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  1. Performance only patches Like many others out there who only want to run programs on a private lan and do not care about security fixes on a unsecurable operating system. Thats the key argument here un-securable. I've tried 98se SP3 before SP2 98se2me. All of those just make the computer slow. At this point in time 2019 I do not care about having every fix known to man for 98se, 1st I only run 98se on Retro hardware that is already slow, like pentiums 2s and 3s maybe even less. 2nd I only play games or toy with old programs. 3rd only network connectivity I use is local but I do care about fast lan connectivity. I have some Idea of just basic patches like TCP 1.4. IOS.sys, larger capacity drives etc but what I want some advices on is a list of only fixes that increase performance, and stability. probably under 20 hotfixes or less for 98se. Maybe a clear guild for patches for network only, HDD, ram, cpu, video, sound etc and stability for just runing games etc that increase speed and stability.
  2. Ever since Lenovo bought IBM the notebooks have just got worst. T43 was the last real thinkpad. And IBM always had good docking stations like selectadoc II and III, I have one of those for my 770x and it has 3 PCI and ISA slots and my T43 I have a Dock II that has a PCI slot. Can just install a sound blaster in those and game like a champ, I got a voodoo 2 and a AWE64 gold in my 770x laptop.
  3. Ya i could be mistaken but i'm 99% sure I ran a 1000MT in a 98se box before. There are drivers. That being said 1000MT is buggy on some intel PCI sets i thought as I recall.
  4. I'm so confused. What are you trying to capture video from a webcam? Or from like a TV card or frame grabber? Free There is windows media encoder 7.1 "wmencoder71.exe" http://www.mediafire.com/file/v1x8y98cshp236j/wmencoder71.exe/file Free Windows Media Tools 4.1 "wmtools.exe" http://www.mediafire.com/file/chc4wag44byd658/wmtools Not Free Nero Vision Express 6 it basically was free and came free for billions of people if they bought a CD/DVD burner as bundle ware. It is basically free. For video recording it require device that has direct show drivers for 9x
  5. ME should work, but Id roll with 98se with Sp3 and I bet you wouldn't have any issues at all. Then you can do 98se2me .
  6. It an out of band update for Vanilla XP and 2003 server must be such a serious undisclosed vulnerability they had to patch it. like wannacry
  7. There are universal sata drivers for XP but you have to have compatible hardware. if you do not than your issue is specific to you not to XP booting on modern hardware or to other users. you either integrate the driver into a install source using nlite or you put it on a floppy and F6 the driver on install. https://www.win-raid.com/t3024f45-Guide-Integration-of-AMD-s-AHCI-RAID-drivers-into-a-WinXP-W-k-CD.html I dont use retore points so I never had this issue before personally I have no need to use system restore on anything because I know what I am doing. But try this. http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/127417-system-restore-points-stop-xp-dual-boot-delete.html
  8. SSD tweaker pro 2.1 Naraeon SSD Tools only Manual TRIM btw you don't need to trim an SSD unless it has problems as far as i know
  9. Ya i guess I don't find much use for somthing that works in a VM, but wont work on period appropriate hardware. Since If the hardware is not period appropriate there no benefit to run 9x aside from just wanting to. But for me personally I cannot be convinced to run 98se on a fast computer that could run XP for wanting to not be able to actually have something that works just because. Theres actually very few things that wont run on XP better than they run on 98se, aside from period hardware and period drivers, and there is even less software besides DOS based programs that wont run.
  10. Your post makes no sense. If you have no media than how can you change a pid. If you have some media than what keys does it take oem, VLK, retail? There also is no way to convert a 32bit source to 64 bit so don't think you can do that. I am not sure if there is a way to convert 2003 server x54 to xp 64bit either, at least not as simply as changing the pid. Also why do you not go search around beta archive for an ISO if you do in fact have a legit key that should be perfectly acceptable fair use. I have also never heard of an action pack, there is a such thing as MSDN keys but I have never heard them refered to as that. I think what I am trying to say is you don't know what you are talking about. So its very hard to help you. If you have a legit running x64 instal on a physical computer, why not just dig out the key with like jellybean finder. You could alsways not really have a windows key but a Dell or OEM key like a HP key that in not actually a real key they may of used SLIC keys in the bios.
  11. I also don't see how frank was rude at all, sounds like you could use an emotional support animal.
  12. ya I managed to get KM74-g22 working as well, but it really did not work well at all. I don't mean to diminish the achievement to get it running. I just meant to say in the original post that nothing beat just using VNC to another computer that had a web browser that actually worked. Even Getting Opera working the best it can will not beat that. Youtube just simply isn't an option either not because you couldn't view it but because older computer can never be fast enough to playback MP4, my T43 even struggles with that. I don't see how a P3 or even a P4 would do better. That being said even if you manually download the Mp4 from youtube to play in like VLC it will not be watchable in a way that doesn't stutter and drop frames because Old computers cannot offload decoding of MP4. On one of my old computers I managed to used adapters, to get a boradcom crystalHD mini PCI express to a expresscard slot on a laptop and only on windows XP that made youtube watchable with potplayer. I fail to see how 98 could ever be acceptable on that level. Since you cannot even install a crystalHD on 98.
  13. Same just tested it on 2003 64bit, I do not get an error, it just immediately closes. Also tried with clean profiles. New moon 28 64bit works fine tho
  14. If you press the cart then press the magnifying glass it works as it should. Or just click the link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/search?q=
  15. Once again, in 2019 the proper way to do this is to slipstream SP4 and use ghosts pack or whatever after that, and the he doesn't even need to connect to windows update because it's done and contains all of the fixes already Additionally he would be able to connect to windows update if he wanted to add pos regs and he would never have problems to begin with. Or he could to slipstream like userhidden QFE post sp3 pack and then like seraphs, IE8 add on and pos addon, and then add regs and he would be able to just connect and only be left with a few updates to install. So once again it is 2019 and there is no reason to go about this like installing 1000 updates from WU that will take is PC 48 hours to complete and make it slow after he is done and heavly fragmented with a bloated registry and windows folder full of waste. because it is 2019 and thats how you should do things in 2019.
  16. I sort of tried to give you the best advice which was to slipstream update packs or use SP4, Manually installing 100s of hotfixes ontop of a fresh install dating back all the way to sp3 is the worst way to update XP. Not olny that but that will result in a 1time thing for you, knowing that updates will be cut off that doesn't provide you with any future proof installation in the future like a fully updated CD, DVD or USB installation source.
  17. More experienced users use/used Nlite or RyanVM, to slipstream service packs, update packs and addons which both software support. Later some people just started slipstreaming unofficial SP4 into XP. You wont find update packs or addons on this site or SP4 at all because this is not that kinda site. Go elsewhere for those things. I personally never used SP4 because I prefer a more Modular approach to making my Install sources but it is a legit way of doing things. Once you have done that then install XP and activate it over the phone. then you can find all the info you need to update XP the the POS ready thread on this forum. This is a very anti piracy site, and they do not even tolerate grey area things. But to your point lots of people have gathered the remaining updates and packages will probably be coming or available. If you want to do it all yourself than you need to download it all yourself and do it yourself. Which is an undertaking for a inexperienced user.
  18. no its probably just paramaters in one of the installer files that explicitly says do not install on win 8. If you can modify that it would go. I haven't really looked at it. But I have modded alot of MSI files with orca before and got them to run on XP or other OS that its not supposed to. But I don't know anything about IE 11 installer.
  19. you can try some of these drivers. I noticed thE gma driver here looks newer https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/71286
  20. wifi https://www.ath-drivers.eu/download-driver-nr-265-for-atheros-AR9485WB-and-WindowsXP.html
  21. solution is just install the vista ir 7 version on XP. thats if u really play these games but I think very few do.
  22. Ya we haven't been able to install java for a long time. All we can do is install the last version that works then copy pasta the new java in the old java folder and modify the regiestry to point to the new java. This should work until java becomes API incompatible with XP.
  23. ALl haswell and ivybridge GPUs are supported but you will have to modify the driver yourself to make it work if it could work http://downloadmirror.intel.com/22875/eng/WinXP32.zip or https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22642/Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-XP-exe-?product=97499 so you would have to mod the IGXP32.inf find a driver that supports baytrail on like win 7 and compare the drivers and copy the strings from one file to the other file or somthing like that. I have heard that its not possible to get GMA 4400 to work but baytrail is not 4400.
  24. xps not going to see more than 3gb ram anyways without a kernel patch, dibya has one hes working on that is supposedly better than the old Chinese 64g one might want to investigate that. maybe message dibya. sounded to me that baytrail was based on ivybridge and the IGP was a stripped down version of that so maybe some modded HD graphics driver from ivy bridge base could be forced to work. From what i read is that it is weak i mean its not very strong anyways, so u need a modded Haswell / Ivy Bridge / BayTrail Driver look here for help https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/24340-intel-gma-drivers/#entry147393
  25. should be able to recompress it, like if it was on the cd and replace the old one. should ask Dietmar if it even works. or how to make it work.

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