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  1. NUSB works fine with the shuffle and should work fine with the iPod classic. Or course, if you have USB 1.1 ports, then you'll get USB 1.1 speed. Nevertheless, be aware that iPods do not work like classic mp3 devices. You'll be able to access the iPod but in order to copy music on it, you'll still have to use iTunes or iTunes alternatives like rePear or Yamipod, on top of NUSB.
  2. Just reuploaded these two userbar which were removed from host:
  3. Don't forget about XnView. It's not as fast as ACDSee but it has lots of features and is freeware.
  4. Virtual PC supports virtual disks (*.ima files if I remember correctly). You should be able to download a win9x / Dos bootdisk image from Bootdisk.com and boot from it. If you want to convert your windows CD to a a bootcd, have a look here and there.
  5. Yep, it should work. The mobo supports your CPU and your RAM. Both Graphic cards you've selected should work fine as well, since Nvidia serie 6 is officialy supported by Win98SE. The 6800 is more powerful than the 6200 but of course, at the cost of extra heat. If you don't play / do anything video hungry, a 6200 will do just fine. Oh, and maybe what you're refering to is "Turbocache"? Don't know why but anyway it's not the case here since both cards have 256mb of dedicated VRAM.
  6. Thanks for the link ! Here's the localised version.
  7. Send it to me. It shouldn't take long to localise it.
  8. Here's a small glitch : some programs which do not contain 32bits icons have problems displaying reduced (16px) icons. Here's an exemple with Acrobat Reader 5.5. The same happens with Winamp 3 in quicklaunch, when using the 4th icon avaible. Hope you can fix it because using 32bits icons everywhere (even on alt-tab / when moving icons around) is amazing.
  9. Tihiy, thanks a lot for this piece of art! 32bits icons and support of packs of icons is just amazing. By the way, I sent you the french translation by PM.
  10. It works for me. No error detected by scandisk.In fact, I use both XP and 98 on a daily basis and I have never faced this problem, unless I use asian characters.
  11. Well, Bethesda just released the GECK, which is basically a SDK. So, mods should arrive soon. I'm a big fan of the Fallout serie (even Fallout tactics...) and I was really afraid they'd kill the Fallout spirit but nope, it's really a GREAT game .Actually, I like this game so much that I won't touch GTA IV before I finish it (and I mean side missions and at least several ends)! A bit more humour and a fully PC optimized interface would have been nice though.
  12. If you never installed any flash drive / USB hard disk / another camera drivers, then it's ok. Your trackpad isn't a problem, you don't have to uninstall it.Uninstall any USB 2.0 controllers and remove all USB devices listed with a yellow mark from your device list and unplug them. Install NUSB, reboot, plug stuff back and cross your fingers. Installing NUSB over an old one shouldn't be a problem. But, if you're not in a rush, follow CharlotteTheHarlot's advise and post in the NUSB topic.
  13. I don't know about the A210 but my Fuji Finepix works just fine with NUSB as a USB storage device. Remvove the compagny drivers and try NUSB. If this doesn't work, indeed, there's a very detailed topic about Card Readers on win9x somewhere around here.
  14. It works throught the generic drivers. It's not recommended but you can install your video card drivers before your chipset drivers and it works.
  15. Well, here you go for Adaptec ASPI layer 4.71 OR Nero ASPI layer. But if you can burn fine with another program, that probably isn't the problem so you should leave that alone. IMHO, Nero is a fine program, but you need to find a good version. Oh, and maybe you could edit your first post so that people don't mistakenly believe Win9x doesn't support DVD burning.
  16. Nope, I burn DVD+RW fine on Win9x. Empty the DVD and try again. If it still doesn't work, try to reinstall your ASPI drivers and check that Nero identifies your DVD burner correctly. What Nero version do you use?
  17. Well, Win98 wasn't supposed to run on widescreens neither but it doesn't prevent me to write this post from a 19" widescreen...Anyway, Chromatic47, you've tried earliest drivers but maybe you should try more recent Forceware drivers. They're supposed to work on win95. I know Detonators are more efficient but you can still give it a try.
  18. I back you up on that.However, I'd still advise a good firewall like Zone Alarm... at least for outgoing connections (autoupdates, programs who want to "call home" without asking you...). It's also warn you about changed programs and unusual programs trying to connect to internet. Oh, and download a good AV and check every file you download.
  19. 128x128 icons (vista format) are compressed because they take lots of space. All icons editors that I've used automatically compress them. This is why you won't be able to see those icons, even when using the Revolution Pack. I don't know if there are programs that'll let you save them uncompressed.
  20. Interesting! Thanks for posting results. I'm going to download the Panasonic tool right away.
  21. Hi, nice thread you got there. Did you notice a link between speed and clusters size?
  22. It does look nice but that's pretty much it... The old CP is way faster and gives you an easy access to more parameters. You're not missing much. Anyway, I already tried the reg file from your link but that didn't work. But still, thanks for sharing!
  23. Nope, there are lots of missing dependencies with NVcpui, the new control pannel executable. But honestly, why would you want this piece of bloat instead of the regular control panel? I'm stuck with it under XP and all I'd want is to return to the old one. I mean, if you just want the ability to overclock, use rivatuner or another similar tool. With the new CP, you can't even see the GPU temperature anymore!
  24. Nope, it's installed on my system but doesn't make a difference.
  25. More than 256 mb of Video Ram is a problem. Most of the time it won't work! I've tried with my 8800 GT 512mb and I have the exact same symptom as you do. Sorry Look a few pages above for more info.
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