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  1. creating a new topic wasnt necessary all the needful info is in the other discussed posts/topics
  2. i think it was possible to get 1050ti working by manually adding the device in the inf files, but the performance is very limited.
  3. extended kernel gets overwritten incase u updated or any of that.
  4. weird , im using the latest steam on mine.
  5. It has been asked a few times. Nothing can be done currently afaik as the needed functions have not been implemented.
  6. i believe so, although cant be sure since im not using a ms account, but it does seem like an option in the future.
  7. actually using multimc launcher seems to be a method to keep it running
  8. the fix is to wait for win32 to add the missing functions
  9. yes osloader, mc launcher crashes due to new functions i believe.
  10. are you running a vm of vista inside vista? or rather s2008sp2
  11. it resets unless u have the custom bootloader, thus it will still show 6.0 if u dont and wont work.
  12. fps drops to like 20, it could be better on opengl 4.6 probably, 372.70 has 4.5
  13. Well in my case its all fine , the above picture is the steam version , i do have extended kernel, but i did test without it just for the record.
  14. He tried modding them, but they didnt work out.
  15. @win32 hope you dont mind me asking , but has there been any progress towards getting newer gpus like pascal and above working properly and also will a uefi version of osloader be made available as it was left incomplete previously. Thank you.
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