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  1. Much too high? It's not an I/O port.
  2. What is "it"? Please translate the error text into (readable) English.
  3. Are you saying that disabling legacy USB support in the BIOS fixed the problem for Fdisk and HxD?
  4. What locale/language of Win95? Please name one URL. Installing fonts locally can be hard, but has always worked.
  5. Win98 installations support multiple hard configurations. Is there a way to select pre-launch which will be used?
  6. What OS are each of you running it on? What is the problem URL? The traditional solutions are: disabling custom/web fonts; installing required fonts locally.
  7. I recommend getting something simple to work first, even if the thumb drive is in compatibility mode. Then add Smartdrv. Fat16+DriveSpace and ram disks are other options. I've been thinking for over a decade about running 98se from a thumb drive and have lots of ideas.
  8. You are using a tool other than fdisk to create the two partitions. Have you tried deleting the current partitions, using fdisk to recreate the first, then the other tool to recreate the second?
  9. Actually working more than ever. It tells you exactly what it could fix if you had ApiLog running in the background instead of just letting the load fail silently. Looking at the log files now.
  10. Great! The log file is an .ini file and 64KB means it's full. Use SORT in a DOS box, edit out the duplicates, and post the results (or just compress and attach). That will show me the highest priority APIs I should be looking at. Then delete the log file and let it start filling again.
  11. z2 as zero/null return indicates error/not found. I think KernelEx.dll has an implementation that could be exported.
  12. IE6 works with Kex disabled, so I'm not following you. Try IE7/8 instead.
  13. Radmin32 is still on my radar. Thanks for the reminder. The idea is to make Radmin32 and Unicows both optional add-ons. This can be done now with Kexstubs (without all your extra redirection), but I want to split Unicows out of Kexbasen and handle Radmin32 the same way.
  14. Maybe on XP or Vista, but we don't have the underlying OS theming support for Uxtheme to wrap.
  15. Unlikely. Too many higher priority improvements to do first. And by then, all Kext projects might be obsolete. As a power tool, it already works more than well enough.
  16. Great feedback. I'm hearing that the new prompts are confusing, but otherwise it's working correctly. The warnings are necessary on this first version. They will be phased out very quickly. I'm getting rid of the "Apilog.exe ... rerun" one now. It will revert to canceling the load silently. Done! The switch to enable auto-stubbing of load-time missing API's is a running ApiLog.exe with logging (to console or file) enabled. You do have an invalid AppHelp.dll in your path that fails to delay-load at each boot, however. Sheet.dll already had some issues that still need to be fixed. Only the version string display code was updated. What version were you using previously? The new ordinal support in Kstub825 is fully documented. The definitions work exactly the same as for named functions. The ordinal numbers just need to be specified as shown in the examples with leading zeroes as padding so they sort correctly. I've also replaced ExitThread with ExitProcess so apps don't hang if a missing API gets called. Kex22_26pre2.7z
  17. Try the files from Retrozilla (Browser or Suite). Also, the emailer in the suite should be nearly identical to Thunderbird.
  18. Kex22_26pre1.7z Kex22: KernelEx 2022 v4.22.26 Preview #1 - Requires Kernelex 4.5.2 plus 4.5.2016.18 full update already installed Quick Installation: - Merge KexMpr-.reg and reboot to disable KernelEx. - Copy all files into Windows\KernelEx folder. - Merge KexMpr+.reg and reboot to enable KernelEx. Features: - KernelEx.dll Core resolver can skip all missing API's. Dummy Kexstubs definitions no longer required! - New version format with Sheet.dll updated to correctly display old and new formats. - Kstub825 now supports ordinal stub definitions. See Kstub825.ini for examples. - ApiLog.exe and ApiHook.dll from v..18 required for Skipping included for convenience. Full Installation on clean system: - Install Unicows 1.1.3790.0 to Windows\System - Install KernelEx-4.5.2.exe - Merge KexMpr-.reg and reboot to disable KernelEx. - Copy v4.5.2016.18 full update files to KernelEx folder. - Copy all later update files (v..19-26) into KernelEx folder. - Merge KexMpr+.reg and reboot to enable KernelEx.

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