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  1. I'm having the same issue too with the latest package from legacy update. Tried the older 2015 version and it is bringing the same error. The original XP version works no issue?
  2. Have you installed all of the latest updates for 2k before installing exKernel? Also, the version you’re installing is fairly outdated now? V3.0f is the latest I think
  3. I ran the installer in XP SP3 which is the bit I find odd. After install it runs perfectly and then restarts for an update at which point it then wants Windows 7. On XP a fresh install doesn’t run the update and just says support has ended. It’s very odd but I can’t seem to figure it out on my own.
  4. Hi All, Out of curiosity does anybody have any idea as to why when Spotify is installed with extended kernel it tries to update itself thus rendering unusable? The part I can’t understand is this only happens on a fresh install using the final XP version. Rolling back makes it work and then it updates itself making it unusable again. On an existing install from a couple of years ago Spotify is quite happy and doesn’t try to update. I have tried blocking permissions to the Update folder in Local Settings\Application Data but that then causes Spotify to have a VB error. My theory is something along the lines of because the program doesn’t detect XP SP3 as the installed OS it considers itself worthy of an upgrade however it then installs a version requiring Win 7 and above. I tried setting the Spotify exe to XPSP3 in fcwin2k however this also doesn’t seem to make a difference. It does allow the initial install though. If anybody has any ideas I’d be very grateful - it’s something that has me stuck. On a side note installing the last XP version on a new XP install does not cause it to update and actually says we’re dropping support for your current platform but as many will know that is along the lines of we’re not giving you updates but it’ll probably keep working. Thankyou all in advance.
  5. I ran the updates today for a fresh install - MS Update seemed to be dragging it’s heels. The scan probably took a good 2 hours or so and then it seemed to take a while to initiate the download itself but still ran through and completed.
  6. Have you connected the cpu fan connector to the motherboard? There should be a white 3 pin header close by (usually) labelled like cpufan or something along those lines.
  7. At best you could probably install Windows 7 but there is not much hope for XP.
  8. Have you got Serif drawplus working? I’ve tried x4 and x8 to no luck
  9. Yes I’ve tried reinstalling exkernel Originally I didn’t have reg.exe but moved that from an XP install so it no longer throws an error
  10. Hi All, I have a slight problem on a system running a fresh install with extended kernel. As an example, Roytam’s palemoon and firefox 52 crash when starting. Also the appcomp.cmd script doesn’t seem to be working for installers that still report needing xpsp2 or higher. Does anybody have any ideas why and what I can do to resolve this? Thanks in advance
  11. If a viable web browser for modern browsing becomes available I’m sure there would be a number of people who’d jump back
  12. If you look near the bottom of the screen there should be a folder icon on the taskbar. Click that and then on the left hand side of the window that opens there should be a label saying “This PC”. That’ll give you a similar view to XP’s “My Computer”
  13. We deployed it to a bunch of netbooks a few years ago. It did the job and runs better than standard XP on lower spec machines. It’s beneficial for its purpose but not much use if your machine can take standard XP
  14. So I installed the Unofficial XP SP4 and it all seems to be working now. Thankyou for your help
  15. Thankyou - I have some progress I’m now getting redirected saying my browser is not supported even though it’s IE8. Obviously this is the latest version for XP so I’m now totally intrigued. First time in the past few years I’ve had an XP machine not want to update after a fresh install
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