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  1. Got the working ACPI driver for my laptop. Just trying to integrate SATA/AHCI drivers.
  2. I trying to install XP from USB i added every driver but i cant find anywhere the ACPI driver
  3. Anyone got it, please let me know if you have download because i love windows vista and i dualbooting windows 7 and windows vista
  4. WU v4 now restored and working! (Only on Windows XP and Windows 2000) Here download it and try https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1035182715537985577/1096868908000104568/v4final.7z
  5. Windows Update v4 Windows 98 and ME end of support notification Only in english, Only End of Support notification news.asp
  6. Yeah it almost restored Some changes is required like v4 cant check critical updates, no resultslist.asp
  7. We have really good news about v4 Getmanifest.asp fixed by @WinFX v4 almost restored but only problem is results.asp(there's no good archived)
  8. @MarioTetris998 get working and updates displaying In my VMs 98 cannot display page, mistake edition doesnt showing any updates

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