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  1. My Win98SE machine is held together with string and chewing gum so the day has come for me to get hold of a new machine. Unfortunately a newer machine will probably have XP or Vista pre-installed. I particularly want to stay with 98SE and to retain my present settings so I will probably eventually switch my hard discs into the newer machine. Alternatively, to avoid driver conflicts, I may initially use the newer machine as is and later re-install 98SE. In that event I suspect that the existing XP/Vista system will be reluctant to bow out and give way to what it sees as an older system. Should I delete the newer Windows first or would it be sufficient to delete WIN.COM? (In 98SE this makes Windows see a re-install as a fresh install.) Any insights, anyone?
  2. This reaction to my asking for my thread to be returned back to the original forum (the Win98SE forum) is touchy and over the top. I've been on MSFN for many years and to my knowledge I've never ever "flamed" anyone. May I say that the function of moderators is to help members not to slag them off.
  3. Thank you everyone for your helpful comments. I think I have now finally made up my mind to avoid XP and to put my efforts into preserving my 98SE (as updated with mdgX and Gape, inclidntaly). I realise from readinfg some of the comments here that I shall need to copy the drivers for monitor and sound. Here are my present specs. As for DOS, I have found this necessary to run Scandisk and Clean9x
  4. My son is pressing me to install WinXP in place of Win98SE. Well, actually the XP is already installed on his machine which he is proposing to sell me in place of my Win98SE machine. The idea has until now been simply to switch my hard disks into the newer machine. (see another thread about this matter) One of the big concerns I have is to do with "true" DOS which seems to have been discontinued after Win98SE. Would it be feasible to install true DOS onto XP??? If so, how would I do it?
  5. My machine (Windows98SE) is held together with string and chewing gum. My son is selling me his old machine but it has WindowsXP on it, which I don't want. I particulary want to keep my existing settings and usernames/passwords intact so my idea is to ask him to switch my hard disks to the newer machine and to reinforce it with an ALL.REG made from my existing settings. Is this feasible?
  6. I have found it to be more stable that other Mozilla/AOL products. For Composer I also use the earlier 4.x versions.
  7. Navigator will no longer be updated. Netscape Navigator v. (FINAL VERSION)
  8. That Rapidshare site is absolutely silly. Especially now that they've introduced that illegible "capcha" thing. I've tried umpteen times. Couldn't you give us a better link?If you would email the file to me I will put it up on my own website
  9. I'm finding that many non-music file extensions which are nothing to do with music are being described by my machine as Real Media files.
  10. Beta 2 installed without preblem but a few days later on re-booting I started to get shutdown error messages persistently citing Kernel32. This might of course not be anything to do with Beta 2 but has anyone else had this problem?
  11. I'm using the Scandisk/ Defrag from ME, I believe it was included with MDGx's 98SE2WinMe). Diskeeper I've tried to install a couple of times but it does not seem to like my machine,.
  12. Win98SE SP3Beta2 Alternative download facility http://www.celticsurf.net/easyhost/dropsite/sesp30b2-en.exe It is working well for me. No problems. While you're at it please try out the versatile CelticSurf toolbar! http://www.celticsurf.net/easyhost/dropsite/CelticSurf.exe
  13. I prefer to have the conventional built-in floppy drive. Sometimes it can save your bacon.

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