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  1. ruthan

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    Thanks i will try it.
  2. ruthan

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    Last post here is 5 years old, what Video player is best now for System without KernelEX and with which codec pack?
  3. I have found out how to it with FreeCommander: Problem was that top menu is active and specific to search and there such options.. which are not in icon bar, design is cumbersome, but feature are there. - Select all search result and use Alt+Ins for "Edit - Copy path+name as text" - Open any editor paste the clipboard content Jaclaz : Thanks, but i spend quite time to try to read your script, but code without comments sucks, maybe its good for some Powershell / Admin guy, but not for me.. and i do have general programming knowledge. I really need to point out where is my input variable and which format.. I ok i find out now probably - there probably %1, %2 so you have to set it by cmdline not inside the script.. Wildcard, i really need 2 of them * and ? i should be hard to translate from to FINDSTR ones..
  4. Its in last sentence, even last work is search.., but whatever, i forgot to emphasize it. Whole sense of this is print which files in which archives match search patttern.. I not need to search within files, i need only list of filenames. So i need 2 input variables: 1) directory were i want to search (and all subdirectories levels), it is not defined, it would be nice to use local - were command was executed.. 2) Searched filename - with classic dos wildcards support "?*" Output should be similar what you posted above, but i need only list files which match pattern and their full patch (path to zip and patch whin the zip).. File details are nice (especially size and date) but not necessary. Yeah if it would not have variable 2 option (i will not change code by myself), i can use your output as input of other tool like sed which will list only lines with searched string.. But it would means 2 files instead of 1 for execution and third file would be some temp files at least. and i dont could that additional searching tool. Im using for example for searching which programs in huge Dos / Amiga collection (packed to save space) are using same libraries or drivers, which i know that are problematic on some machines (typically too fast), or within some emulators.. so i find such library i want to know other programs, which are using it.. more hits, more reasons to try to fix.
  5. Hotnuma: I have problem to define searched string - filename, i have tried, to define fname="large.jpg", but its not right way. If its possible, could be dirlist - defined in "windows form" without double "'\"? How to use wild cards in filename? Or *filename*.* will work by default? I also some wait to key at the end would be nice - i would import msvcrt as m in header + def wait(): m.getch() .. but it not seems to be working, im doign something wrong.. jaclaz: Thanks, but i would need some explanation, comments etc too.. I dont uderstand where is defined searched filename.. wildcards would be again too.. and i see some target directory definition, but again standart without patch as input variable without any additional syntax would be nice too. I dunno if it matter but i would like to this tool for network paches too.. - For path as "\\\!nas\Porn\" etc..
  6. Thanks, could you point be some good portable version of Python and how to run such script with it? Here is see 4 versions: http://portablepython.com/ , i dunno if it will not have some problems with syntax details in post above.. QT - I dont need understand how it works, i just need something to run and post valid results:)
  7. Hello, i would like to learn how to make list of files from some directory, include subfolders(infinite) level with content of .zip files include, add what is not .arj and *.rar and even. *.tar and other archives wold be nice too, but is not necessary, zip are primary.. I also dont want second level archives in archive.. and it would be nice to exclude list of *.zip from list.. I only need to see in which archive is which file. Its possible, does someone already have that code? I can do it by brute force, extract files, move zip aside and call tree.. but its annoying, i no that FreeCommander and other can search inside archives, but i dont know how to report result of search (*.*)..
  8. Hello, i managed to get working Broadcom 5721 PCI-E Gigabit in my machines, but there some problem with this card, which is blocking automatic reset (stuck at Windows logo) from Startmenu.. Im fine with not working automatic Shutdown - due to APM etc.. but reset usually working with my machines and this card blocking it - tested with multiple machine, without this card they were reseting fine.. Could someone fix that? otherwise is card great everywhere from Win98 to Win7 and Linux.
  9. If im not wrong this would kill active / actually used connection too, isnt there something like kill only connection without activity for X minutes, or something like that?
  10. Hello, i have Widnows 7 networking, between clients and NAS (Win. Ultimate) and after few years of no problem, i started to have problem with access to my shares from other clients computers. It seems that something is consuming my connection and their limit is reached, after restart is everything ok, for max. day. When i try to access, i got message like - This file server will not allow any additional users to log on. Try to connect again later, but at same time from different machine its working. Im using same user credential on all machines, its just workgroup. Network shares are set for maximal number of connection which is i thing 20. I not sure, if this is cause of my problems, but i did some samba parameters tweaking for access from Windows XP machines. It could be some spyware or something like that, but machine looks clean. Avira Antivirus is installated on all machines. Is all machines are Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate. Is there tool to monitor number of connections? 1 only user in network at 95% of time and i can be at 1 pc at the time. Its not HW problem, because access from Teamviewer and Remote destkop this works fine. How to debug this problem?
  11. If is not compatible with generic Realtek HD driver it will not help.. HD driver would be good for XP, not for Windows 98.. for Win98 you need AC97 realtek codec / driver. Only shame any HD audio card, arent backward compatible with AC97, it would make a sense, same as SB16 compatibility.. I Check W9x section, officially supported was Intel 865 chipset, but there are some shady magic ways.. paid patches etc..
  12. Thanks for your effort, i can confirm that this driver is not working too. Every free pci-e slot counts, switching 2 soundcards for dual boot is annoying.. So its worth a try for me. Best card from compatibility view is probably Realtek HD, but problem is that not exist as PCI-E addon card as far as i know.. I also tried to PCI-E to PCI adapter and Creative Audigy ZS - because of Windows 98 + DOS compatiblity (because in general Win98 are running on X99 board), but this card is not working my adapter (Asmedia chipset), other cards (NICs) are working. So i will probably use for SB Xfi PCI-E card for XP+
  13. Hello, im trying second board (GA X99-Gaming 5P) for X99 XP projects after install it looks quite good (Lan is working, USB2 is working), but no Sound on integrated sound card. Card is: Soundblaster Recon3Di HardwareIDs: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1102&DEV_0011&SUBSYS_1458A036&REV_1009 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1102&DEV_0011&SUBSYS_1458A036 Compatible IDs: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1102&DEV_0011&REV_1009 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1102&DEV_0011 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1102 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 I hoped that i would able to force Windows universal 32bit driver, i can but after installation i got error code 39 - missing or corrupted file, its maybe some not necessary control panel for this sound card, which is not copied during - forced inf installation, but i dont know, how to bypass that. There is driver package fro Windows 7 32bit: http://download.gigabyte.us/FileList/Driver/mb_driver_audio_creative_x99.zip Even i try its installer i get message that is for Vista+ Any help apprenticed..
  14. ruthan

    Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Did some testing on X99 (X99 Gaming 5P board) + Xeon 5960X and 16 GB + Geforce 750Ti. I cloned installation from Z97 board, it booted fine with PAE patch, until i have installed these: - Intel INF drivers - usually just faked inf null drivers - Intel USB2 drivers - nvidia 368 - last XP drivers for Geforce 750TI - Creative Sound blaster recon3D driver After installation, i have my typical boot bluescreen with PAge fault in non segmented area. Without PAE is still booting fine.
  15. MrMateczko: Thanks very much, your driver is working well, after just pointed Control panel->System to driver folder and INF and 2 hardware possible devices were display i used newer one and its working.