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  1. well from my narrow perspective, as it is all business why make good OS/product when you can make crap, then sell it, then make it fancier and maybe tweak thing here and there, then sell as "better version" and then slowly introduce something that is in fact old but for their ecosystem is new (example with native PDF reading, MKV files, mounting virtual iso's) and again sell it as something revolutionary... etc... to me MS will only update drivers and hw support, but as OS itself it is waaay behind... but at the end its all money that counts... they stopped giving two bit s*** what ppl want/need long ago they get some exclusive right sales from US goverment most likely coz they bent over for free trojan insertions it just bleeds money money money
  2. @byteme seems to me you described same thing they had problems with while making Longhorn and that s*** was in 2003-2004
  3. don't get me wrong, i love eye candy too if OS looks like crap i don't want to try using it my comment was merely in context: is look far more important to people than their privacy squashed Linux distros are in last 10 years ugly as hell too, but at least you can make them look as you want both UI-wise and candy-wise
  4. it will coz theres simply nothing to innovate on 2D surface frames so you can either have 1-colored bul***** like they had with win 3.1 // 8 // 10 - which (for some reason) all id*** call modern or sort of "3D" (classic) style or anything bitmapped (lets call it XP style) or translucent which came with vista/7 and now is comming to some sort back again tho it looks more like KDE/Deepin to me but meh... but does look really matter that much ? people seemengly only comment on new look, nobody gives a rats arse it is still inherited windows 10 spyware
  5. except that windows is not the same since version 8 (visually)
  6. i will say this... they can polish it to look like Bender's shiny a** but i will NEVER go to any post 7 version, ever ever, because of their disgusting anti-privacy embedded in system and i still dont understand why people keep using this piece of s*** NT OS ? games ? ok, stiff it VM and youre ok anything else makes no sense ... at least for home use...
  7. and what to expect when they push .net all over the system ...
  8. looks like KDE + Deepin to me (and it still sucks)
  9. i personally wouldn't touch it, just like chrome itself or Opera... i had hopes for Opera in its early 15 versions, but since they got bought by some china company... f*** that anyhows, since alot "major" browsers are based on Chromium, again personally, i think it's better to get something "clean" and just use external plugins that way you still have this Webkit or is it Blink now ... ? // compatible browser without spyware
  10. at this point i'd say its not worth the effort either upgrade or use components/dll's from upgraded version

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