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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 33 results

  1. AOL users: you may be aware that AOL recently discontinued free access with the traditional AOL client. The only way to access mail for free is to access it using a web browser and going to aol.com. To continue using the client, you must upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold and pay a low monthly fee. However, AOL has now released AOL Shield (free) which is a "optimized browser for users on dial-up internet connections and/or older operating systems. AOL Shield is optimized for older operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also has features that enable it to run on computers with a dial-up internet connection." For more information or to download, see this page: AOL Shield
  2. XP Apps Repository

    github.com/tumagonx/XPitory This is a curation of opensource apps that works on 32bit XP (out of the box aka no patching needed). At the moment its still very few (hopefully continue to grow) builds organized in the following directories: NON BACKPORT: last_working : no backport effort taken for later version, simply a backup for working version mirror : backup for apps already works for XP BACKPORT: dynamic_port: executable depends dll/other separate component (This mostly for apps depends on QT, GTK or the likes) static_port: executables are standalone (no dll hell included) , in a form of UPX'ed exe or 7z archive if contains multiple exes LISTING: static_port/mono : .NET 4.5 (including 4.6.x) Framework (incomplete) implementation static_port/ffmpeg : universal decoder/encoder/player for image, audio and video static_port/qemu : universal computer emulator/virtualizer static_port/ogg123 : win32 port of all Xiph audio formats (ogg, opus, flac, speex) console player static_port/dialog : Curses dialogs for CMD (GDI window version) static_port/bpg : JPEG-killer wannabe image viewer static_port/flif : PNG-killer wannabe image viewer static_port/vipsdisp : barebone GIGAPIXELS image (tiff, jpg, png) viewer for low RAM static_port/osslsigncode : cabinet/executable signer static_port/theunarchiver : universal archive extractor/lister static_port/rhash : universal hasher(support torrent too) static_port/wget_curl : universal site-archival and universal downloade/uploader last_working/github : Github for Windows client last_working/palemoon last_working/fennec last_working/chromium mirror/gldirect : GL to D3D layer UPDATE Newer uploads will placed at https://sourceforge.net/projects/xpitory/files/
  3. I need Windows Xp with latest updates like unofficial sp4 and posready updates till 31March 2017 with latest drivers where can I get ISO of such updated windows xp or Any VDI Image
  4. Wahyutama's Pack (wyPack)

    So hello Guys, Some of us might using windows XP as their main OS, and we know that windows XP lack of some cosmetics change that available in vista and later, which makes life more easier. So I created this pack to bring the cosmetics change to xp, those customization are fully functional and usable. And some more interesting customization. Many other customization will comes. Without further ado, here it is: My main galleries is available Here. Download Here Instruction how to install is available inside readme.txt make sure you read it. Really you should read it. If you like it, use it, and want to support the development, consider a Donation. Thanks a lot guys...
  5. After like 3min of connecting from my other Windows system to my XP MCE machine via RDP, it BSODs with error codes c0000005 (0x77cd252b 0x0052f36c) and states that the Windows Subsystem Process (smss.exe) was closed unexpectedly. Does anyone know what's causing this and how do I prevent this from happening again? It used to run via RDP flawlessly until now...
  6. August 2016 security updates

    I don't know if you saw this, but there are two new updates for XP, for XML Core services and GDI: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40919 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41715
  7. I have an Acer Aspire 5920 laptop from 2007 which came preinstalled with Windows Vista, and I decided to wipe the hard drive and downgrade to Windows XP today. As we all know, Windows XP lacks builtin SATA drivers, so it's impossible for the installer to detect SATA hard disks without either slipstreaming the drivers or loading a driver from an obsolete floppy drive. The BIOS in my computer allows me to set the hard disk to legacy IDE mode, so that it appears to the software as a PATA drive. I didn't want to go through the trouble of slipstreaming the drivers and burning another CD, so I set the hard drive to legacy IDE mode in the BIOS, and installed XP that way. Now I want the extra speed boost that SATA offers, but I'm having trouble installing the driver. I downloaded the Windows XP SATA AHCI Driver from Acer's website (link), but it refuses to install, giving me this error. Im puzzled, because Windows XP Home Edition is listed as a supported operating system, and I downloaded the driver from the Windows XP section of Acers driver list for this laptop.
  8. I want to make an unattended Windows XP ISO, and I want to disable 'Show In Groups' in My Computer, and set it to classic view. I looked through nLite to see Explorer/My Computer options, but there was no checkbox for disabling 'Show in Groups'. My question is: Is there a registry script that disables 'Show In Groups' in My Computer?
  9. Hello, I have the files from an original retail Windows XP SP3 install disc that I would like to process with nLite, with the goal of integrating all updates to date (including Internet Explorer 8 and latest Windows Media Player) followed by removing some componenets that I don't want. I started by using the RyanVM Integrator 1.6.1b2.1 to include the OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.7 followed by its "OnePiece Remove AddOn"s to get rid of a few items like Windows Search. I then used nLite to remove more components and did additional tweaks, hoping in the end to put all that into an ISO. However, during the last stage of using nLite - when it says "Finalizing" after compressing cabinets - it crashes (please see attached screenshot). At first I thought maybe it is because the install files I fed nLite was processed by RyanVM Integrator 1.6.1b2.1, so I retried the whole process on unprocessed/vanilla Windows XP SP3 files, but nLite crashes at the same stage. I also tried to run nLite in an existing Windows XP SP3 virtual machine, and it still crashes at the same point. What am I doing wrong? Here is the nLite INI file with all my settings: http://pastebin.com/YQ1p4tqJ
  10. Windows XP on Y510P

    Hello I have a question - Installation of Windows XP is possible on the Lenovo Y510P? (http://www.notebookreview.com/notebookreview/lenovo-ideapad-y510p-review/specs/) I've seen KernelEx project (now is suspended, I know), that's why I want to try with XP. Last Windows which I like is Windows Vista, but there is a problem with " Interactive Logon Process Initialization has failed" and sometimes BSODs. If yes - someone can give a drivers install method? (there are drivers just for Vista) If someone haves questions - write. I apologise for my English. Thanks for help
  11. Where can i get a copy of windows xp?

    id like windows xp for a virtual machine so i can run a few programs that are too old for my windows 10 OS.
  12. Hi , all guys/gals . Please help me improving Windows XP by fixing bugs faced yourself in Windows Xp. I want to do something like KerenaLEx for 2000 with XP. I want to make XP compatible with Windows 10 Standard. Any ports that you have done in your systen (like usp10.dll of vista). Any fixes to secuirity /stability/other that you know. Please help me to make xp better . I will make update.exe pack for manually installing and addone for nlite /RVMi. I you like Windows XP , please help XP to Survive Its death. !!Mention both 32bit / 64 bit version!!
  13. Get SIdebar in XP ,go to following link:http://alkyforapplications.net/
  14. Use nlite to slipstream AHCI Driver AHCI/RAID Driver: http://www.win-raid.com/t29f25-Recommended-AHCI-RAID-and-NVMe-Drivers.html [Thanks a whole lot to Fernado][Greatest tech person] Graphics Driver [intel HD Graphics]: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22875/Intel-HD-Graphics-driver-for-Windows-XP32-Embedded [This are said by intel for embedded but working well with normal xp sp3] LAN Driver [intel]: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24555/Intel-Ethernet-Drivers-for-Microsoft-Embedded-Operating-Systems [Thanks a lot to misha 32 of winraid forum] Chipset [intel]: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23061/Chipset-Intel-Chipset-Device-Software-for-Intel-Desktop-Boards
  15. Microsoft officially doenot made any directX 10/11 for xp but here is unofficial version which works properly Download Setup; Download Modes and update: Please comment about your experience
  16. Please help Nlite Xp 32bit addon

    Please Help me I want to slim down my Windows Xp 32bit professional cd to less than 200mb Please provide me a working LIst of component that should i remove by using nlite. Please provide me collection of good registry tweaks (.reg) Silent Instalation for following pogram 1.System Mechanic Pro 2.Avg Pc tuneup 2015 3.Libre office 4.Nero12 5.Microsoft office 2010 standard 6.WinZip 7.Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.Adobe Photoshop 7.0[ I want to make it lighter] 9.Teracopy Please suggest anything that can improve my pc performance
  17. Is windows XP really obsolete?

    I use windows XP pro SP2 on my PC, my mac and my netbook, so I want all of you to tell me is it obsolete with SP2 and should I get SP3.
  18. Does anybody know how to use resource hacker to get IE 9 on windows xp such as editing the install file you get when you download it? Any help is appreciated and credit will be given to whomever can solve it.
  19. Hello. I'm looking for some information about deploying a custom sysprepped image of windows xp via USB. I know this OS is old but it's still used quite a bit in businesses some legacy apps don't play well with windows 7. I'm ok with installing the reference image, configuring the software and creating the answer file. What i'm wondering about are the steps that come after that. What do I do then? I know for windows 7 i captured install.wim and replaced this on the install media sources directory. But what about windows xp? I've not seen any .wim files on the install media. I've seen a bit of software available for installing windows xp from usb. But I want a fully updated pre-configured sysprepped xp sp3 with all the latest lan/wlan drives. I know how to inject these drivers to the image already. But how do i get a fully installed/configured windows xp back to winxp.iso with all my customizations? is it possible? Please can someone assist me with the next steps. Thanks.
  20. Boot Win 7 Paritition copied to Empty space after Win XP on old HDD? I plan to upgrade my main OS from Win 7 SP1 x64 to 8 to 8.1. But to take the risk out of it... I copied my main Win 7 Partition from my SSD to Empty space on old HDD after Win XP partition. (at night.. so I dont have to wait around for 200+ GB going over) SSD 240 GB: [system Reserved: 200 MB] [sSD_P1 240GB] HDD 320GB: [Win XP 33GB] [sSD_P1 Copy 240GB ][Free Space][OEM Recovery partition] I copied this using Paragon HDM 12 Pro I did not copy the [system Reserved] partition as I wasnt sure how it would fit in.. and since its 200 MB, should be easier to "move" / "copy" if needed. Now, I read that there is a way to make Win 7 bootable without the SysRrv 200 MB partition. Or do I need to copy the 200 M partition? Is there a way to make the Win 7 boot while letting the rest of the MBR & booters (Win XP and OEM Recovery) continue working? What way should I follow? What steps should I take? PPS: Once this experiment is successful, I'd like to upgrade my SSD with Win 8.. But I am wondering if I should keep the 200 M partn around or merge it.. It just creates additional 'partition's to worry about. What are the pros & cons of that?
  21. Hello, Does anyone on MSFN still use Windows XP as main OS? If yes, did you experience any problems with hacks after the EOL of Windows XP? And do you still use Internet Explorer 8?
  22. Windows XP drivers for AMD APU

    Hello, Are there Windows XP graphics drivers available for the following AMD APU's? A4-6300 A4-7300 A6-6320K AMD Athlon 5350
  23. This is actually new to me and I still have a little knowledge about nLite. I am planning to create my own Windows XP installer. What I need to do upon installation is : 1. Windows XP should have its own PC Name and Workgroup already. 2. IP address is already set. 3. Shared Folder and custom Desktop Icon already on Desktop. 4. some more customization
  24. I have a 2001 Dell PC with Windows XP and Windows 98 SE. When I installed Windows 98 and re-installed XP about a year ago, I created a 6 GB (C:) partition for Win98 and the rest of the disk (D:) for WinXP. I edited boot.ini to give a nice menu upon boot, and all was well. Eventually, 6 GB became to small for me, and I needed to expand the partition. I booted up a live Linux USB pendrive a few days ago and used Gparted to expand the Win98 partition to 60 GB and shrink the WinXP partition. Apparently, Gparted touched something in the MBR that it shouldn't have, and I got the "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk and press any key" message when trying to boot Win98. XP had no problems booting after the partition resize. I booted up a Win98 startup floppy disk and ran sys c: which then allowed Win98 to boot up correctly, but I no longer get the boot menu to select XP. I can make XP boot again by booting up the recovery console from the CD and running fixboot, but then this makes Win98 give the "Invalid system disk" message when trying to boot it. My problem is that I can get either XP or Win98 to boot, but not both. How do I restore the proper boot sectors to allow me to dual-boot the OSes?
  25. Hello, I have a desktop that has Windows 7 and Windows XP installed on separate hard drives. Hard drive 1 contains Windows 7, and that's what the computer boots each time. Hard drive 2 has XP, but the only way I'm able to boot into XP is to disable hard drive 1 in the BIOS. I'd like to be able to add XP into Windows 7's boot menu so I can select which OS to boot when the computer starts up. I tried running these commands (from Windows 7): bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d "Windows XP"bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=F: path \ntldrbcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlastI rebooted, but whenever I tried selecting "Windows XP" from the boot menu, the computer just restarts. How do I configure this correctly? I am aware of third-party tools like EasyBCD, but I'm looking for a way to do this using bcdedit on the command-line. Another thing to note is that XP labels its partition (hard drive 2) as C:, but Windows 7 labels hard drive 2 as F: (which is why I specified partition=F). Do I have to do anything extra to make sure that when XP boots, it correctly identifies its own partition as C: and not F:?