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  1. I'm not a big fan of this kind of stuff but I've got to say your sidebar looks great! The backgroud gradient could be more Vista toolbar-like but that's just my opinion.
  2. You could try to patch Steam to bypass this check. But of course that won't work if steam checks itself when run. I can't remember and I'm not willing to reinstall this s***. Is it the case?
  3. The Autopatcher is your friend for this task... If you want to do it this way, IMHO the best option would be to use two different hard disks. One for XP, the other one for 98. This way, the installation order wouldn't matter and you wouldn't even need a bootloader. The systems would be totally independant and you could avoid the delicate consequences if you ever need to reinstall one of the system (after a crash for exemple).Just change the boot order in your BIOS and you can switch OS. Just an alternative to keep in mind...
  4. Very nice idea Offler... once more! Here's an important rank 2 game and add-ons (it uses Python and works just fine on Win9x): Civilization IV Civilization IV Warlords Civilization IV Beyond the sword PS: I confirm what tonich said about HL2... You shouldn't use steam anyway. The idea to ask a server if you can play a game you bought is just beyond my understanding. oh, and what category games that work with KernelEx go?
  5. I don't see why it couldn't if there was no firewall. There's no open port by default but if there's no resistance (no antivirus / firewall) can call home easily. Inside threats are the worst. And they're why you should always have a firewall / antivirus. The real question is : when was the trojan stopped?
  6. Trying to make resource scripts for your pack? Take a look at this: neowin.net
  7. If you want polish back, you're good to reinstall. Language is hardcoded in system files and only a few have more than one included. Autopatcher is english only. Next time, install polish versions of updates separately. SP2 exists in polish (I think), so does RP (?)... Oh well, I'm not sure, you might wanna check that ! Anyway, for a list of localized and universal files, check Petr's list here: http://old.winpack.org/petr/win98_internat_fixes.html
  8. I did kind of a similar project with mostly XP icons. Here's what I have achieved: So, if you need any help with patching 16bits control pannel files or anything, just ask. By the way, your project looks great. Especially the modified bitmaps Keep up the good work.
  9. No matter how hard I try, it's almost impossible to find old PowerDVD versions than aren't on oldversion.com or oldapps.com. Good luck finding v2.5. The 2.5 to 2.55 patch is avaible but that's all. Anyway, after a long search, I still managed to find the trial of what's supposed to be version 2.0915. Here you go:
  10. You won't! Cyberlink has dropped support for version 3 and lower and it's impossible to find it on ebay/online stores.But you know, you virtually have the full version...
  11. Unfortunatly, since it uses extra palette colors to display the progress bar, I doubt you can use more than 256 colors. I've never tried though, so you might wanna check. However, the easiest is probably to install RP's boot logo and then mod it.
  12. Lightscribe never officially supported 9x system. You can still try to download http://dl1.nero.com/LS_HSI.EXE, edit the MSI with Orca ("LaunchCondition" crap) to install it under 98. It probably won't work though...
  13. From my personal experience, it's way faster (and stable) from ethernet than with USB. I have to admit that with default settings, I have a slightly better connection with XP though.
  14. I think it'd be easier to figure the problem with photos. So if you have a digital camera/webcam...
  15. Maybe you're referring to how "long" it is? It sticks out from the computer? If that's what you mean, Lite-on CD/DVD units are quite shorts. Read geek's answer about 52x.
  16. It seems I had smoked something last time I tested. Now I confirm what other say : the modded compatibility pack installs, but I can't open/write .docx files. It ends with an "error while opening file". I Installed latest version (11/19/07) but I get the same results. Here's a ".docx" sample for testing purpose.
  17. Just a small question, what is the 1st worst game ever?
  18. French NUSB 3.20 for Windows 98 First Edition Avaible as usual at : win9x4ever.online.fr Thanks a lot PassingBy !!! Now everyone can enjoy NUSB... (and thanks Philco for the little flag)
  19. Once more, really nice initiative galahs! I made a small hardware list myself in last february. You can check it on win9x4ever.online.fr... Anyway, here's what you can add : Chipsets / Mobos : Uli and SYS chipsets should be added (I'll check in detail what still supports 9x and what doesn't since february) Uli M1695 is compatible with w98 (Asrock Dual-sata 2/ Dual-Vsta mobo) Audio : All Realtek AC'97 Audio Codecs have drivers for all 9x systems (but not high definition chips) Realtek RTL8110SC(L) chipset works on 98SE and ME Wifi : Linksys WMP54 series is fine with 98 Ralink based chipsets are supposed to work on 9x but I've had problems with them. Maybe just my hardware... Needs some testing. (MSI PC54G) Network adapters : all 10/100mbs I know work perfectly on 98. Any basic Ndis driver does the job anyway in most cases. I don't know about 1000mbs PCI v2 cards though... Printers : Laserjet 1100A (also a B&W scanner) Deskjet 660C Lexmark P3150 (also a scanner) Graphic tablets: Wacom Intuos2, Intuos, Graphire2, Graphire, PenPartner 1998, ArtPad II, ArtPad, UD-II (UltraPad/Digitizer II), UD Series, Cintiq 18SX, Cintiq 15X, PL-250-500 (it seems PenPartner, Volito, Graphire4, Graphire3, Graphire Bluetooth, Wireless Pen Tablet, Cintiq 17SX/PL-710, DTF-510, Penabled Tablet PC require Win2k or higher) I'm certainly forgetting stuff... Anyway, like who you know would say: HTH...
  20. French Maxim Decimus NUSB 3.2 : avaible as usual at : win9x4ever.online.fr Maximus, you rock man! And lots of thanks to Dencorso too! (by the way, nice idea the little flag Philco. I might just do the same some day...)
  21. I found a few things... According to Virtual Plastic (really nice site by the way), you need the Plus! package. They have a link to create the "memphis effect" using "Windows Administrator" but it's dead. However, I found it on a polish site : http://www.communicator.pl/winad.html Enjoy PS: more information on Plus! here, on a german site http://www.winhistory.de/more/win95plus.htm You can buy it for almost nothing : http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Windows-95...k/dp/B000CSBONM
  22. For me, it's fully 9x compatable, Promise just ripped 9x support off... I'm not sure of it since I looked very quickly but I think your best shot is to mod the SATA150 TX2plus drivers. Add lines in the .inf to support your card and see how it works. Since the SATA150 TX2plus is listed in the XP drivers, they share the same base so that might do the trick. Just an idea.
  23. 1. English fixes will work just fine but if they're not language neutral, they will change the system language for the parts updated. For exemple, your files properties tab or your explorer menus might start to talk in english... 3. Personnaly, I like Avast... Just a matter of tastes. 5. Check Tihiy's website for RP6 screenshots. RP7 looks the same with improvements on lameskin. You'll need a WinMe CD but also... there's no finnish translation of RP7 so you'll need an english 98.
  24. I think Media player classic still support 98.

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