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  1. I can access iTunes on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, macOS High Sierra and macOS Sierra (These macOS' on my normal PC, not another Mac PC. I just "hackintosh"ed my PC.). I think this is the end or my iTunes installation just corrupted.
  2. I think iTunes' sign in function stopped working. It gives -50 and 0x80090302 error.
  3. When I run Visual Studio 2010 on Vista while 4.6.2 Final installed, it gives me a error "The type initializer for 'Module' threw an exception." and it not starts. But when I run Visual Studio 2010 on Vista while .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview installed, it just starts without any errors.
  4. Umm guys, i found a interesting thing. I knew setup.exe gives error on 4.6.2 stable ".NET Framework 4.6.2 doesn't supported on this OS". But when I tried installing 4.8 Preview with netfx_Full_x64.msi (with that MSI, without setup.exe), it installed successfully without any errors. And i didn't modified anything. And also after you installed 4.8 Preview, if you run 4.8 Preview with setup.exe it opens without any error and it gives options about repair .NET Framework and uninstall .NET Framework. I clicked repair .NET Framework and it started to repair 4.8 Preview. And you see, it says repaired successfully. So, that's it. I don't tested it with app that requires minimum 4.7.2. Maybe it's work or not. I just wanted to share. If anyone test it's functionality, i really appreciate that. UPDATE : I think it prevents installing Visual Studio 2010. When i installed .NET 4.8, Visual Studio 2010 refuses to install (It gives error on Visual Studio 2010 Prerequistes). But when i back to the .NET 4.6.2 Preview, it just installs without any errors.
  5. Picture 1 : Picture of the installing .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview. Picture 2 : Picture of the Programs and Features page that shows up .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview. Picture 3 : Picture of the .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview installer root folder. Also there's interesting files starting with Windows6.0. I think that's KB956250 update for Service Pack 1. But i can't see this on the 4.6.2 stable installer root folder.
  6. I modified the 372.70 to run GTX 1050 Ti. I just took NT6.1 entries and name entries from 391.35 INF's and added to the according INF files (there are 3 plus INF files on 391.35 version but it doesn't effect anything. You can add these 3 INF files to the 372.70 but i didn't tested installer with that 3 INF files). If you didn't take name entries from the 391.35, GTX 1050 Ti will be shown as "NVIDIA DEV 1C82" or something. Aero is working and i even played a 4K without any lag. But when i played GTA San Andreas it gives 5-10 FPS. So, GTX 1050 Ti just functions like other GTX 1060/70/80. If you want that INF files, i can upload the files.
  7. I just installed SP2, Platform Update and Platform Update Supplement. That's all. But i didn't tested with SP1 or RTM. Oops, i misunderstand it. I'm very sorry. I didn't tested with application that requires 4.6.2 Preview.
  8. I tested and .NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview (not stable version, preview version of the 4.6.2) runs on Vista and installation is pretty smooth. But stable version of the .NET Framework 4.6.2 cannot be installed to the Vista.
  9. Yup, I know. Vista driver support ended at 365.19. And this driver maximum supports GTX Titan Z.
  10. I tried the 372.70 version on the Windows Vista Enterprise SP2 x64 with Platform Update (KB971512), Platform Update Supplement (KB2117917) and Windows Driver Framework 1.11 (KB2761494). I have MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC and Vista plays 4K videos very smoothly with patched 372.70 driver. But when i tried to play GTA San Andreas it looks like very bad. I get only 5-10 FPS on the GTA San Andreas. I know this driver doesn't supports DirectX apps with GTX 1xxx series on Windows Vista. Is there a way to patch this issue or anybody tried to patch this issue?
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