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  1. I met this problem again within my virtual machines.. so its not HW related.. i has to be some MS or unofficial SP3 bug.. At 1 time i have fully working networking, after i need some small change as add protocol or something like that and all is broken.. Control-Panel networking start to behave strangly and even after some small change as Hostname, it is forcing of loading of all networking files.. and its loading tham from SP3.cab.. im quite that all is set right, but network stack is broken.. no more file staring, ping etc.. are working and im unable to fix it.. Only thing which i can do is restore old image or snapshot. If someone has idea how to debug with let me now, but i doubt that im only one with this problem..
  2. Thanks, 4dos as cmd replacement seems to be fine. I will try manual context menu edition later- will actually try to add 4dos. I tried BackgroundCMD with Win98, im able to install, but its not working for root folders, where im getting access denied. Win95cmd - means using Win95cmd instead of Win98 - are there some addantages for that? MIntty has some special Win98 port, or actual on Github will work? On Web is XP+
  3. Hello, i used from more modern OS to use right click context Explorer menu menu.. How to add same thing to WIndows 98? BTW what is best command.com replacement for Windows 98 SE, i tied Doskey, i dunno exactly how i it installed, or if its in-build within some patch, but it has info about Windows 2000 when its starting and its half working, i mean - TAB, Backspace sometimes misbehaving..
  4. Great thanks, i know that i pushing a luck, but does truecrypt 1 ability to crypt whole system partition or it can with later releases?
  5. Its inital version of Truecryot does someone have real experience with it? Can be such volume mounted at least read only in modern version without corruption?
  6. I managed to get it working, but i was strange.. often when i booted i didnt see drive letter assigned, i have to reassign it (through This computer propeties).. I dunno why, drive seems fine, i have AMD 450 chipset, newest bios and Windows 10 1909, disk is Seagate SSHD 1 TB. I tried multiple cables, Sata ports.. normal ,not fast boot nothing helped.. when i added PCI-E NVE drive it worked fine, i tried disk benchmarks, results are file, Crystal disk info is fine, Scandisk ,newest AMD drivers.. bios always found disk during boot process, i tried to enable / disable Hot-plug. Finally i tried to Minitool Partition Wizzard and assign letter through it and convert disc MBR and to GPT(without data lost) and it seems to be working, drive letter is assigned during every boot (i tried only few, but before i never has able to make 3 sucessfull boots in row).. it needs more time to testing, but with this setting at least Xbox beta application is able to seed disc.. i had to do classic move something to it from Windows Settings storage to bless it.. but its quite normal.. after bless its working with Xbox beta an other Win10 only stuff fine.
  7. Hello, i changed HDD in my machine.. i have 1 NTFS partition on each of 2 disc. System C is working fine for everything, but D is working fine for all except Windows 10 apps, i cant change target for Windows 10 apps to it (its simply ignored in all of menus) and what is my primary problem MS Xbox beta - games client its completely ignoring it too.. and i need install games to it because of my nephews and holidays.. and on C is not enough space for games. Is there some drive blessing utility or practices to make drive good enough for Win 10 apps?
  8. Is there something like Truecrypt for Win98? I mean some crypted file cointainer which is working as any other driver letter? Bonus would be is it could be still readed in Win 7 or even Win10, for multi boot. I found CryptTainer, but i have not any experience with it.
  9. If you playing with multibooting on new or retro machines need lots of partitioning and backuping and restoring. I know that there are some Wiki tables, there from time to time some review and comparisons, but i didnt find anything so complex as i need. So i refreshed my old tables for it and moved it to shared only sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UwjQlp-XqYtbLk670S6DCo5LsgwyVDSu-m7xW4ZHCIQ/edit?usp=sharing // // There are two main sheets I could help you, its probable that someone has bigger experience with some particular tool and fix some discrepancies in my sheet (comments are enabled), if is someone really in this stuff or want to invest time into i dont have problem to add him editing rights. Some of there thing need some license and my trials are expired and im lazy to install them to some virtual machine or are hard to test - for example i dont have any raid in my primary machine to test dynamic disk support. There things seem to be simply, but there is lots of if.. bugs and feature, licensing hooks etc, so its not such simple, or not at least for me. Any help is welcome.
  10. Its named gdisk, probably because of fdisk.. etc.. so it has to be use of same name or some predecessor, im not curious about it, but you can try it in virtual machine.
  11. It is there beside Partition Magic 8 for Dos and others.
  12. Bootice - nice catch, that table looks very similar to Hasleo tool.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vbc2mbg4co2s3u7/EFIlist.png?dl=0
  13. Because i now reinstallating, i now its Windows 10 first boot i process.. I can confirm that Paragon has Parition GUID - through partiion and propeties. Minitool tool - has it under - Partition, Propeties - Partition info. So i dont have to use Gdisk which if im not wrong its only cmd based.. im using it only as part of Windows 98 drivers back disks.
  14. But still have some upgrade problem, its installed in Czech, even i had original OS in English, probably because of my location, if it fail again, its there way to change it?
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