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  1. i think that question should go to vmware devs they control what works under what OS
  2. so revert back to one that had ...
  3. vista is golden egg comparing to this
  4. well isnt that most expecting when you open source something ? i always found it funny that ppl who develop program but open source them, expect Humans to be like little good dwarfs :S
  5. dunno what is all that there about but i'll say, i ditched Pale Moon long time ago, and tried Basilisk only once and it was unstable bloated garbage last ~4 years waterfox "classic" fullfills all my needs
  6. think his arrows are influenced by Playstation D-pad
  7. thats not broken aero at all they just made the bar filled with more white layer you still have glass and blur ... this is probably them trying to "follow" windows 11 look (aka frosted glass), which shouldn't surprise you by now... also this effect is actually nothing new either, it was there ever since they went to Australis "UI" and that one is old ... you get it if your tab bar isn't skinned; like so:
  8. problem is we dont know is this meant for fixed screen on some wall and/or fixed anchored panel or for tablet that you carry around if your both arms are using screen (tablet), then original "UI" is better if its on some fixed panel on table or in wall where you use 1 hand, then id say "my idea" is better... all in all not enough info...
  9. i'd personally change d-pad buttons with triangle based arrows and maybe bottom buttons put next to d-pad buttons vertically for faster interaction
  10. what a stupidity just shows how people have nothing smart to make, so lets make s*** that will enable people to play games via browser i mean really... is this the function of web browser ???? to play games ??? to render 3D world(s) ????
  11. well DOH ! its Vista fiasco all over again ...
  12. i dont have this issue i even compared with hashtab, the copied one matches original pic in question is: type: JPG dimension: 4000x3000 size: 1.6 MB or am i missing something here ?
  13. not pointless if youre switching for linux win7 won't support hardware forever ...
  14. afaik both + and - have same capacity, they just show it different (marketing coy) but both are 4.3 GB
  15. i still wear casio digital watch who needs this modern crap

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