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  1. Agreed, also if you can find any fix for nvwgf2umx.dll crashing on selective pages on palemoonx64 please do let me know (no issues in IE9 and Firefox) might be a driver flaw itself though
  2. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Im pretty sure many do like me , but its high time we accepted its nearly a dead o/s and it wont survive much longer without KernelEX sad to say but its the bitter truth.
  3. [VESA]UniGFX Graphics Driver

    @Dibya any news on this ? been awaiting some updates regarding it
  4. Tested Couple Of Nvidia Drivers, 372.54 , 372.60 , 372.70 , 372.90 , 373.06 all of them have a Ntamd6.0 section with devices beforehand and should install out of the box but drivers after the version 372.70 simply dont work due to lack of dll/functions present in vista as we already know. So it is suggested to install 372.70 if needed for 10X Series GFX Drivers as it is the last driver to unofficially work.
  5. I will download the 372.54 and see and report back ( i do have the ones from softpedia that support vista, will still download from the official nvidia site) EDIT : IT DOES WORK WITHOUT MODIFICATION!!! to much shock,i think it might be the only official one unless the older ones do support it aswell.
  6. 372.70 also works if you havent noticed,check it out
  7. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    upload the inf file and your tell me your gfx device id from device manager,anyone can do it for you,maybe even me if i get the chance
  8. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/NVIDIA/NVIDIA-GeForce-Graphics-Driver-36881-for-XP-64-bit.shtml http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/NVIDIA/NVIDIA-GeForce-Graphics-Driver-36869-for-XP-64-bit.shtml You need to add your device id into the inf file, it will use the GTX 1070 driver which is present. You can try double clicking and trying to install 368.81 it might install without any modifications, have a go at it. The Device will be used by 1070 Drivers mainly due to lack of 1060 drivers (cant confirm this for the driver 368.81). I suggest you try installing 368.81 normally and if it doesnt recognize your gfx then you might aswell consider modifying the inf (not that tough honestly) Installing old drivers should be fine,ive done it many times for testing purposes on vista. Also These Arent icafe drivers. If you're confused how to modify the inf file just google it (you will understand faster and easier). Also Thanks for testing this out it would confirm alot about the 10X GFX series
  9. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    try the other ones? there are 368.69 and 368.81,ive modified the inf to support windows vista and they work, you could try the same and have some luck? the inf itself doesnt have GTX 1060(only 1080 and 1070). if you can try these then we can know for sure if XP would support these cards even a little.
  10. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    cant say for sure because no one here has a 1060gtx on windows xp, i think im the only one with 1060GTX on vista, go for a 970-980gtx i would highly recommend,the modded drivers will enable your gfx but will not utilize it more than 30-40%, unless you can find a way to do so im afraid,you could always try the 1060gtx and if it doesnt satisfy you, you can use windows 7+
  11. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    not possible, only the early 10x series are supported,because after the driver 372.70 the full support for vista has been dropped (supports 1080 1070 and 1060 only) that too a modified driver not officially supported. unless someone can modify it like this softpedia one its not possible, you can ofcourse try to install 1060GTX Drivers im quite sure it would work but dont expect any performance from it,you can expect some video playback and be able to play some low powered games it wont utilise your gfx like intended
  12. WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

  13. [VESA]UniGFX Graphics Driver

    Good Job and good luck,this will be a good thing to have for windows 2k/xp/vista
  14. Logitech Gaming Software 8.96.88 working as expected also i bought a new mouse logitech g603 and its minimum system requirements are Windows 7 +, though it still works on vista (new devices not meant for vista do work it seems) https://imgur.com/a/FF2rW