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  1. I’m not entirely sure but it could be the difference in SMB versions. Although you could try setting a shared folder on NT4 and then connecting from the Mac to the new shared folder.
  2. Windows 98SE and Windows ME. If I can figure out as to why the newer Firefox browsers aren’t working for me as per Schwups’ instructions I’ll probably choose these over Win 2k
  3. Currently trying on ME. MSVCRT.DLL is version 6.1.9848 Weirdly I'm now getting XPCOM error. Kernelex settings for XUL and exe are set to XPSP2. Verify.exe says Kernelex is installed correctly. Ktree is showing kextstubs under core.ini. Kextstubs is the file from your post earlier on the thread with a renamed 823 file. I assume this is correct?
  4. Thankyou for your response. So those files all exist in the Kernelex folder, knowndlls list has all five listed in quotes like this "XXX.DLL" however the actual file names are lowercase. Copying those into the FF folder results in xul.dll saying kernelex.dll is missing. Copying that into the FF folder still results in error on starting. Profiling firefox.exe in dependency walker then shows certcli.dll missing? Second chance exception then occurs in msvcrt.dll I'm guessing it's something I haven't done but not entirely sure. Many thanks
  5. I’m trying to get FF45 to run however I just get an error occurred on opening. DW shows 4 DLLs as missing however they are in the kernelex folder. Is the known DLL list in the registry case sensitive? I’ve added the files from the core updates. Firefox.exe and XUL.dll are both at XP SP2 compatibility mode. I’m guessing I haven’t configured KernelEx correctly but not sure?
  6. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas for getting the GMA500 driver to work on 2000? It’s on an Acer Aspire One 751h. Tried with Extended Kernel and Extended Core however I get a blue screen. Currently removed 2000. I’ve tried slipstreaming the drivers too but no luck here either. Thank you in advance
  7. Does anyone have the latest English version of extended core? I need to install some XP only drivers and believe this can help with that. The legacy update site is only showing the Japanese version
  8. Yes that’s the one I used. Initially I installed it without having any client installed and received the error so removed and started with the XP version and then installed that over the top. I checked the registry entries for where the language was pointing and the files exist. Googling brings up others who have had the error but obviously on newer oses so not sure if it’s maybe an issue in one of the dll’s and how it links? I don’t want to complain though as I’m truly grateful for all you do for the Win 2K community and the software that now runs thanks to you
  9. Windows 2000 is pretty useable to me. It can be hit and miss running modern software but no more than XP and sometimes even vista. BWC’s extended kernel brings you more or less to XP/Vista level and maybe even 7 a little. The things currently lacking are Anti-Virus after Avast dropped updates for versions that run and I’ve not had much look for versions 10 and up. Spotify runs sort of but the newer kernels make it a little unhappy. Roytams browsers run well. Office 2007 works no issue but later versions don’t work I think due to 2000 not having the activation services built into the system. Ov
  10. I'm having the same issue too with the latest package from legacy update. Tried the older 2015 version and it is bringing the same error. The original XP version works no issue?
  11. Have you installed all of the latest updates for 2k before installing exKernel? Also, the version you’re installing is fairly outdated now? V3.0f is the latest I think
  12. I ran the installer in XP SP3 which is the bit I find odd. After install it runs perfectly and then restarts for an update at which point it then wants Windows 7. On XP a fresh install doesn’t run the update and just says support has ended. It’s very odd but I can’t seem to figure it out on my own.
  13. Hi All, Out of curiosity does anybody have any idea as to why when Spotify is installed with extended kernel it tries to update itself thus rendering unusable? The part I can’t understand is this only happens on a fresh install using the final XP version. Rolling back makes it work and then it updates itself making it unusable again. On an existing install from a couple of years ago Spotify is quite happy and doesn’t try to update. I have tried blocking permissions to the Update folder in Local Settings\Application Data but that then causes Spotify to have a VB error.
  14. I ran the updates today for a fresh install - MS Update seemed to be dragging it’s heels. The scan probably took a good 2 hours or so and then it seemed to take a while to initiate the download itself but still ran through and completed.
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