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  1. Games NOT working on my niece computer with Win 7 Pro either. Server error..
  2. I'm using Win 7 and Linux atm. Once Win 7 becomes unusable I'll leave the computer world.
  3. This is why I started learning Linux and now looking into BSD.
  4. I use gparted for cloning. It's free and it works.
  5. VMs are the way to go. I've heard they put heavy mileage on SSD. I don't wanna wear out my drive to run a vm though. I have Win 7 dual-boot with Slackware on a SSD. I care about running XP on new hard as opposed to having a new browser.
  6. I just ordered one, thanks for the link.
  7. Microsoft Edge is available.
  8. I like that you're always experimenting. I consider you a valuable asset to the Windows community. Thanks
  9. I have Silverlight installed, never gotten NF to run on Pale Moon Linux or Windows. Works in FF though. Nonetheless, water under the bridge.
  10. Well, as you say it's not PM, what's all the talk about copyright and trademarks etc....????
  11. As I said before, I have never gotten Pale Moon to work on Netflix with Windows or Linux.
  12. O.k., give you that, but I have to use Firefox in order to use NF. I'll investigate on my end.
  13. When you get NETFLIX working then you can have something to brag about. I'm the one-liner assassin, this ain't what you want.
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