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  1. I prefer my browsing habits sent to China than to Google anyway. And I never keep logged in to it... just for Gmail, if at all, when needed.
  2. Good. Meanwhile, 360 Chrome is working OK, and actually can display correctly things well beyond Serpent 52. Even if not perfectly compatible with Chromium 69, it sure is way beyond Google Chrome 49, and that's pretty useful as it is.
  3. @heinoganda & @Dave-H: I've noticed if I let the machine on for many days MSE tries to update on its own and fails, populatin the event logs (both system and application). Please observe the errors always happens around the exact same hour, day after day. See attached window-capture below:
  4. But, but... Does 52 esr even need that fix? Are you positive? I've got 52.9.1 esr and it's working fine...
  5. Then again, Windows Embedded POSReady 7 EoS is on October 12, 2021...
  6. Good. So, now that I gave it it's own topic, I hand to you the task of giving it a proper title (unless you think the one I gave it is good enough).
  7. I see no rudeness whatsoever in Frank's post. Yours, OTOH, is unnecessarily offensive. People nowadays are too oversensitive...
  8. It's not "/! UO0" but "/!UO0": there's no space between the bang and the U.
  9. Well, you're much welcome to vent up. So am I to rant, right? Yeah, it goes like this: 1.) All the issues you mentioned have solutions described in detail in this very forum. 2.) Athough it's easy to filx the Word 2010 issue, one can remain using Word 2000 (or even Word 97) for most if not all tasks commonly performed with it. Same goes for XL and Powerpoint. 3.) Al that is required is to arm oneself with patience and read the threads where the solutions are described. XP went EoS, then POSReady 2009 went EoS. MS did it because it was in their power to do so and they've decided it was in their interest to do so. Regardless of what any of us thinks about it. So it's up to us, the die-hard users, to support ourselves 'n one another... it's less confortable than leaving all responsibility fall on MS. Then again, for one who loves XP or just isn't confortable (or able) to cave in, it sure is worth it. One may whine. Then again, one may stand up and fight. Long live XP!
  10. https://msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/?do=findComment&comment=1061758
  11. what psrt of "360chrome is Chromium 69 and needs no kernel wrappers to run on XP SP3" did you fail to understand?
  12. We have @roytam1's browsers and 360chrome on top of it. Why lose time reinventing the wheel?
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