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  1. I was thinking PCI-e would be less of an issue because there is no AGP aperture size that adds itself to the VRAM. I'll see by myself anyway, since a 256mb 8800GT is impossible to find at a reasonable price here (It's actually more expensive than the 512mb version, can you believe it?)...
  2. Really nice! Unfortunatly, I know no way of limiting the amount of VRAM. I really hope this won't happen with PCI-e! PS: nice wallpaper!
  3. Since you have an AGP card, the AGP aperture size and VRAM probably use up all the arena memory. Try to lower the aperture size but that probably won't do the trick. Did you try to actually remove 2gb to see what happens? I'm wondering if I'll get the same issue with a PCI-e card...
  4. @xrayer Why do you think VRAM size could be important on 98? I'm planning to buy a PCI-e 8800GT 512mb... That is if I can save enough money of course! Cards with less than 512mb would probably be enough, even for my widescreen resolution, however these cards are hard to find over here. I was going to buy an ATI 3870 but it lacks 98 drivers... Anyway, you will see a perf increase if you get a 7800 (as long as it's not the 7800GS). Here's a benchmark that can be useful to you. Crysis should be playable with a 7800 if you don't turn everything on high!
  5. I see. This is probably the amount of RAM that causes the problem. Try to remove 1gb, run 98 and install the drivers. This way, you'll know if the video card works with the custom drivers or not.If it works fine with limited memory, then you can head towards this thread to find different solutions to the 2gb of RAM problem. Sometimes, the system.ini modifications just don't work. About the 512mb on the Sparkle, I doubt that this causes the problem. The AGP apperture size doesn't help but I really think your RAM is the source.
  6. I think someone on the forum did but I can't figure out who it was. Anyway, I might buy one this summer and be sure I'll let everybody know if it works.@DirkDP : you don't need to register. I think there's a problem on MDGx's site. Maybe a .htaccess problem?
  7. Actually, Vista CAN be installed on FAT32. It's a bit tricky but possible. Follow the links on my oldpost. Once again, it seems M$ disabled a perfectly working option to force people to use their "new" filesystem (until WinFS?)...
  8. Basically, you want to avoid the automatic reinstall of your old drivers when you plug your card in? Ok, you'll need to find the *.inf file that got installed with the drivers the first time and delete it from your "c:\Windows\inf" folder.
  9. Go check the MDCU plus! pack.
  10. Sorry for the delay! My site was down because of server problems. It was supposed to be fixed quicly...Anyway, the link should work now.
  11. Oh dear, another flamer. Not a Vista/XP one, a linux fan! Correct. So stop insisting that it should be.I'm not. I even like linux. I'm just stating it isn't a Win9x alternative. Because games are everything to people over 12. Wine probably has almost as good compatibility with games as Windows 98, and allow you to use much more powerful video cards while you are at it.Yeah right, most people who use computer for gaming are 12. That's exactly the kind of ideas shared amongst linux fans. And one reason why it will never become a popular desktop platform (unfortunatly)...Anyway, emulating Windows will never be as good as running Windows. Invade other's privacy and f*** up your system. There are lots of OS that will do that. If you think Windows is so bad, don't post on MSFN. And I probably just wasted a quarter of mine.Then don't fu***** bother to reply and stop wasting our time.
  12. I tested Kubuntu recently and I have to say I'm in the exact same spirit as you. It's stable, eye-candy, it includes nice programs... I even consider having a triple boot.However, switching to linux is out of question. Linux lacks freedom. Partitions, files access... Everything is hidden from the user and requires password. I feel like beeing in a box : it's your PC but you need permission from the root... even when you ARE the root. Moreover, Linux is not Windows and will never be. On the other hand, Win9x is a Windows OS, thus providing most compatibility with most software and games. IMHO, there is no 9x alternative. There are lots of good OSes but none is a 9x clone that will let us do the exact same things we do now. And that's why we should fight to keep 9x alive for many more years. Just my 2 cents!
  13. Actually, binding IPX/SPX to local network and TCP/IP to internet is a good idea in term of security so you should keep this configuration. Be sure you installed NETBIOS support for IPX/SPX and unlink NETBIOS from all TCP/IP protocols and devices. About your problem... - maybe deleting and reinstalling IPX/SPX? And remember, binding can be done from both card properties and protocol properties. - maybe before reinstalling Windows, you could try to update to SP2 (if not done yet) and then desinstall / reinstall completely your network devices? These are only simple suggestions that will only be usefull if you haven't tried them yet. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas right now. good luck
  14. No problem. Here it is.Just ask me if you want it another size.
  15. Personally I've had nothing but problems with my SB Live!... I miss my old Sound Blaster 128 with emulated DOS drivers. Can you upload your drivers or point me to them please? It's a pain to find stable ones.
  16. I tested it and it looks neat. I like the fact to be able to mod the resources (clock, background...). However, the black background and grey border from both mp3 player and shortcuts are not avaible for modification. I think you should turn them into resources. Second request : can we reverse "day of the week" / "number the day" optionnally (on non english systems, it just doesn't look right). Final request : add antialiasing to the clock arrows. You can check this out. I'll check about those explorer crashes I had with last version on the computer where it usually happens next week. Keep up the good work.
  17. This looks great! I'm really glad you dropped flash!!! Just a problem : when launched at startup, RSidebar randomly crashes explorer (1/3 startups). I'll look into it as soon as I have time. I can't wait for next version release! :
  18. Just to tell you I've made a widescreen wallpaper in modernized 98 style. If people are interested, I might do a 4/3 one. win9x4ever.online.fr -> Win98 Edition 2008 Be carefull, it's pretty big (1440x900)! Well, tell me what you think about it.
  19. Well, I guess you could try Zmodeler2 homepage. Check the Docs section. Here's a really small tutorial http://www.etspe.ca/zmt/v1/. It's old but it's a nice start. There are lots of nice tutorial in french if you speak french or if you don't mind Babelfish and friends. Edit: oh, and if you're trying to make models for a particular game, you might wanna check those game fansites and modding communities. Sometimes they have nice specialised tutorials too.
  20. I've had the exact same problem with a Shuffle. This seems to be related to the winamp plug-in though, since I've had it under XP. Well, at least NUSB should not the cause since iPod specific drivers gives the same issue (not a surprise since they're similar). My advice is to use another software to deal with the iPod. Yamipod does this job quite well.I find last version a little buggy though and prefer older v1.0.1. Anapod works great too. It's payware but you can use the free trial.
  21. Actually, if you read carefully on the site, you'll see Win 9x support is present in the "planned" section. And since, as you mentionned, this site hosts the Universal VESA drivers for Win9x, there's hope... Thanks for the info Patchworks.
  22. Nope. No drivers for those cards. You could try the universal drivers linked here : http://www.msfn.org/board/Video-drivers-vi...ds-t105725.html But it seems they don't work on x1550 according to this topic : http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t109429.html Having several GPU on the same computer is not a problem. I myself have both AGP and PCI-e cards (one Ati and one Nvidia). It shouldn't be different with PCI-e. If you double boot, you can just disable one card in 9x windows system applet (the one without 9x drivers) and the other one on XP/Vista (the less powerfull but with 9x drivers). The problem is you won't find many PCI-e card with 9x support. Stick with your BFG 6200. If you really want to update, your best shot might be to try newer Nvidia cards with generic Nvidia drivers... If you don't already know or for others who might not, drivers are here : http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t97140.html or there : http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t97786.html
  23. WiFi N cards are the new generation wireless cards. I couldn't find any with 9x drivers. They're too recent. I first thought I could mod the Linksys WMP300N drivers since they're $CHICAGO$ type... Maybe adding support from older G drivers? You'd better stick with G cards.
  24. Some programs allow you to convert partitions between NTFS<->FAT32, resize partitions, relocate them on the disk, even with data on them...Personnaly I use an old "Partition Magic" for this job and did it quite a few times without damaging any data. However, this is payware. You might wanna check similar programs like 'Gparted' that Idontwantspam told you about. Having both XP and 98 partitions in FAT32 would let you modify any OS from the other one, which can be usefull for quick fixing / getting rid of virus... However, if your XP partition is already NTFS, you might wanna skip the pain of convesion.

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