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  1. Anywhere will do. Create a temporary folder on your desktop for exemple and extract everything there.But just to be sure, how big are the other DX files you downloaded? I'm asking since it's weird they ask to download stuff... If nothing installs on your freshly reinstall Windows, you might have a hardware problem. First thing that comes in mind is your RAM.
  2. That's exactly what I wrote... But it doesn't matter, your explaination is clearer.
  3. Why do all nice small programs like Winamp tend to become huge bloatware full of thirdparty programs? Winamp toolbar, Winamp remote, eMusic account... Anyway, you're right, we don't need the new version... Personally, I'll stick with 2.77 : small is beautiful.
  4. If you install Windows on your desktop and put it on your laptop, indeed, you might have trouble with hardware detection. If you do so, then don't install any driver and stick with bare windows. But if you strip your windows CD to the minimum (about 100mb I think), you should be able to copy it on your HD from your desktop and then, install windows from your laptop using a boot disk and the copied files.
  5. If your problem is only a download problem from MS, just try any site that mirors Dx9.0c like download.com for exemple. If you can't install what you download or it fails then that's another problem. Try to reinstall Windows installer and give us feedback.
  6. Add me for Win98 SE (all my desktops). However, I have to use XP for latest games though.
  7. Ok so if I get it ok, to get episode 2 and TF2, you have to buy HL2 again or pay 60 euros and not even get a box? It's really sad to see such great games killed by greedy marketing...
  8. Thanks Xeno. Really glad you're back in business! : Here's a french translation of your fix for those interested : win9x4ever.online.fr
  9. It'd be nice. However, Soporific, remember that voodoo 1 and 2 are additional cards that work on top of a 2D graphic card. From what I remember, the voodoo drivers needs to be installed second.Maybe someone can confirm this. PS: thanks a lot for the link Galahs!
  10. No need to go offensive, if he's uninformed, then inform him!Anyway, no, installing a new browser like firefox/opera does not increase system complexity since It doesn't replace or conflict with IE. You only run it as any regular program when you want to surf the web and close it when you're done. And if you really like IE, then follow the technics given to you on previous post to spoof your "user-agent" (browser ID) and pretend you use IE7. But I'll back up 98 Guy: what site says it "requires" IE7?
  11. Cool. I'd say you at least need one Nvidia and one Ati driver. I'd suggest Ati Radeon Catalyst v6.2 since that's the last one avaible for 9x and Nvidia Forceware 82.96 (official or unofficial version). Some people might want older (but more stable) drivers for nvidia cards too. You could add lots of old cards (matrox, intel, 3Dfx...) but watch out as it'll quickly grow huge. Oh, direct links ? Ok: Here's for Catalyst -> http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/98me/radeonaiw-98me.html and for unofficial Nvidia -> http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/inde.../t97140-50.html
  12. I back you up on that. It even became the main problem with recent nvidia drivers. Try older drivers, you'll see they didn't have this kind of consequences.What you wanna do is identify exactly at what point things go wrong? Seems like a good idea. Good luck on that.
  13. I'm on your side. It's not needed, even to display the tray. But it doesn't take that much resources though...
  14. Actually, he should use 1440x900 since this is the screen native resolution. On a LCD, all non-native resolution will indeed end with a blurry screen. Besides, only really old graphic cards don't support this resolution (the FX5600 does so why not the 5200?). However, Nvidia 98 drivers don't propose this 1440x900 unless you add it manually (to the .inf and then reinstall / to the registry) or use custom drivers like 82.69... For the rest, you're right, they just didn't wanna take 3 seconds to write that it's 9x compatible when it actually is...
  15. "usb storage driver that comes with WinMe" -> what do you mean? I don't recall using SE2ME means you should use Me drivers. Have you tried NUSB? Also, you can check with this driver. This seems specific to your install since I have a shuffle that works fine on a RP6+SE2ME+NUSB Win98. Messed up USB controller drivers maybe? But again, is only the iPod crashing or does every USB flash drive crashes the same way? EDIT: you might wanna read this too.
  16. If you do add this, make it optionnal. WMI is supposed to provide remote and monitoring capabilities (among other stuff) to help PC configuration... Read M$ KB Maybe usefull for XP since it manages the system through a layer but for 9x systems, IMHO, it just fills the startup for no reason.
  17. What drivers do you use for you Ipod? Is this specific to the Ipod or is it the same with every USB storage devices?
  18. You might be infected by some spyware/virus. This would explain quite a few thing. Try scaning your drives just in case.
  19. Usually, it acts this way when something's running in the background. A program that modifies or access the disk (an AV for exemple). Kill every task but Explorer and run scandisk again. I bet there's something running that's pumping your resources... EDIT: Analada, you were faster than me.
  20. Not really a bug but it proves how stupid this is... No hardware support means you can't have Morrowind or 32bits icons but it works through software support...I mean how can you make a video card without 32bits colors support today when the old S3 Virge I had 10 years ago was dealing that fine? And @ other people: What's the problem with the tray? I mean, if you use Dr. Hoiby's explorer, you will get 256 colors icons whatever the "ShelliconBPP" is.
  21. Install RP Lite 6 with only the system updates.
  22. I tried replacing icons in 16 bits NE files (*.exe and *.cpl) with VC++ 6 and it works fine as long as you use 256 colors icons. Plus it's nice and easy to do. However, it only has option to add monochrome, 16 and 256 colors... You can trick the program by importing an already existing 16bits icon but there is no way to add 32bits icons without breaking the file (it ends with faulty mixed 16bits/16 colors formats). My problem is I'd like to mod sysdm.cpl but Borland Resource Workshop crashes when I open any version of it. Any ideas? Edit: yeah, I'm using RP Lite, that's why I'd like alphablended icons. An I'd rather mod the *.cpl rather than change the Control panel icons from registry.
  23. Hi cyberformer! You're talking about Trumpet Winsock v5.0. However, IMHO, I don't see how in the near future, IPv6 could deny internet access to Win9x users. Indeed, IPv4 support will remain for years because switching totally to this new standard would require changing every servers, routers, modems etc... to new ones without backward compatibility. But sure, on a long term basis, it could be nice to have this kind of feature. Maybe we should deal lots of RAM issues and hardware compatibility first...
  24. Thanks for the info. Can your server see Win98 shared disk? If you don't have any, can you share a disk temporarily to try this way round?
  25. Dumb question: are your disks in FAT32? If they are NTFS disks, you won't see them from 98 unless you use third-party software.

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