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  1. > Leawo Blu-ray player ... net.framework ... Maxthon 3 Test them with ImportPatcher and report what is missing. After looking back at old notes from loblo and others, I found 20 other CM_* requests. The supported list will now be: [SETUPAPI.DLL] CM_Connect_MachineA CM_Get_Child CM_Get_Child_Ex CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_PropertyW CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_Property_ExA CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_Property_ExW CM_Get_DevNode_Status CM_Get_DevNode_Status_Ex CM_Get_Device_IDA CM_Get_Device_IDW CM_Get_Device_ID_ExA CM_Get_Device_ID_ExW CM_Get_Device_ID_ListW CM_Get_Device_ID_List_SizeW CM_Get_Parent CM_Get_Parent_Ex CM_Get_Sibling CM_Get_Sibling_Ex CM_Locate_DevNodeA CM_Locate_DevNodeW CM_Open_Class_KeyA CM_Set_DevNode_Problem_Ex CM_Setup_DevNode_Ex
  2. @Goodmaneuver: I haven't seen an app that calls both the traditional and CM functions from setupapi.dll, so making a local copy of cfgmgr32.dll renamed to setupapi.dll usually works. You can also forward them individually with Kexstubs.dll. That said, K.18 aleady forwards CM_Get_Device_IDW. K.19 will also forward CM_Get_Device_IDA and CM_Get_Parent. Do you need any others? @deomsh: Noted. Let me know when you have more details. @schwups: Try adding this to Core.ini: [WINXP.names] KERNEL32.CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent=kexstubs.0
  3. Windows 95/98/ME - how to change System Code Page Windows ME custom installation should have the same option to set the System Code Page. This is the only safe way to solve the problem. Direct link from above to Microsoft page: "Instruction for Windows ME"
  4. jumper

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    > Still, you can just redirect it to the normal InterlockedCompareExchange which is supported on XP On the x64 version maybe, but on the x32 version the total size of the parameters don't match: only 12 bytes vs 20 for InterlockedCompareExchange64. (On x64 it should be 24 vs 24.)
  5. Because the folders can't be accessed, I don't think it's (only) a font issue. Path length maybe? What does Scandisk have to say about each of the drives? How about the Explorer Property sheet? If you can access the usb disk on another system, try renaming one of the Greek folders to English.
  6. jumper

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    For those good with a hex editor: HRESULT SHCreateItemFromParsingName (4 params) HRESULT SHBindToParent (4 params) HRESULT SHCreateFileExtractIconW (4 params) HRESULT SHCreateShellItem (4 params) HRESULT SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems (4 params) HRESULT SHPathPrepareForWriteA (4 params) HRESULT SHPathPrepareForWriteW (4 params)
  7. > I cannot access folders with Greek names, they aren`t recognized by the system (their names are only dashes and can`t be accessed). Are these remote folders located on a non-FAT filesystem? With what apps are you trying to access them? Scandisk will probably be able to tell you what (WinME thinks) is wrong with them.
  8. Control Panel -> Regional Settings doesn't affect fonts. Try Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Setup -> Multilanguage Support -> Details -> Greek Welcome to MSFN.org!
  9. Check your IRQ Steering in Device Manager->System devices->PCI bus->Properties. First option is usually ACPI BIOS, but can be changed. Some other system devices also reference ACPI BIOS. CPUZ and others often read the ACPI BIOS. That can usually also be changed. If BIOS has "Plug and play OS" enabled, that can be disabled after installation--sometimes device resource setting become more flexible.
  10. @Goodmaneuver - Thanks for the heads-up on Radmin32.dll. I've investigated dsclient9x.msi before but was focused on other dll's in the package. + Dnsapi.dll -- has DnsQuery_A, DnsQuery_W, DnsRecordListFree (or can be used whole) + Cryptdll.dll -- has MD5Final, MD5Init, MD5Update + Secur32.dll -- has DecryptMessage, EncryptMessage, FreeContextBuffer * Radmin32.dll -- Kex overlaps: 68 Advapi32, 65 Ntdll, 37 Netapi32, 2 Winspool, 1 Kernel32 . . . Some are already implemented, but many are stubs. Win9x Advapi32 and other system dll's also have many stubs, so many more might be useful. Redistribution needs to be investigated. The whole package only needs to be installed for file sharing with XP+ systems. As for DelayLoadFailureHook, Tihiy already has it forwarding to Shlwapi in an odd way. Unfortunately it's not in the versions that ship with 98se and ME! @schwups - What is the runtime error and why did you choose to mention CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent, LeaveCriticalSection, and SetCriticalSectionSpinCount?
  11. jumper

    Broken mouse scroll on Steam?

    Maybe disable DPI scaling system-wide: Right-click desktop -> Personalize -> Adjust Font Size (DPI). Google "Vista DPI scaling" for more.
  12. Is your TL-WN722N a V1, V2, or V3? Your inf is "DriverVer = 11/16/2017,1030.24.0601.2017" -- Did this file come with the hardware or did you download it? Perhaps the V1 driver works with Win2000 SP4 but the V3 driver needed by your hardware does not.
  13. Once the first frame plays, try pausing and single-stepping or seeking. Do more frames display? Try disabling audio and playing at half-speed or even backwards.
  14. jumper

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    The set of resolutions that shows up is the intersection of the set supported by the display adapter and the set supported by the monitor. If the display driver thinks the monitor can't really do the requested mode or can't actually do the mode itself because of the connection type (VGA/DVI/HDMI) or bitdepth, virtual mode results. If selecting "Automatically detect plug & play monitors" isn't working for you, then you must deselect it and install a proper monitor driver. Then you will have to uninstall the display driver (possibly in safe mode) and then reboot. (You may also need to reinstall Windows; see below.) Make sure the proper monitor driver is (still) installed before reinstalling the display drivers. This problem was already discussed and solved on this forum six years ago: "I just reinstalled windows and installed the monitor driver first. So I can't say exactly what solved the issue, but I think it's the driver installation order."
  15. @filth - Please set IDA to Win2000 mode or higher. GDI32.DLL:GetCharABCWidthsI is no longer enabled in BASE mode. Testers, remember to check CORE.INI and KTree when a regression appears. @Dibya - Install 98se, then: 1) install Kernelex 4.5.2 choosing Disable by default 2) copy KernelEx folder to K45_2016. (DOS 8.3 name) 3) extract Core Update 4.5.2016. files to K45_2016. folder 4) exit to DOS 5) rename KernelEx folder to K45_0002 6) rename K45_2016. folder to KernelEx 7) reboot