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  1. some kinda modded ACPI sys file here wonder if it helps. Original thread https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-SP-bit-and-modern-PC-parts-22.html
  2. It should run on normal win 8 if it was possible to get it to install.
  3. v11.2.0.1006 https://www.win-raid.com/t957f25-Intel-SoC-Bay-Trail-and-al-1.html
  4. usb has to be fat32 with MBR and have UEFI bootloader file in there you can only access it from F12 boot menu and it has to be in before u turn it on... You might not be able to use legacy mode even tho its a option because its dell. You might also have to install a grub boot loader to facilitate booting to XP from UEFI etc. unless u are going to dual boot like win 7 and xp and installed 7 1st. try BOOTICE
  5. run unofficial scripts in clamav and detection rates improve a lot. https://sanesecurity.com/usage/windows-scripts/ Btw when ur AV has a FP rate like MSE it makes it look better than it is. the FP rate of MSE is like one of the highest FPs in the industry.
  6. MSE is not much of a loss. It is/was possible to try to get a virus intentionally and have MSE fail. This had been documented on sites that compared it to other virus scanners and it showed to be weak. To be 100% honest I do not know how to actually get a virus aside from downloading sketchy cracks off the darkweb and trying to install pirated software that had been infected, I don't know how you can actually get a virus on XP. I suppose there is a threat of opening email attachments and getting a virus, but honestly you should know better to do that if you are so worried about it in the 1st place. Moving forward Clam Win is going to be the best option for XP.
  7. 10g Ethernet is an old standard at this point,and its been out for like 10 years even though it has became affordable now to make it more available. So there is hardware and drivers that support that for XP You can already boot XP from NVME but you need specific NVME that has its own bios like scsi.
  8. IF you want the most updated WMP its been here for a long time, No need to manually patch things. https://msfn.org/board/topic/89934-98mp10-wmp10-xp-xp-sp3-killer-replacements/ with good direct show filters you should be able to play most things.
  9. Legit future for viewing youtube on 98 is for them to be opened in VLC, however this comes with its own headaches, possibly somthing like this but it needs alot more development.
  10. they say win 2k drivers but they might work on xp PRO1000-v2 folder http://www.mediafire.com/file/033zeq5l06w30bk/BWC_PRO2Kv3.zip/file Anyways from what I understand it is hit and miss, and it's not going to work on all motherboards and it maybe more chipset related for it to be working than the NIC. What i mean is it maybe not work how it is implemented on one chipset like a x99 or somthing else but work fine on a z370 also might depend if a bios has legacy support vs one that doesn't
  11. I believe Windows 2000 Advanced Server edition can use more than 2 cpus. which is still windows 2000.
  12. The best way to update 98se is to use the unofficial SP3 which is English only. I personally wouldn't bother with 95. The only advantage 95 has over 98se is the 95 explorer shell without IE integration. Considering you can use 98lite to shell swap 98se to use the 95 shell than if that is what you wanted to do than there is basically zero sane reason to use 95. Same for windows ME but because there exists a program called 98se2ME you can use all the features of windows ME, without compromising the DOS implementation in 95 or 98 thus makes zero reason to use ME. A person may disagree with me on these points but only from a reason that is irrelevant. I don't know about NT, I could be wrong about it but there was never that huge of a community behind it like 98se, 2000, or XP those 3 are the major windows releases that matter imo.
  13. getting a virus or a spyware should be the least of worrys for a person still running XP. Your worrys should be more like can I even get a virus becasue my OS is so old it wont run on my system,
  14. Compatibility issues kills operating systems, not security updates at least for home users. @Jody Thornton XP will probably hang on long because there is so much hardware support for it. Like that may sound silly but XP will run on pretty almost any hardware between 1999 and 2014 or so in there somewhere. 15 years of hardware is a long time in our small life spans. The software library that will run well on it is even larger. And like any CPU that is at least a core 2 duo or maybe even a Pentium M and later still have life left in them, but not really pentium 4s those are pretty much trash these days. But ya browsers will kill it for the most part.
  15. I have to agree about SM player, theres also a extension for SM player called SMtube which lets u search for youtube videos and play them in SM player with sm player. It's implemtation is far superior to playing youtube videos in VLC also. Doubt pot player even has that.
  16. Destro

    DX12 Win 7

    Does this mean that someday we may have a fully working direct x 12 on win 7. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3365177/microsoft-ports-directx-12-to-windows-7.html
  17. intresting why do you need dx9 GPU? NVM i have a Piii with a Nvidia DX 8 GPU i can test on later.
  18. btw this has got to be the hardest thing to find if u don't know where to look fortunatly i do. Actually Nevermid here you go bud http://www.mediafire.com/file/y7jj4porm76sbpo/sp6aDK.rar
  19. Should get the hardware ID of your card using http://www.rh-software.com/ and mod the NVAML.INF file inside the driver package. Add sopport to the INF for your specific card so the OS detects it and install the driver for it. Look for the line that says %N%%29E%=N3GL,PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_029E (this is the FX1500 entry) And you want to copy that and make a 2nd entry below it Example %N%%29E%=N3GL,PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0000 where the 0000 at the end is what I added.
  20. Are you using desktop drivers under 2000/XP as well or the quadro drivers. Ya I know that Quadro can be made to run on destop drivers but maybe you are just not doing it right.
  21. If it was me I would put a soudblaster in there and never use onboard audio. Then again I play games, and I like soundblasters on windows 98. I never use onbnoard audio on any system regardless of operating system. There are always better options. Just like no one uses onboard video. becasue its weak.
  22. That would be unnessecary, there are more updates in unofficial sp3
  23. i see well I copeied all the fonts from my windows 7 x64 computer to 98se on t41 and it worked just fine for me so idk.
  24. Theres a newmoon Roytam1 (palemoon)27 backport that works on 2000 without the extended kernel. It will also play youtube.
  25. 9x runs very stable on my T41. T41 a stable machine. Then again I used 98se + Sp3 + 98se2Me + Revolutions pack 9. So that makes 9x very stable. Anyways T41 has full driver support on 9x and Nt4 probably not any.

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