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  1. A4.06 http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=23&PFid=23&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false
  2. Backporting Newer Browsers to Windows 9x

    Glad you found the culprit is NOT some random “UNOFFICIAL” package but something specific. You’re the best.
  3. Thanks for the patch. Added patched files to 3.62.
  4. I had some about a year ago (Apple Cinnamon) and it was so smooth, I bought a couple mason jars. Never had it before and it was homemade by coworkers. Love and will support. One shot had me on my @$$. Moonshine is a good name cause of the potency and potential to exceed ones desire.
  5. Shadow Moon......
  6. You are great enough to make it work. We believe in you. No pun, No sarcasm intended!!!!!
  7. Another use had asked a while back, why not start from a higher version and backport the necessary function. This one require KEX but was only missing a few functions.
  8. I have done both, can you do the same?
  9. Sounds personal, I have moved on and maybe you should too, if not, I can continue attacking you until I get banned if that makes you feel any better. Just keeping it 100 with you partner. No one is going to be like by all, I have learned to accept it with a grain of salt. I hope your grudge and bitterness don't lead you down a dark path. Ol saying, "The Truth Hurts".
  10. Look at the time I posted and the time I figured out the solution. It was almost a year and a half with no real help. If they don't use the same software as you, don't expect any help whatsoever. I have the attitude, if I find a solution, I will NOT be sharing it with the Linux world. They push to me to the edge. https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/tracking-down-dependencies-for-ocenaudio-4175594065/
  11. You need win9x custom utility ?

    If you was able to explain a thousand words from the image, then it was self-explanatory that it didn't work. I guess being terse have some drawbacks. At the end of the day "Nothing Happens" is what I posted from the start, regardless the toe-tag you put on it.
  12. Remember, I never start it, I just finish it. I hope you still not upset about our fight years ago. I got over it the day it happened. Then you have people who like to push but don't wanna get push back, or speak their minds and then cry when someone speaks their mind. Its doubled-standard BS. Those are the people I don't have any respect for. Everyone else, I don't have a problem with. You should know that of all people.
  13. I had fought with half of the Slackware community because people was so rude and disrespectful because I was new to Linux. All you hear, "this isn't Windows" blah blah etc... I tore quite a few of them *new-ones* and they wanted me banned, but it didn't happen. I'm still a member though. They respect me more because I'm no pushover and I demand respect and will return it how I receive it. 95% Linux mentality are all the same, no matter the distro, they all think their distro is soooo muccccch better than other distros. Its really sad.
  14. You need win9x custom utility ?

    I follow instructions well and when I said nothing happens, that is what I meant. I am NOT a newbie!!!
  15. You need win9x custom utility ?

    Nothing happens