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  1. burd

    IE9 doesnt play youtube videos anymore???

    yes , i have the ie10 preview , i could give it a try , but seeing that the problem is fixed ( maybe) , i will refrain from doing so for now
  2. burd

    Broken mouse scroll on Steam?

    works fine for me on vista sp2
  3. burd

    Aero Glass in Chrome 41 and later

    yea i was just asking , it felt a bit odd , not picking a fight or so
  4. burd

    VS2012 Express Edition on Vista?

    i believe visual studio 2010 was the last to support it
  5. burd

    Aero Glass in Chrome 41 and later

    why are you running service pack 1? install service pack 2 , google wanted to seperate vista from the windows 7 branch and merge it with windows xp's branch thus its blocked afaik
  6. unfortunately new moon is the only choice
  7. Why didn't you go for home premium or business? ultimate might add unneccesary stuff that might hog up a bit extra memory and processing, also you might want to get Windows 2008 Updates to be secure incase you're going to be using the internet for browsing or watching videos or anything related , although dont get the Spectre Updates if you decide to get the updates , it cuts around 25-30% cpu speed and considering you're already on 1.6ghz you wouldn't want that, It might a bit offtopic to what you asked but just a suggestion
  8. its the patched one right? thanks
  9. @VistaLover any link for serpent 55?
  10. you are heavily mistaken , reality is vista sp2 is better than windows 7
  11. good job, really good info, thanks for sharing it with us
  12. well moonchild claimed that we could see vista support for the future he also said basilisk and palemoon 28 would work so i dont know why he wouldnt do it
  13. all we can do is wait and hope that moonchild supports vista as he himself clearly knows that vista and 7 are alike and little to no work is needed to get it working if im correct.
  14. @WinClient5270 at first he was totally against the idea of having vista supported and now hes caught saying kernel 6 is supported, lets hope he decides to help the vista users out
  15. moonchild did say vista wasnt compatible long time ago, but after he mentioned that their targetted kernel was 6 and above the questions were raised and he said "As for our support: support for features will be limited in Vista, but since it matches the minimum platform requirements there's no reason to change that on a per-application basis. UXP applications including Basilisk and Pale Moon 28 should continue to run on Vista in the foreseeable future." as you can see for yourself if you wish to. So it should be supported probably but no one really knows what will happen.