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  1. KernelEx core update 4.5.2016.18 (beta) Core.ini update
  2. I upgraded to (sponsored mode) instead. Hope to resume programming soon.
  3. jumper

    Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    But does the use of Uxtheme actually allow any theming? If not, the best choice is my 95-API version (including OpenThemeDataEx @61) at KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates I have given up on using any ROS files as complete replacements. I do test individual APIs via Kexstubs. Now I mainly use ReactOS source code directly in KernelEx.
  4. jumper

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    Perhaps the "XP computers and laptops everywhere" belong to the patients in the Gaming Addiction Ward?
  5. You don't know how to swim yet, so please stay away from the deep end of the pool! Install the 8.0a SDK and build some of the samples. Once you realize how much programming is involved in writing a game from scratch, choose a game engine. (If you want more than 5-10 FPS with fancy shading, you will be limited to 640x480 [or less]. What you really need is a DX9 card in a Win98+ system for your DX9 game.)
  6. The use of a manifest defeats the purpose of the test, so don't bother. More later....
  7. Knowing some of the hex values allowed me to search the internet for more. Please confirm as many as you can and any more you find: . WIN95....0xC0000004 4,0,40003B6,1,,0,0,0,0,0 . WIN95A...0xC0000004 4,0,40003B6,1, A ,0,0,0,0,0 . WIN95B...0xC0000004 4,0,4000457,1, B ,0,0,0,0,0 . WIN95B1..0xC0000004 4,3,40004BC,1, B ,0,0,0,0,0 . WIN95C...0xC0000004 4,3,40004BE,1, C ,0,0,0,0,0 . WIN98....0xC0000A04 4,A,40A07CE,1, ,0,0,0,0,0 + WIN98SE..0xC0000A04 4,A,40A08AE,1, A ,0,0,0,0,0 + WINME....0xC0005A04 4,5A,45A0BB8,1, ,0,0,0,0,0 . . . . . . . NT40.....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,,0,0,0,1,0 . NT40A....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,0,1,0 . NT40B....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,0,1,0 . NT40C....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 3,3,0,0,1,0 . NT40D....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 4,4,0,0,1,0 . NT40E....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 5,5,0,0,1,0 . NT40F....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 6,6,0,0,1,0 . NT40G....0x05650004 4,0,565,2,Service Pack 6a,6,0,0,1,0 . . . . . . . WIN2000..0x08930005 5,0,893,2,,0,0,0,1,1E . WIN2000A.0x08930005 5,0,893,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,0,1,1E . WIN2000B.0x08930005 5,0,893,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,0,1,1E . WIN2000C.0x08930005 5,0,893,2,Service Pack 3,3,0,0,1,1E . WIN2000D.0x08930005 5,0,893,2,Service Pack 4,4,0,0,1,1E . . . . . . . WINXP....0x0A280105 5,1,A28,2,,,0,100,1,0 . WINXP1...0x0A280105 5,1,A28,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,100,1,0 . WINXP2...0x0A280105 5,1,A28,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,100,1,0 + WINXP3...0x0A280105 5,1,A28,2,Service Pack 3,3,0,100,1,0 . WINXP64..0x0ECE0205 5,2,ECE,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,100,1,0 . WIN2003..0x0ECE0205 5,2,ECE,2,,0,0,100,3,0 . WIN2003A.0x0ECE0205 5,2,ECE,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,100,3,0 . WIN2003B.0x0ECE0205 5,2,ECE,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,100,3,0 . . . . . . . VISTA....0x17700006 6,0,1770,2,,0,0,100,1,0 . WIN2008..0x17700006 6,0,1770,2,,0,0,100,3,0 . VISTA1...0x17710006 6,0,1771,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,100,1,0 . WIN2008A.0x17710006 6,0,1771,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,100,3,0 . VISTA2...0x17720006 6,0,1772,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,100,1,0 . WIN2008B.0x17720006 6,0,1772,2,Service Pack 2,2,0,100,3,0 . . . . . . . WIN7.....0x1db00106 6,1,1db0,2,,0,0,100,1,0 . W2008R2A.0x1db00106 6,1,1db0,2,,0,0,100,3,0 . WIN7A....0x1db10106 6,1,1db1,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,100,1,0 . W2008R2B.0x1db10106 6,1,1db1,2,Service Pack 1,1,0,100,3,0 . . . . . . + WIN8.....0x23F00206 6,2,23F0,2,,0,0,100,1,0 . WIN81....0x25800306 6,3,2580,2,,0,0,100,1,0 . WIN10....0x3AD7000A A,0,3AD7,2,,0,0,100,1,0 . WIN10A...0x42EE000A A,0,42EE,2,,0,0,100,1,0 ^--- confirmed (+)?
  8. > can it just be done with two computers and some phone cord? That's a different (but related) topic. Short answer: Use three of the wires as a cross-over cable between serial ports (not modems) and do DCC (Direct Cable Connect) networking. For long answer, see discussion in threads linked by @jaclaz. A dial-up server requires POTS service.
  9. > the lite version of Eudora Yes, Eudora 3.0 Light is what I resurrected from a 2001 backup of my '90s software. I've just downloaded 4.3.2 and 5.2.1 and will give them a try. > my full Eudora Unfortunately, still way too "full" for me. What version is it?
  10. Startup->Help->Dial-Up Server
  11. > directx 8.0b wasn't ever a full update There is no 8.0b. Perhaps you're thinking of the 8.1b update. 8.0a is the last for Win95 (but it might be possible to mod 8.1 into working). First you need choose your DirectX Game Engine for Win95. The requirements will probably be the following: * Install MSVC 6 (VS98) (or maybe MSVC5/VS97 or MSVB6) * Install the Win95 Platform SDK (if not included with VS) * Install the DirectX 8.0a SDK * Install the Game Engine SDK (Or modify DX8 samples) VSE2003 might work for development (depending upon platform), but the runtimes might not (on W95; if not, static link instead). Avoid .NET unless the Game Engine uses it. Win95 DDK is not needed.
  12. Microsoft has shut down the Search Assistant. "ie.search.msn.com" now redirects to "bing.com" which doesn't support "srchasst\srchasst.htm" (or "srchcust.htm"). Scan your registry for the string "ie.search.msn.com" or "srchasst" and replace that URL with a new one of your choice such as "http://ie.search.yahoo.com/{sub_rfc1766}/srchasst/srchasst.htm". See: &tab; answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006043010329 (Alternately, you can install some mid-2000's malware and let it hijack the search assistant for you!)
  13. So as of 8.1, GetVersion, GetVersionEx, and VerifyVersionInfo are deprecated in favor of the new Version Helper APIs: So Windows is now doing with a manifest just what KernelEx does with compatibility modes. Okay, got it! Can you run the test again with just the Win8.1 manifest entry? Also Win7? That would complete our post-XP version gathering. Support for manifests and the Version Helper APIs will be added to KernelEx todo list.
  14. So Win10 1809/17763.316 and 1803/17143.590 are both reporting the same (incorrect) build number: 23F0 hex = 9200 dec In comparison: WinXP SP3 build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.180912-0606 (with POSReady patch) reports: A28 hex = 2600 dec What is MS thinking! Are 17143 and 17763 updates to an earlier 9200 install?
  15. The Lite versions don't seem to support the plugin features I need to test, so development is on hold. If you are not on a LAN, I like the idea of disabling any LAN services. There also might be a registry setting to reduce the timeout for unresponsive LAN servers. If you are on a LAN, perhaps you can add a server named www.sky.com as an alias to your local drive (via Network Neighborhood) or redirect it (maybe via LMHOSTS) to Maybe: helpforum.sky.com www.sky.com