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  1. Hello, i started to experimenting with NT4 but i missing device manager from Win95/98+ is there any way how to use it, or some 3rd party replacement?
  2. Ok, my GB 170 MB ACPI bios seems to be fixed, at least all other issues seems to be ok, but Aureal Vortex 1 sound with PAE patch is still broken, in 32 bit with ACPI mode its still ok, KVM what could input, output isssue? I experimented with Unraid for while, its KVM, QEMU based and this was nightmare..
  3. Heureka, WinXP are back on menu boys! With new non-alternative Z170 Bios file, WinXP browsers etc.. are fully working, even with PAE 4+ GB patch. Daniel, you are great! Could you pleas do same black magic for my Z370 MB bios?
  4. VIA USB3 was tested on M B with fully working ACPI. Aureal Vortex 1, was tested on patched Z170 ACPI BIOS, but we found some issues, it could be one of them, but probably not, because in 32bit mode it working fine and problem is only in 64 bit mode and there are not conflicts in device manager. Are you really using it? Or you only thing that is good? You know, lots of people try it for moment, or see some pro Linux video, which is ignoring some flaws etc.. I suppose that GPU passthrough is working, because i case mainly about games? Its monitor picture output handling solved, or you need on passthrough GPU connected to its own monitor / monitor input and switching them? Can i passthrough to WinXP virtual primary GPU and use it for system after guest is shutdown? Need i 2 gpus to make it working? What about performance impact for gaming are somewhere some comparisions of KVM and physical machine? What about USB mouse and keyboard - has they should be dedicated from boot for specific guest, so i need 2 keyboards, 2 mice etc? I they could be passthrough to virtual and back - like in Vmware workstation? How big is list of KVM Win XP issues in comparision with physical machines, is there somewhing broken? Some additional bugs or not?
  5. Sorry, i maybe didnt mention it here, but i did in thread where i described my problems, i tried clean installation with already patched bios.. in ACPI mode and problems are exactly the same. So classic solution.. if something in not working in Windows.. reinstall it, is not working for this. its persistent. But, i dont have reason doubt that way how to switch between ACPI no ACPI through boot.ini is described above is working. Because you are only one, whose is able to edit Bios, and have knowledge how to do it and what you changed, is almost impossible to help you discover where can by problem my 2 Gigabyte board.. it could be very complicated, it could be some typo, i can only say that with old version on your Bioses, there i have these strange issues with my machines and it in MPS mode are they are gone. BTW: Its possible on this MB, somehow in Bios completly disable Intel USB3 controller? Some MB has such option, but here i dont see that, ale there are only sub options.
  6. Ok and how to setup system to never go to standby? It enough just setup not power down discs or there are other / better way?
  7. Ok, i tested Z170 in MPS mode and all problematic application which are not working in ACPI mode are now working, what is also good that change could be done just without stupid reinstallation, by copy 2 files and add new line to boot.ini. For Multiprocessor MPS: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP 32bit Professional MPS,NOACPI" /kernel=ntkrnlmp.exe /hal=halmps.dll /fastdetect Final solution would be fix acpi mode too and find out why its broken with it on newer chipset - its probably more than that ACPI table, or that table new some tuning.. I still didnt tested new Daniels bioses.. But i thing that is time to disscuss, what are disadvantages of using of MPS mode instead of ACPI, i already new this: - not automatic shutdown - worse on not at all Power managment - its keep adding stupid expected legacy pc devices to system as PS2 keyboard, mouse and Floppy drive, even when there are in system, that was typical Win98 problem - there are some System devices with exclamation mark, which are ok in ACPI mode - Rayer is saying that in MPS mode would be probably problem to allocate all IRQ and Resources.. Update: I found this on Anandtech: You are losing a lot more than just the ability to software shutdown. The APM dual processor HAL also does not have the ability to address more than 16 IRQs that an SMP system provides. Most basic x86 SMP systems provide anywhere between 24 and 32 hardware IRQs. You have much faster performance because you have real problems when the ACPI HAL talks to a non-ACPI compliant BIOS. Im glad, that MB is not defective and i did not some stupid error on my side and that is really something from on MB bios / XP side..
  8. Ok, i simulated some problem with Z370 MB with ACPI patched bios, when i run same installation in MPS mode, its working fine so its ACPI related. With Z170 in MPS mode, SDI tool driver download is now working, browsers too and Warcraft III demo speed is fine.. There are some negative MPS instead of ACPI machine type, but at least applications are working..
  9. I managed to get boot with Z370 with these boot.ini settings (could you pleas check it if is right for ACPI machine with modern multicore CPU?): multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows ACPI" /noexecute=AlwaysOff /fastdetect /KERNEL=ntkrpamp.exe /HAL=Halmacpi.dll But im not really sure if it is right.. Because: 1) Processor is still MPS 2) Some HW devices were redetected, but it keep me adding PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard which are not present - as not working devices 3) Between System devices is lots of devices with ACPI in name.. 4) I have experience same Google Chrome and other browsers problem as on Z170 im quite sure that on this machine it was ok, i keep experiment if it will work with my normal boot.ini line, or its because of patched Bios from Daniel.. Btw for 64 bit im using this line and patch from Dibya - i dunno who is original author, which is not working with this machine: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft WinXP PAE" /BOOTLOG /kernel=ntkl64g.exe /hal=hal64g.dll /fastdetect /PAE /noexecute=alwaysoff I suppose that it is for ACPI multiprocessor only? I nowhere see multiple version of it.. Update: When i boot with my old boot.ini line: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft WinXP NO PAE" /BOOTLOG /fastdetect Machine was installed in Multi MPS mode, so i guess that im using that hal + kernel files. Here is files package with my hal and kernels, i not really sure which one is used as default, where is not defined in boot.ini line: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ie5rxu9ut5ajh8/OriginalKernels.7z?dl=0 , Google and browsers etc.. are fine, there are not ACPI devices in Device manager, but there are that exclamation marks, for Intel PCI Express Root port #1 #17 and #7 + 2 brigdes im quite sure that i was fixed with fixed Daniel bios, can i somewhow check if still using it, if old original bios wasnt recovered from second dual bios rom? Conclusion: It really seems that ACPI boot mode at least on Z170/Z370 causing that not working browsers problems and poor Warcraft III demo performance a probably lots of other so far not discovered problems.. i tried classical benchmarks like - Unigine heaven or Geekbench 2 are there seems to work fine.. If you have some tip what to test, just tell me.. but i would rather fix this issue for all..
  10. @daniel_k Thanks very much, could you describe that modification any further? That is different in basic and alternative version? Stand by doent work - does it means if that if computer will try to go stand by - it will freeze, or just will not go never to stand by, other power saving will be still working? I mean if CPU and MB will go on everything on max, or not. Perhaps if you would have the knowledge how to do it, someone can try even fix standby.. That problem is not dependent on that PAE hacks, its broken some in vanilla 32 bit XP. Otherwise, Rayer suggested to try MB without ACPI, if such problem would be still there aby using other HAL and kernel files.. I will try it. I tried it too for Z370, but i only replaced hal, i did not know that i need other kernel file.. there is some info: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/solved-acpi-multiprocessor-pc-v-standard-pc.912216/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ntoskrnl.exe https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2003/cc781362(v=ws.10) As far as i undestand it, i can just copy mutiple start files to Windows\System32 directory and by boot.ini select which one i would to use for boot. I looked on XP cd there are these, in i386\Driver.cab: ntkrnlmp.exe ntkrnlpa.exe ntkrpamp.exe ntoskrnl.exe I also not fully understand which files is for ACPI and which are not, if its tied up.. And in my Windows\System32 i see a bit different named files at least on Z370 machine: ntkpaold.exe - some old version of something ntkrnlmp.exe - its multiprocessor but not ACPI? ntkrnlpa.exe - A as ACPI? ntkrnlup.exe - Uniprocessor no ACPI? ntkrnold.exe - some version of something ntkrpamp.exe - multiprocessor with ACPI? ntkrpaup.exe - uniprocessor ACPI? ntoskrnl.exe - ? I also dunno if there are modified by some later WIndows updates, and if yes, where to find newer version for all 4 modes.. For hal*dll its like this: HAL File Copied Computer Description in Device Manager Halmacpi.dll ACPI Multiprocessor PC Halaacpi.dll ACPI Uniprocessor PC Halacpi.dll Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC Halmps.dll MPS Multiprocessor PC Halapic.dll MPS Uniprocessor PC Hal.dll Standard PC Halsp.dll Compaq SystemPro Multiprocessor or 100% Compatible
  11. Im experimenting with PAE patched XP, for quite long time, some drivers are not compabitle with it (but there are fine in 32bit mode), except of boot BSoD where im not sure what causes it, i have found that these cards are not compabitle, pleas report others: - VIA USB3 controlles with 8xx chipsets - there is some exclamation mark in device manager, that driver cant start - Aureal Vortex 1 - device manager is fine, but all sounds are broken - MB with Gigabyte MBs with Z370 chipset, its working only with no ACPI boot - Multiprocessor MPS mode because of broken Bios ACPI table and i pae patch is for ACPI, i dunn know if there is no ACPI MPS patch available.
  12. I tried lots of this with that gigabyte z170-hd3 and XP, but internet browsers still refuse to react on users actions, i made reinstall etc.. i dunno what is wrong, but it could that patched Bios and something wrong with it, or MB is defective, but i dont really understand why in Win7 and Linux is this working.. Details in most above, i tried lots of hardware in process.
  13. I tried other cpu, its still the same, im out of ideas its mb feature, or half broken Mb or something wrong with acpi patched bios, even than in theory thte could exist some sw fix. Best test would be someone with same mb or get second one..
  14. I have tried clean XP installation is still the same, so it has to be something wrong with: MB Bios CPU - i never used that Pentium G4400 slimer, i not find in bios classic disable core option, to check is problem in multithreading, there is some thread affinity options in Task manager but browsers open new thread quickly.. My guess is that is MB or Bios, but i cant be sure.
  15. ruthan

    Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I missing one more utility something for screenshots: - ideally something what would be mapped on Printscreen key - will create *.png on filesystem - dont cause some application / game incompatibility I thin that is probably too much want about these: - 3D support - Direct3D / OpenGL / Glide - Same application name / or name *.exe in filename - same date and time in filename