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  1. If the SP3 isn't working for you due to a specific VM then I understand. Someone pointed out it will cause problems. I have installed it in qemu but it breaks in VMware and virtual box. If it works in virtual box or VMware then its broke in qemu. We are working on this. Its should run on real hardware without any problems. You need to kill winoldap before launching the installer so it doesn't hang.
  2. FantasyAcquiesce is the reason I released it. You guys should really thank him.
  3. 3.66 is the last and final version.
  4. http://www.htasoft.com/u98sesp/ Scroll a little bit. Lol
  5. @ MDGx If you ever decide to update 98SE2ME, the font bug is fixed using attrib +S +R fonts from http://www.uninets.net/~blaisdel/wintips5.htm#NewFontGone
  6. I have updated the SP and all future builds will be private. Please update and test if you have time. I had to adjust the pack because I'm running it in Qemu VM and everything works as it should. PM me here because I forgot to save your email. Lycos killed my email after 10 yrs. So I have to bother with google ATM.... Thanks old friend.
  7. I have tested the above instructions and can confirm, everything works. Maybe email MDGx and he can update 98SE2ME. If not, I will add it to U98SESP3.EXE which is no longer available for public release. All V.I.P will have access to stable and private updates of SP3. Thank you guys for all of your support.
  8. The version I got to work was Realtek AC'97 WDM A3.62. I'm using it in Qemu, the VXD crashes MS Hover!
  9. Adding the -R will keep the original server timestamp curl -O -R
  10. Added protocols for PPTP + L2TP Added POLSTORE.DLL 5.1.2600.5512 from Win XP (so the script can be used on Vista and 7) Removed RDP UDP (not needed if you don't have a Windows Server OS) TCP is only needed Mimic SPOOF for Inbound only traffic FIREWALL.CAB
  11. Adding POLSTORE.DLL 5.1.2600.5512 from Win XP to the firewall folder, you can run it on Win 7. I also figured out how to setup a PSK tunnel VPN with IPSECCMD.EXE. The tool is more powerful than I imagined.
  12. To get NoScript to work flawlessly old or new versions, export the configuration from TOR and then import on whatever browser you're using. I have done this on WinXP with Pale Moon and Chromium on Slackware Linux. I rarely have to whitelist anything is why I use the configuration from TOR.
  13. I accidentally reported a post in this thread, please ignore it. I was scrolling on my phone and hit the report button. Sorry Dave..

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