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  1. I did try but without extended kernel and build 7000 a few years back, i might give it a go again.
  2. seems to be ntoskrnl, size difference was noticable and permissions had been overwritten. Also i had to boot with disable driver signature enforcement so it definitely reset nointergrity, even so the updates just wont go through and keep reverting
  3. btw i updated using WU and it broke my boot, did the updates reset the no integrity checks or something?
  4. maybe because of the settings? or because the inf/cfg files are already inplace, in vista there are instances where those files wont be created.
  5. Also Logitech GHUB fails to open now, upon manually trying to do so nothing happens. Edit: Upon reinstalling i got this error, but then when i relaunched it, it started working somehow https://imgur.com/a/7F6A1Zf
  6. I can confirm your updated winload and ntoskrnl files are indeed working and palemoon.exe is showing os and subsystem as 6.1 yet it still opens, well done.
  7. checked the english wiki nothing there.
  8. Im getting the same error as before i.e 0xc0000098, and as such it wont boot.
  9. ok then ill have a go at it. thanks.
  10. whats in the latest setup, something new?
  11. im using it using test mode on windows 7, basically it wont load because its not signed properly
  12. @win32 i recently got a razer mouse and dock but upon opening the razer synapse 3 i get this error any idea what could be the issue? i even tried using net framework 4.7.2
  13. Yes but its very limited, most of the progress has been made on 64bit.
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