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  1. I did complete reinstall i installed old driver which worked before and its still not working, i dont understand it.. One more symptom is: Ipconfig prints: IP ConfigurationFatal Error Cannou read IP configuration
  2. It happens me again, some problem. Now its back in era old Super Socket K6-II machine and with Realtek 8139 PCI and clean Windows 98 Second Edition install. I installed Windows, there was no driver for NIC on CD, so nothing. I have installed old realtek driver for this nic from 1998, which i had on disk. Later i wanted to tune driver and it tried to install newer driver, it installed well, no conflicts, but again, i had some old problem. So there not problem with some network speed tuners for windows 98, with some updates or SP3 etc.. its broken i clean system. Machine is quite clean only Virge video card and network card.. Networking in DOS with native packet driver its still working, so card is fine and machine is fine. Ping with hostname - unknow host. Ping with ip address error 10043. So i tried to comeback to old driver which worked, and i have exactly some problem, as with other machines, once this broke im unable to fix it.. I still don have any exclamation marks in system, in Safe mode are not any leftovers of old nics etc. Even when now exclamation marks, i tried to change addresses for device, i was supprised that was some unmarked conflict with some Video card alias and VIA IDE alias.. but even when i try to change ranges its still the same. Any ideas?
  3. I have some Gigabyte and Asrock boards (Z97 / Z170), where connector is working for both device in parallel, but there is in Bios feature enable PS/2 Y cable or something like this. Rayer said that something is not possible because of missing wires and he had to do MB modification and add wires.
  4. I wonder if is possible to add PS/2 Y cable support to GA-X79-UP4 ? I tried 2 proven Y cable but only keyboard is working.
  5. @bearwindows Can you add support for Intel 219-V PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15B8&SUBSYS_E0001458&REV_00 ? If not ovelooked something, you driver is only up to 218?
  6. Someone found any work around? It seems that after that update Miranda / Pidgin are not working too, Web version give me -- that my browsers arent support.
  7. 10Gbit, so which cards are supported - i mean which consumer cards with rj45? NVME i know. https://email.seznam.cz/#inbox/43283
  8. Thank you very much, it just worked.. I wonder how such magic was done, just some ids replacement or some coding involved? Is this driver only for 218-V or it would work for all Intels 21x cards? Because im greeding, what about driver for some 10Gbit internet for XP? I think that they becoming finally available for reasonable price, and now when SSD are cheap and we are maybe to boot XP from NVME, that 15 years old 1Gbit speed finnaly starting to be bottleneck..
  9. Thanks, did you test it? I already tested some drivers, but their were not working.
  10. Not really, i always thought that there is some software CPU overhead for USB devices with high traffic, and that ping etc would be worse. Maybe im wrong. Driver could be problem too, but something with Realtek would be probably work from XP to Win10, in Mac OS and Linux. I even have one such adapter, but annoying is that is reported also as some USB CD drive, or something like that in the bios.. probably because these some storage with driver or something like that. Its annoying. There also USB limits, USB is 48 MB/s i need Gigabit so only USB3 and XP USB3 drivers are problematic.. I didnt tested it, but i doubt that cheap VIA USB3 controller, with USB LAN can make 90-100 MB/s network copying speed.. i can be wrong. Maybe, maybe ASM or Fresco chipsets.
  11. Any news or progress with this, its annoying have to fill some precious pci-e slot with just NIC.. Otherwise i found similar thread - no success: https://www.win-raid.com/t3280f45-Intel-i-v-driver-ASUS-motherboard.html On Blackwing site seems to be some modified driver, but i not able to identify any download link with Google translated version of page: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1883591.html
  12. I tried someone gaming on Win NT4 i know that is not primary designed for that, but im curious which games worked and how bad it was?
  13. Hello, i started to experimenting with NT4 but i missing device manager from Win95/98+ is there any way how to use it, or some 3rd party replacement?
  14. Ok, my GB 170 MB ACPI bios seems to be fixed, at least all other issues seems to be ok, but Aureal Vortex 1 sound with PAE patch is still broken, in 32 bit with ACPI mode its still ok, KVM what could input, output isssue? I experimented with Unraid for while, its KVM, QEMU based and this was nightmare..
  15. Heureka, WinXP are back on menu boys! With new non-alternative Z170 Bios file, WinXP browsers etc.. are fully working, even with PAE 4+ GB patch. Daniel, you are great! Could you pleas do same black magic for my Z370 MB bios?
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