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  1. Do the linked pages open in ie or embedded in Outlook? What all do you mean by "deactivate Internet Explorer"?
  2. Load the tsr drivers in WinDos.bat
  3. mKEYB and XKEYB with three Portuguese choices.
  4. Try: [msvcrt.dll] _vsnprintf_s=>msvcr80.dll: [ntdll.dll] _aulldiv=>ROS\ntdll.dll: _allmul=>ROS\ntdll.dll:
  5. Step 1 is equivalent to hanging at the "Safe to turn off" message. Step 2 violates the thread title! Use a hot key to invoke FDAPM POWEROFF in MS-DOS mode.
  6. They're probably stored as bitmaps, not icons. Check Explorer and other system dll's. Comctl32.dll does have a larger version of the Stop icon for use in MessageBoxes.
  7. In Explorer window menu select: Tools->Folder Options...->File Types->Advanced Try Set Default and Edit buttons.
  8. I have an ASUS P2B98XV. The onboard USB is only USB 1. If yours is the same, the first card you must add is a fast USB 2 controller. Replace the Sound Blaster Live with a USB 2 controller, then attach all the network, sound, and mass storage devices you want. TBPlus might not be needed for USB drives unless they are extremely large.
  9. Try CharNextA as a replacement for DisplayConfigGetDeviceInfo. Both take one parameter, a pointer, and the non-zero return should be interpreted as non-success.
  10. Did you actually connect? Please elaborate. Otherwise, follow the networking tutorial you found in Help until you can see either system from the other.
  11. Shouldn't need one. Before enabling ICS, get the network working. You will need a cross-over cable or two normal cables plus a hub or better. Win10 Help should have many articles and tutorials. Search on "ics".
  12. https://www.tomshardware.com/amp/how-to/share-internet-connection-windows-ethernet-wi-fi
  13. Link is indirect so the full description can be read before starting the download.
  14. No. Most users and I have never experienced this. It seems to be a problem Nusb has with some chipsets. Try reinstalling your chipset/usb driver over Nusb. If that doesn't work, uninstall Nusb and use RLoew's usb.zip package instead.
  15. Profiling the setup program in DependencyWalker might tell us the cause of the premature failure.
  16. 2100B drivers enable wifi-B on the 2200BG. Once installed, it might be possible to transplant some files from the 2200BG Win2k driver package with the help of WdmEx.
  17. Try: "RLUSB Generic USB Mass Storage Driver for Windows 95. This Driver supports USB Floppy, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Drives in addition to Hard Drives and Keys." Also: "Windows 98 RTM has a flaw causing occasional corruption of IDE as well as USB Drives, when transferring data, so use of USB Drives in Windows 98 RTM is not recommended."
  18. Maybe run an ftp server on one and use an ftp client on the other to move files.
  19. Code Segment CS is executable and has one value. The Stack SS and Data DS/ES Segments are not and usually share a different value. Explorer is an exception where all four are different. See Faultlog.txt or any crash report for examples.
  20. No attachment needed, just the text of the last few lines before any final error handling. Also for the case when it terminates before the lead-in adverts.
  21. WaveLab 3.0.4f. Wise installer. You should update to .4g and reinstall on new OS.
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