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  1. vt6212,VT6202, there is other chips tho besides that one that VIA made that work on 98 and osr2.1
  2. only way probs is to make the server 2008 x64 version work. might be work, but i do not have the experience or expertise to do that. Plus i don't have a 2008 box so I can observe its installation procedure. that being said I am not so sure that IE version has any relevance to it working, and it just comes down to registry values in the end, unless u use IE.
  3. Possibly 2003 server X86. Maybe after I make a good backup of my 2003 64bit, I'll try. But I do not use skype or chrome on that system. Infact I do not even have IE 8 installed on that system I have IE6 locked down, and unusable. Roytam1s browsers are so good I cannot think of any logical or sane reason to use chrome 49
  4. Just wanted to say I just installed Xp64bit on one of my computers and I am not experiencing and SSL errors or any errors. Like in this thread. So its not a problem with XP64bit. BTW I use latest 64bit builds of newmoon and basalisk. I have no clue how to reproduce the problems in this thread.
  5. Think he means hal.dll is missing or corupted (bluescreen). I think that its a hardware malfunction or a driver issue. Could also be bad memory/ Hal means hardware extraction layer Thats the only time I ever see that error. sometimes if i have a corrupted CD when I am installing windows ill get Hal errors but its generally not the blue screen type. Anyways Roffen thats a hard problem to fix without being able to diagnose it my self and recreate it myself in person I cannt really say. But I don't think you would be able to fix that. Only thing you could really do is try to reinstall windows if it was a big problem on that computer and try to find stable drivers. Thats a massive headache for you too probs.
  6. there are XP drivers for the Intel HD3000, do they work on that laptop if you installed XP? Any reason in particular to run 2000 instead of XP. Good chance if it runs on 2000 it will run on XP.
  7. can we even talk about that here. ya on another forum.
  8. looks great especially for laptops.
  9. Ya basically as long as roytam1 is putting out browsers that are extending the life of XP it will be usable after that its dead. Basically its all roytam1 lol
  10. The OS has nothing to do with browsing the web securely, that is the job of the browser you are using. Unless you are using internet explorer which is integrated into the Operating system. Your best bet is to use a prgram like Sandboxie and then sanbox your webbrowser inside a sandbox so it has no integration with the operating system at all. Then any other security problems are on the user yourself. That means if you download something and run it like an id*** than that is your fault not the operating systems,
  11. Windows installer clean up utility it can damage your Computer if u are not careful. Or it can work perfectly fine with no issue. https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/windows_installer_cleanup_utility.html safer way. https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
  12. I have always used realVNC, its just better .
  13. I gave you links in the other thread you made why keep asking.
  14. I wanted to run moonscape skin on the win 2000 Palemoon port. ( Navigator 4 look) The old moonscape skin said compatible with palemoon 26 but it wouldnt install. I fully tested this theme version 6.0 at least and had zero problems on the 2000 back port. Solution that probably works with a lot of other themes. 1. Manually Download theme. 2. right click the xpi theme file and chose open with 7zip 3. Inside 7zip Right click the install.rdf file and chose edit 4. Look for lines that say Change minimum or maximum versions (in my case I change min version to 25 <em:minVersion>26.*</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>27.*</em:maxVersion> 5. click file save in the note pad after the change made, and close the note pad. 7zip should say changes were made do you want to update the archive. Click yes. Close the arcive. 7. Now some theme that wont install for somreason will install. 8. In my case it was the retro moonscape skin for the new moon 2000 build. I used version 6.0 of the theme.
  15. Id asked Tomaz before about UUrollup and he said use Blackwingcats update instead, because it is better. So I think he said that he was using very old version of BWC shell, and kernel files and what not in his UU, and since he stopped developing it, he just said i thought use BWCs because it is more developed than mine. I mean if you just want a super stripped down 2000. Than you dont install any updates, and u just slipstreap sp4 and that is it, and rip everything including IE out of the ISO using nlite. If i want super small windows I do not even bother, remove everything with nlite to it gets to its smallest size that will still run whatever programs i want to use. By doing that u essentially are removing components that reduces your attack surface anyways so you don't even need the update. since there is nothing to update since that file is not there to be attacked. That pretty much goes for XP, however XP is more useful than 2000 at this point so you may not wanna do that. Unless u want it to run as smooth as 2000 would.
  16. Find updates here http://windowsarchives.com/updates/ Install win 2k. Install all drivers for hardware. Install SP4. Install IE 6.1 Install DX 9. Media player 9, Install Update Roll up 1 Install KB2817183-WINDOWS2000-X86 Install KB951748-v2 - WINDOWS2000-X86 Install exKernel http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1299806.html English(v2.9b) Windows2000-KB935839-v29bG-x86-ENU.EXE Install VC++ Runtimes Install Windows-Update-Agent30-x86.exe Install Windows Installer 3.1 Install BITS Enable TLS 1.0 and Disable SSL 2.0/3.0 Apply all Windows Update (except root certs update and IE6SP1 update)  Make a back up of your system using ghost, acronis or some other disk imaging software. So if u mess it up after you did all of this u can just put it back. PS extended core crashes and blue screens my PC,,, so install that after u made a backup at your own risk.
  17. Hardware and software support was so much broader on XP and developed for much longer than 98 was tho. It will die a slow death. I mean there is much more you can do with XP than 98, and u can always run VMs ontop of XP to run software that it wont so there is that. Where 98 couldn't really do that.
  18. just have to figure out if we can hack the internal browsers string to spoof the server that it all.
  19. I made a clean VM, and used App Deploy to create full steam install then tested it on another VM. Seemed to work.
  20. Shoudn't be a problem. could be a issue with IE8,and needing an update. not sure becasue i never had that problem on normal XP..Maybe youre missing somthing.
  21. try this but i don't know if that is your problem. https://msfn.org/board/topic/175170-root-certificates-and-revoked-certificates-for-windows-xp/?page=3 in a week or two I am reinstalling xp64 bit on a computer that had win 7 on it, so Ill see if I have those same issues. But i don't use those programs.
  22. wine is more advanced than win 98. So gecko will call functions that 98 doesn't support. There is no easy way to fix that short from getting wine to run on 98se which I do not think is going to happen. look how hard react os was to do somthing like that and is why they tried to make it more like XP.
  23. any luck on wine? Wine probably has dependency of its own. I mean if u can get wine itself working that would open a lot of possibilities.

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