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  1. You are correct schwups, looks like the site was backed up and I can no longer log in. I have reported to the Webmaster. Thanks, once I get my credentials fixed everything should be good to go.
  2. It should be 1mb bigger. Do a comparison, I'm pretty sure I uploaded the right file.
  3. Remove redundant commands Cleaned up batch file FIREWALL.CAB
  4. Rev 07 Updated OpenSSL v1.1.1c Download in first post Please test for me and report back.
  5. Updated 10-1-2019 Remove Games because MS killed the server Fixed typo on PPTP, it was acting as a server instead of client Added SPOOF block Please view IPSECCMD.BAT before installing. Thank you
  6. I exported the rules from a WinXP machine and imported them on Win 7. Everything works as it should. I found a typo in the ruleset and remove some entries. I will upload a new version soon.
  7. This sh!+ hurts. We lost a pioneer. I will learn and appreciate you guys more. jaclaz and others, I'm truly sorry for our ups and downs. I'm a christian and don't hold ill feelings. I wish we could have help more by knowing the circumstances. The family of rloew, I hope you are blessed abundantly.... I'll forever miss him. Damn!!!!!
  8. I don't understand what you mean...
  9. Yeah and thanks. You guys gonna have to test I don't have Win98 installed. I'll update it soon. I'm not as active on the Windows forum been using linux so I hang out there.
  10. This is sad. If I've offended anyone in the past I'm truly sorry and please forgive me. Life is too short to be fighting and bickering. Again, sorry for any troubles I've caused. God rest his soul...
  11. Anyone know how to convert the rule set to Win 7?
  12. Games NOT working on my niece computer with Win 7 Pro either. Server error..
  13. I'm using Win 7 and Linux atm. Once Win 7 becomes unusable I'll leave the computer world.
  14. This is why I started learning Linux and now looking into BSD.
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