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  1. Use the KernelEx tab on the file's Property Sheet for 2). Okay, skip 3) for now and apply 2) to both.
  2. Core Updates is still a project and variables must be kept to a minimum. Only the 4.5.2 and kexaux versions of Uxtheme are supported at this time.
  3. 1) Make sure default is set to Base in Core.ini. 2) Set Windows\Rundll32.exe to Use default compatibility options. (Should say: Inherit all...) It will now inherit the Adobe settings. 3) Remove Rundll32.exe from System.
  4. Use Uxtheme from KexAux, not elsewhere. Add experimental mode to Core.ini that inherits from NT or XP and specifies anything you want from the other.
  5. > missing export UXTHEME.DLL:61 Solved long, long ago....
  6. See here doesn't work, can't find that chart. What is the link? TIA. Open image on the chart displays all of it. Don't know why it isn't displayed in the linked post, however.
  7. For 2 and 3 pin fans, use a chopper / pulse-width controller circuit.
  8. VBEMP NT Project - Universal VESA/VBE Video Display Driver https://bearwindows.zcm.com.au › vbemp
  9. Logged in and posting this with Opera 9.26, no JS. Most MSFN.org pages look pretty good in Author mode, but some pages (including page 17 of this topic) don't display all the way to the bottom (and reply box) unless in User mode (page style sheet disabled)....
  10. Replace it with a folder of the same name to prevent its return.
  11. ...or dial on the side of the laptop. Plug in headphones. Maybe the speakers are damaged.
  12. Pizza, yes. Toppings, yes. Menu, no. Please help me order!
  13. The default mode has changed. Manually set it to Windows 2000 for apps that worked with 4.5.2.
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