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  1. HP Z220 lots of different versions you can find on ebay. Double check HP site that whatever version you chose has XP drivers downloadable.
  2. plenty of used Dell, HP, lenovo workstations on Ebay
  3. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1977229.html&prev=search So if I am reading this right and you have the right patch you should be able to modify the registry keys so it says default value in the MS kb Article. KB4344180 -- Security Only Update for .NET Framework 2.0 on WES09 and POSReady 2009
  4. I have it somewhere and tried it before. It's basically not as good as the advertisement leads you to believe. Reason is becasue it really doesn't have a smaller footprint than XP and the description would leave you to believe. Nlted XP is much smaller and more customization without the fact that it is basically neutered as other person said. It is basically trash. That microsoft came up with that works with the same corporate keys as xp pro corp. That is why its silly. Becasue if you had pro corp and a working/legit/unblacklisted key than its pointless.
  5. The ACPI could be a bios issue not a software one. You may have to set the ACPI mode in the bois to somthing differn't . ACPI on XP is like 2.0 0r 3.0
  6. I've found other versions of the driver that supposidly work on XP with that hardware ID. Older Version USB_3.0_WXP_3.0.16.0.ZIP https://www.helpjet.net/Fs-50248619-42463037-92206855.html http://lmgtfy.com/?q=PCI\VEN_1912%26DEV_0014%26REV_03
  7. I had a feeling that thing would work. Becasue I had that same problem before. ANd I used those uninstallers and they worked.
  8. Neither firefox or Gecko Compatibility mode allows me to talk, to be clear you can login discord, you can view channels and type and post things, however I was not able to talk or use mic. I don't expect it to be fixed.
  9. I mean u didn't need both keys not to remove the key.
  10. react OS is no where close to being usable. The only hope I have is that some of the progress they have made with using Wine, would then get Wine running on XP, which could open posibilites of getting things that are not API compatible with XP in the future working. As of now it's not a replacement. But you have to think 10 years downt he road when react OS is still being developed and XP is long dead.
  11. Try different driver version. Only proven driver version I have is the one for 1 of my motherboards from intel site. But i don't know what the differences are. with your chip vs mine. There are differnt versions. So u need to tell me what your hardware ID is. You shouldn't need to force install a driver for that card. There will be a proper driver for it. That might be your issue. look at this site whats the hardware ID of your card. The PCI\VEN # http://www.usb3-drivers.com/download-renesas-usb3-driver-for-WindowsXP-32bit.html
  12. ya i mean look how many years the community kept windows 2000 alive. Cough BWC. Id say its fair to say XP has another good 5 years left in it until it becomes unusable for everyday tasks, maybe longer depending how much reactOS code can be used, for the purposes of getting things to work and how far that project goes.
  13. they both get the same updates. you only ever needed one of them to begin with.
  14. i se thank you very much, I remeber dencorso made a thread dedicated to that, but it's not stikyed. We should make a sticky guide for it.
  15. Does newer java still not install on XP, and u have to install that old one, then copy the files and what not? Reason i am asking is becasue I did that before and it worked fine but I have been out of the loop for ahwile as I dont really use java. I have 1 program that runs on java that i rarely use/
  16. EULAs can be grey sometimes, especially in the case where you bought and paid and own your license for your copy of the game.
  17. I find sumatra PDF to be superior to adobe reader in 2018. Especially over old versions of reader. Before I found out about sumatra a couple years ago I was using Foxit which I also found to be better.
  18. We have a similar thread called XP spotter, where members can post pics of XP running in the wild. But.. I thought it would be fun to make a new thread where people can show off their own NT 5.1 and 5.2 systems running in the wild Purpose of this thread is just to create some more community involvement. XP running in VMware unity Mode on 2003 X64 Bit.
  19. If you really want to get X99 platform running on XP64bit here are the step I would take. This is a lot of work. (btw to save you a lot of trouble id take dencorsos advice) PS.. sabertooth is not fully working it is 95% working i beleive minus the intel Nic drivers as he is using only the realtec part. Find a board you like, and downloard its motherboard manual or find a detailed spec sheet of all the components that are on it. The for each individual component you search the web and see if it is possible to find a driver for that component that will install on XP or Xp-64 bit. Once you hit a brickwall with doing that then look for other boards that have X99 chipset but more generic components that have better driver support across older platforms. I can tell you off the top of my head that Fatality board wont work very well becasue I looked at the hardware on it. Atleast the Killer stuff probably doesn't run adn neither does the intel nic.
  20. my bad i didn't mean to seem rude. It's just dencorso said it better, its a huge undertaking to get that operating system running on that board. beleive it is possible I just had the hint that you didn't try it, and that is kinda a no starter in asking here for help in trouble shooting it when you don't have it to begin with or up and running halfway. I am old also probably older than your dad.
  21. edited post above. when i say what have you done or tried i mean have you got XP running on the mobo and tried to get it working or did you expect somone would be able to have your same mobo and have figured out how to get xp to run on it and hand you drivers?
  22. what have you done or tried? Obvisouly you would need to get windows XP running on the motherboard in the first place. Have you done that? Ya he extracted the infinstaller files and found the infs for his chipset and other devices and probabably hacked a line in some of the drivers so it would install on that platform. Did you try any of those drivers. Make a list of the hardware on your mother board. Nic, sound, usb, etc. your other hardware is differn't than his so besides the chipset drivers everything esle is going to be differn't and you would need to get windows XP running on the motherboard in the first place. so you can start trying to get drivers to run. and install. no body else can do this but you. chances are the number of other people on this forum who have XP 64 running on your same motherboard is zero.
  23. The thing is you cant kill auto update sevice if you want to go to the MU site and scan, it will report an error that automatic updates are not turned on. then u will have to go and turn the service on. If its off. All going to the site is doing is forcing wuauclt.exe /detectnow..... and instead windows updates scanning in the backgroud you are just getting a UI that shows a bar that is scanning. It's just stupid the way that it works. So that is all I am saying is you do not need a user interface to simply run a command %windir%\system32\wuauclt.exe /detectnow it all is the same thing.
  24. maybe the way i do things is just different but I don't have to do TLS, I just go to ctrl panel and set automatic updates to notify me but dont download or install. and that always works. The only time i have problems with windows updates on XP is when I installed Office hotfixes. auto updates don't use TLS. then again i use addon in nlite to update windows installs.

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