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  1. This isnt it, i think his post mightve been deleted from the server breakdown that happened before. It could still be there but i couldnt be bothered to go digging for it.
  2. win32 had said he could, but he didn't since it wouldn't receive updates and wasn't that useful compared to porting modern browsers according to what i remember.
  3. I patched acpi.sys it and it didnt bsod on the acpi, instead it bsod on the error 0xc0000098 which is probably the NVMe so the mod might be working. Using Windows 7 for the time with the patched acpi, hoping i can do that with vista soon.
  4. It has nothing to do with editions and even i was using vista business till the very end. I was recently trying to bypass DSE for windows 7 on my new laptop aswell which is the same as vista, due to a patched file. Anyhow i do remember a software that could trick windows into believing a file was signed and boot with it, although i cant remember the name, perhaps you could find it when you get free time. Thanks for your find.
  5. I think Efiguard from github could do this
  6. Aah, i just noticed your laptop was considerably newer like mine (11th gen). This is probably due to acpi.sys, one would need to patch it and replace it in boot.wim and install.wim. You would also need something like UEFISeven since the UEFI doesnt support CSM. This is what i did to get it running on my MSI GP76 Leopard 11UG.
  7. I agree, even 8.1 is rare nowadays with W10 1703 (Redstone 2) being the bare minimum now.
  8. There is no specific place, you need to scavenge for ms updates im sure you can find them. i would suggest checking winraid.
  9. You need to slipstream USB 3 drivers along with the nvme hotfix so that it can read,install and boot off of your ssd. I recommend using NTlite to do the needful.
  10. According to recent news, Firefox 100 requires the SHA-2 update for windows 7, would vista require the same should one want to use it? i wonder.
  11. Wait what, i've been away for a while aswell, where is the announcement of MSFN going offline.
  12. Just stick with MultiMC, last time i used vista it worked perfectly fine. Its probably the best you can get.
  13. It shows the unsupported OS error like expected, even spoofing it doesn't seem to work so it probably hard checks for the version.
  14. Since a few months msrt would just install without errors through WU. I too found it odd and don't believe it actually installs but i may be wrong or maybe WU has some exception now. Eitherway i'm sure we all can agree that MSRT is useless.
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