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  1. NTOSKRNL.EXE is a system driver. User mode library PE tools won't work on it. Sorry, that's all I know.
  2. > resubmit the question you want to answer. Look for my post with the question marks in it.
  3. Windows 2000 is not a file type. UMDF was only relevant to one guess at a possible solution and is no longer relevant to the problem. Please answer my questions so we can think up other possible solutions to try.
  4. First you need to define the actual problem for us. I'm new to Android, but perhaps you just need to install a phone app that can handle the file type in question.
  5. What do you mean by "When pasting from computer to phone"? How are they connected? What apps are you using? What file types won't transfer?
  6. Thank you for your enthusiasm, but you need to coordinate with me before redistributing collections of my files. This one is flawed. Please remove it immediately. Remember that these files are only for developers and still under development. Anyone who cannot read/scan through the whole topic and compile their own full update set should not be using them. That said, I am working on a full release package suitable for end users. Please be patient.
  7. I have .6i on a backup drive. I tested it back in 2014 on my Via C3 CPU (mmx+3dnow). Basic testing was successful, but not exhaustive, and might have used FineSSE. The Changelog lists a handful of bugfixes, mainly server and streaming related. Catch-22: If the bugfix code crashes your test, your test needs the bugfix! .6d should be fine for typical usage.
  8. > ideally move frame by frame, MPC, VLC, QuickTime, or other movie player.
  9. > SQLITE is completely broken in my KG74, absolute KILLER for history and lots of other crucial stuff. Try using *sqlite3*.dll from RT's fx36vc71 or Retrozilla, or Firefox 95, abiword 2.9.x, k-meleon, pale moon, etc. Search files for sqlite3_version.
  10. BASE and DCFG1 are the same, so original definition is no longer needed. Try *\jre\* = NOHEAP or WIN2Kstd instead.
  11. Rain for cooling, sw bus overclocking for temporary speed bumps.
  12. An app calls CreateFile to create a device handle by prefixing the driver filename with "\\.\", then talks to it with calls to DeviceIoControl. See internals.cpp in the KernelEx source for an example.
  13. Another Msimg32 to try is from KernelEx (Win9x). It doesn't use forwarding and has fewer dependencies.
  14. NT4 might also need an SP, maybe 4 or even 6. Also highest IE possible.
  15. Actually, profiling with DW is very easy, and a skill every MSFN contributor should have in their debugging toolset. If you meant testing at each step of the copying, please be patient and methodical. You'll be glad you did.
  16. A simple way to do that is to load an exe into DW and then profile it. DW will add to the tree any delayed (explicit) dependencies and warn of problems. The log will show what loaded last before the exe began unloading. Separately, you can try upgrading XP with v.15 dlls (one at a time) while still using the .11 exe. Some might work.
  17. In addition to these new issues, how well are history, bookmarks, and printing working?
  18. > fails to erase the disc. Try the lightweight EasyIso by Dirk Paehl www.dpaehl.de
  19. Adaptec has a driver that mounts specially formatted CD and DVD discs as drives any app can write to. Deleting files hides but doesn't erase them, so discs eventually fill up. RW discs can be reused, R can't.
  20. If the XP version does not access the net, that improves its chances of working on 9x.
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