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  1. cdob - Thanks for hal tip, i will try it. I made progress with clean Xp installation - YUMI with unattended nlite with Sata drivers - F7 for hal, after that i was able to complete instalation process, but there is something wrong with PS2/USB and my board, i dunno if whle Z370 chipset probelm or only Gigabyte implementation problem. At first phase of installation where is regional setting - not PS2 devices working, i later phase at least mouse is working, but after reboot at display setting - again nothing, rebooted and now im stuck at windows and still not usb and ps2, same at safe mode. I bios is USB legacy setting, XHCI usb setting and 60/64 port - i dont tried every combination yet, but i tried lot of them.. And bios and at boot menu keyboard is working. CMS enabled. Any hint?
  2. I spend some time with porting.. problem is message is - that MB is ACPI compliant.. I tried clean USB installation (Yumi USB tool), i had some problem, i found out, that if you press F7 during installation is this ACPI HAL bypassed to generic HAL, after that my devices on Asmedia Sata controller were found (i used XP SP3 enhanced by some Sata drivers) installation continued to reboot, where is HW detected and some user input is required, problem is that i cant do that because any PS2 or USB2 device is not working it this phase - i tried many. This could be probably bypassed by some XP installation automatization tool.. Porting existing installation - question is if ACPI how be somehow disable through registry editation and how to do it? I tried open registry from other Windows 7 installation, through Registry Workshop - Load Hive, hardware info should be regarding of info from internet in System file, on connected it, but only ControlSet 1-8 where there, i expected ControlSet withouth number - default one, i dont know if this 8 controll set is used, or if did something wrong with registry connection?
  3. Thanks for help, i upgrade is done, i had lots of other problems, most problematic is that installation even scan very partition mentioned in BCD files.
  4. Regarding of this post Z370 is working with XP: https://www.win-raid.com/t22f45-Guide-Integration-of-Intels-AHCI-RAID-drivers-into-a-Windows-XP-W-k-W-k-CD-49.html#msg44498
  5. I tried other old installation migration with Paragon drivers, not worked. I havent too much time to experiments, because i had some Androidx86 (AMD GPU at least Kavery (Mesa driver is used) now working at least for non games Android x86 usage, Nouveau for Geforce 900+ still dont) and Hackingtosh projects, but they are on good way. I also spend lots of time on stupid Win7->Win10 upgrade - hint for other even when you have only 1 HDD in system, when you have in BCD items for other drivers or recovery options - installation will fail.. Is there some tutorial for fresh Windows XP from USB installation? Is there some PCI-E Sata controller with possiblity of switch between Sata AHCI and IDE mode? Good news Gefore 7600, which is not working with my X99 board, gen 1 GPU is working, X800 dont - maybe it could be my monitor / GPu combo problem, i have 16:10 screen with 60Hz and this card even when it working worked only with my other monitor 4:3 1600x1200 LCD, which is maybe 75Hz im not quite sure.
  6. Ok, i did some basic testing... At the start even with last bios MB behaved strangely i was stuck on bios logo even some additional card was connected in PCI slots and only IGPU was present, after i added external Geforce 730, i started act normal. Some info: - PS2 Y cable is working - iGPU has only Win10+ drivers, its booting to Win7 but only in generic driver mode, maybe is there some hack for it.. I only tried Intel official site and SDI driver downloader. - Mint 18.2 had some IGPU graphics glitches, 18.3 is fine Windows XP - crash during boot, but its probably i tried old instalation with internal Sata or Asmedi 106x sata controller and paragon P2P driver injection, original installation was AMD970 chipset MB, which i already sold, i have no possiblity to remove old driver.. It just quick try. - now i will try other XP installation from other machine or clean installation from USB flash, only issue is that i have only 30 GB free partition on target SSD, so i cant port XP which i want to use for final build unless i will buy new small SSD..
  7. Hello, i have problem with Windows 10 upgrade, i have Windows 7 on GPU disk, started through EFI, only one HDD is connected. When i start Win 10 upgrade i see i log these lines: 2018-04-03 22:27:39, Error CONX ConX::Compatibility::CSystemAbstraction::GetDiskFreeSpaceW: Failed to retrieve disk space info for [\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume1\].[gle=0x000003ed] 2018-04-03 22:27:39, Error CONX CFreeSystemPartitionDiskSpaceChecker failed. [Failed to determine the free disk space on the system partition.] HRESULT = 0x800703ed[gle=0x000003ed] 2018-04-03 22:27:39, Error CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityHost::SetScanResult: Compat scan from provider wsc:setup: failed. HRESULT = 0x800703ed Question is what is \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume1 ? In front of Win 7 partition, is only small EFI FAT32 partition. I checked some info problem is probably that Win7 partition has not active flag, which has EFI partition (here Win 7 booloader). Problem is that classical partition tool like - windows disk managment, Paragon, Partition Wizzard, EaseUS cant set active flag for Windows 7 partition, i managed this only through Gparted - boot flag, but after that Windows 7 boot is stuck on boot logo. How to make Win10 instalation to ignore that Volume1, would help make it hidden, will be able UEFI boot from it? Should i somehow install bootloader on Windows 7 partition?
  8. Because i dont find proper Dos section, im trying to ask here. When i started with my Windows 98 on modern HW project, i thought that if would sound work inside Windows 98, there would be automatically work sound in pure Dos - it was mistake. I found out, that is simply not true. I have few board with PCI slots, where even dos driver is properly started and looks like working, but in game setups is not possible to detect sound device - SB16, Adlib, General Midi, nothing. Same with PCIe->PCI i have tried multiple, if Windows 98x are working fine, in dos nothing. There is some secret sauce which is needed on MB side, some DMA magic or something like.. I have tested with Creative cards (SB Live / SB Audigy) and Cmedia cards - for them dos driver looks as very basic. Someone wrote that maybe Yamaha cards (like YMF744) could be better, but such cards are not cheap or widely available. Maybe, maybe in future someone with write Dos driver for Realtek HD compatible cards. There is some research done on Vogons site, mainly with older chipsets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cvhr6pr5bj73x8lzxLHbjcH-M3imnQYuic2xhYKK4l0/edit#gid=0 I dont understand too much, what magic shorcuts like - DDMA and TSR mean I would like to know: 1) which most modern board has working PCI Dos sound - in my research, i know that at least Core 2 Duo board with Intel 865 chipset is working 2) That exactly MB feature is needed, if there is some dos utility to test it quickly without attaching sound card and installing its driver, or if someone could create such testing tool - i dont mind pay for it
  9. Virtual Machine Setup - Bochs

    Im using it only on Android inside of Dosbox for Windows 9x machines.. Documentation sucks, but technology is amazing - even through ARM to x86 translations is fast enough for games.
  10. Not DOS section on main Forum site

    Hello, i really dont understand why here, where are lots of guy with Dos knowledge is not full blown Dos category as is for Win 9x/ Win XP/ Win 7 etc.. I really thing that it could increase number of people and possible donators to forum, because know such people include me are going to discuss Dos issue elsewhere, primarily on Vogons. I already donated to forum, but i would donate more if there would be Dos section..
  11. Ok, board + cpu arrived i but i dont have DDR 4 memory here and stil dont know if would move MB and CPU to other location or bring memory and controllers here to test it middle next week, otherwise i would test it probably tomorrow or on monday. Live on 2 places sucks..
  12. SFC - details how it works

    Hello, i have question about SFC, how it works, i have some errors in hp* files in Win7, which could be fixed through sfc /scannow and sfcfix.exe utility. There some tutorial how to recover files form other installation. Question is how sfc works? These checked files are exactly what?: 1) Windows 7 installation cd files 2) Windows 7 installation cd files + updates 3) Windows 7 installation cd files + updates + installed drivers 4) Windows 7 installation cd files + updates + installed drivers + installed program drivers Because problem is where to find these.. Here is my list of errors: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7bey7kiotkf65q/SFCFix-Novejsi.txt?dl=0 How could such errors be created?
  13. I have Marwell with 9215 chipset and some Asmedia controllers too and some JMicron stuff - im not i other location so i dont have details here, i become a bit collector, because my experiments. Install driver first - Lets clarify it. Its possible on old board, without controller in the system? Just add driver in advance? or i have too add controller to first MB, install drivers and move controller to second board?
  14. I could test it.. What is best approach with migrated XP installation? Migrated i mean, that i will try to use my old installation - most problematic are usually storage drivers for boot.. If im not work these boards dont have IDE option in the Bios? Would some external Marwell sata controller fix it? Update: Order placed.
  15. Great, what about Z370, untested, or its not working? Performance of new 6 cores look nice. I also forgot on 2066.