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  1. oh, sorry about that. its just an old habit. ive gotten in trouble at school many a time because of it. thanks for the link
  2. As Far As I Know, It Only Requires DirectX 8. I Checked The System Requirements, I Got Everything It Needs. How About a Third-Party Driver (If They Exist)?
  3. When Setup STarts it says i need dx 8.0. does this mean i should install dx 8.0a or the latest version?
  4. After I Install The Driver I Go To Change The Resolution, I Get This Error: The display control panel is unable to change the display settings. The graphics driver returned an unexpected error Please Can Someone Help Me, This Is Driving Me Crazy!
  5. Where can I get ME security updates

    Get on the internet with the win me machine, the open windows update, you will need IE 6 if you want single updates you can download them from the windows update cataloge. I also would recommend the Unofficial Win ME SP1 v.2.02. More Info: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=61407 The English Download is Available here: http://www.mdgx.com/spx/MESP202B8.EXE
  6. Yep, It Works. Just One More Question, 32-bit color Icons on Win Me. I Know somebodys got a fix. the 98 SE one didn't work.
  7. Excellent Idea rainyd. i'll Give That a Try
  8. unless its the type. Nero burns in UDF, Sonic Recordnow! burns in ISO 9660
  9. i tried a multisession disc on windows 98 se. didn't work. and when you burn a multisession dvd, nero gives a warning saying it might not work on other oses. but ill give it a try and post the results.
  10. Will Windows me recognize multisesion dvds?
  11. 256 Tray Icon Patch for NT4

    oops, didn't notice second page, almost posted same thing twice!
  12. 256 Tray Icon Patch for NT4

    nah, i installed xp pro home didnt sound so good to me, after if ound out it was a stupid dell oem cd, i put xp pro sp2 corporate i got from a friend, i hate the oem cds!
  13. 256 Tray Icon Patch for NT4

    You Know Guys, Thanks for Your Help, But I Got fed Up and Installed Windows XP Home Edition.
  14. 256 Tray Icon Patch for NT4

    uh-huh, that be exactly what i did, with admin privleges, but not in safe mode, ill try that