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    Chrome 49 Update

    > the name must be of equal or lesser length Even-lengthed names can often be extended by three. Only one zero byte is needed to terminate, not the up to four including WORD padding byte and following zeroed WORD hint. And odd-lengthed names by two (no padding byte). Some linkers have already zeroed following hints and used them for termination. In this case and when there is no following hint, evens only get one extra char. When no following, odds get none. Some other exceptions also exist, so always test carefully and thoroughly!
  2. Downloaded to my phone okay. I'll try it as soon it's transferred to Windows.
  3. Those ExcludeFromKnownDlls entries are corrupt! Oops, it was just Opera Mini splitting the text very poorly.
  4. The florescent backlighting in lcd displays has a slightly reduced visual light spectrum, however all "full color" display types produce blue light very well.
  5. The question marks indicate that no memory is mapped at that address or it is otherwise not readable. ntdll!RtlpWaitOrTimerCallout+0x73 0x73 bytes into this function is the next instruction after a CALL instruction. Its address is the return address pushed onto the stack by the CALL. IP = instruction pointer 077444f6 seems to be the callback address of the executable code for an event handler. It was probably in a DLL that was prematurely unloaded.
  6. > [M]iniSnap makes a slight error in the version naming of Depends.dll Good catch. Working on it.... What modes are Depends.exe and Mplayer2.exe set to? Try using the same setting on both.
  7. > it does not work unless I profile it with Dependency Walker - then it works. Use MiniSnap to capture a list of the module files loaded with/without DW, then compare them.
  8. Not "error" because Kstub823 is working correctly as designed and requesting guidance. Either of those definitions is very good. Well done! I'm working on the next version of KernelEx now. I'll use your definitions to add more stubs. Thank you!
  9. No Windows key, just [Alt+]PrintScreen. Paste from Clipboard into any app. Works the same in 9x and NT.
  10. With the printers connected and turned on, reboot Win10 to purge the incorrectly cached printer configuration.
  11. The drivers likely are multi-core on XP. Features not fully accelerated by the hardware are implemented in the drivers. Check the benchmark details for subtests with extra large result deviations. Until you test with the same drivers on XP as on 9x, you're comparing apples to an orange. The XP results are not yet relevant.
  12. What are the single-core/hyperthread XP scores with 77, 81, and 82?
  13. I use MiniSnap and Procwin 1.6 to get details for the libraries loaded by a process. Also Taskinfo2000 2.1. By profile I mean a compatibility mode enhanced to include other module options plus its own KnownDLLs module redirection set. Kexstubs also supports api forwarding to other libraries.
  14. I have a large set of Msvc*.dll files in a MSVC subfolder of %windir%\Kernelex. This redirects Msvcrt.dll only when Kernelex is enabled: <tt> REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Kernelex\KnownDLLs] "MSVCRT"="MSVC\MSVCR80.DLL" </tt> I'm working on implementing per-profile redirection.
  15. No version of Msvcr70.dll ever exported _vsnprintf_s, so this is a typo or a file has been hacked. Should be Msvcr80.dll or higher, or Msvcrt.dll from Vista (ver 7.0) or later.
  16. 800 = 266 x 3, so 333 is an overclock unless 800 = 400 x 2 in which case it's less of an underclock!
  17. Easy ways to regain hard disk space: 1) Reduce Recycle Bin to 1% or none in Right-click->Properties 2) Disable Virtual Memory or specify your own settings 3) DriveSpace if FAT16
  18. If you didn't change a fsb jumper, new cpu is probably running at old speed.
  19. Please embed or attach the image so it can be viewed without the phishing.
  20. What are the system requirements? XP and SSE?
  21. Supported in 4.5.2+ What do you mean by "does not work"?
  22. The crash is because unicode text is not executable code!
  23. They will be disabling that cypher next month. Disable it in your browser now to test whether Wikipedia will still work after they do.
  24. Vista. I did some work on the CV api's three years ago. Thanks!
  25. None of these dll and api substitutions are needed when using the latest KernelEx test files from the end of 2019.
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