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  1. Well, not bad, you will still need to patch io.sys for working Safe mode with 512+ RAM. Otherwise you can got up to X58,X79 with working Dos (Win98 one and pure DOS) sounds, because these board are last with DMA sound magic in chipset needed for DOS.. Otherwise there is not limit for Win98 sound only. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulaptg9pd7pzb9q/2017-08-20 03.40.07-5960X-Win98.jpg?dl=0
  2. Thanks, i know but they are not supported on Hackingtosh side, if nothing changed in last months.. I google about my my file access denied problem, it could sing of some spyware and Malware Bytes should help, i will try it later. I also could buy very small usb bluetooth dongle, but i would like to avoid it.
  3. So solutions suggest, try to install drivers in save mode, but its not solution for me, same error. Access Denied, when some drivers install succeed by SDI tool - i tried all ~40 available drivers, i got code 1,18 or 28 it never worked, as it should..
  4. In specs i saw bluetooth 4.0, i afaik Bluetooth 5 is mainly about power management, so not big deal.. and even Bluetooth 3 would be enough for some remove gaming devices, speakers etc. Otherwise i found some threads with same access denied problem, as i have, but not clear solution, at least not for me, i had same problem with Nvidia drivers, but never saw this problem on other machines. Im local admin, i dont set any special policies, but notebook was used in some corporate environment, so some evil script could be executed as part some installer etc. Im using Avira, but im using it o
  5. About FN keys i have found some old Dell Fuction key util from 2013 and its working. Now i exchanged Wifi adapter for Dell DW1560 which is known to be working with MacOS, its Wifi ac + Bluetooth combo. IDs and names: Description: BCM20702A0 USB\VID_0A5C&PID_216F&REV_0112 In Linux is named BCM4352 In Windows 10 it worked out of box, in Linux i had problem, because its Broadcom Linux from some reasons have not Broadcom devices working out of box, in kernel, there is in Mint 20, some Device manager, but it not worker, so i had to same some terminal porn.. it need som
  6. After PAE fix, which is already done, see.. https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware.html but, there is other problem that are not working drivers, which are not ready for it.. so probably some universal PAE fix cant exist and you need fixing per driver, if you unlucky to enough to have device which are has such drivers (there are lots of them)
  7. I wonder is there some univerzal utility or its neeed driver for make FN keys working? It would be nice just make volume Up/Down and display Brightness up/down working.. other shortcuts im really not need or using.
  8. I was pointed to these drivers / repacks, them shoud work too / untested, let me know if is working: https://puresoftapps-nvidia.blogspot.com/ https://puresoftapps-nvidia.blogspot.com/p/installation.html
  9. I made proper card name working: - a searched through Total Commander all, directory where are *inf files, because 2060 string, wasnt file, which is youtube tutorial using - nvaci.inf i found this string in more classic and i would say main inf file - nv_dispi.inf, i have found that Geforce 2060 has this device id: NVIDIA_DEV.1E89 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060" So i replaced all occurance of line where is 1E89 with my HardwareIDs to make lines like these, by same way as tutorial is doing for other inf file and first lines in block: %NVIDIA_DEV.1E89% = Section001, PCI\VEN_10DE&
  10. Ok, i think that we won I was dare as usually and this time it worked.. I tried couple of games, all is working as expected, in fullscreen etc. With MSI after burner i can see, that i have 2 video cards, and 1st one is used and that lots of VRAM is used - and Intel HD has max 2 GB or less and i have used much more and my GPU usage is almost 100% and second card with less memory, has minimal usage = Intel HD. Even Quake II modded for Raytracing is working fine, which i was unsure if even available on Windows 7 its only running on RTX Nvidia HW, for sure. Only minor problem w
  11. Ok nvidia panel and its working.. Geforce experience is crashing during start.. but i saw it even not fully working desktop machines, its just bad SW and sometimes needs some fixes. Nvidia panel is showing right Geforce 2060 as installed graphics card..
  12. I used youtube video inf hack above and i now is driver install working no more bitching about not compatible OS or adapter.. It tried to uninstall wufuk, ale it doesnt matters. After restart, i see that Nvidia video card has driver and its working, at least on ! mark.. Because video, is simply pointing to edit 1 line in inf file, which is probably for Geforce 840M.. i see my card named as Geforce 840M. When i run Unigine Heaven, i see in GPU info correct information - Geforce 2060 and im getting lots of FPS, it seems that Nvidia card is really running, its running in Wind
  13. Hmm, i think that you can use unsigned drivers without testing mode, you just need to enable it in OS, is just always select continue when i get warning that driver is unsigned . maybe bcdedit +testsinging is doing same thing, i dunno. Hmm, mobile cpu without HD, i had to check that Intel made something like that.. I need testing, have Intel HD beside Nvidia GPU, could be advantage, or disadvantage. If have somewhere driver, which somehow worked, it would be nice to share it and steps to mod it. After modification, did you used installer or you installed driver through inf file?
  14. 1F1 -Its same id as mine. Do you have some online threads with info about you tries and progress to check? Booted is test mode.. I never heards about it, do you mean Safe mode? Its known that i safe mode is not good for games, i dont even know that 3D acceleration is enabled here, its big progress from XP or Vista.. My laptop is booting fine in normal mode, i can play all games with Intel HD 630, but its slow.. i paid lots of money for Geforce, so i want to use it.. Had you installed Intel HD 630 driver too? Or you had just Standard VGA driver for it? Because whole Optimus stuff
  15. Well, when you can give us info, how to reach your state, someone can make other steps. Are games working at least in windows mode, but about new games and bordless window? Does it matter if it is OpenGL32,Vulkan or DirectX? Wasnt problem elsewhere was all these apps stable with Intel HD?
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