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  1. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    What program(s) was used to get windows media player 11 partially working on windows 2000? Do you think that same program would work with IE7? Basically KernelEx makes it run and I just modded the Windows Update installer, not the installer most people use to include Windows 2000. But if you're able to install it, you'll see that it is a bit broken. How does Kernelex work? When I found it for w2k it came as an update similar to how downloaded microsoft updates work (If you download them from their site rather than use auto update). Is t susspose to come like that or no. And to mod the windows installer, did you use resource hacker or did Kernelex do that? Also, a link to the Kernelex you used would be nice so I can make sure that I'm getting the right version
  2. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    What program(s) was used to get windows media player 11 partially working on windows 2000? Do you think that same program would work with IE7?
  3. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    I have decided that I am going to spearhead this myself. I will post here with updates/any help i need right here so stay tuned
  4. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    I'll try that and get back to you guys if it works. If it does then i'll release an update for it. Also does anybody know how to reroute automatic updates to automatically install updates from a non-microsoft server? I plan on having the custom updates install automatically.
  5. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    Had to use the add/remove windows components to regain use of IE6 as I had broken that in the process and am also here to say that it failed. I click the IE7 installer and it acts like it's going to install but it says the cryptographic might not be running with a google search turning up nothing for 2000 (Had a lot of xp results) If anyone has any solutions on getting IE7 installed on windows 2000 then please share
  6. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    The users would set their own hours rather than me assign them hours. Also, does anyone know what files Internet Explorer 7 uses? I had a windows vista vm and copied the IE folder from the program files to the main host's downloads (which I also have linked up with 2000) and also did the same for the dll's and any other files beginning with IE in the system 32 folder and am gonna copy them to windows 2000, edit them and see if this works. I'll get back to you guys with my results.
  7. Jakob99

    Windows 2000 in 2016

    I should clarify that any user (Beta tester/Non beta tester) may put in suggestions for design changes.
  8. What I plan on doing is making windows 2000 100% usable in 2016 which means latest applications such as the latest steam, the latest firefox, the latest chrome, possibly the latest internet explorer (which would be 11. If that does not seem possible then IE7 would have to do) and many other latest and greatest applications. Also note, if you need to extract anything during this project then the latest 7zip would be your best bet to use as it should be able to cover everything winrar does. You can get that here. Support for the latest winrar will also be added. Post support updates will also be made up as well to fix any vulnerabilities found, add new feature compatibility and many other things as well and one of them includes linking up the automatic updates built into windows to a special server containing the updates as well as an option to automatically download an update rollup featuring updates from the beginning of windows 2000 through July 13 2010 the end of windows 2000 if you don't have any updates installed. I can tell you that the first update released will contain the internet browser compatibility so you don't have to use IE6. IE11 (or 7 if 11 doesn't work) will be included later. Design changes will also be included based off of beta tester feedback. I will need feedback on when to release the updates so i'll put up a poll so you guys can vote. The following positions are open. Update maker: You'd be in charge of crafting the updates and uploading them to a download place so users can get the updates via automatic updates. You would also be able to access the website by clicking the windows update icon in the start menu. An update rollup containing all the windows 2000 updates will be put up and downloaded automatically to users who have no updates. I also plan on having a tool that auto-detects bad updates and disables it and then re-enable and install the fix automatically. If that sounds too complicated then you don't have to do it. Compatibility maker: You would be in charge of making updates that make the latest and greatest apps compatible with windows 2000 (These would include internet browsers, games etc) There shouldn't be any issues with these updates causing any issues with the main updates but if there are please post here/report it to the update person. Beta testers: You would get a pre-release build of windows featuring any design/graphical changes if there are any plus updates, otherwise you will get just any updates that have been made and test them out before we release them. Design maker: You'd be in charge of making graphical changes based off of user feedback If updates that are released causes problems, then please report it to the appropriate person. If you guys have any suggestions for this then, please post and i'll consider it. More positions may open up if we need more people depending on what you guys request.
  9. I just downloaded IE 8 for xp and am gonna copy that files contents to a text document and then repllace to IE 9 contents with IE 8'sbut edit it so it looks like it's IE 8 being installed.
  10. Does anybody know how to use resource hacker to get IE 9 on windows xp such as editing the install file you get when you download it? Any help is appreciated and credit will be given to whomever can solve it.
  11. If this is not in the correct place then please move it to the right place. Anyway, what I am hoping is to have Internet explorer 9 supported on windows xp and to have google chrome support extended. Does anybody know how to do this? Any help is appreciated.