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  1. > I've seen those mentions too, but when I tried it (it was with an executable), I would be interrupted with a message right after starting saying "this is for Windows 95" and it closed. 1) Try running it in Kernelex Win95 compatibility mode. 2) Try extracting the files and installing manually
  2. Check your cache settings. I use Compare the page... Once per session.
  3. I do not. There are also some registry entries and other files that need updating.
  4. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    If sse2 cpus have extra registers that Win95 doesn't know about, they won't get re/stored when tasks are switched. This means that if at any time more than one thread of one app is using sse2 instruction registers, data corruption will probably occur. Perhaps VLC 0.8.6 doesn't require sse2, but can use it if available. Because apps that can use sse2 are likely also multi-threaded, Virtual PC 2007 should be configured to emulate no higher than a Pentium III for use with Win95.
  5. The crt's and .net are mutually exclusive like DirectX and OpenGL. Some apps need one, other apps need the other. What you keep will be determined by what apps you use and their requirements.
  6. I don't recognize that error dialog. Does it display immediately, or later? OS? version of NTDLL.dll? App name? (cut off in image) > Is that a valid installation method? Yes, that's how I do it.
  7. Yes. HeapSetInformation has been supported as a stub since 4.5.2 or earlier. What is the text of the errors are you getting?
  8. Watch Youtube in IE 8?

    That sj10 setting is most likely obsolete. Google search result links are tracker-encoded and sometimes so long they produce page load errors. Truncating them often fixes the problem.
  9. Win9x WebTV Stream

    According to this reference, exception eedfadeH might mean IE6 is required. I have IE5.0 + some IE5.5 DLLs. What version of IE is required (for Delphi apps) or do you guys have installed?
  10. Win9x WebTV Stream

    TinyUpload worked great, Thanks! :) Launching WebTVS.exe on 98se yielded an error dialog: Application Error: Exception EOleSysError in module WEBTVS.EXE at 00123B25. Class not registered. And also a crash dialog: WEBTVS caused an exception eedfadeH in module at 0084:00000000. I'll investigate more later.
  11. Win9x WebTV Stream

    Sorry, but revisiting the FileDropper link I still see only the details quoted above, even with JS enabled. It's all hard-coded into the source. Because your app targets Win9x, you really need to find a hosting site that works in Win9x browsers!
  12. Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    Thread-safe version of Kexstubs.dll is working well. Kexstubs.ini is awaiting the updating of Ktree to support duplicate-definition detection.
  13. Win9x WebTV Stream

    Description sounds good, but 98MB, really? What all's in there if not VLC nor the codecs?
  14. Win 98: Explorer in another language??

    1) Uninstall .NET Framework 2.0 and IE 5.5 (as much as possible) 2) restore a previous registry 3) Reinstall correct-language versions of .NET Framework 2.0 and IE 5.5