hal.dll is experimental and is not installed by default because it doesn't work on all hardware.
  2. When prompted to reload drivers after a small change, try the "skip" option.
  3. jumper


    Backporting an app requires recompiling that app, not XomPie. XomPie allows some apps to run without being backported.
  4. Redirection applies only to standard output, not to error output.
  5. USB doesn't use LBA. If 9x can see it (another limit might exist), it should be safe to use.
  6. Update the XP64 4500MHD drivers.
  7. But first your bios must have LBA support for > 137GB. If not: backup the HDD, repartition, then restore. BTW, USP3 and Kex are still not fully compatible.
  8. > It just works Until it writes past 137 or you scandisk in dos or... If you don't want to patch the os, use 120 or smaller internally. Larger is okay externally, USB fw lan.
  9. New MSI file support is planned for the upcoming advanced fork.
  10. 4.5 introduced the driver that patches modules in memory instead of on disk. That hasn't changed a bit (yet). However "KernelEx" is now overused, so maybe k4xp and kfive/k5? Possible additions to the driver include rloew’s i686 + my finesse sse exception handling, and Wdmex code.
  11. I'll add to the Sheet Todo list an option to customize the target filter string. Then wildcards could be added with no restarting needed. It could also search for conflicts and even create a dated backup. The current plan is to fork the project with ongoing development continuing as 4.5.2020. 4.5.2016 API support will then be slimmed down to XP and below for stability. (Kexstubs will still be supported.) (Or should 4.5.20 be the slimmed version and 4.?? or 5.0 the ongoing?)
  12. > When manually updating KEX reg settings Reg setting are only read when updated via Sheet and when the driver loads (boot and restart). So manual changes require a restart/reboot.
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