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  1. When first booting to DOS, the display surface is usually in a 720x400 text mode. That's 80x25 characters, 9x16 pixels each. To reset the text mode to 80 or 40 columns, color or black&white, use: mode { co80 | co40 | bw80 | bw40 } e.g.: mode co80
  2. Vesa video modes should be supported. Use a DOS app to set the screen to any standard Vesa mode.
  3. Try swapping the resources in Device Manager.
  4. Write your own code. Look at the function documentation and start with a failure stub. Only spend more time when necessary.
  5. HP still supports this model with XP/Vista 32/64 drivers. Win2k is not supported.
  6. Tasm - Borland Turbo Assembler
  7. Windows GDI and User resources for object handles. 64 KB.
  8. The desktop and any other apps will be sharing 64 KB of resources. You won't be able to run any other apps at the same time. So don't use wfw in the VM. Use a Linux distro with a wfw skin instead.
  9. How much memory does wfw support? And system resources?
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