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  1. Jaclaz, I consulted my old time friend, PuntoMX who gave me the advice/recommendation I needed. I have ordered an SSD (as the laptop harddrive is 7mm in thickness as is the SSD so I know it will fit). The laptop already has 2x2GB of RAM so my grandmother will be very happy. I'm no stranger to hardware issues or data recovery. I apologize if I somehow gave you that impression. Take care ank thank you.
  2. Upon boot-up, it says "error leading operating system". I could insert a bootable USB with Windows 7 on it and attempt a repair. Take into consideration and keep in mind that I have the opporunity and am willing to buy and install an SSD to replace the HDD. I can, in my spare time, attept to recover data from the HDD and transfer. I just need to make sure that the SSD would fit and be compatible with this particular laptop (Acer Aspire 5250).
  3. I removed a 640GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue HDD from my grandmother's laptop. I connected it to my desktop using an external enclosure which is connected via USB. When I connect it, it shows up two separate drives in Windows Explorer; neither of which I can access. When using TestDisk, it is stuck at 2% of analyzing the partitions. I attempted to run a chkdsk as well: Can someone please assist me?
  4. I have been using MPC since 2003. I tried KMPlayer, ZoomPlayer, BSPlayer, VLC Player, etc and always went back to MPC/HC. I use the CoreAVC codec for H264 files. I just turn out the lights, launch my movie, enter full-screen mode and enjoy. Cheers.
  5. Is taking the HDD out of that PC and putting it in another PC as a slave drive and scanning it not an option?
  6. Freemake Video Converter SUPER These two claim to be able to convert essentially anything to anything. I personally have not used either of them.
  7. Check out the sticky: Make sure to wash your hands when you're done...you know, because of the stickiness. Short answer: ImgBurn is my preferred program.
  8. There is education you go through to becoming a pilot. "Hacker" isn't on the course selection list at any colleges universities that I have ever heard of.

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