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  1. i wouldnt recommend trying it anyhow because it isnt gpt boot and will just waste time
  2. that will work although you need the ahci text mode driver
  3. yeah, nothing can be done!
  4. this happens frequently to me on skylake , need to restart to fix in my case
  5. theres a way to get esu updates , im currently using them and up to date on windows 7
  6. as long as you have drivers you should be all good
  7. ok , but im pretty sure its possible to install vista on almost any system , maybe your pc is just not fully acpi compliant or maybe wrong architecture(32bit) and/or mbr/gpt
  8. whats the error youre receiving? you have to set it to uefi + csm mode in uefi , only windows 8 and above is compatible with native uefi boot mode. Windows vista and 7 work in legacy or uefi+csm mode. also please let us know your pc specs so we can decide if drivers are even available for vista
  9. hmm , yes i agree with you , he should open source , should it be the case of the reason stated above
  10. i dont think he has the drive to get this project to its end and afterall it does take too much time which he does not possess unfortunately.
  11. windows 10 mobile is pretty good aswell , there are many 3rd party apps that run better than the original for eg. MyTube , got an hp elite x3 here.
  12. well im having issues with updating it to the latest by windows update (2016) , once updates are done and it reboots it just gets stuck on the loading circle with oem logo and nothing happens , if i do 1-2 updates at a time it seems to load successfully but im not sure if i have enough time to waste on that
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