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  1. It shows the unsupported OS error like expected, even spoofing it doesn't seem to work so it probably hard checks for the version.
  2. Since a few months msrt would just install without errors through WU. I too found it odd and don't believe it actually installs but i may be wrong or maybe WU has some exception now. Eitherway i'm sure we all can agree that MSRT is useless.
  3. Yea, it is , not a big issue though.
  4. Yes i saw this too but never posted about it here. It had to be done in my case to keep getting updates for net framework through WU. With 4.6.1 installed it wouldn't find updates anymore, i also noted that updates for net framework only stated 4.6.0 and 4.6.2 unlike before where it showed 4.6.1 aswell. Glad to see you mentioning it here eitherway.
  5. Using Win7SuperVerFix seems to break opera, although setting the os version manually seems to work fine for it. EDIT: Seems like even the win8ver doesnt work but on the other hand w10 does.
  6. Odd, the spoofing doesn't seem to work for me at all on any program i tried. Opera still shows Windows Vista and NT6.0 and kept throwing up popups about how it can only run on Windows 7 and above. With Application Verifier it would show up as NT6.1 and aero was working. Also i kept getting kernelol.dll is missing error so i manually placed it in syswow64. Idk if its my install or the kernelex installer is broken.
  7. Doesn't seem far off from working, it does open steam mostly and then crashes after 10seconds or so.Does the spoofing method on top apply to all applications i wonder, for example i write Enabled=1 and Steamfix=1?
  8. Steam crashes, did you manage to get it running with the new ui?
  9. I would like to clarify that i do have all the updates with Intel Skylake 6700HQ, although remembering which update is beyond me at this point
  10. I dont think any official statement was there, but they quietly fixed the HAL timings on a patch tuesday, which did help quite a bit.
  11. Ofcourse its not? i said its a slight upgrade since IE9 doesnt load much nowadays. Maybe we could even use the w8.0 updates on it and try, provided both actually work to begin with.
  12. i wonder if we can install IE10 with this, would be a slight upgrade to IE9 even with updates.
  13. Hopefully, would love to see it running properly on vista and could possibly fix some issues with some games aswell.
  14. only the very old ms edge works afaik. Chromium 72-75 level probably.

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