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  1. how old are you ? you do realize web didn't change that much since ~2008 ? -> thus any browser since then would work just fine
  2. question is, do these contain telemetry spyware as well ?
  3. not absurd if they do it on purpose ... if they made a "perfectly good OS" they nobody would ever upgrade to next one
  4. actually whole NT6 line was plagued with this, but for a reason in short, all versions (SKU's) were installed on hard drive, all language packs, all components (SxS) so user didn't had to use installation DVD for things... but to surprise, i guarantee you that vista and win7 also fit on 700 MB CD with all updates and also if you manually remove from Install WIM, stuff that you really don't need as "power user", you can also shrink install size to ~1.5 GB (this is case for x86, trust me i done it )
  5. - because nobody tests it right - because they have some agreement with US gov which goes both-ways
  6. so its actually a bul*****, and it only applies for those using WU but if you download stand alone MSU, you don't need this crap ...
  7. i'm in mist with what does this update mean for user what do i gain and/or lose by having/not having it ?
  8. does .net 4.8 (or any in 4x line) and these "universal" 2015-2019 vc++ redist's contain telemetry ?
  9. I'm also using Waterfox for few years now no complaints
  10. this is NOT edge, this is chromium, and as long chromium builds support win7 or whichever... as long will this "new edge" support it/them but this IS silly: which comes to question, why would anyone sane use this garbage on win 7 and 8 at all ?
  11. well I guess both tools would fix the issue if MFT mirror file wasn't damaged aswell, but it was... what annoys me most that this all fiasco happened when i always use "safe remove" ...
  12. i used TestDisk to get the required info chkdsk sucks
  13. nah, this needed full data recovery both $MFT and $MFTMirr were damaged ... stupid POS winblows .... !!! does this happen on Linux as well ???
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