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  1. i am indeed using 4.4.304.0 , also dropbox wont work like we already expected , although my local files are still accessible https://imgur.com/a/KsOlmgP
  2. it works , using version 1.2.0 here https://imgur.com/a/Ae2JRhg
  3. afaik it doesnt work on vista either , i had tried torch before back in 2017 and it wouldnt load with missing dlls and errors
  4. Afaik there isn't any but I may be wrong.
  5. just get them from microsoft update catalog with filters? search Windows Vista SP2
  6. no one knows ,it could be a process or anything, but windows 7 did also have this same issue , but it was patched by updates beforehand , vista did not get the patch afaik
  7. Hmm , maybe , it might be a possibility
  8. i read somewhere 1-2 years back that 4400 and a few others in the 4XXX series work on xp and vista and 4600 isnt possible since it has a corrupted/missing driver in the unofficial driver although i couldnt confirm this since the drivers are meant for desktop only and i had a mobile intel 4400 running xp , ofc usb 3.0 is out of the question
  9. yes ,the services wont start but not all around 2-3 services mainly explorer.exe , the audio service or the dwm which handles aero , if you manually start it , it will run smoothly , I've never restarted my pc when it doesn't load , most of the times on a startup if you get a black screen all you have to do is open task manager and click new task and type explorer.exe in there and it would work perfectly. Sometimes aero wont work , so one needs to open cmd in admin and type net stop uxsms and then net start uxsms for audio , go to start , type services and go to the bottom and start windows audio , its not that tough as it seems , been using vista for 3 years on skylake (6700hq)
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