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  1. Same here. See https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4583503/november-2020-updates-for-microsoft-office MS ignores the self-set endpoint? BTW.: I have a problem with 20H2. Short description: Defenders protection history is totally empty, even with found and quarantine EICAR-Test virus. So there is absolutely no chance to get back a file from quarantine, no option to do the job.
  2. I just wanted to warn, nothing more. Everything may be fine, but do you really know? I do not. What e.g., when the "old" XP encryption is broken and not safe anymore? Only just food for thought.
  3. Ok, so I understand you correct. Sorry, but only replacing a file with an older one... Do you know, what this may done in the question of the real security? To complex. If you only have the feeling it will be ok, than it might be a nightmare... I see it very difficult to use inbuild XP encryption for any security use. XP is gone for this work. (look at my signature, I have done something to hold XP alife, but now...)
  4. I read the thread (Beware of Office 2010 Updates!) And understood that you are trying to decrypt or encrypt Word files in XP. And that's broken with the two TLS updates for POS. If that is the correct short summary (otherwise please correct) then I think your conclusion is wrong. From my point of view, current TLS support is more important than working with Word encryption under XP POS. Or why do you have to rely on XP + Word? The subject of "encryption" and "data security" using XP seems a bit strange anyway - XP is becoming more and more insecure. And then to leave o
  5. @Fritz_Geiger I don't really know. But I think no. HTTPSProxy is not compiled. It is built with pyInstaller, which combines the required runtime environment from Python, the required modules, and the Python script. In this respect, support for older processors depends directly on the version of Python and the modules that still support it. These versions should be very old and support the functions required here no longer, certainly not safe nenough. And I'm sorry, because of a lack of hope and low demand: I can't and won't test this case. I don't even have an old
  6. You can try to run the standalone setup file as admin. 32 or 64 bit doesn't matter, the file only have to be the same as the office suite. But I am not sure that this solve the problem (no Win 10 here)
  7. NO. From Sep 11, 2019 (look in the top line).
  8. Three new updates. kb4464566 is faulty. Again, Outlook does not start, there is an error message. Uninstallation kb4464566 has helped.
  9. I have randomly freezes of the system short time after startup and a first connect to the network. Often after I used the power switch to shut down, very few times when I used the soft shut down. So I am looking for the older Fix kb2963522 with file Netman.dll version 5.1.2600.6557 in German (if it is language dependent). Can somebody help?
  10. Here is a modified REG, see the comments. I have many non edited keys deleted, so do not use it as install ressource. It is used to switch from v201 to v211, Java program home path is "C:\Programme\Java". I hold the latest under XP working v151 MSI file for deinstallation in the personal program data path. Be carefull, it is all I edit in the registry, may be you need other / more / less key names... Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ######### delete old key ########### ############## EDITED ############## [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1
  11. I use the german version an had to fix the problem. Office 2010 updates won't run without fix (uninstall or register dll)
  12. Thanks for this information. It saved me from hours of searching the error...
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