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  1. Well, yesterday I had to install Firefox as MSFN became completely unreadable in all other browsers on my Android 8 phone. So I'm glad Mozilla still exists.
  2. > EAX=00000000 ... SP=03effd6c Endless retrying to call a function that fails could mean a thread that is spinning instead of yielding. If the instruction at IP accesses a stack variable, that would confirm a stack problem. Try increasing the stack commit value in the exe's pe header. Also use apihook to check for the last call handled by KernelEx. Profile in Depends to see failed module loads.
  3. When posting screenshots make sure important details are readable. EAX, EBX, ECX = 00000000 often means the previous call failed. ESP = 02c8fc74 - the f often means stack overflow or failure of the virtual memory manager to grow the stack by paging in the next stack page.
  4. Nice to know, but not the same. Does declining load of all drivers still work? Remove the new NIC or disable it in BIOS. Also disable Wake on LAN. A device doing that might also try to sleep on no lan activity.
  5. When having problems, don't install a newer DX9 than the video drivers were officially tested with. For 77.72 this means June 2005.
  6. > Load all Windows drivers? [N] Uninstall all new drivers in reverse order going back several weeks before you noticed the problem. Alternately, restore a working registry.
  7. System error at app load, or app error later? 64-bit Vista, app, and Dbghelp?
  8. Not to split hairs, but I count oops x 5. I only get frustrated when the meaning becomes ambiguous. If you need help deciphering a post, politely ask for clarification.
  9. Quote implies partial support will remain.
  10. > know the APIs that are in use Use my build of ProcWin 1.6. Select a process in the left frame. Right-click on individual modules on the right, then select Properties->KernelEx->Enable API Logging. In ApiLog.exe (aka DebugWindow) right-click and enable Output to log file. Restart process to see what you missed. Also remember to check Kstub823.log to see what API's are actually called. These are the only definitions that must be correct. I have begun work on a KexVista module. It already has functional support for all ConditionalVariable and SRWLock API's. I'll add to the to-do list support for some MS-API things like ResolveDelayLoadedAPI that can't be forwarded. And I checked Kexstubs.c. The limits are: 100 DLL sections, 36KB of DLL section data (definitions and comments within DLL sections), and 1600 named functions. Unnamed (ordinal) functions and data variables are not yet supported.
  11. Maybe from the onboard diagnostic speaker/buzzer? Try covering the sound hole.
  12. Ktree11 now has a font chooser (F9). I'm also adding an HKLM\System\...\KnownDLLs branch. Any other requests?
  13. Incorrect; bad idea. Maybe; name one. Ktree10 is better than 9, but both already can. Like 10 says in the tital bar: press F1 for help.
  14. Thanks. Yes, the release page is viewable. But it contains no package download link. That's why i asked, not for the link, but for its location. The given link did work in Android's Google app. Package contents look good. Don't have an sse2 system atm, only sse, 3dnow, and mmx. Is it possible to build for any of those targets?
  15. Link fails. Forwards to "Webpage not available."
  16. > My main problem with MyPal are more low GDI resources after a while. Hopefully just the known issue with NtClose for which I think I now have a fix.
  17. Can't reproduce. 9 and 10 use different fonts. On 98fe text in both is larger at 125%. All other selected font sizes display text at 100%.
  18. Try to create the directory manually. If FreeDOS considers the first name invalid, look for a winnt.exe option that allows you to choose another.
  19. S.F. Giants vs L.A. Dodgers baseball
  20. Search MSFN and try a different driver.
  21. What program? Can you modify the source? How is the array displayed?
  22. Download page appears, but link is invalid.

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