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    NT 4.0 in 2019: Back to the Future

    I like that you're always experimenting. I consider you a valuable asset to the Windows community. Thanks
  2. I have Silverlight installed, never gotten NF to run on Pale Moon Linux or Windows. Works in FF though. Nonetheless, water under the bridge.
  3. Well, as you say it's not PM, what's all the talk about copyright and trademarks etc....????
  4. As I said before, I have never gotten Pale Moon to work on Netflix with Windows or Linux.
  5. O.k., give you that, but I have to use Firefox in order to use NF. I'll investigate on my end.
  6. When you get NETFLIX working then you can have something to brag about. I'm the one-liner assassin, this ain't what you want.
  7. I can only rebuttal with a chuckle at this one. LOL!!!
  8. So, in other words you are a follower? I understand you're NOT a trendsetter and you only do what you see others do....My son is 3 and he sets his own path NOT follow. As I said before, step it up or fallback slim. There is NO solution for this problem you might endure!!
  9. If you and moonchild did a better job, then there would be no need for unofficial versions... Step your game up or get out of the wayyyyy.......

    Share your extensions


    Internet Explorer 11 (Updated 12/03/2019)

    This is why I slipstreamed mines. 32 + 64 bit. A clean install only about 50 to 60 updates to have a fully patched system.
  12. I read this on Google news. It's sad!! I don't mind advertisement but show me stuff I'm interested in.

    Windows IPSec Firewall Rules

    1. Disable Windows Firewall and Security Center. 2. Create a folder in C:\Program Files\Firewall. 3. Run MMC from run-box in the Start Menu. Create a Snap-in from Microsoft Console Root with IP Security Monitor + IP Security Polices on Local Computer. 4. Name Snap-in IPSECCMD.MSC. 5. Place the Snap-in file C:\Program Files\Firewall and create a shortcut from it. Name it Windows Firewall. 6. Extract or copy FIREWALL.CAB contents to C:\Program Files\Firewall. 7. Edit IPSECCMD.BAT to your likes, then run it. 8. Run Windows Firewall shortcut and click IP Security Polices on Local Computer. Right-click to Assign the Policies. (Activate/Turn on). 9. Use IPSECCMD.HTA to monitor your network. Credit goes to http://www.ericphelps.com/scripting/samples/Netstat/index.html FIREWALL.CAB

    Windows IPSec Firewall Rules

    Yeah, I'm using it as we speak. I'll release what I have and maybe someone can improve on it.