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  1. i use av (older one), only for scan purpose everything i remove and lock is manual
  2. WHEA hardware error ?

    nope, it failed at that
  3. WHEA hardware error ?

    upon powering my pc up, already on 1st screen when memory is calculated and IDE/SATA devices are detected i got graphic glitches, which then proceeded onto windows boot logo and then pc restarted then all is fine... the error event says: Level: Information Channel: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-WHEA/Operational Event ID: 5 Provider: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-WHEA Description: WHEA successfully initialized. 4 error sources are active Error record format version is 10. Keywords: 0x2000000000000000 Process ID: 4 User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM while this site: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff560537(v=vs.85).aspx doesn't provide anything useful my temperatures (HW) are in their normals i don't see any driver errors so what is this then ?
  4. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    4 hours for installation ? wow no thanks
  5. kb4074596 failed to install

    check CBS.LOG
  6. arent killbits just block-list for IE ?
  7. no but you can remove Backup, folder within winsxs and you can filter SxS folder (manualy) by filter i mean: remove every file that DOES NOT contain: _none_ _en-us_ _**-**_ (this would mean your language input, for example, Italy has _it-it_ ,norway has _no-no_ ) to do that you'd have to extract winsxs folder to... whatever new folder and use "search" from within win explorer its slow and boring, but gives good results
  8. Updates from W7 Embedded to W7 since January 14, 2020

    maybe you can ask 7zip developers to add support to Edit/Save .MSU archive i know they did the same for .WIM
  9. windows 7 tweaks ( mostly for ssd )

    theme service provides/enables Skinning/Skins to work (in general, no matter if you use Aero or some other Skin) and should be left Enabled, DWM and skin engine are tied to each other yes you would need 3rd party tool, MS doesn't provide these tweaks via OS settings
  10. windows 7 tweaks ( mostly for ssd )

    err no best performance is with DWM (aero) ON if you go to classic, DWM gets disabled, and ALL your UI is rendered via CPU and it will stagger since render falls back to ancient direct2d if you hate animations which give illusion of "aero slowing performance", you can turn them off you can tweak DWM with tweak tool, you can cut down certain locked down animations to user to few miliseconds
  11. Updates from W7 Embedded to W7 since January 14, 2020

    ofcourse they are, versions (SKU) are just component limit but they all share same code the only difference is that Embedded allows you to choose manualy what components to ditch during setup
  12. Windows 10 Claimed to Have Overtaken Windows 7

    even if it did, it does it by forcing machines to upgrade without any consent
  13. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    does Russian goverment use winblows 10 ?
  14. Easy over-installation ?

    space isn't problem anymore thats why I copied whole SxS back over, but you can still save 5 GB if you filter out all _language_ (except en-us, _none_, and yours) and remove backup folder
  15. Easy over-installation ?

    wow sometimes i just amaize myself how dumb but easy things i do hahaha so the way to bypass "corrupted component store" error (if you trimmed your SxS folder) 1. copy your current WinSxS folder somewhere.... 2. take ownership of \Windows\WinSxS folder 3. copy BACK from untouched source (iso/wim) WinSxS and Merge with your current one 4. (just to be safe), copy over/merge the backuped one with one in your Windir and voila, you can install updates now with no problem your "comp. store" is now "fixed"