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  1. All-ni-wonder Radeon 9800 series are the latest supported on Win98. Regular Radeon are supported up to x850 (beta ->has anyone tested ?).
  2. Sure, this has been discussed already. Anyway, the order you list them is almost fine: sesp21a, autopatcher, 98SE2ME, and finally RPLite6PP. (You probably don't need both Sp2.1 and autopatcher but autopatcher is still alpha. It shouldn't hurt -haven't tested yet-)
  3. Hi guys! Humm... I agree, it's hard. So many good games. Fallout, C&C or LBA could be the ones... but Half-Life, GTA1 or Sim city 4 too... Do we really have to make a choice ? Ok. Civilization 1 then. For it's huge lifetime.
  4. No, it doesn't - sorry. Is there some info I can read that will help me implement a languange check? What is it exactly supposed to do? Nah, I was probably unclear. I was just asking if your pack would refuse to install for testing on my non-english windows because of a language check. If there is no test that's better ! I'm sure everybody knows installing english updates on non-english windows will not work / turn it into a language mess so I don't see the point of a check. 256 colors icon tray is a must if you want to make win98 more eye candy. It's all exlpained at Dr. Hoiby's page. Just a simple patch. Maybe WMP6.4 + patches + codecs for those allergic to more recent versions? But sure that would increase size of the autopatcher for the benefit only few people so I guess it's not NEEDED. 180mb is big but it's the size of my update folder so I don't see how it could be smaller. Maybe do a LITE version?
  5. @ soporific: does your autoupdate has a language check ? So that I avoid downloading 180mo for nothing... Thanks @ eck: don't give up! It's harder to make win98 work with modern Mobos/GPUs but just wait a week and give it a chance. I reinstalled win98 8 times on my new PC before getting it to work. It worth the effort. (the ndis2sup error in bootlog is normal BTW if this is what your refered to)
  6. I'm more optimistic. You're right about OS being linked to PCs (especially in companies) but I think this is not ONLY a matter of old computers. I mean, I have a recent gaming computer and I still dual boot with Win98 (main OS). Many 98 users could probably upgrade to XP but stick with the OS they really like. The choice here is important. That's why I believe we can make Win98 live longer than the PC it's installed on. The drop of XP is good for us. Sure those that stick to XP will live what we lived but maybe more people will understand why we resist again the "change your OS cos' there's a new one" obligation. Many XP users already don't like Vista because of the way it's built (security made in M$, DRM...) and will stick to XP even if they can upgrade. Yes. This should make our life easier.
  7. Thanks Petr. You helped me rediscover many interesting subjects. I really think this kind of index was missing.
  8. It could be infected with specific trojans like Win32.Lydra.a but if your antivirus is updated, then you're fine. It's only used for debugging right so there's no risk disabling this crap. Check kb321410 at Microsoft by the way.
  9. Oups. You're right ldb. My mistake. However your link require that Genuine advantage crap. Here's a direct link: WMP 9 Codecs for WMP 6.4
  10. Probably missing Codecs. WMP tries to connect but it fails (no connection allowed ?...). Download this and try: WMP 9 Codecs for WMP 6.4 I don't believe internet options of IE play a role in that. But internet options of Firefox and WMP do. Check that and allow opening for this kind of files. Update : link has been corrected
  11. "Power Quest Partition Magic" will create NTFS partitions and even convert FAT32 to NTFS or NTFS to FAT32 (sorry, it's not freeware). Sure NTFS is "better" for XP than FAT32 but then you won't be able to access this partition from Win98... FAT32 works fine under 98 AND XP. On the other hand, using NTFS will have the effect to hide this partition to Win98...and that might be the result you want ! This way you could put XP on a primary partition without shifting your drive letters under Win98.
  12. I agree with Petr. Primary first, logical then. Multiple primary partitions ? I'm sure that's why Win98 messed up the drive letters. Sometimes, Windows doesn't refresh the drive letters when you change partitions so you have to unplug the disk, start windows and replug it later.
  13. Thanks for the info on my mysterious updates. Digging a little more, here's what I found: kb892211 - Software Update for Web Folders kb840315 - Vulnerability in HTML Help could allow code execution kb835732 - Security Update for Microsoft Windows q229670 - Calling EnumObjects() Leaks a Selector For the wanted list, I've searched the net but didn't find any link. If you just want them, tell me.
  14. I guess the 6.4 version doesn't support skinning and stuff like that... It only has basic functions but with the latest codecs, it does it's job very well and as you said: it's fast. Oh, and it doesn't have big security holes. The next versions have mainly cosmetic improvements.. For exemple 7.1 and 8 have skins support and show special effects while you listen to music. Sometimes versions 9, or 10 can be "usefull" as they have "better" online capabilities and fully support DRM () Check Wikipedia for some info on WMP. My advise is to keep WMP 6.4 with codecs from WMP 9 (available at: Microsoft)
  15. Thanks a lot for your work! It really helps us keep an updated Win98 !!! Ok, here's what I don't find in your list (probably many obsolete but still...): kb918547 - Vulnerability in the Graphics Rendering Engine could allow remote code execution kb890175 - Vulnerability in HTML Help could allow code execution q321467 - BUG: Swenum.sys PortCls devices do not work correctly in Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition q311430 - 1394 Storage Device Does Not Work After You Insert or Remove 1394 Device q291362 - Pressing Windows Logo Key Causes Hang with Windows Journal Hook (probably obsolete) q284837 - 1394 Audio/Video Control Device Stops Working Unexpectedly q273991 - Patch Available for "Share Level Password" Vulnerability q272137 - GetShortPathName() Does Not Work When It Is Passed a Long File Name from A Novell NetWare Server q271811 - USB Devices May Cause Hang While Attempting to Hibernate q269874 - DCOM IStream::Write() Corrupts Data with No Error Return q267304 - IEEE 1394 Mass Storage Device Not Present After Resuming From Standby q266772 - Client Cannot Log On If Unicode String Is Passed to NTLM Security Support Provider Interface q265334 - Denial of Service Attack Possible with IPX/SPX Protocol q263891 - Internal Stack Overflow When Quitting to MS-DOS q262232 - Floppy Disk May Be Unreadable or Computer Hangs with LS-120 Drive q258191 - Memory leak in User.exe after resuming computer q258010 - Performance Problems Inserting CardBus Card with TI-14xx Controller q252958 - High Bandwidth May Not Be Available with 1394 Open Host Controller q252694 - Fix for Exposed Passwords in Compressed Files q251002 - Loading Invalid Image Using OLE Automation Displays Assertion q249863 - SGC Connections May Fail from Domestic Clients q246387 - FDISK May Not Work When IDE Controller Is Rebalanced q243199 - Windows 98 Second Edition Problems with NDIS Intermediate Drivers q242934 - Windows Stops Responding When Sending System Broadcast Message During Shutdown q242193 - Create File NCP May Not Function Correctly with Read and Write Access Flags q241134 - USB Mouse or Keyboard Not Working with AMD OHCI USB Controller q241084 - Computer Hangs Entering ACPI S4 Mode with a USB Device Connected I have those as well but I can't find any info on them (any use?): q328145, q280448, q278558, q273468, q269601, q266039, q264650, q242928.
  16. The fx5700 only exists in AGP. The WinFast PX360 TD (fx5750), 350TDH (fx5900) and 340TD (fx5300) are the only FX cards I know that are PCI-e. The AGP works fine with win98 on the dual-sata 2 and dual-vsta MBs. Just install the AGP driver before the graphic card driver.
  17. Well you could. Djibouti speaks french...
  18. Thanks for the work here LLXX. On that + on the 137 Gig limit. But just a thing : Wohw ! What makes you think people wish to abandon their native language ? Speaking english today is a good thing to be understood all over the world. It doesn't mean you want your OS to be in english. ...it had to come out. Anyway, here's my contribution : Unofficial Windows 98 SE 2-4 GB Files Errors KERNELL32.DLL 4.10.2226 Fix translated to french and LittyX's Kernell32.dll 4.10.2222 in french version Tijay -> send me an original kernell32.dll in german and I'll translate the fixed version if you want. Everyone -> Just tell me if you feel I should translate other versions (WinME? really?...).
  19. Bienvenu Reno7 ! On peut pas dire qu'il y ait des millions de francophones sur le forum donc si la communauté s'agrandit, tant mieux. Renover Win98 est aussi un de mes passe-temps et je me débrouille en anglais alors, si t'as un problème de traduction bien relou, demande, je te filerai un coup de main. a+
  20. Hi from France ! It's been like 3 years I keep visiting this forums so I thought it might finaly be a good idea to join this great community. I'm a big fan of Win98 so I especially like the Win9x sub-forum but the whole site is really good and worth visiting! See ya eveybody !!!

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