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  1. Its really necessary? I have my tuned 10 years+ old installation, it was able to survive at least 5 Mainboard upgrades, so i dont want too do it, only because of some exclamation marks..
  2. Great its: Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z370-AORUS-Ultra-Gaming-rev-10#kf I bough it because of features, i hate LEDs..
  3. I will check Bios for some ACPI related items, but im not sure if there is anything like this.. Any details how to use ReacOS ACPI drivers, where to find them exactly etc?
  4. It seems to be fixed, i used MS Utilital fixer and ordered installed programs from oldest and tried if uninstall can be executed, if dont i uninstalled program.. There was probably something broken from old Win7 install, which was upgraded to Win10.
  5. Hello, i made XP working with Z370 with your help (i had to heaviely modify ISO, insert Fernando and Network drivers, setup network, PS/2 were not working at all, so i had to make machine working through remote desktop..,), now its working quite good - LAN/AUDIO/Video/USB2/3.. except no ACPI automatic shutdown (im not able to boot with ACPI machine type, i had to use MIPS multiprocessor type of machine) and probably not too much power savings.. but i still have some mess in device manager, some devices with exclamation marks + on unknown device, i hope that you will help me to fix it, or at least tell for what these devices are for.. and what means that they are not working. Error is always code 12 - Device not found enough of resources (this error was typical for WIn 98, but for XP its strange..) Because is still not possible insert picture from Google Driver/ Dropbox public link.. Here is zip with pictures.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/19retj8fescgl38/WinXP-Z370-drivers.zip?dl=0
  6. ruthan

    Best (working) USB 3 controller for Z370 + XP?

    Ok there are details: - Error code:10 device is not possible to execute Here are pictures with IDs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/srviobuon6qn783/RenesasDriver.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkwlz2h5l3t92ag/RenesasDriver2.png?dl=0 I made VIA 805/806 its working fine too, so problem is really only with this Renesas / NEC adapter.
  7. ruthan

    Best (working) USB 3 controller for Z370 + XP?

    Ok i have finnally time to XP on Z370, i can confirm that both on board and addition USB 3 (ASM 1142) + USB3 are working (unfortunally only 2 ports on card, as these are quite expensive for just additional USB port, i ordered cheaper version for testing), but i have problem with Renesas / Nec controller - code 10, im using 21.8.2012 driver / version, i will upload details later, im in hurry.. I still have some system devices with Exclamation mark, it can be connected, but i will try some VIA 805/806 controller too - if you have some proven drivers pleas share them.
  8. Hi, if you can pleas as with PCI sound card vs. chipset compatibility matrix: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cvhr6pr5bj73x8lzxLHbjcH-M3imnQYuic2xhYKK4l0/edit#gid=0 You can place a comment on target cell and if is useful, it will incorporated in matrix by document owner..
  9. Tripredacus: I not sure, what exactly to do, i already have logging on voicewarmupx level, which looks as everything logged. What next?
  10. Here is my CBS log, i tried to find msiexe inside, nothing, maybe you know what you need to find.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/268gw07xf3h46zj/CBS -LogRuThaNM-Ond.zip?dl=0
  11. ruthan

    Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Is there any new discovery about PCI-E Gigabit adapters? So far i managed to get working only Broadcom 5721M but, it has shutdown problem. I know there were some discoveries with DOS drivers, are they full replacement of native Windows drivers, or they are worse and limited?
  12. I task scheduler i dont see direct execution of this process, but you be run indirectly.. i have there usually things: Nvidia Geforce experience and drivers Google updater Avira antivirus things Dropbox Adobe Reader BlueStacks helper.. When i try process explorer: - i dont see how to trace the tree, i this option is not available, so my its primary process in info i see this: Its ok? Should this process be autostarted with /v parameter? Here is registry key, uploaded. Key.reg
  13. Hello, i have another installation process is running (msiexec.exe) problem with, every boot, i have to kill it to make installer working, how i do discover what execution it? Which installation it is? Is somewhere some log or how i get parameters with which is process executed? I have this problem for quite long time, on one machine.
  14. ruthan

    Best (working) USB 3 controller for Z370 + XP?

    From US there is usually some taxes and other handling, papers etc.. so im trying to avoid it and shipping price is usually very high. Im not sure if it counts for 14 dollars item too.. Im in Europian Union. Would be Renesas better than Fresco?