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  1. apps are not problem hardware drivers are
  2. and best thing, when i used simplix pack few moons ago in VM some things that work on my 2015 OS, dont work on most updated 7 OS
  3. i really don't understand why is everyone so obsessed with these "security updates" ? i use 7 sp1 with patches untill 2015, later when they started integrating telemetry i didn't install a single update and my OS runs perfect ... why all the paranoia ?
  4. you make your own thats what i did to XP and to 7 lol
  5. thats why event viewer exists ... to see possible crash events
  6. yeh... microsoft's only "ace in the sleeve" is directx for gaming os-es themself are junk
  7. question is... can apps be fooled (per app, not global) what OS you use...
  8. dunno about others but i will use Librewolf (97 which is FF 97 based), as long as "web allows it", i have it spoofed to show some gigantic version of crome so in my eyes the only problem might arise from java-script engine later in future, coz html 5 / css 3 aren't doing anything new and if that fails, i will try with Falkon (ex QupZilla) based on QtWebkit and if that fails then i guess Palemoon is last option ?
  9. what about Qt-webkit based browsers ?
  10. thats why i never store anything in user profile folders rather 2nd partition and 2nd hard drive in fact this is why i hate the approach Linux has, everything is "singled out" to user profile folders and disk in file managers
  11. as far as i know this can only be done via Alt+F4 on desktop/taskbar but how to do it via shortcut or CMD ?
  12. meh old story... old paranoia... these small form touch screen devices will never be able to replace desktop pc especially in graphic department and gaming

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