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  1. Interesting. I don't think I have quite the expertise to do this, but I know someone who may. Would this also apply to post-Ivy Bridge Intel graphics drivers such as for Haswell and later?
  2. Couldn't the BIOS in this computer be modded to add in Legacy Mode? SP1 uses Ivy Bridge if I'm not mistaken, so it should be possible.
  3. Anyone know if it's possible to get this Realtek 8821CE WiFi card working with Windows Vista? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Yeah, but regardless, it shouldn't be there as the IA-64 version was never released to the public, only to those specific testers like Fujitsu-Siemens, as you mentioned.
  5. There is nothing wrong with selecting an operating system from within Edit Profile, that works as intended, however, I think there is a mistake with it as one of the choices you can select is Windows 2000 x64 Datacenter, which, from my understanding did not exist outside of the planning stages and a few banners found within Windows "Whistler" XP (alongside the Windows 2000 Personal x64 banner). Hoping for some clarification here.
  6. Do you have a link to your portable version of Office 2010 as well as the steps needed to pull this off?
  7. http://win2k.org/cgi-bin/dl.cgi?file=iata76_cd2ke.cab&lang=en Try these. You can integrate all the SATA drivers as W2K should pick the correct one.
  8. What's your Intel SATA driver device ID (you can find this under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers).
  9. We already have @blackwingcat for that, and he does an amazing job! If it weren't for him, W2K would not be working on Intel Sandy or Ivy Bridge.
  10. Sorry for the double post, but I just wanted to say thank you to blackwingcat for all the amazing work he has done in getting Windows 2000 to work on modern hardware such as Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and even Haswell. Thanks also goes to Realtek for keeping 2k support for their audio and Ethernet (whether they forgot about it or they really do not change much when they "update" the driver for a new Windows release) and also to ALPS Touchpad for allowing the drivers to be installed onto 2k with a simple INF mod, and also to the good folks at win-raid for supplying me with the modded BIOS that made my installation possible! I do have a few bug reports, however. After installing the Atheros driver, the CPU usage increases. This was not problem prior to driver installation. I think I found a temporarily fix for this, which is to disable the network adapter unless I need to browse the web with MyPal until hopefully a more viable solution can be found. And there is also a weird caveat with audio drivers. You MUST install any audio drivers before installing Extended Kernel/Core. This includes: Realtek audio to even USB Bluetooth (make sure to sync your Bluetooth audio device after installation so the Bluetooth audio drivers can install. I think you'll be fine if you connect to a different audio device after installing the Kernel/Core, but, this has not been tested/proven as I only have one Bluetooth Audio device that I use) and other audio devices that install drivers. If you attempt to set any of this up after setting up Extended Kernel v31 and Extended Core 16b, it will not work even though the drivers do not throw any error codes (such as code 10) in the device manager. Realtek audio stops working (the computer reverts to the no audio driver installed beep when dialog boxes pop up) as does Bluetooth audio as well as Intel Display audio (this, afaik, can only be installed after kernel/core and will always cause this error until it is fixed). Idk why this happens. I'm hoping blackwingcat can figure out a solution. In short, audio drivers such as Realtek and Bluetooth audio installed prior to Kernel/Core will work, and will continue to work even after you install the kernel/core, just don't install the Intel Display Audio until bwc finds a solution and releases a kernel update for it.
  11. I can confirm officially that MyPal 68 works splendidly under Windows 2000 as I am replying to this from that! Thanks to windows2 for this suggestion!
  12. Edit: It works! No more procedure entry point error!
  13. THE DRIVER WORKED!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! With working WiFi, I can finally ditch Ethernet! Now time to find an internet browser that renders properly as not even Google Chrome does.
  14. That won't help as the driver also throws this BSOD under Windows XP unless I use the April 2012 driver (the 2013 drivers have problems on Windows XP and 2000), meaning, it's not an Extended Kernel/Core problem. I'm waiting for @blackwingcat to finish modding the 10.0.054 version of the driver from April 2012, which did not produce the BSOD. With a working WiFi card, I can finally ditch Ethernet under 2000!

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