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  1. but its needed for 32bit apps to run even on 64bit systems
  2. Any update regarding the progress of the extended kernel project , haven't heard anything in quite sometime now.
  3. It wont work for laptop graphics i've heard , only on desktops , but there is a driver https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/INTEL/Intel-HD-Graphics-4400-Driver-918103222-64-bit.shtml
  4. the newer clients work anyways in small mode like win32 and i have already investigated , but in broken form with big picture mode or small mode the only way to use it at the bare minimum. The main task is getting everything to work , you will need a working steamhelper aswell to get it to work.
  5. can you click on view games and actually see them? and do you get the new chat interface? on chrome 72
  6. It doesn't work , we all have tried
  7. No , https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4569557/windows-update-sha-1-based-endpoints-discontinued
  8. Samsung magician 6.1.0 does seem to work , with user32 errors though. On Vanilla vista it does open but crashes maybe it could work on that too somehow. https://imgur.com/a/m7PHNWi
  9. perhaps manually somehow i dont use any of these , maybe microsoft update catalog
  10. I did , but even on vista they dont work properly so it functioning on XP is far-fetched i would say.
  11. perhaps that user is @WinClient5270 who changed his name. Did you mean Dreamscene? extended kernel doesn't fix the interactive logon error , we might be in for a surprise though in the future.
  12. I dont think its a DX11.1 issue , dx11.1 can fallback to 11 and also windows 7 partially suports 11.1 so kinda doubtful
  13. Perhaps he didnt due to forum rules and/or legal issues.
  14. Yes , get the SHA-2 Update from Server 2008 SP2 , but that is only one part of it , since its probably against forum rules i cannot say more but you can do your research. I did get it to work though on my end.
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